What are his current feelings for you? And what will he do? Pick a card.

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This is a reading for getting clarity about the realationship between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.
There is a huge inflow of collective LOVE relationship going on this year!!! The Divine Feminine AND The Divine Masculine are really here to teach each other and CHANGE LIVES!!!
Many, many girls and boys are experiencing this right know! Hang in there guys! It's all for your highest potential and spirit is holding your hand.
These readings are for you if you felt drawn to them:
#1: 3.26
#2: 38.48
#3: 1.17.01
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For only 25 Euro you can get a personal question answered by me (and spirit) through the tarot and oracle cards.
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Cant wait to hear from you!

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anshu kaki
anshu kaki Hace un día
Nidhisha Reddy
Nidhisha Reddy Hace 18 días
Pile 1 soo accurate... I’m goin through spiritual awakening also
Life of Maji
Life of Maji Hace un mes
hearing her voice was instant subscribe 😅 but seriously 😨💜 so soothing
strawberry soup
strawberry soup Hace un mes
I've watched soo many readings and they all say the same thing but we don't even communicate and I feel like he hates my guts.
Lori Jackson
Lori Jackson Hace un mes
I just saw this video, I’m wondering how to getting an hour love/soulmate reading if it’s not too late.
Nicole Otto
Nicole Otto Hace un mes
Maria M.
Maria M. Hace un mes
#1 thank you 💕
anony mous
anony mous Hace un mes
PILE 2, JESUS I'VE NEVER RESONATED....I left him, you're very right. ....but I love him so, I hope universe brings him back to me. I will accept him...thank you so much
sarah L
sarah L Hace un mes
#2 i can never believe these because he’s already found a really amazing girl so by the looks of that and watching these they always say the same thing i just don’t believe them because he doesn’t make it seem like that anymore that was past when he felt those thing but i’m not sure i almost texted him but i’m glad i didn’t
Susan Muraguri
Susan Muraguri Hace un mes
Pile #2:...He's gonna contact me and tell me am his true love?...woooowww!....can't wait!!!
Arthur Adwoa Serwaa Ruth
I totally hate your reading , you are too slow
aya !!
aya !! Hace 2 meses
Feyhan Ain Kariya
Feyhan Ain Kariya Hace 2 meses
pile 3
Sky E
Sky E Hace 2 meses
As you talked with the spirit throughout the video i almost heard your conversation as a third party and was like wtf is happening why am i hearing things i was legit sh*tting myself. I chose 1st pile and almost heard all the cards and kinda know what they were representing?(i dont know how to read tarot cards so that was an otherworldly experience...)
Shirley Ng
Shirley Ng Hace 2 meses
Pile 2: I’m keeping my hopes up high ~ Let’s see what happens in a few months time ~ Thank you so much for the reading and really love your little laugh/giggles in the video! 😂
himoutobaka Hace 2 meses
almost chose the wrong pile, looked into pile two and related to it WAYY more and went it that instead, as it was what I was drawn to to begin with
Terri Edwards
Terri Edwards Hace 2 meses
I picked #3 it totally resonants my boyfriend is far away in the Army he's a fire sign we talk thru internet he's loves me we can't wait to be together ❤
Tiffany L
Tiffany L Hace 2 meses
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #2
Tangela Ford
Tangela Ford Hace 2 meses
Wow pile #2 was freakishly accurate! Thank you!!!
Jessica Grayson
Jessica Grayson Hace 2 meses
HEAVEN BOUND Hace 2 meses
Zara Shewt
Zara Shewt Hace 2 meses
A lot of this has really blown my mind lately - but none so much as for this reason: I spent the day with my paternal grandmother, who I've only met a couple of times. Her name is Nada - I listened to another one of your videos recently that said an unfamiliar ancestor concerned with my unjust circumstances and balance.
Meera Singh
Meera Singh Hace 2 meses
You are gifted beyond words. Thank you for your reading. Blessings to you..
trang nguyen
trang nguyen Hace 2 meses
Thank you so much. Im with Pile 3
이하 Hace 2 meses
How do you know that spirits are talking to you !? Tell us how to do it as well!!! 😭😭😭😭🤟🤟💜🌸🌸
Lia Fienne
Lia Fienne Hace 2 meses
Wow nailed it!!! Thank you!!! ❤️
Himakshi Borah
Himakshi Borah Hace 2 meses
He isn't a leo neither a fire sign, but I'm leo and yes I have been lonely for quite a long time
Binn Mukhia
Binn Mukhia Hace 3 meses
Wowww....So so amazing..🙆‍♀️🔥🔥🔥.After watching so many videos...Finally I got a peace by your beautiful and accurate reading.👌👌Your rading gave me a leap of faith.Thank you so lovely.🙇‍♀️💗💗
lizzy Hace 3 meses
Pile 2
Peach Hirai
Peach Hirai Hace 3 meses
chose pile #1 and I'm scared that it's true???? And thay honeymoon thing??? We have a booked flight already and in fact our visa just got approved earlier.......sooo even if we broke up already it's still going to push through. Gonna update y'all if we're gonna get back together.
Only Men
Only Men Hace 3 meses
Vampire Goddess_M
Vampire Goddess_M Hace 3 meses
Pile 1 : Lol, too accurate
Vidushi Khandelwal
Vidushi Khandelwal Hace 3 meses
Pile #2 38:48
Päivi Hooli
Päivi Hooli Hace 3 meses
OH I feel that it was about me and my crush 💓🙏Thank you so mouch. .... 😇👼you are very good to read tarot.....but it sounds to good to be true so I hope that I can be safe and believe this sorry Iam realastic I feel really strong chemistry with him but nowadays he is not saying a word to me so I really hope that this is gonna happend it feels like he is my twinflame I have allways dreamed about this connection but I did not think it was possible in real life just in fairytales we can speak with our eyes to eachother its very beautiful and unic... But Iam used to allways have bad luck in love so Iam afraid of having too mouch hopes because I feel that I cant live without him..... Its very strange because I dont know him so well yet..😊.but he is mouch like me so....
sierommi Hace 3 meses
i’ve watched a couple other readings dealing w these kinds of topics and my current situation and it’s so cool to me that you guys keep getting his sign element right on! but this reading helped me get so much clarification not only with that situation but also with myself and other things going on in my life and possibly in the near future. i’ve also been super inspired to try and listen to the universe a lot more as well as myself to try and gain more clarification and messages to help guide me. thank you so much!
sierommi Hace 3 meses
also your voice is so calming and your general vibe about you is so genuine and sweet, super glad i found you and your channel (:
Dani 2245
Dani 2245 Hace 3 meses
lowkey, the past few videos i've watched from different youtubers has mentioned pregnancy... nah man, that ain't happening.
Milena Vukomanovic
Milena Vukomanovic Hace 3 meses
"Happy endings are just around the corner." 🤭 Ok, he is my neighbour. Pile 1.. 🎯 🏆
Athyanaben Lkr
Athyanaben Lkr Hace 3 meses
Thank you. At least at the end he did made his decision choosing love(me).😁
Pracilla Neapetung
Pracilla Neapetung Hace 3 meses
I was drawn to deck #2 and it really does explain my relationship. Thanks so much! ❤❤ love n light!!
Sofia Reyaz
Sofia Reyaz Hace 3 meses
#2 38:48
守lower Hace 3 meses
守lower Hace 3 meses
Deb Hace 3 meses
#2 pile really resonates what is happening right now . I'm still waiting for you my Divine Masculine💞. I hope he really come by now. It always give soulmate vibes and truelove vibes every pickacard Ive watch, hopefully 💕
Eyonna Black
Eyonna Black Hace 3 meses
An i Oop
An i Oop Hace 3 meses
I'm waiting for "he has no feelings for you , you'll be a lonely potato since forever"
Kassandra Munoz
Kassandra Munoz Hace 3 meses
I Choose pile two, my ex broke up with me and got with another female 5 days later. We had such a deep connection. He was my person. We were the same exact person just different genders. Everyone would compliment us and tell us “you guys make me believe that love exist”. I don’t know if I’ve choose the right or wrong card. I do love him, and I know he’s loved me at one point. Though, I don’t know because he left me for another female.
Jane M
Jane M Hace 3 meses
1:17 :01
marian Hace 3 meses
okay #2 was creepily accurate.
MJ Hace 3 meses
Thank you! you are amazing
Sunset Mochi
Sunset Mochi Hace 3 meses
Honestly, I really do believe it's time to let go. This relationship isn't going to work out if he isn't going to open up anytime soon. I truly do believe that I can help him with all the emotions he's having. If he's just going to drift...then I will let him drift. If letting him go is what it takes to get him healed, then so be it! I know I'm only 12, but I feel as if I've had so many past lives. I know I can help him, but he's just drifting. Soon enough, I'll be gone. And I will make sure he knows that.
sxarsxody .s
sxarsxody .s Hace 3 meses
chose pile 2. i upfront flirt with him and he lowkey flirts back too. i already show him my affection and i've got him as my valentines hOWEVER i don't think we're actually dating. but, the beginning when i first met him a year ago, i didn't really acknowledge him as someone i liked. i just thought of him as a buddy i played video games with. around this time, i had a boyfriend and i made sure i had it clear. now, i don't have a boyfriend, and somehow i've met and started talking to him (not my ex, the guy i'm thinking of for the reading) again. i don't know about any competition nor do i think i'm trying to move on from him. it's kind of confusing. i am confused 😂 i want it, i want him, that's my desire. i have no clue what's going on in pile 2.
Lara Vieira
Lara Vieira Hace 3 meses
it was kinda boring to watch
Pooja P
Pooja P Hace 3 meses
its frustating to watch your video... its lyk u cant even say a single word without "ummmm...aaa"
Estrid Hace 3 meses
are you danish? i heard you say "eller" instead of or ... OwO
get married changjae
resonates! thank u so much
Beauty Hace 3 meses
Wow 2 was dead on ..I'm scared..but he contacted me to come over and make love today😒 ..I said no because I'm hurt and we haven't talked for a while.
Sebastian Fit
Sebastian Fit Hace 3 meses
Pile number 2. So I'm a trans man, and he claims to be straight. But I really had this HUGE bisexual vibe coming from him, and I think he is living in a denial. I screamed when You said "he needs to come out of the closet". Have no idea if that was about his sexuality, or something different, but that was something new
Emily Peace
Emily Peace Hace 3 meses
#2 20200206
Janhavi Joshi
Janhavi Joshi Hace 3 meses
Abe divine masculine... M not option to make a choice... If u show me ur thobada... I will change it color, shape n everything.. Go with ur choice dat u r already fucking... 🖕
Trinitee Bradshaw
Trinitee Bradshaw Hace 3 meses
What is thr blue stone to the top left??
Mary Ann
Mary Ann Hace 3 meses
Holy criminy. The ASMR is so real.
Lisa M
Lisa M Hace 3 meses
Pile 2 is soo accurate, I came here to have some clarity about another reading on youtube. I have a boyfriend of 2 years and we had an extremely difficult relation (he has a lot of administrative problems and had an alcohol and drug addiction) we broke up and tried again around Christmas but it didn't work out, he dropped after New Year. I know he will try to stop his addictions and create some order in his life. I learned a lot about this relation and myself, I won't fall for him anymore if he can't sort out his life.
Rodolfo Corona-Torres
Why do I always identify with Devine feminine? Every time Devine feminine describes me not masculine usually Devine masculine defines my person
Renz renee
Renz renee Hace 3 meses
i choose 1. yes i choose mhyself for now because hes taking too long nd yes my body aches lol x thanks 💕
purry bb
purry bb Hace 3 meses
Devi Fitriani
Devi Fitriani Hace 3 meses
Pile #2, Amen. he's been avoiding me for more than a year..
let me just tell yall. my connection is so strongly divinely guided but i find myself constantly turning to other intuition/readers when i have all the answers within. i’m a pain in the ass with wanting to know everything and trying to control what happens in the end, but the reality is that we can’t. and watching too many of these will build fear within, not only fear of your connection - but fear of whether or not your intuition is correct. so i know this goes without saying, but please remember these are collective readings. i really feel this woman’s intuition is very strong and in no means am saying she doesn’t hold accurate info. it’s just that take was resonates and leave what doesn’t. cause if you’re anything like me, you know exactly what you need to do - don’t let readings pan out what needs to be done or get to your head too much. i say this because originally i chose pile 1 about a month and a half ago when things between my DM and i became really confusing and rocky. i was hurt (even though it’s a beautiful ending) that there’d be any sort of separation. but we decided to be on a break for a number of mutually + divine guided reasons. we are so divinely connected, our entire relationship with built off that knowing. that “soul connection” “TF connection” etc. but we have many many lessons and healing work that we must do if that is what we really want. the synchronicities throughout our relationship have been insane. between my life path number coinciding with a number that’s resonated with him since a child so much so that he created a company off it, and my address being his birthday before we even met - there have been SO many signs that this is exactly what we want. but in 3D, there were so many set backs and lessons and PAIN! Because these unions come with learning, discomfort for the better, healing. we cannot cling to things. so i went back and watched pile 1 today knowing all that i know, and it resonated word for word card for card. but guess what? i decided to be impatient and said “should i see what pile i’m drawn to TODAY? cause TODAY is different” and guess who’s clown ass got butt hurt by the ending? Mine! but the thing is - there were things that resonated in the second one the same way the first one did...but only CERTAIN aspects. the sleepless nights, the heaviness, but that’s about it. so just be wary of your energy and self doubts you hold when you choose cards on any reading because it really effects the outcome. Know that you’re not in denial, you have all the answers within. i know this is exactly what i want which is why i feel pile 1 was my true destiny if anything. whereas pile 2 resonated only to certain degrees. so this comment is more for me than anybody i guess, but if anybody is highly intuitive and understanding of exactly what this union is asking of them in order to carry the love and energy towards the whole world - please keep your truth. do not allow readings or outside energy to screw with your minds!!! Ride the wave that is the present, and accept all moments as a gift and a lesson. 🦋💓
Nhi Phan
Nhi Phan Hace 3 meses
This is the most accurate so far for me. But whatever it is, believe in your own sense, you do know the answer y’all.
Meera Hace 3 meses
What is divine feminine and divine masculine?
MuthaFlippnGem Hace 3 meses
Group 2. Ok... I'll just wait lol *Edit* He messaged me back but I haven't opened it yet lol I'm scared. We've been going back & forth with each other & I think we both don't know what we want. I mainly seen him as just a friend. Still don't know what to do
peachy prose
peachy prose Hace 4 meses
2) Beginnings always hide themselves in ends ,January 30,2020. Just ended certain things .
Kim K
Kim K Hace 4 meses
🙏🙌 2
sagent6 Hace 4 meses
Namaste to you. I real am grateful for your video. It really resonated with me currently. It made me more certain with my direction as of now. Thank you once again.
Paradox 47
Paradox 47 Hace 4 meses
1000th comment
Ann Claypool
Ann Claypool Hace 4 meses
Ann Claypool
Ann Claypool Hace 4 meses
laura dias
laura dias Hace 4 meses
Pile 1 was very accurate all the way, but when she started talking about the energy healing and pain in the arms and neck l was SHOCKED!
Ana the first
Ana the first Hace 4 meses
laura dias me too ! I got a backache and then she suddenly said that I was like woahhh this is so accurate.
Natalie Grazer
Natalie Grazer Hace 4 meses
THANK U SM, you helped me lots😁
Ki Riin
Ki Riin Hace 4 meses
Honestly, I started to lose hope, until I heard the pile 2 reading. Everything was so accurate! I wanna hold on to that hope and belief that it’ll work out with him - I just have to stay patient
Minnie Taylor
Minnie Taylor Hace 4 meses
I picked 1 hope I have a good reading
Christine Fuu
Christine Fuu Hace 4 meses
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