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Pick A Card Tarot Reading - Love Twin Flame Soulmate -
This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 1:34
Cards 2) 15:13
Cards 3) 30:18
Cards 4) 50:55
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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
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Soul Whispers Tarot
Cards 1) 1:34 Cards 2) 15:13 Cards 3) 30:18 Cards 4) 50:55 "Will He Make A Move?" Reading Playlist: esvid.net/group/PLwa_-rYGCZZXh-E4c_yDwzx2QiL8pTUYr
priscilla reynaga
priscilla reynaga Hace 16 días
Sydney Nicole
Sydney Nicole Hace un mes
You haven’t done a month prediction lately 😫
lila 1215
lila 1215 Hace un mes
Añejo Rhum
Añejo Rhum Hace un mes
Soul Whispers Tarot card 3
tipbim Hace un mes
1 cards Thank you lovely reading as always
rue nicolas
rue nicolas Hace 4 horas
I picked amber, I'm a Taurus fem and in love in separation with Leo. Thank you
Neveah Watson
Neveah Watson Hace 16 horas
Do you know!? I chose the first set and... gosh! I felt one little person, working at the superstore, just drawing me in, probably without a /clue/ about what he was doing. It was so quiet, but, it was astounding. First day smiled with him, then we smiled together, and then /i/ began a conversation... and... then we went on talking, while smiling like two idiots. And then we couldn't help about simply grinning till our face muscles hurt whenever we saw each other (alone!). And he somehow managed to keep this super magnetic attraction between us. And... then came "the pandemic of the century". Now we're completely separated, with no contact, and absolutely no idea about where our other half is in. I feel awful. Strange as it seems, I've fallen for this little soul, and is very happy to receive their love, and reciprocate their feelings. But... since the conditions these days are extremely disheartening, I'm so lost about what to do. The first chance I'd get, i will go to see him. It's a promise. Send any sympathy or love, if you can..., for I'm totally heartbroken right now.... 😔💙💜
—babydoll subs
—babydoll subs Hace 17 horas
#1: we got separated because of school closing! i hope that deep love and connection is true because i do love him and i’m scared he’ll leave me
Belinda Foster
Belinda Foster Hace 20 horas
I always see the pick a card what are they telling their friends but can you do one what are their friends saying about you?
Lady Vesica Piscis
Lady Vesica Piscis Hace un día
I chose pile 4.. and when I saw the time stamp I knew it was from me as I'd been seeing 555 every where. This is exactly my situation not a detail was wrong. I already knew in my gut, heart and mind but now this has confirmed it. Thank you for clarifying this for me it is a massive weight off my shoulders x
Multifandom Girl14
Multifandom Girl14 Hace 3 días
#4 I knew something like this was possibly gonna pop up. But it hurt a lot more then I thought it would 🥺😭 He kept coming back for me and I just said stop, because I am not a person to be pushed back and forth. So I cut him out. And he hasn’t talked to me in a month. I miss his hugs but nothing else.
Danyel Lyday
Danyel Lyday Hace 4 días
Frankie Carter
Frankie Carter Hace 4 días
They all over us more than our Devine masculines are
Frankie Carter
Frankie Carter Hace 4 días
More karmics coming on
James Hace 5 días
deck 1 *eye roll*
Michelle Figueroa
Michelle Figueroa Hace 6 días
This is so relatable he started a relationship with another girl while being in a relationship with me. I didn’t know he would talk bad about me though it’s all good. I’m moving on and happily removing him from my life.
T Holtzclaw
T Holtzclaw Hace 8 días
I had selected last two but when you read 1st one, perfectly described my situation as to what happened. I even got goose bumps. OMG!!! Spot on. The lions are Leo
ChicasWithTwists Hace 9 días
Ashley The emoji girl
Ashley The emoji girl Hace 10 días
Plie 1# it was sweet but I don't know what to say about the rest but for Plie 4# isn't the one I need hear but thank you for honestly anyway but I indeed to hear but anyway thank you 🙏💕
Grape Fruit
Grape Fruit Hace 10 días
#1: I wish this reading is true. We stopped contacting each other but I still have feelings..
Darling Nickii
Darling Nickii Hace 12 días
# 4 sis you aren’t nothing more than the truth. From beginning to end
Jessica Grayson
Jessica Grayson Hace 13 días
Dinda Santy
Dinda Santy Hace 13 días
You are amazing, love ur video... just hope universe show me the way, thank u for this
Diinaa Uwk
Diinaa Uwk Hace 14 días
I choose pile 4 and i feel like this is so fucking accurate that i am gonna cry from shock
marina imbrahim
marina imbrahim Hace 14 días
She discribed excactly my crush im shokced
Vivi Sequeira Cascante
The last reading it’s what I saw and well it’s true I’ve had problems with him for that
Danielle Marie
Danielle Marie Hace 17 días
Wow! #2 is me and my husband 💯 and he did tell his friends how I changed him. We’ve been together since 2006 and I didn’t meet him until he was 30 and he had a odd family that he no longer speaks to. Even things I’ve done.
Happy Girl
Happy Girl Hace 17 días
Pick 4 : *you have a lot more morals and compassion for people* Me : *ohhh thank you*
Happy Girl
Happy Girl Hace 17 días
Pick 4: *they may be using you for sexual reasons* Me: *ewww* The Universe: *am I a joke to you* ?
Happy Girl
Happy Girl Hace 17 días
Pick 4 : *they think you're desperate* 💀 Me : *palizz you're the one whose seeking validation* 😂😂😂 LMAO😂😂😂
Happy Girl
Happy Girl Hace 17 días
So accurate ..was really what I needed to hear..🌨💕
Arika Wise
Arika Wise Hace 17 días
You are truly gifted. Love your readings. All very accurate and real. Love your channel the best for readings!
Emily Digiovanni
Emily Digiovanni Hace 17 días
Spot on yet again thank you
Amy MH Chan
Amy MH Chan Hace 18 días
Very accurate
Kylie Lucas
Kylie Lucas Hace 18 días
this is always correct, i chose deck 2, and my boyfriend has a lot of family issues, he said his mom noticed he was smiling more and he was spending more time with his family ever since he met me. he also said he used to feel like he had to impress me. we are great friends too and we get along really well.he also says im perfect and he always asks how he pulled such a pretty girl.
Violet Benson
Violet Benson Hace 19 días
#2 accurate!
I’m shy why did I comment?
it’s really accurate I’m SHOOK
Steff Hace 19 días
Group 3 resonated for me a lot. I miss him & i hope he comes back & finally realizes how much i love him.
Mackenzie Mcintosh
Mackenzie Mcintosh Hace 19 días
basically what i learned is that i'm too clingy and he doesn't like me back bye ;(
Rachel Pun
Rachel Pun Hace 19 días
Dhaya Mia
Dhaya Mia Hace 19 días
i picked 1. i don't know how you did but it's true . I miss him a lot but we decided to move on.
Argie Lhainee Reyy
Argie Lhainee Reyy Hace 19 días
I choose 1
L L Hace 20 días
Pile 1: His mind was on his ex. He did choose the wrong person. Lesson is to never under estimate a gemini. Bye fool 👋
Katherine Black
Katherine Black Hace 20 días
Me-Chooses pile 3 Also me-*thinking bout my ex i cheated on and felt horrible and i tried everything to keep him but a month later he walks away and when i see him i still feel connected to him* ;---;
Dr D. Natarajan
Dr D. Natarajan Hace 20 días
This is another reading that pulled out my life in absolute precision ... Karen, I am loving Tarot. Thanks to you dear 💓🌟🙏
Moonlight Bae
Moonlight Bae Hace 21 un día
thanks this really opened my eyes
Raj Billa
Raj Billa Hace 24 días
#2 would be so accurate on how he'd describe me to his friends. We've not met yet but this pile is 🎯 with my personality. 💓🙏🏼
ninjart Hace 24 días
Is the one being described here the one in your mind or someone else?
Flora Goh Zhau Wei
Flora Goh Zhau Wei Hace 24 días
The number 4 its kinda real because hes very flirty around my friends :/
angeel678 Hace 25 días
Surakchana Thapa
Surakchana Thapa Hace 25 días
Keara Driscoll
Keara Driscoll Hace 25 días
he calls me an amazing kind sweet pretty person but he has said those exact words to another girl :(
Janeth Valenzuela
Janeth Valenzuela Hace 26 días
This just makes my hopes go up
Kaitlynn Jansen
Kaitlynn Jansen Hace 26 días
1. Why do I always pick 3? 2. Why is it always right?
Makoto Niijima
Makoto Niijima Hace 26 días
Picked pile no. 2 Talks about "Religious" HOLY MOLLY------ NO NO NO HOW DAFAQ-- oh wow I'm gonna subscribe--
Amshu Patel
Amshu Patel Hace 26 días
Why is this soo relatable!! Im litreally shocked♥️. Thanks A lot.🤗☺
Alexandria Samedi
Alexandria Samedi Hace 26 días
I picked #4..... way off lol.
Nàng Hương
Nàng Hương Hace 27 días
#2 and sometimes #3 resonates my situation
D Hace 27 días
Pile 2. Everything he told me and his friends before he broke it off in december so I just laughed through the reading cause I’m sure he doesn’t think all that anymore and doesn’t speak about me like that anymore. We don’t keep in contact at all so who knows if it’s true or not....or maybe it was just a reading for the energy that was before the breakup.. idk 🤷🏻‍♀️
Diana Rp
Diana Rp Hace 28 días
Omg!! Pile 1 total ly accurate
Oh my god, pile #4 is on point :0 he's a player afterall, glad that I end up things with him.
elia .07
elia .07 Hace 28 días
Which one says he tells them I'm totally nuts
Camila Pizarro
Camila Pizarro Hace 28 días
I picked pile #3 and it’s crazy because I was with my boyfriend for three years and we waited to get back together, but we want to to change and have a completely different relationship, but all his friends are against him trying again, but he’s very persistent on wanting to try again because he says he has a lot of hope for us. 🥺
Looloo 23
Looloo 23 Hace 29 días
Amazing spot on
Sunflower Girl
Sunflower Girl Hace un mes
Omg OMG OMG .. I just can't believe .... How accurate AF this is for me.. And oh I chose the 4th one... 😍😍😍😍thank you so much...
T. T.
T. T. Hace un mes
#2 was great. But what if i haven't met the guy officially and we dont even talk? And how the universe is messing with me and we never go on the same bus because the bus is always full and there isn't any sit left for him? 🤣
Eda a
Eda a Hace un mes
Naomi Mendoza
Naomi Mendoza Hace un mes
This is so crazy everything is going exactly how she said me and him were bestfriends for 3 years and basically grew up together but his girlfriend didn’t like me and made him stop talking to me and block me but we had just 2 months before say we liked each other but he chose her and now I’m healing and getting over it and idk if he’s hurting now
Midorin 00
Midorin 00 Hace un mes
goldgoldgold Hace un mes
I picked 2. it’s nearly 4 in the morning and all you said it’s how my relationship went with my boyfriend since 1 year 100% correct. Everything and details etc. Like you would knew us or watch us through the year. Really creepy cause my gut feeling told me pick blue stone in 1 sec. Cause I am the person that helped him heal and find to god and spiritually be more awake.
Leyla Forever
Leyla Forever Hace un mes
I just want to eat carbs 😭 I know it's non of your bussiness but am on keto
Jhania Smith
Jhania Smith Hace un mes
Card #2 aaahhhh 🥰🥰😍😍 my heart
Libra 22
Libra 22 Hace un mes
#1 crazy how accurate this is! I commented on another one of your videos yesterday and this kind of carries on from the other message I got from the new reading you posted. I always wondered what he said to his friends and family.
leo sha
leo sha Hace un mes
💚Thank you💚#1
Sukanya Sharma
Sukanya Sharma Hace un mes
Pile 2: Resonance level- super high We work together And yeah no one in both of our team thinks we make sense. He shows my pic and says to his friends he is so lucky And yeah, we got almost 4k pictures together. He loves taking my pic and also makes cute videos 🥰 Thanks ❤
Icella Hace un mes
#2 was my choice but the last one was spot on except he's lying. I'm NOT chasing him it's over. But everything else, just about is spot on. Thank you, I needed to hear this.
Sharleen Zaria
Sharleen Zaria Hace un mes
#2 i’m so confused, i really believe we are twin flames and it applies on my side but smh he still sends mixed signs. It’s like playing a game of “i’m giving you the bone and then i’ll take it away from you again” i don’t really know what to do in this situation 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Sharleen Zaria
Sharleen Zaria Hace 17 días
Vanorah thank you 🙏🏼
Vanorah Hace 17 días
Let go. Mixed signals means he's not sure about you. You deserve someone who is 100% sure about you.
Vicious Delicious
Vicious Delicious Hace un mes
Deck 2... holy fuck... this exactly what my abusive ex said to me. To the part he thinks we know each other from past lives... yet I never had that feeling even when we were on "good terms".
Jelly Girl
Jelly Girl Hace un mes
Pile #2 you have never been wrong, you are truly gifted, thank you.
Belle x
Belle x Hace un mes
i was drawn to 3 & 4
Us Rb
Us Rb Hace un mes
4 thank u. Very much needed to hear this.
b l
b l Hace un mes
#2, the photos part....he takes so many of me without me noticing. He has a lot of me asleep lol 😂 No one I’ve dated has had as many of me as he does.
Ok sis but
Ok sis but Hace un mes
Pile 3 he has no emotions only physically attracted to me and it literally hurts me alot
Jessica V.
Jessica V. Hace un mes
Reading 3. This reading is extremely accurate I ACTUALLY GOT CHILLS because literally everything was so accurate and I really hope it’s true because the storyline of the reading is so accurate to my situation rn
Aribam Anju
Aribam Anju Hace un mes
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