What Can You Clean With 100 Magic Erasers?

The King of Random
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Today we're taking 100 Magic Sponges and putting them to the test. Can they withstand fire? What happens when you blend them? What can they clean? What happens when you set off elephant toothpaste inside of them?
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8 dic 2019






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The King of Random
The King of Random Hace un mes
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s.s.savage skwad
s.s.savage skwad Hace un mes
Tell calli I said she looks cute with those glasses on😊❤️
Emilia Marquard
Emilia Marquard Hace un mes
I <3 your vids
MrOzzy Cobblepot
MrOzzy Cobblepot Hace un hora
3:16 did that sponge jump? 😲
Tori Golden
Tori Golden Hace 3 horas
What would happen to the magic erasers in a vacuum champer, wet and dry?
Peggy Scalf
Peggy Scalf Hace 17 horas
Where did you buy that for so cheap. I need that in my life. I got a little boy do the math lol
HFT Outdoors
HFT Outdoors Hace un día
Should have put the blended sponge in the vacuum chamber
Nathan Vigniavo
Nathan Vigniavo Hace un día
Craig torr
Craig torr Hace 2 días
So with these fire doors don't have to weigh 80+kgs
gaming53 wishmaster
gaming53 wishmaster Hace 2 días
wait a durn min this is starlight same blow toch test and it stays cool on one side no way we found it afther so long
Cindy n ZJ Scott
Cindy n ZJ Scott Hace 3 días
I found that the magic eraser cleans better dry!
jbenthere Hace 3 días
Though this was interesting, I'm disappointed because I was expecting to see some great cleaning hacks - 100 of them.
percy howle
percy howle Hace 3 días
Even Thanos can't erase that much
the game player
the game player Hace 3 días
She looks 10 times different with glasses on
Olive Jolie
Olive Jolie Hace 5 días
The sound the dry sponge makes when you’re cleaning really bothers me....like fingernails on chalkboard feel!
Linda Bloss
Linda Bloss Hace 6 días
My brother-what can you. do with 100 magic erasers Me-... your face.....😒..
Brax10 Hace 6 días
Liquid nitrogen???
charlie richter
charlie richter Hace 6 días
U gotta do something with super conductors and magnets
Bacon Bomber326
Bacon Bomber326 Hace 6 días
when nate was blending the sponges with water i could just see how satisfyingly smooth it was to cut one of those sponges because calli was doing it in the background
Coloring With D
Coloring With D Hace 7 días
Really cool. What would happen if you put it through the vacuum thing you did with the cooking pots? By the way do is in love with those sponges. Thank you for sharing 🌞🌞🌞
Alpha Male
Alpha Male Hace 7 días
1:38 was that 100-pack levitating or what
#Marshmallow _fan
#Marshmallow _fan Hace 7 días
Can we Use magic Sponge for re-entering? Rocket Stuff
Shawn Roy
Shawn Roy Hace 7 días
CoopersPicture PerfectWorld
Fly Guys
Fly Guys Hace 7 días
You should try putting a wet sponge in a vacuum chamber
Ashilee Lyons
Ashilee Lyons Hace 7 días
Buy a whole buttload of the sponges and glue them together to make a bed and then see if it floats
My. knowledge. about. pets somaroo
No. No. No. No.
Unknown Passerby
Unknown Passerby Hace 8 días
"...will scrub your dry wall..." Try scrubbing your dry skin 😂😂😂
EV-0 Hace 8 días
Giana Luce
Giana Luce Hace 8 días
a house of sponges ? yes
DaFLUFFLES2 Hace 9 días
Calli’s such a pyromaniac
Russia Hace 9 días
9:00 Only veterans will understand
Daytime Sunset Dragon
Daytime Sunset Dragon Hace 10 días
In Australia we call them white blocks
lijah franko
lijah franko Hace 10 días
undefined Hace 10 días
Does it blend? Yes, but no smoke
Unknown User
Unknown User Hace 11 días
I thought it was dry ice
A Robinson
A Robinson Hace 12 días
Those things are terrible.
DoomRaider64 Hace 13 días
It looks like also judging by the weight of the material it seems to be a bit like aero gel
Yuri Gamez
Yuri Gamez Hace 13 días
In 10:55 in the vid when she cut the sponge it was so satisfying lol
Kemonni Poitier
Kemonni Poitier Hace 14 días
Mr. Clean 🧽 s’mores ⁉️😭😂😂
NotAUHSOJ Hace 14 días
You can clean my search history.
WolfMasterGaming HD
WolfMasterGaming HD Hace 14 días
When they put the hydrogen peroxide and soap solution it looked like marshmellows
WolfMasterGaming HD
WolfMasterGaming HD Hace 14 días
The yellow sponge is Sponge Bob
WolfMasterGaming HD
WolfMasterGaming HD Hace 14 días
When did calli get glasses
Shinobi Jsh
Shinobi Jsh Hace 14 días
Can you clean all my mistakes in life?
Steroids Snails
Steroids Snails Hace 14 días
Mark Mccormick
Mark Mccormick Hace 14 días
Mark Mccormick
Mark Mccormick Hace 14 días
EmmySpicyTaco Hace 14 días
Or Clean with them
Maxwell Minard
Maxwell Minard Hace 14 días
Oh, this was uploaded on my birthday, cool
Cats Are YES
Cats Are YES Hace 14 días
You can clean a crime scene with that many Magic Erasers.
C00p3r 12
C00p3r 12 Hace 15 días
So it’s a sponge but better
Missy Wink
Missy Wink Hace 15 días
Eraser slurry + water = FLOAM
Doki doki Monika
Doki doki Monika Hace 15 días
Will it blend, that is the question
Fatima Mohammad
Fatima Mohammad Hace 15 días
Katerilager007 Hace 15 días
Isn’t there baking soda in magic erasers?
AVA Hace 17 días
Freeze dry sponge slurry.
Old Navy
Old Navy Hace 17 días
you guys look like discount William Osman and Boyinaband
Fire Ice MoDz
Fire Ice MoDz Hace 17 días
This seems like one of the math questions when they get a lot of something useless
Graham_Records Hace 17 días
It's like yellow cake vs angle food cake nah mean 😂
santiago perez
santiago perez Hace 17 días
It kinda reminds me of asbestos of how its white and insulates well
Adair Alvarado
Adair Alvarado Hace 17 días
He can use that sponge to clean his teeth.
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Thank you, Grant.