WHAT DO DOGS THINK? || ft. Jacksepticeye (Animated)

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Thanks to Bumbleworth for making such awesome 3D animations!
Thanks to Jacksepticeye for voicing our lil' doggo!
Also, friendos thanks to GingerPale for playing the Uke! :D
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Other Credits
3D character models supplied by LONG WINTER STUDIOS
You can check out their characters here: longwinterstudios.com/


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1 abr 2018






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Queen Moofin
Queen Moofin Hace 10 horas
Best Collab I've ever watched.
Abi Babington-Adewuyi
Abi Babington-Adewuyi
Jaxon Boudreaux
Jaxon Boudreaux Hace 2 días
I think den watches rick and morty
moonlight donut
moonlight donut Hace 3 días
Good job on the 3D intro!!!
mateo boch 2
mateo boch 2 Hace 3 días
Is the dogs voice jacksepticeye?
mateo boch 2
mateo boch 2 Hace 3 días
What the hell is that first scene?!?
King Donut
King Donut Hace 5 días
I love that Jack has Sam on his collar.
Jay Lyons
Jay Lyons Hace 6 días
An Irish Doggo 😂 cute
Samantha Redmond
Samantha Redmond Hace 8 días
My dog whines in my car and it’s so annoying I could get a headache after one hour
doggy pals Jr bow tiny yt _fun dogs youtube
Yes I love it a live andmoicon
doggy pals Jr bow tiny yt _fun dogs youtube
Hey den look up big brody
That WW2 Nerd
That WW2 Nerd Hace 12 días
Jacksepticeye 'new and upcoming' girl even when you posted this you knew it wasn't true. Unless it's a joke then haha
UnderLord REEE
UnderLord REEE Hace 12 días
Michael B.
Michael B. Hace 13 días
If you said you were allergic to dogs then I would of just cried. Cats meh I’m not a HUGE fan of them but they are nice but not being able to pet a dog would be heart breaking for me cause (as you can tell from my pro pic) I absolutely love dogs and all kinds too (yes even chihuahuas aka mini devils they are usually like the way they are because they are usually terrified of EVERYTHING some times even food)
ElectroKyo Hace 13 días
The intro reminded me of Miraculous for some reason
Mr.wolfygamer Hace 14 días
This is the best.
CSG _Whitishcube
CSG _Whitishcube Hace 14 días
Anyone notice the ginger pale?
Jessica perez
Jessica perez Hace 14 días
Varushka Blackbeard
Varushka Blackbeard Hace 14 días
Hey Cypher I'm new to your channel. Your dog is so frickin KAAAAAWWWWWAAAAAIIIIII
Gold Playz
Gold Playz Hace 14 días
I’ve watched this so many times
Chernavski Hace 15 días
Why are most of the animators allergic to cats...
Dez DeLaRosa
Dez DeLaRosa Hace 18 días
How did you get jack to colab
Lucia Siller Gonzalez
Lucia Siller Gonzalez Hace 19 días
If you have the subtitles on when the dog says betrayal, in one second the subtitles will say: (I did the subtitles ONLY to do that one line -The Subtitle Guy)
AliAnimated Hace 19 días
Who else was so surprised when they realized thqt jacksepticeye's real name was sean?
Comedy Lobster
Comedy Lobster Hace 19 días
Cute little Gingerpale playing his little song c:
Apewith Agun
Apewith Agun Hace 19 días
Apewith Agun
Apewith Agun Hace 19 días
And ginger pail
doggos Couch
doggos Couch Hace 20 días
daniel chong
daniel chong Hace 22 días
Den on solo channel: a jaiden Den when with the group: a Stephen
zoro thegrand
zoro thegrand Hace 22 días
One year is seven dog years so one hour is seven hours If you have a six hour day it's fourty two for them
Adonei Tatad
Adonei Tatad Hace 23 días
Was jack in on it
Lev Lev
Lev Lev Hace 23 días
Nice 3d animation
Jorja Sanders-Ducrou
Jorja Sanders-Ducrou Hace 23 días
She should animate like that all the time
Phoenixcat220 Hace 24 días
Seán should've done Gregg's voice
Foozygacha Hace 25 días
dog shouldve been wayy more jacksepticeye lol but i loved it”..🤣
Jim Reaper
Jim Reaper Hace 25 días
I love that part at the end *”So where’s that puppy you promised?”*
Jim Reaper
Jim Reaper Hace 26 días
When you have level 4 cat allergies and level 4 dog allergies 😖
Oredroc Annoj
Oredroc Annoj Hace 26 días
If cypherden said sean could swear he would not say betrayal he would say bitchtrayal😂
Crazy Daisy
Crazy Daisy Hace 26 días
Ahnaf gameplay
Ahnaf gameplay Hace 26 días
Ahnaf gameplay
Ahnaf gameplay Hace 26 días
Ahnaf gameplay
Ahnaf gameplay Hace 26 días
Ahnaf gameplay
Ahnaf gameplay Hace 26 días
Ahnaf gameplay
Ahnaf gameplay Hace 26 días
Yousal Bhutia
Yousal Bhutia Hace 27 días
I knew that was our jacky 😂😂😂
Ahmad aladhami
Ahmad aladhami Hace 27 días
The day cypher made Jacksepticeye her bitch
Karl Latraverse
Karl Latraverse Hace 28 días
Jack’s a furry
Slickanim8s Hace 28 días
Why does Sean sound like invader zim?
AdamAnimates Hace 28 días
... what was that FREAKING intro it has nothing to do with the video or anything
Red Panda's
Red Panda's Hace 29 días
I thought was gonna say BIT** but he said BETRAYAL
Noe Bardales
Noe Bardales Hace un mes
MostLeopard Gaming
MostLeopard Gaming Hace un mes
I watched this at the perfect time cause I'm also watching Beauty and the Beast
fun & games reviews
4:56 50 dog years so in this video doggo jack is 7 1/2 years
Ttv_calebk martin
Ttv_calebk martin Hace un mes
When she said shots I thought jack was gonna say bitch what
Captain Crazy555555555
I have a dog just like belle
Vince Hace un mes
When Jack says betrayal it sound like bitch rail for some reason
HUGH Daniel
HUGH Daniel Hace un mes
I like how there are 3 youtubers in this video
Redclaptrapseye191 Hace un mes
You know what's funny Jack has more subs than her
Codek Hace un mes
Looking back in 2020, “Jacksepticeye is an up and coming youtuber”...
carlos adrián gonzález guzmán
Jack made that betrayal sound like bitchtreyal!!!
2 Dude’s
2 Dude’s Hace un mes
Does anyone know that the green thing in the hoodie is Gingerpale
vibebeast yo
vibebeast yo Hace un mes
Jackcepticeye joined ESvid in 2007 not 2018 🤔🤔🤔
ok boomer
ok boomer Hace un mes
ok boomer
ok boomer Hace un mes
Belle means beatiful in france by the way
ok boomer
ok boomer Hace un mes
River wolf Plays
River wolf Plays Hace un mes
Dogs can develop abandonment issues if their owners are gone for long periods of time
Tof Islam
Tof Islam Hace un mes
I want a jack dog now
Kevin O'Neill
Kevin O'Neill Hace un mes
ASAIA DIAS Hace un mes
Poor jack lol
Anna Koudelková
Anna Koudelková Hace un mes
Oh my God why is Sean(jacksepticeye) so cute while voice acting that dogoo!
king kazma
king kazma Hace un mes
The cat thing is just like me can't touch them
DefinableEel Hace un mes
3:09 Knowing Jack, I half expected him just to scream “Bitch!” and not “Betrayal!”😂
Toaster Van
Toaster Van Hace un mes
When he screamed “BETRAYAL!”, I genuinely imagined he would say “BITCH!”
Black Cherry
Black Cherry Hace un mes
This is my most favourite story from cypherden a lot I can’t stop watching the video Jacksepticeye if you see my comment I love watching you on ESvid, and cypherden love your stories girl! Love you both lots with my heart
SARA CAMPOS Hace un mes
Why does the dog sound Scottish?👁👄👁🤚🏻
aniq rahiman
aniq rahiman Hace un mes
Make a video game
Gobi Gob
Gobi Gob Hace un mes
I thought when den said you're getting shots I thought seàn was going to say BITCH
Camden Zephyr
Camden Zephyr Hace un mes
I don't give my dog my food but I do to my indoor chicken
funtime foxy gamerz
Me sees jacksepticeye: Also me: clicks faster than sonic
Marinelle Caluza
Marinelle Caluza Hace un mes
But your dog is yeontan
Benjamin Flores
Benjamin Flores Hace un mes
Ginger pale ❤️❤️
Creepy Pastas fan
Creepy Pastas fan Hace un mes
Dogs be like
Dark Soul
Dark Soul Hace un mes
I gat jou wiv de names
Brandon Fisher
Brandon Fisher Hace un mes
Hey love the animations. Keep up the good work. Also I'm a new subscriber
Taguro Gaming
Taguro Gaming Hace un mes
Wow it feels like justin roiland was voicing the dog ngl
J.L And Sergio
J.L And Sergio Hace un mes
I thought he was gonna say BITC-uh I mean BETRAYALLLL
Doink it's LEAH!
Doink it's LEAH! Hace un mes
Ok I love how you adopt cats but please adopt and not shop. Because store bought puppies are from puppy mills and these places are horrible. Also there are so many wonderful dogs in shelters . I love your videos tho and I don't mean to sound argumentive I just want to spread the message 😊👍
Dabinations Hace un mes
I have a dog his name is Leo he is a Pomeranian mixed malteaser and he is very active
Keelon Sandiford
Keelon Sandiford Hace un mes
The part were she leaves and he cries made my heart hurt😭😭😭
Dustin Muir
Dustin Muir Hace un mes
Dan Schreimann
Dan Schreimann Hace un mes
I got my dog from the shelter because he looked super scared, and honestly I couldn't say no to his puppy dog eyes. He is easily the greatest pet I've ever owned and I will be a mess when he passes
AllAmerican Hace un mes
What if markiplier did the dog voice
Mr. SaintPatricksDay
I keep watching intro lol
lewis_ gamer_101
lewis_ gamer_101 Hace un mes
aww poor septic doggy :( feel for him
Lauten Custance
Lauten Custance Hace un mes
My dog literally walk into my room like 20 times and started barking and rolling around. (Their names are Cooper, Sacara, Jackson, and Deuce.)
Nighthawk gaming
Nighthawk gaming Hace un mes
hahahaha jack dog so cute
SMG3 Colyer
SMG3 Colyer Hace un mes
O mah God it's jaaaaaaaack
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Hace un mes
Jack did a great job! No one could have done it better!
Ninja Johnson
Ninja Johnson Hace un mes
Not gonna lie I thought someone was trying to do seáns voice
knife kut ninja E.
knife kut ninja E. Hace un mes
Hva hjer hunder jeg vet ikke hvilket språk du skrev det.
Junior Nava
Junior Nava Hace un mes
Did Jacksonvilleceye actually voice acted the dog
MJ Truth
MJ Truth Hace un mes
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