What Do You Mean Trump And Putin Are Meeting Again?

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Stephen isn't the only person shocked to hear Trump invited Putin to the White House. So was Trump's Director of National Intelligence.
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20 jul 2018

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Comentarios 6 873
William Ridge
William Ridge Hace 5 días
Putin is the only one that's hotter than ivanka to trump!
Blackhawk ghuman
Blackhawk ghuman Hace 8 días
Trump will win again because white racist people are grouping up again to shout nazis
SuperPsychoNutcase Hace 10 días
3:54 The way he reacted to Trump's Twitter post, down to the hand movement, is a statement in and of itself. Do all the members of Trump's associates do that every time he posts on Twitter?
Naomi Rakotomanga
Naomi Rakotomanga Hace 11 días
Hey, if anyone wants to clean up this moronic president's mess... I feel like being an assistant would suit me.
daniellekingdjk3 Hace 12 días
say what?Dan would you like to borrow my mug?
lecter m
lecter m Hace 14 días
somebody should put that woman out of her misery
Hazukichan X
Hazukichan X Hace 14 días
I want to see Trump try to do Volcano Parkour and Shark Dentistry at the same time. I bet he could do it. He's so great and the best at everything, riiiiiiight?
Amirul Fahmy
Amirul Fahmy Hace 14 días
Putins is his dad.
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Hace 18 días
If they want war with Russia so much why they don t go to the front but just speaking shit on the media.
Andrej Tag
Andrej Tag Hace 20 días
Comedy doesn't solve the problem.
Avizzo Hace 21 un día
This guy is painfully unfunny
Thomas Burke
Thomas Burke Hace 23 días
Ramos James
Ramos James Hace 24 días
Stephen sums up the news in a interesting and fun way. He puts a smile on my face even though it's mostly all bad news that surrounds the grand idiot who is commander in chief. It's actually frightening how he embraces Putin and sucks up to him while he stomps on the U.S. intelligence agencies. WRONG!
Elijah cesspoole
Elijah cesspoole Hace 25 días
I wanted to go back to my home state but there was no work. Now there is work. If you had a job during the elections you would obviously would not understand the depth that Trump has changed the country. He is the best president in the last 100 years. The libtard actors in Hollywood never gave me anything unless i paid for it.
george pasquel
george pasquel Hace 26 días
jajajajaja, que se siente tener un presidente como el venezolano chavez?? suckers
Eduardo Henrique Ciappina
Donald Trump is the most effective weapon Russians are using to destroy America.
Laura Hace 29 días
It's starting to be weird to see him without the beard now...
motte dreissig
motte dreissig Hace un mes
Imagine, Bush had sided with Russia, when the us intelligence came up with the story of "weapons of mass destruction" in Irak. 1 Million Civilians could be enjoying their lives in their sovereign and functioning country. Now, they are dead and their country is destroyed, all of the irreplaceable world heritage is either loitered or ruined.
Katherine Leslie
Katherine Leslie Hace un mes
All of this is surreal.It blows my mind!This monster ,this .... . ...!i cant find the words,just get out and vote this fool out of office,what else can we do,and still some believe this none man is doing a great job!!!!!yuck,
Sasha Massey
Sasha Massey Hace un mes
Anish Poddar
Anish Poddar Hace un mes
"Something safer, like volcano parkour, or shark dentistry"
Pamela Cass
Pamela Cass Hace un mes
Vlad is coming to check out his soviet Western House.
Pariya Ahmadi
Pariya Ahmadi Hace un mes
Why did you put your tongue in your cheeks
lou poh
lou poh Hace un mes
He’s comprised.....now a mere puppet & gotta see his master again for further orders
_Joshuaedis124 _
_Joshuaedis124 _ Hace un mes
Trump humour kinda getting old
Niladri Edmund Das
Niladri Edmund Das Hace un mes
that crazy shouting women needs to be banned
Lamijaification Hace un mes
Lamijaification Hace un mes
motokrack Hace un mes
I HATE THIS GUY........................ for going on holidays lol
Info Valued
Info Valued Hace un mes
Vladimir Putin.... or the face of the man that leads children into hell XD When Steven Segal goes to bed at night, first he checks underneath for Chuck Norris.
Nate the gamer
Nate the gamer Hace un mes
Trump is like a lead-foot driver on twitter, Enemies and hostile countries? He goes right through their words like red lights! Caps lock? USES THAT TOO MUCH AS WELL, BELIEVE ME!
Nate the gamer
Nate the gamer Hace un mes
Trump can't shock me anymore. It's sad
Henry Cowboy
Henry Cowboy Hace un mes
trump = CRIMINAL
Jeremy Mettler
Jeremy Mettler Hace un mes
maybe all of us who do shit for country can't even vote witch voting . bullshit needs be made way easier . but if won't do anything for country get a boat get out .
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Hace un mes
you are one REALLY frightening inDonvidual
Tyler S.Stone Sinclair
I dont disagree or agree with this particularly... But. Will you be funny again and stop being a cuck that only attacks trump. What happened to you. Youre boring now. Its all the same. Shit writer or something? Or is it your bias? You wont become president.
Stranger On the Internet
Is Colbert against close relationships between world powers? Would he prefer bad relations?
Elena Christian
Elena Christian Hace un mes
Badass Ambassador!
Bill Benson
Bill Benson Hace un mes
If Putin steps foot in the whitehouse.....I'm done. I'm moving to another freaking country. At that point, our system as it was has failed.
Dale Lerette
Dale Lerette Hace un mes
7:51 -- and this is being diplomatic.
spencer rossean
spencer rossean Hace 2 meses
rugrats @ 6:00
Cesar Cataldi
Cesar Cataldi Hace 2 meses
"A guy who preaches the weakening of the USA !! Why does he do this after all? Why does he ask US citizens to stand up for their country? Hmmm ...? Was it not Putin from Russia that wanted him to become president? Does not he himself announce the end of the US Elites? Does not he himself use a thick vocabulary full of bad words and insults? Does not he call US citizens a motherfucker's son? Does not he himself call the same citizens stupid? THERE IS ! Already understood ! He has nothing else in his agenda that is not for to weaken the wonderful USA and make the country super cheap $$ and easy to penetrate into a global market !! Nothing else !! And of course , to enrich himself at the expense of third parties , using up to twelve billion dollars to finance his stupid war !! Sorry
Alexandria Reynoso
Alexandria Reynoso Hace 2 meses
What a coward use the media to avoid his evil doings! We need a real President, but not a pretend President!
KilBarz Hace 2 meses
I don't understand the Titanic joke/bashing lol, like did he not like the first Titanic??
kenneth mortensen
kenneth mortensen Hace 2 meses
it did not end well
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett Hace 2 meses
No voting is not a sin not to vote is a piss poor decision on your part then you should not complain when there are no jobs no health insurance,etc. your not involved in voting you are hurting our country by saying that voting is a sin communism is a sin we all have Rights if you put back some one who isn’t suffering from schizophrenia Kentucky fried chicken epidemic
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett Hace 2 meses
Do vote you can make the difference In Russia you don’t have a fair vote don’t vote for that sick Trumpet Kentucky fried chicken
A Warrior of Christ
A Warrior of Christ Hace 2 meses
Strumpet meets more with Putin then he does with his own cabinet!
Allen Janz
Allen Janz Hace 2 meses
what part of any of what trump and his trumpets has done is anything but bad for America? He has set us up for decades of injustice, insecurity, inhumanity and ecological devastation. donald has dementia the GOP are the ones colluding to keep the crazy freak from justice. Legislators who dont stand up to his disgusting behavior are as culpable as trump is for his deranged decisions. Not really, just joking, we all know the rich and powerful never face justice unless they fall out of favor of the real boss............
Nathan Lerud
Nathan Lerud Hace 2 meses
T owe for T own I N too thou send A T N
AHIDE REYES Hace 2 meses
I love the spraying, LMAO
AHIDE REYES Hace 2 meses
K D Hace 2 meses
F U Colbert
Tony Kwan
Tony Kwan Hace 2 meses
I watch this video over and over and over and over so f****** funny Stephen Colbert you number one Stephen Colbert president
PaulThePhotoGuy Hace 2 meses
{ paused at 5:44 } " practical implantation of agreements in the area of global security " kind of stands out , don't ya think ? God speed Robert Mueller, FBI , CIA , NSA , ET ALL
Ishtiaque Ahmed
Ishtiaque Ahmed Hace 2 meses
Who talks on the background while Colbert is talking? making weird noises. Annoying.
superferrariman Hace 2 meses
Watch out guys... He's going to come to hack the Congrssional Election...
ZER0 Hace 2 meses
I wish I could see the collusion.
Rosangela Andrade
Rosangela Andrade Hace 2 meses
Thank you Stephen Colbert, and everyone involved in this video. I am so immature. Even at 40 years old my favorite part of this video is when he says "Build a Snowman out of turds". LMBO. I've watch this video more than 20 times now. I think it's hilarious. Thank you for making all of this funny Stephen. Love you allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
bravenewwizard Hace 2 meses
What does Trump stand to lose if a tape comes out of him enjoying a pee pee show? So what? There already is way worse stuff about him out there. Noone from his base cares. I think Trump simply likes Putin (kinda admires him) and is simply easily fooled. (No compromat)
tom quigley
tom quigley Hace 2 meses
Treason carries the death penalty. When trump is convicted I want him promptly executed.
Some kind of Entity
Some kind of Entity Hace 2 meses
lol.. you guys better start learning Russian soon....
Drubadub Adub
Drubadub Adub Hace 2 meses
TDS... seek help...
Take It or Leave It Reviews
Wow that was amazing lol “...or heroin...” Hahahaha
mr grunta
mr grunta Hace 2 meses
Who cares trump won
Frank East
Frank East Hace 2 meses
Ah yes, because our president has given us the greatest economy, lowest unemployment, greatest stock market performance, and all around improvements to national security, that our country has seen in the past decades (not to mention an AMAZING GDP growth of 4.1% that was real GDP and not inflation because we've also had the lowest inflation in years.) And now just simply because Trump spoke with Putin and did not declare war because of democratic conspiracies, he is now apparently "in his pocket." I thought what yall wanted was good relations with Russia to not risk war. Why in the world do we want him to be a jerk to our biggest threat?
KptnKaaos Hace 2 meses
Trump should just declare that the US will from here on be a puppet state of Russia so there will be no more misunderstandings. Trump´s already got his head up his ass, I´m sure Putin´s hand will fit there just fine.
BhejaGrill Hace 2 meses
This guy is far from funny. Give me Seth meyers or Trevor Noah or John Oliver any day
Debbie Portman
Debbie Portman Hace 2 meses
Colbert just got outed 4 Pedo
cand ace
cand ace Hace 2 meses
Surprised he hasn't claimed they slipped him a mickey in his water.
Bj D
Bj D Hace 2 meses
You guys just can't handle that he's winning can you ? Popularity rising and you're being exposed! Hahahahahah
Chesbay Windseeker
Chesbay Windseeker Hace 2 meses
Stephen Colbert, the guy who was at one time funny, and is now not funny at all with his lazy political material.
Jack Mcv
Jack Mcv Hace 2 meses
Dems practice double think, while Trump practices triple think Whoever appears to be losing in our American politics probably has a lousy platform
dakota7609 Hace 2 meses
Libtard Land
DjMaffi Hace 2 meses
Between Adam Ruins Everything, LastWeekTonight with John Oliver and this, I can't wait for the US to collapse on itself. Any moment now...
Frost Oh yeah yeah
Frost Oh yeah yeah Hace 2 meses
These comments make me lose faith in humanity. Why would anyone want someone (the president) to die, or get lynched. You guys are plain evil
Sir Mutantenkraken
Sir Mutantenkraken Hace 2 meses
just immagine being the guy that comes after trump (or women for that matter): you just need to keep your mouth shut, and it will feel like vacation for the entire world, after this 4 or god forbid 8 year long barrage of constant bullshit
Lord Byron
Lord Byron Hace 2 meses
LMAO..... Hahahaha.... another good show.
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett Hace 2 meses
I want to change my comment about the New York attorney general after all the comments on his behavior to Trump is using him because He loves our country
Richard Jones
Richard Jones Hace 2 meses
Imagine if he sold them uranium that wouldn’t be good
tonton ery
tonton ery Hace 2 meses
Please ! The whole world know you're all going to vote for him again ! 😵😵😨😱😂😂😂😂😜
Chris -0
Chris -0 Hace 2 meses
Trump was the best thing to ever happen to this show lol
TWSTF 8 Hace 2 meses
When did they start uploading the whole monologue? (Not that I'm complaining lol) It used to be broken into two videos.👍
Kai Sea
Kai Sea Hace 2 meses
If Trump wasn't such a moron, I'd say he was thumbing his nose at everyone by saying 'second meeting.' When does this get called treason? I mean I suppose Russia isn't technically an enemy but wha... America, explain? ... that's not fair, you can't. No one can. I mean this reminds me of the Trojan war. 'Open the gates!'
JO LYN MORRIS Hace 2 meses
I love thenotebook paper.
A Sinner
A Sinner Hace 2 meses
Oh you don't think TRUMP Grab himself ?
David Henry
David Henry Hace 2 meses
Kompromat - In Russian politics, kompromat "compromising material" is damaging information about a politician used to create negative publicity, blackmail, or for ensuring loyalty. Its widespread use has been one of the characteristic features of politics in Russia. This has been staring us in the eye (Putin blackmail) and treasonous trump just keeps on the "bully pulpit" with lie after lie... Now our president is now acting as a tool for the Russians. He needs to be sent to trial for treason! Providing aid and comfort to an enemy state. It sort of stares us in the eye for what Putin has on the donald. He knows it and just continues to kiss Vlad in the nether region. Finally Cohen has the goods on him on collusion, we just need to nail it down. Hopefully soon. God speed... Robert Mueller!!!
Fleck Smugbrother
Fleck Smugbrother Hace 2 meses
Obviously, Trump's blow job didn't accomplish the task. He's gonna need a second meeting to make his Lord happy......
kloos 070
kloos 070 Hace 2 meses
Dumb and dumber. Mutt and Jeff. The bat and the belfry. Yogie and BooBoo. Fred and Barney. All the aforementioned have more credibility than trump-duck and poutine with cheese.
arthurjeremypearson Hace 2 meses
I'm laughing, but I'm laughing in completely-broken-my-faith-in-everything-and-were-all-going-to-die horror kind of hysterical laughter.
Paula Gaubert
Paula Gaubert Hace 2 meses
Colbert is channeling Trevor Noah here and there.
Barbara Stirling
Barbara Stirling Hace 2 meses
Emilio Delgado
Emilio Delgado Hace 2 meses
Do you remember when people thought George W Bush would forever be the dumbest president ever?
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez Hace 2 meses
Hang trump for treason. we have jailed spys for alot less.
Chris Reilly
Chris Reilly Hace 2 meses
Coward In chief
Harold075 Hace 2 meses
I can hear Putin laughing,
skyclimber7 Hace 2 meses
2.5k Trumptards came to see comedy with FACTS....they didn't like what they herd.
jack daniels
jack daniels Hace 2 meses
i like trump but this was funny
WildlifeObsessed Hace 2 meses
I admit to quite liking your content and ability and willingness to send-up the Establishment, BUT .......... ...... to do so in a style akin to a child's Punch & Judy Show degrades the whole thing. Far too too absurdly Stage Managed. If your audience cannot find the laughs without direction ........ As for the parrot in the band, who thinks he's adding to the comic timing - get him a new watch. It is becoming laughable for the wrong reasons.
Thor Livingstone
Thor Livingstone Hace 2 meses
Meanwhile at the Fox News comment section.........
ALL711 TRIBES Hace 2 meses
Very good.
T Squeeze
T Squeeze Hace 2 meses
ya know why the media and all major networks are acting like Putin meeting with Trump is the end of the world and are doing everything i their power to convince brain dead viewers that Trump is a traitor? Is because its the end of their world. The New World Order crew is a real, spend some time and learn about it, learn about the Federal Reserve and who and why it exists. Putin is not this evil man they try to portray him as. While its true that he is a cunning person whose imnterestsare whatever is best for Russia it is also true that that is how a leader of a country should act. It is no secret how Trumps feels about the New World Order crew , the Federal Reserve the world Bank and all the other evil elements hiding behind names the make them sound like charity organizations so do you think these people might be a little concerned about the leaders of two superpowers in the world establishing an alliance to wipe them off the face of the earth? Keep in mind our intelligence agencies that the media keeps labeling Trump as a traitor for not trusting are the same guys that fuc!*ng flat out lied about wmds in Iraq and the rest is history. It was Putin that exposed the traffic jam of ISIS controlled oil tankers waiting to cross into Turkey or waiting to be bombed by anybody who actually wanted to eliminate ISIS. It was Putin and still is who prevented Syria from being turned into another Iraq. Even when events like staged chemical weapon attacks in Syria are exposed a rather frightening percentage of Americans are too stupid to even notice. The real reason Stephen Colbert can't do anything except attack Trump is that because of something else he shares with Putin. He hates pedophiles and Colbert is a pedophile.
Apollo's Crow
Apollo's Crow Hace 2 meses
The more Trump rails against the “fake news media”, the more I come to respect the important work of our journalistic free press. Just like his antagonism against intelligence agencies, all it does is verify that these “enemies” of his are right on the money, and that the real enemy of America is Donald Trump himself.
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