What Did I Tell You? STOP! - Part 2

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This is getting crazy now, just stop it!
Seriously, stop!► esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-J3L9M8vnBvQ.html
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Edited by Pixlpit: esvid.net/show-UCHsjBlPYou_k7FgMKLCo5JA
Outro animation created by Pixlpit:
Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here


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9 jul 2018






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jacksepticeye Hace 2 años
Felt cute might delete later
jacksepticeye notice me senpai
Milo And Bella
Milo And Bella Hace 14 días
Farhiyo Ali
Farhiyo Ali Hace 14 días
@jacksepticeye how about no
Wolfpack Potato
Wolfpack Potato Hace 17 días
And I pronounce it jif lol
TheModXd Hace 26 días
Hanoka Hace un día
I...I can't be the only one who didn't remember the Taylor Swift dress meme, and thought of the White-Gold Concordiat? >.>
Hanoka Hace un día
9:46 Haha, not when you begin your question like that, Mr Ryan!
Hanoka Hace un día
Idk who the narrator is but there's something about his accent that's very... it doesn't sound right. Bad voice acting aside...
Hanoka Hace un día
0:51 As a graphic designer, the debate on this infuriates me to no end. I love you so much more for pronouncing it as it should be. Ive never met anyone who seriously says JIF, and I swear the creator was trolling.
Muffin-Man Hace un día
Dude, stop
Kiara Baculio
Kiara Baculio Hace 3 días
23:16 did anyone get the Queen referance ?(don't stop me now) also does seán like Queen?
taps031204 Hace 3 días
In pack 5 when he checks if the D.U.C.K. Is everywhere it says jack is lost and dies if no one noticed
Rynbow 99
Rynbow 99 Hace 6 días
Do you like memes? Name your meme! I shall make it in Gacha life
I love Ice Cream
I love Ice Cream Hace 7 días
14:19 “Jack is lost and dies” Where is the Dumbledore one?
My'Aziyah Suttles
My'Aziyah Suttles Hace 8 días
YEX Oh, Damnit.. YES.
Ramina Stone
Ramina Stone Hace 9 días
“It’s Gif, ok? You don’t say jraphics, you say graphics!” Me, who agrees but just wants to argue: You say “jir-affe” though unless ur a monster, so it could be jif 😌
Name Nameson
Name Nameson Hace 11 días
and then he proceded to never touch this game again.
June 9th
June 9th Hace 12 días
It says “JACK IS LOST AND DIES” at 14:19
I like tractor S
I like tractor S Hace 12 días
Did anyone notice the “jack is lost and dies” on the spoiler sign
1k subscribers before 2021 challenge Aka admin team
The spoiler Sign changed
Milo And Bella
Milo And Bella Hace 14 días
Nobody: my mom giving birth to me: 11:34
Her Creations
Her Creations Hace 16 días
Seán when you come back from your break,please continue this.
Paper Boi
Paper Boi Hace 16 días
Mr. Safari
Mr. Safari Hace 18 días
What are you mean man
Stella Gaming
Stella Gaming Hace 19 días
4:20 the cat 🐈 is sleeping awww
Charmander Charles
Charmander Charles Hace 21 un día
Sean plz continue it it’s already been about 2 years
S Green
S Green Hace 23 días
23:03 Ohhhhh the references
Mr.Magnetix Hace 24 días
13:02 oen and oeff?
Nokthula Mdunge
Nokthula Mdunge Hace 28 días
oh my god its pewdipie hha
Steve Ornelas
Steve Ornelas Hace un mes
Jif is how you pronounce gif because grammar and here is how it works: gi or ge makes the g sound like a j. There for gif is pronounced jif
Julian Arscott
Julian Arscott Hace un mes
All I hear is just yelling from Andy
Julian Arscott
Julian Arscott Hace un mes
Graceful Angels
Graceful Angels Hace un mes
HOLD ON MUM I NEED TO TALK TO A DUCK *Intense stare at screen*
Arman Gayboi
Arman Gayboi Hace un mes
Spoiler reward : jack is lost and dies
joris poska
joris poska Hace un mes
Its not gif or jif. Its moving meme
Hannah Hace un mes
the narrator’s voice makes me think of a British guy who looks like Joe Keery. (watching this in the 2020 quarantine)
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Jack is lost and dies. F to Jack.
Ash The Wolf
Ash The Wolf Hace un mes
Actually It's Neither, Its Yif, Scientific research Fact
Loser Mezziee Ruler Of Teacakes
Play this game again! Please!!
London Weekend Television
people who pronounce gif as jif being sent to hell after getting to heavan and saying "hello jod"
lokistraining journal
please make a part 3
Maturska Playz
Maturska Playz Hace un mes
just realized that in the last episode, the spoiler cup said "Dumbledore dies" but in this episode at 14:19 it says "Jack is lost and dies" O_O *_jack?_*
Bird Corner
Bird Corner Hace un mes
Sooooo.....part 3?
Merrill Itzkowitz
Merrill Itzkowitz Hace un mes
Dude! Stop! playing other games and come back to this one, Its been two years man...
Billyfruit Hace un mes
Wait, The sign says Jack is lost and dies? 0:17
reinie Hace un mes
jack ive always respected u and with that gif thing I respect u even more now lmao yes go tell em
Matthew Barbour
Matthew Barbour Hace un mes
"It's probably me, I have a habit of doing that." - Seán Or maybe Anti
Isaac Hace un mes
"Oh boy, I really want to see the part 3"
Infinite Fray
Infinite Fray Hace un mes
they changed the spoiler sighn
Ellie - Mai Rawlinson
Uhhhh I was gonna say something funny but I forgot
r3d3mo Hace un mes
Was this unfinished just because Jack forgot?
Marlo Kubik
Marlo Kubik Hace un mes
we need more! Where's the third part? :0
Viki Velikova
Viki Velikova Hace un mes
You can't choose the right button because the one was red and the another says "red" so there is no blue button 😞
Joanna McDonald
Joanna McDonald Hace 2 meses
11:20 I wonder what would happen if you click the other button
Darcey Doo
Darcey Doo Hace 2 meses
Is the spider still on your roof 😂
Hey That Brother
Hey That Brother Hace 2 meses
Hey That Brother
Hey That Brother Hace 2 meses
Hey That Brother
Hey That Brother Hace 2 meses
This is his game then
Hey That Brother
Hey That Brother Hace 2 meses
Hey That Brother
Hey That Brother Hace 2 meses
Amarintra Somnuek
Amarintra Somnuek Hace 2 meses
I Hate Jacksepticeye!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The purpleBat
The purpleBat Hace 2 meses
27:18 ,, Oh .. okay .. ~ " he sounded so disappointed pwp
Moni Kin
Moni Kin Hace 2 meses
4:39 dude is that guy wearing the fucking scumbag Steve hat
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