WHAT DO DOGS THINK? || ft. Jacksepticeye (Animated)

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Thanks to Bumbleworth for making such awesome 3D animations!
Thanks to Jacksepticeye for voicing our lil' doggo!
Also, friendos thanks to GingerPale for playing the Uke! :D
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Other Credits
3D character models supplied by LONG WINTER STUDIOS
You can check out their characters here: longwinterstudios.com/


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1 abr 2018






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Comentarios 13 495
Karol Nycz
Karol Nycz Hace 3 horas
Krystal Ray
Krystal Ray Hace un día
3:09 it sounds like jack said b***h trayal
bored Videos
bored Videos Hace un día
Jack is my dog's name
Pineapple_Horror Hace 2 días
the intro ;)
Blake Cowherd
Blake Cowherd Hace 2 días
Jack a boy come here 👦
J Sturdivant
J Sturdivant Hace 2 días
The pic of belle is creepy to me
Kain Littleton
Kain Littleton Hace 2 días
I love this video XD
Dakota Caplinger
Dakota Caplinger Hace 3 días
Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy Hace 5 días
My dog is like you and the bear with your dog with an energy drink a bit, too.
D.V. Hace 5 días
Oh hey gingerpale
Last art 2030
Last art 2030 Hace 6 días
Pinec0ne Hace 7 días
Hey! I have a cat! Crappy jerk...
Rosie And Tulip Vlogs
My dogs love cars alot
Pop Pony
Pop Pony Hace 7 días
So uh... im not sure why I clicked on this dog vid since my dog just got taken by the old owner illegally and we are trying to get him back.... maybe my head is telling me to move on or something... idk... just wanted to share...
Errin Rowland
Errin Rowland Hace 7 días
My brothers dog ate my salad His name is Finley
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis Hace 7 días
5:23 In Jack's head: 3:08
HeyImARandomPusheen Hace 8 días
*_HUMAN!_* me: _PAPYRUS?_
HeheYeetus Hace 8 días
You want to know something? Don't drink and drive because your dog will never know why you didn't come home. Remember that.
Kids Huerta
Kids Huerta Hace 8 días
Soo me
Roni Leinonen
Roni Leinonen Hace 9 días
Wait belly my dogs name is bella
Black Sparrow7
Black Sparrow7 Hace 9 días
Why is ginger playing well, you know.
Jabin Luna
Jabin Luna Hace 9 días
Who else thought this was a jacksepticeye video
Natalie Nicole
Natalie Nicole Hace 10 días
jackaboy really said baby -er- doggie
Lazy_ Hackers1049
Lazy_ Hackers1049 Hace 10 días
My dog's aren't afraid of shots. My first dog got lost for 3 days. My second dog pushes me down the second floor stairs. My third and fourth dogs (their brother and sister) the boy dog ruined my already ugly legs and the girl one is the kindest one of all (in my house °^°
Fluffy pug pie pugster Woof!
Wait so your dog is a rocoon means she has rabis
Lucas epic channel
Lucas epic channel Hace 10 días
Well it kinda a collab with jack and ginger pale?
Technology 1000
Technology 1000 Hace 10 días
5:06 You have a whole chicken and I get a tiny little piece Why do I protect you from the mailman again Cypherden: So that's why I never get mail
Joey Shadeslayer
Joey Shadeslayer Hace 10 días
Jack the dog makes a great Papyrus voice
Zander Roseth
Zander Roseth Hace 10 días
You just had to act my favorite ESvidr
Anna-Marie Vlachova
Anna-Marie Vlachova Hace 11 días
2020 anyone else pls like T-T
Edgar Cruz
Edgar Cruz Hace 11 días
Payton Lancto
Payton Lancto Hace 12 días
“I am never going outside with you again!” “Wanna go for a walk” “Oh, Yes! I wanna sniff those fire hydrants!”
/ aligo\
/ aligo\ Hace 12 días
den: im also alergic to them so i have to love them from a distance me: WHY IS THIS SO RELATABLE!?!?!?
MinSuga Genius
MinSuga Genius Hace 12 días
Belle looks like Yeontan
Sam Parseghian
Sam Parseghian Hace 13 días
GingerPale woo
some guy
some guy Hace 13 días
See's Jackseptic dog Me:aight imma head out
Kar Littlehohn
Kar Littlehohn Hace 14 días
My dog has a same thing as Above his eyes just like Bell
Kar Littlehohn
Kar Littlehohn Hace 14 días
My dog he has the same thing above his eyes to as builders
jennasolange Hace 15 días
3D owo
Aljosh Dagatan
Aljosh Dagatan Hace 16 días
New upcoming youtuber??? His friends is pewdipie
Fancy Dragon
Fancy Dragon Hace 16 días
1:00 me yo them all
Jayce Moran
Jayce Moran Hace 17 días
No one : Jack:f*ck life
Jayce Moran
Jayce Moran Hace 17 días
Glenn Blake hub b very valuable step on this blog
Naanu__ Gaming
Naanu__ Gaming Hace 18 días
IF jack sounded lie that in his vedios i would die for him
Allan Pliego
Allan Pliego Hace 18 días
MyDogis Daniel
MyDogis Daniel Hace 19 días
Im never gonna see her again
Jordyn O'Neal
Jordyn O'Neal Hace 19 días
My dog sleeps
DLWoody25 Is Awesome
DLWoody25 Is Awesome Hace 19 días
*Question:* Did you meet Jack/Sean to do this or did you just find random voices.
killer psycho v 2.0
killer psycho v 2.0 Hace 20 días
Well I can't pet and dogs and cats but that's ok I had a rabbit
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf Hace 20 días
BETRAYAL My life in one word
2dumugly Roblox And stuff
Jacksepticeye: BETREYAL what i heard: b***htreyal
Night Shade
Night Shade Hace 21 un día
Was this like re-uploaded or something?
Larrz Hace 21 un día
Reu Goyena
Reu Goyena Hace 22 días
My dogs like that too😀 but....... she died
AquaKing 40
AquaKing 40 Hace 22 días
Jacksepticeye is so cute as a dog
THE GAMER KING Hace 22 días
Jack was perfect
Pixel Zeraora
Pixel Zeraora Hace 23 días
I mean after a couple of times they probably start thinking that you will always come back
Roxy_Foxy Hace 23 días
I'M HERE IN 2020
Night skys
Night skys Hace 24 días
My dog doesn't eat my shoes i like that!
GlittahGurl Hace 25 días
This is precious
lean bossboss
lean bossboss Hace 25 días
Me: knowing any youtuber by heart YAY JSE
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