WHAT DOES HE WANT TO HAPPEN BETWEEN US? ❤️ *Pick A Card* Tarot Charm Reading Love Twin Flame

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Pick A Card Tarot Charm Reading - Love Twin Flame -
This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 2:00
Cards 2) 26:15
Cards 3) 57:56
Cards 4) 1:28:12

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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
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Comentarios 80
Aida Feuerman
Aida Feuerman Hace 11 horas
Hello dear which link? I have no idea sorry
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur Hace un día
Thank you 💕💕
Ranzee Bohugun
Ranzee Bohugun Hace un día
glennys Tt
glennys Tt Hace 2 días
Soul Whispers you are a good reader with great speaking ability Thank you for sharing your gifted self so freely Blessings
Dan Hace 2 días
Camila Martinez
Camila Martinez Hace 3 días
1:05 :49 I’m watching this in quarantine and is like YAS, IS CORONA TIME, THATS the freaking obstacle 😔
Stella Fisher
Stella Fisher Hace 3 días
pile 2: so accurate really the information I needed :)
low key
low key Hace 3 días
I feel like what you say for pile 3 is true, but when he talks to me I feel like he hates me. I dont know what to belive anymore, Im hoping he will come around...
Isacc Or
Isacc Or Hace 4 días
im pile one you are so right, but what to do if the felling has changed and love is not there anymore . please help
Wenyi Xu
Wenyi Xu Hace 5 días
It is soooo true. I picked the pile 4. I have always been the "mother" in the relationship. He is really insecure and really depended on me. He takes me for granted, and for a long time (to be more specific, three years exactly) I been taking in such negative energy. I forgot to love myself and I just love him too much. I break up with him few days ago, and I am just really tired of giving.
Tika Lahne
Tika Lahne Hace 9 días
#2 Thanks!
Rat C
Rat C Hace 9 días
Pile 2
Nubian Oracle
Nubian Oracle Hace 11 días
Cards 1:
akiko Hace 13 días
I choosed pile 3. I love your reading🙂 Thank you so much 🦄
Nariyah Osby
Nariyah Osby Hace 13 días
Why can’t you just tell us the whole thing instead of letting us buy it from another site ..like that’s what we are here for to know the whole detail to what we wanna know..we already giving money by watching your ESvid videos like ...🤦🏾‍♀️👎🏾
Cori London
Cori London Hace 13 días
3. Wow he actually put a spell on me so this is on point
Janhavi Joshi
Janhavi Joshi Hace 13 días
Card 3
thea renputri
thea renputri Hace 13 días
......for real??parent child dynamic again?? this is the 3rd times I've picked pile for various of ur pick a pile series and always get im the substitute parent as the reading :')))
Bulma Briefs
Bulma Briefs Hace 15 días
Lenatharina Malin
Lenatharina Malin Hace 15 días
Pile 3-crazy accurate,as all your readings that source led me to....thank you!
Kbls.1506 88
Kbls.1506 88 Hace 15 días
Number 3. Spot on. We are both dealing with trauma. We are absolutely in love. The distortion and the headphones is because of his mental health, the distance is because he is in jail. 💔❤️ He is working non himself in there , doing counselling which is opening a Pandoras box of emotions. He is coming Home to me, that distance will be no More. 🙏❤️ I have to remind him that I love him for him and vice versa . We shall prosper
Bailey Davis
Bailey Davis Hace 16 días
Picked 3. My favorite and lucky number. A pink stone and pinks my favorite color. I’m not really into spiritual stuff that much, but this shook me up. I betrayed the love of my life. I love him more than anything but I made a mistake. We both felt that we were soulmates and now we are apart. I have a gut feeling that our time isn’t over. But I need to heal myself as does he. This resonated with me and gave me hope for myself and for our future. I hope he realizes how much I changed for him for the better but more importantly myself. I hope the universe or something gives him a sign.
Rhyse Gozun
Rhyse Gozun Hace 19 días
Chose #4 and quickly decided to stop the video as clearly this was meant for his ex girlfriend
Hanh Le
Hanh Le Hace 20 días
#3 07032020
Sarah A
Sarah A Hace 20 días
Pile 3 resonates perfectly, I believe in the laws of attraction and I know the universe will lift his ego and come to realize that my feelings for him are real and yes I believe and I'm ready to receive this fine gift from the universe. Thank you so much your reading was spot on
no name
no name Hace 20 días
pile 1. wow. speechless. this was the most accurate reading ever. thank you.
Emilia Zuñega
Emilia Zuñega Hace 22 días
🙂♥️ #2 so true in me
KJ the Junger
KJ the Junger Hace 22 días
I always choose the amber stone and it never fails me ✨
fuccboi Hace 23 días
Pile 2 🦋
Alex Frias
Alex Frias Hace 24 días
Group 4 also I'm sorry I accidentally disliked and I fixed it for sure liked😭💕💕💕
Seema Sudesh
Seema Sudesh Hace 25 días
Charlie Ace Quido
Charlie Ace Quido Hace 26 días
Im curious... With all the cards that you have do you maximize all the cards to use? I mean is there a certain card that you never encountered but is in your deck?
Charlie Ace Quido
Charlie Ace Quido Hace 26 días
Its creepy and awesome in the same time cause you get what i think of...
Evolve With Aariela
Evolve With Aariela Hace 26 días
I would have never clicked this had I seen it said twin flame because I feel that’s an overused marketing term at this point. I have no clue how i didn’t see the words in the title the first time i looked. Now I realize this was all meant to be. And I feel like you just inadvertently told me who my twin flame was
Nàng Hương
Nàng Hương Hace 27 días
#2 Resonates my situation T_T
Anju ROY
Anju ROY Hace 27 días
You are an amazing reader....very gifted...so accurate in every video....wise and measured words...loads of love and gratitude🙏🌷
Hillary Roosevelt
Hillary Roosevelt Hace 27 días
#3 this was an excellent reading . It was as if I was in front of you and you were talking directly to me about that person. You’re truly gifted. I believe in you
KoolKravings Hace 28 días
I picked pile #1. I really do want a relationship badly with him, as I am sure after what, 4 years, that I love him. It’s been a tough ride for me mentally in general, and I’m in a safe place to finally heal and process my trauma. I know that I need to heal. And I won’t be getting into a relationship until I am sure that I’m more mentally healthy. I want to get better and become stronger.
Looloo 23
Looloo 23 Hace 28 días
rima yousuf
rima yousuf Hace 28 días
this is so insane what the heck
Lady In Black
Lady In Black Hace 28 días
#4 He can keep dreaming. I'm not going back to be that loving person anymore.
It's Honey
It's Honey Hace 29 días
Wow..im stunned!
Stick to Seven Fifty
What deck is this?
Kyndness Peace
Kyndness Peace Hace un mes
Pile 2. Best charm reading ever. Usually when people do those they are not accurate but yours was so accurate. The whole reading was. Thank you.
Ladypearldrumz Hace un mes
# 2 resonated ty
grace3600 Hace un mes
I chose pile 2
Vanessa Kleinn
Vanessa Kleinn Hace un mes
Pile 2,thanck you
Nesty Aldave
Nesty Aldave Hace un mes
Cards 1
Angels Angels
Angels Angels Hace un mes
#2 He stood me up 5x and definitely not a hero. It's over!
Llorona Liu
Llorona Liu Hace un mes
Can I have the name of the deck you show at the beginning of the video?
Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller Hace un mes
It’s scary when you just had a personal reading with someone else but you receive the exact same message.. chills
Asa Hood
Asa Hood Hace un mes
what if it is someone that im physically attracted to and we keep on like looking at each other whenever we pass by each other but we both dont even know each other :’) does that counts? :’
Senduduk Biru
Senduduk Biru Hace un mes
Amber= 3rd person in someone else life 😢
Reel2REALnews 1
Reel2REALnews 1 Hace un mes
Pile 1 TY💕I hope we both heal ourselves
Sunny Scissorhands
Sunny Scissorhands Hace un mes
group 2 the swans... OMG how very very accurate... I had even just sent the message to him that I feel I hold his key around my neck. wow.you are amazing...Thank you. x
Kaly Raymond
Kaly Raymond Hace un mes
Picked pile #4, definitely about my ex wanting my forgiveness back and wanting us to be "friends" again. However what he did and how he did it I can't give him a second chance, and neither can I forgive him anytime soon. Also 100% right about being his supportive mother figure!
yug prabhat
yug prabhat Hace un mes
Choose #1
jovana s
jovana s Hace un mes
the swans is scarily accurate...
Carefree_CC Hace un mes
I picked 3. Thank you so much. This makes sense.
Tiasongla Ozukum
Tiasongla Ozukum Hace un mes
Pile 3- he is stuck in marriage.. he confessed his love to me only after marriage... Now I don't know what to do...
26:15 2
沙紗 Hace un mes
This is sooo sooo amazing reading I pick 2&3 , 💯 🌹🌹🌹
Lola McCarrick
Lola McCarrick Hace un mes
What advice do you have for 4. Because it resonates completely and idk what to do
LanAnh Truc Le
LanAnh Truc Le Hace un mes
I picked number 4th and I have to say pretty much all the readings I have heard recently sending out the same message. I must take that from now.
Ashvin Kaur
Ashvin Kaur Hace un mes
Oh my fucking god??? EVERY WORD RESONATED. I chose number 2 and every small detail resonated. Me choosing him because he’s mysterious and emotionally unavailable, me being in love with the fantasy of him and not knowing the real him yet.. this was definitely for me
best fail fortnite
best fail fortnite Hace un mes
im choosing stones more than cards..?
Areeba A
Areeba A Hace un mes
Pile 1= 2:00 Pile 2= 26:15 Pile 3= 57:56 Pile 4= 1:28 :12
Story Of Life 44
Story Of Life 44 Hace un mes
I am always getting the same message basically. Pile 3 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 no matter who's doing the reading. I can feel our souls working together but sometimes I am also questoning what the heck is goin on 😅 I feel confused by him and he is probably feeling the sameee or just a lot of confusion. I want to help him heal but I can only bless him and love him from far... I miss him. I feel heart broken so much that I feel actual physical pain in my heart.
Wenona Gardner 2020 for US President!
Wow! I picked pile #1 in the 5 readings I have had on Jason, all 5 readings with 5 different readers around the world, all 5 readings the Hermit card has appeared. There is also all 5 readings all speak of an awakening, going through a door, new beginnings, and love. So this is blowing my mind how rare and reoccurring this.
Keva Evans
Keva Evans Hace un mes
1 resonated!
Nikki Desai
Nikki Desai Hace un mes
Omg I can’t believe deck 1 resonates with me
Cashmere Cat
Cashmere Cat Hace un mes
Why does this always resonate so hard🥺 group 2 brought me so much peace of mind like I’m literally about to cry
Cashmere Cat
Cashmere Cat Hace un mes
As usual, read me for filth
June Saeng
June Saeng Hace un mes
Pile 1. Yes, resonated a lot. I haven’t had good boundaries in the past and defiantly been taken advantage of. This new guy definalty wears his heart on his sleeve and is the sweetest but I am ver hesitant to just jump in.
roo thao
roo thao Hace un mes
I picked a deck, and it was basically just talking about me and how I'm seeing myself and what I want from others. Lmao. Like, she saying what "they" are thinking, but its what "I" am thinking..lmao
Abundance Hace un mes
#1 wow... But I think in my case I'm the one who's closed off and he wants to give me his love..
Jazy Moonchild
Jazy Moonchild Hace un mes
Card 3 made me cry hard....you are incredibly real...your gift is amazing.
Moonbeam729 Hace un mes
I don’t like choosing more than one pile but I did feel drawn to #3 and 4. They both sound pretty accurate
R MS Hace un mes
How do you pick the cards?
horn and hearth
horn and hearth Hace un mes
Pile 2: Thank you for this in depth reading. You have given me some great thoughts moving forward with him- you are completely right, I have been absorbed in a fantasy about him when he isn't around me, and have been feeding into future prospects together whilst being too afraid to be with him in the present, even to look into his eyes when we speak, that feels very intimate to me. I feel more balanced after hearing your words, that it isn't just me who is holding back, and is halting the connection from developing, as I have done in the past with other people. I feel centred, even fortified with most of what you spoke about. Thank you kindly :)
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