What Happened to Ouran Highschool Host Club

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The show that captured the hearts of so many in the mid-2000's and continue to be the center point of conversation today. The fanbase has not gone away and even to this day hope for a second season.

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23 jun 2022






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Negative Legend
Negative Legend Hace un mes
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Stephen Slavings
Stephen Slavings Hace 14 días
when i first saw OHSHC as a kid, i immediately fell in love with it. i'm not sure what it was, but i was intensely drawn to it. honey was my fav boy. i don't think they'd be able to recapture the magic with a second season, but i'd love to see them try. even if it bombs, we still have s1 to fall back on. you're cute AF btw
Merlin Island
Merlin Island Hace 21 un día
@yentlcloud I watched Vampire Knight!!! :D
Misting Wolf
Misting Wolf Hace 26 días
Fruits Basket has basically had a nostalgic re-do, so I would say it could work for OHHC too. edit: Fans of The Vision of Escaflowne have also crowdfunded a redub of the entire series and movie.
Pegamation Productions
@Negative Legend Ok.
Hokeshi Hace un mes
what happened skyland
Buttercup Ghost
Buttercup Ghost Hace un mes
Let's be real, the main reason we all liked this was Haruhi. They're so refreshing with how blunt they are.
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch Hace 10 días
Yes but sometimes I wish she’d be less of a pushover. Sometimes she’s awesome and stands up to them but other times she just deals with their treatment of her and just makes angry faces without trying to speak up.
Traffic cone possum
Traffic cone possum Hace 12 días
@Diamind ppl can call haruhi by they/them if they want it doesn’t effect haruhi dude they aren’t real
Kowalski Hace 13 días
I feel like watching WWIII in this comment section... *sips on tea*
Galaxyfnaf And Dino
Galaxyfnaf And Dino Hace 15 días
Dream Carter
Dream Carter Hace 16 días
It's and Japanese anime
Trevurr Hace un mes
Ouran Highschool Host Club is one of those anime's that looks like it's going to be horrible at first glance, but once you watch it you realize just how amazing it really is. Something about the color palette, the characters, the humor, it all spoke to me and made me feel so seen. Every episode I loved, many made me tear up in the cute and meaningful moments sprinkled amongst the wacky humor. This show is one that will always have a place in my heart, and to this day when someone asks me "What's your all time favorite anime?" I proudly respond "Ouran Highschool Host Club" with zero shame.
gummy olvera
gummy olvera Hace 22 días
that beach episode is complete trash tho
Savanna Obregon
Savanna Obregon Hace 27 días
I am always stuck between ohshc and clannad
Mary Nauta
Mary Nauta Hace 28 días
Qibli781 Hace 29 días
i looked at it and looked at the date it was made and thought “omg this is gonna suck it’s so old lol” it’s my favorite anime now.
Lampsenpai Hace un mes
It was one of my first anime and it still is one of my favorite of the rom com genre. As I watched it so young it is nostalgic, hilarious, and when I read the manga I couldn’t bear to finish the last chapter
Tia Maria
Tia Maria Hace un mes
Something I distinctly remember from the manga is that everyone in the school (or at least the females) knew that Haruhi was a female, but they just didn't care. It was a throwaway line in the last book, but it's so sweet to think about.
Galaxyfnaf And Dino
Galaxyfnaf And Dino Hace 15 días
@Tomato yes
CHO Hace 25 días
A M Hace un mes
@galaxypox this exactly
Tomato Hace un mes
Yeah I thought they knew she was afab and just assumed she was trans. They're down bad regardless of sex.
galaxypox Hace un mes
I just reread that, and it is actually that they thought Haruhi liked dressing as a woman and was dating Tamaki in secret because their love was "taboo". Haruhi's father drops she is his daughter, not son, when her and Tamaki go to America, and the fangirls were there. They expressed shock that Haruhi was a woman and not a man, and tell the other hosts about thinking Haruhi liked to crossdress and secretly was dating tamaki lol. There is a little box on that page that says "All this time they thought she was a girly (likely gay) boy." Still, it was cool that they accepted those factors (cross-dressing and two guys in love), and I am sure if we got to see the fangirls when they returned from studying abroad, they would have excepted Haruhi as herself.
VioletxPurple Hace un mes
I want to add a fun fact onto this: In the manga, Haruhi does fall in love with Tamaki but is despite all Tamaki's clinginess afraid of confessing to him. They have an actual nightmare once in which they confesses to him and he responds something along the lines of "I love myself too" 😂
Nymian Complex
Nymian Complex Hace 5 días
@ᴹᵃʳˢʰᵃᶫ ᴸᵉᵉ ᵀʰᵉ ᴾᵘˢˢʸ ᴰᵉˢᵗʳᵒʸᵉʳ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) also non-binary has always been a thing that exists whether it’s had a name or not. The experiences she describes is perfectly explained by non-binary, probably agender, regardless of whether she would have had those labels to identify with available at the time. I mean, most cis people absolutely care about what they’re called and what gender others see them as and will get very upset if you misgender them. She does not have a cis experience lmao
Nia Hace 11 días
@julia i'm sure it has, but i don't think that's a reason to pre-emptively defend yourself from accusations against people who haven't even accused you :D
julia Hace 11 días
@Nia It's happened on another video's comment thread on the topic of Haruhi's gender. At this point, I'm prepared to defend myself against transphobic/bigot/homophobic accusations.
Nia Hace 11 días
@julia i agree but also i think you went the other direction a little too much. don't assume someone will force you to use they/them pronouns for haruhi just bc they may personally do so.
Paola Vázquez Lima
Paola Vázquez Lima Hace 16 días
I love their love story no matter how "controversial" it may be, in the end they are so supportive of each other it's so wholesome.
Amai Karai
Amai Karai Hace un mes
"Nostalgia marketing doesn't work with anime and manga" Excuse me??? Did we forget about the return of Fruits Basket, and how wildly popular that was?? Fruits Basket only had one season originally in like 2001, but was remade and put out in 2019 with great success! It was one of the most hyped animes of the season, and it finished the plot of the manga. If Host Club got the Fruits Basket treatment, I think it would be very popular.
Zeli Castillo
Zeli Castillo Hace 19 días
100% agree
Panda Hace 19 días
I didn't know they did a reboot 😳 I know what I'm watching when I get home now. 😁
Sammyxcatlover257 Hace 21 un día
Yes, and the reboot stayed more closely to the Manga to a degree too. I'd like that for host club
T C Hace 23 días
Heck even studio ghibli and pokemon! They're still super popular even the pokemon love action film or how ghibli sumer fest happens every year in almost every city!
hauntedHorrorberry Hace 23 días
True, especially with the boom of anime fans after the 2020 lockdown, I believe there's a chance (a small chance) that a OHSHC reboot would be a massive success. Naturally, though, there would be people worried about it though. OHSHC is iconic the way it is, people (myself included) would no doubt have worries about how a reboot would be treated, how aspects of it would evolve with the times, etc.
Diana Goenaga
Diana Goenaga Hace un mes
To this day, I still look at Haruhi's mindset regarding gender and think "I wanna be like you when I grow up". I'm 21 😭
Amanda Ciccione
Amanda Ciccione Hace 24 días
I'm 34 and just discovered I'm agender. Looking back on my love/appreciation for Haruhi and other similar characters, I just went, "Huh... that makes a lot of sense."
Bram Lastname
Bram Lastname Hace 25 días
@Joseph Artsader wait what you said doesn't make sense. You said "Haruhi doesn't care to be called either a girl or a boy. That literally defeats the point of being non-binary." But what do you call someone who's both a girl and a boy then?
Bram Lastname
Bram Lastname Hace 25 días
I'd like to note that you don't need to feel this way about yourself, In fact you don't even need to be comfortable with all forms of gender expression. (I know I'm not, despite wanting to) The important part is to try to treat people with respect Even if it's a little uncomfortable. That being said aspirations are welcome And I know I'm still working on issues with my own self image and expression Despite being older than you. So don't take this as me saying you're doing something wrong Since you have to judge that for yourself.
Mollie Myers
Mollie Myers Hace un mes
another brilliant aspect of the show is that it isn't just a great shojo anime, its a CRITIQUE of shojo animes. It uses the customers and renge as a way to analyze shojo culture and then uses haruhi's realism to point out every single one of it's flaws AND THEN uses the boys in the host club to add counter points to show those elements often seen as flaws in a better light. It's truly genius
Crane S
Crane S Hace 24 días
Exactly, just like how One Punch is a critique of shonen anime.
MadsterMadness Hace un mes
OMG, you're so right!
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana Hace un mes
This this this
Amanda Barrier
Amanda Barrier Hace un mes
Seaweedgirl1 Hace un mes
The thing that hooked me right away with Ouran that I've never had with any other anime is that Haruhi was instantly so relatable- mostly because she's basically written as the voice of the reader/viewer. All the things that you think to yourself while reading manga or watching anime are said in a delicious deadpan by Haruhi, and you get that instant satisfaction of seeing the characters looking shocked that anyone would be so brazen. To anyone who loves Ouran but hasn't read the manga, I HIGHLY recommend it. The first several chapters are word for word the same as the show, but then it shoots off into a much more satisfying, complex, and romantic series. And the weird rushed ending with Eclair or whatever her name was doesn't happen at all, which I appreciate because GOD she was annoying.
Nevermiss Shotz
Nevermiss Shotz Hace 15 días
@Anna Burke I too would like to know
Anna Burke
Anna Burke Hace un mes
Do you know where I can read the manga online
Anna Burke
Anna Burke Hace un mes
Do you know where I can read the manga online
Vian Hace 19 días
I feel so bad for Tamaki. People hate him and it is not his fault.... he says awful things yes, but never out of malice, but ignorance He is a good boy. A good himbo, and he deserves Haruhi It hurts how people treat him because of a few bad comments. He is not a bad love interest, he is not... AND THE MANGA IS SO MUCH BETTERa
Nia Hace 11 días
yes lmao he's literally a himbo
Zaneedsmilk Hace un mes
We definitely needed more backstory for Mori. I’m aware his role of the show is “the guy with one line an episode,” but they gave us almost nothing about him. His entire backstory is “He and Hunny have linked families.” Theres absolutely nothing about his home life or anything that maybe encourage him to be as quiet as he is.
Zaneedsmilk Hace 27 días
@Aesya Mazeli I know Mori has backstory in the manga, I just think it’s strange how Mori’s backstory wasn’t shown in the anime like everyone else’s was.
Aesya Mazeli
Aesya Mazeli Hace 27 días
Read the manga.
um Hace un mes
In the beginning stages of OHHC mori was actually the main love interest, so honestly, i think when that was scrapped, moris backstory got largely ignored sadly
Zaneedsmilk Hace un mes
No, you’re probably right but I just thought it was weird how everyone got a lot of backstory except Mori in the anime
Mei Arisu
Mei Arisu Hace un mes
I could be wrong tho, so yea
Diana Zolotukhina
Diana Zolotukhina Hace un mes
I found it actually brilliant that Tamaki's backstory wasn't revealed until the end of the show. A lot of times, as viewers and readers, we are privy to information that we aren't supposed to know, and our perception of the character is shaped it. How often do we see a character hated by others only to feel "no, don't hate them, they have a reason to act this way, you just don't know it!" So, in a way, we are used to feeling entitled to a character's past, or their secrets. The way Tamaki's past is revealed to us as viewers is, in my opinion, is very similar to how you would learn something about a friend in real-life. When you make a new friend, you don't know their past right away. You're not supposed to. You're not entitled to that information. You have to go off of the impressions and interactions you have in the moment, and it may take years for you to learn about a tragic event, or a life-changing experience your friends has gone through. And what you lean may change your perception, kind of the way it changes our perception of Tamaki when we learn more about him.
Emily Ramirez
Emily Ramirez Hace un mes
The crazy thing too, on a rewatch, theres very subtle things about his (everyone's) past left for the viewer to pick up. The biggest example that comes to mind is the Nekozawa/Kirimi episode, Haruhi makes a statement on how she never had siblings and that it must be tragic to have a strained relationship with someone you love. In the background, you see all the hosts kinda look at each other, knowing that they all have those familial problems themselves; then it cuts to Kyoya who looks straight at Tamaki. Its such a subtle scene but it has such a big impact if you know what you're looking for
Kait.543 Hace un mes
It also really lends itself to Kaoru's whole thing about the carriage... He assigns that so easily to Tamaki (because he knows Tamaki's past when we still don't) BUT it is really about how he feels about the host club himself... how everyone feels.
Delete ---
Delete --- Hace un mes
Bea Shemma D. Sayson
Nobody Here
Nobody Here Hace un mes
Em Mi
Em Mi Hace un mes
Just watching these clips made me realize Haruhi was quite literally the only "female" protag I genuinely liked as a kid.... seeing who I grew up to be and it makes so much sense I feel so attacked rn. Also I think nostalgia marketing works sometimes, for example Fruits Basket was so loved that they recently remade it to do right by the fans that begged. Black Butler gets an anime adaptation every few years. I won't be surprised if in a few years they announce a remake for this especially with queer culture being more accepted mainstream. My only concern is either they'll just completely remove the queer aspects of everyone or it'll be played into too much to the point it feels like pandering or just offensive.
Shama D
Shama D Hace 28 días
Y'all are missing out on so much if you haven't read the manga. The final part of Tamaki trying to reunite with his mom was so heart breaking.
Sydney Atkinson Music
Sydney Atkinson Music Hace 17 días
I read them a *really* long time and recently wanted to reread them so I’m currently buying them all 🤪😂
Jimbles the rat
Jimbles the rat Hace 27 días
As a trans masc person who grew up watching ouran high school host club,seeing a character like haruhi made me so happy
Jimbles the rat
Jimbles the rat Hace 22 días
@N B fair enough dude
N B Hace 22 días
As a girl, same. It was nice to not see a damsel in distress and show what a real young girl is like. No high pitched voice, and she was just her. She didn’t care how you saw her. I don’t do labels, probably because of haruhi. I never cared, why do others? Im a human lol
A L Hace un mes
I’m probably a bit late, but I’m still definitely a fan of ohshc. It gives you that nostalgic 2000’s anime feel (which it is) but it’s such an interesting concept that it immersed you into the series. After I finished watching the anime, I read the manga (yes it continues after the anime ends.) personally, I love all the characters, like they made the anime special, and the characters themselves made the series just kind of stand out (aside from the beautiful art style, not going to lie.) the representation for haruhi is really good, I love how the creator wrote haruhi without any silly stereotypes or anything, just wrote her/them/him as a good character, and honestly the representation for the non binary community is really good with the character writing. (I’m sorry I’m really bad at explaining things help me if I’m incorrect about anything.) my personal favorites of the show were probably tamaki and kyoya, they kind of just hit the spot with me. (I wish that scene with kyoya and haruhi never happened though. It wasn’t good at all. If yk yk…) those two characters are just my personal favorites, I love their personality and everything, I don’t really get to see something played out well in a lot of more recent animes that I watch or anything. Honestly ouran is definitely one of my favorites, it holds a special place in my heart. It would be nice for another creative concept to appear again, not to say there isn’t of course, but something that would really blow the audience away and stay iconic just like a lot of 2000’s-2010’s animes. Also if you want a manga spoiler (please don’t read if you want to rlly get into the manga.): if you ever really shipped tamaki and haruhi but never got to see them kiss or become something, well then I’ll bet you ten bucks they sure do. Surprisingly, haruhi is the first one to really acknowledge their feelings for tamaki (besides the fact that tamaki doesn’t even know he likes them.) there was also one panel where haruhi blushed from tamaki the first time, which was really cute, he kissed her on the forehead when they were both talking about tamakis mom or something, he did it on impulse but then apologized (I think? my memory is so bad.) though both haruhi and tamaki were blushing, well a lot to say lol. also yes, they kiss! like actually! but it’s more towards the end of the manga. also yeah they got married lol.
WannabeHistorian692 Hace 28 días
@A L I don’t know if that means she’s NB, to me that signals she’s extremely secure in her femininity. A NB person would probably not want to be called either.
A L Hace 28 días
@WannabeHistorian692 late reply, as far as the manga goes, not really. However, haruhi did say she does not care if she was referred to as male or female, sorry for the late reply!
Was Haruhi ever confirmed as non-binary?
FerraticaTheBard Hace un mes
The manga was still ongoing when the anime came out, I believe, so Ouran's actually dealing with an FMA situation - the true ending of the manga hadn't happened yet, and the beginning of the series is heavily episodic compared to later sections, so they made up a non-canon ending that doesn't actually match up with what canon turned out to be. So they would need to either entirely reboot the series or keeping making up their own timeline if they wanted to do a second season.
Qibli781 Hace 29 días
enhhhh it was made a long time ago so idk if they’ll make a s2 but i’ll pray 🙏
Rae Bauer
Rae Bauer Hace 22 días
I'm almost 60 and I love this show. I discovered it on Netflix a few years ago and enjoyed its humor but also how none of the characters are cardboard cut outs. Yes, they are stereotypes, but they do get fleshed out more than most shows. You are absolutely correct in that Tamaki has a huge heart. He's experienced pain but all that means is he doesn't want others to feel the way he did. It's a cute, fluffy, enjoyable show, that I'll rewatch when I'm feeling down because at its core its about love and hope.
Eponymous User
Eponymous User Hace 21 un día
Although it’s saturated with sexually mature content, it’s great that the focus is the good nature of the characters. The writing focuses on bringing the characters from unhealthy behaviors and mindsets to more stable ones.
A M Hace un mes
I had no idea this show is trending again and thought this was going to be a video about why the anime has such a different ending than the manga. This was such an important anime/manga for me when I was in middle school and high school, so I'm pleased to hear that people are rediscovering it. I started reading the Ourah Host Club manga at the end of middle school. I followed the series until it concluded while I was in college, and of course watched the anime when it came out when I was in high school. If you don't read the manga, you might not pick up on how Hatori-sensei wrote OHC as a critique of harem manga/anime written for men (which heavily focused on female objectivity and the male gaze) and a satire of the saccharine tropes in shoujo manga that relied heavily on traditional gender roles. This is a shoujo manga that explored sexuality, kink and fetish, gender norms, and gender fluidity in a way that wouldn't be more mainstream for more than a decade. That was revolutionary at the time. In the anime, and maybe moreso in the English dub, it seems like homosexuality is thrown around a lot and it seems like gay culture is being played up for laughs, but the manga was a lot less direct, and by today's terms many of the main characters might be read differently in terms of their sexuality and gender: bisexual, ace, femme, non-binary, etc. But for me what was so amazing was everyone was accepted at the Host Club. No matter your kink, gender expression, or sexuality, no one is ridiculed and everyone has a place and a person who will spend time with them and adore them for who they are. Even the Takarazuka group is seen as a threat not because of their aggressive lesbianism (potentially threatening Tamaki's masculinity, which is a trope in a lot of media from this time and earlier), but because Tamaki is worried he will lose Haruhi if she transfers to join them. The love story between Tamaki and Haruhi is wrapped up well in the anime, but has a much more natural progression in the manga following the same kind of inner exploration a lot of people take in discovering their their sexuality and gender, while also trying to figure out themselved as a human and what they want to pursue in life. And remember: this came out in the early 2000s! It was such a different world, people. I couldn't believe that they would adapt the manga given how edgy it was, but it was a miracle that the manga, in very sexuality and gender-conservative Japan, was even made!! It's an important part of shoujo manga/anime history and culture - manga and anime history and culture full-stop - so I'm glad people are returning to it. For my own part, I mined the manga heavily for a lot of scholarly work I did in graduate school around explorations of sexuality and gender in "children's literature". I had a lot of fun talking about twincest and misgendering at very high brow conferences. (Edited to add some additional cultural context for circa 2006)
A M Hace 11 días
Oh my goodness! That's wonderful!! Enjoy 🤗
S B Hace 11 días
Loved reading your comment! You kinda convinced me of reading the manga as I only watched the show (twice lol). Thanks for sharing!
Kip Magikmail
Kip Magikmail Hace un mes
I actually DO think this series could benefit from a re-boot. I think it has a similar case to Fruits Basket, another really popular early 2000s shoujo anime that was recently revitalized to complete the story after the original anime stopped before it was over. And *that* re-boot was popular enough to get a prelude movie.
hectoriul Hace 29 días
they should not reboot it honestly it was truly problematic with haruhis situation, the twincest, the misogny, the transphobia etc. a lot of it was funny back then and i think it doesnt need a serious reboot since it was just a parody.
Yasmin Weaver
Yasmin Weaver Hace un mes
Absolutely agree. And the Ouran anime really turned up the cheese too... the manga was very much the same, dont get me wrong, but as far as I can remember (been about a decade since I revisited this) the manga also let the more serious moments breathe as well. It balanced the comedy and drama far more than the anime did, and I think a reboot slated for a full three or four cour series would fix that.
Kait.543 Hace un mes
@Beanuld Same! I would still probably watch, but I don't know if it could replace the old show for me. Even with Fruits Basket there's a lot of good in the new show, but a lot missing for me stylistically. And comedically.
Beanuld Hace un mes
I think if they reboot it, I'll do same as the fruits basket reboot and enjoy them at 2 different shows!! the OG anime adaptations of each stray from the mangas in favor of gimmicky comedy, which is really endearing! But that means when it comes to the plot, it lacks something, so everyone is left wanting another season! Focusing on the plot means abandoning some of the comedy, but that can make for a more artistic story :)
성이름 Hace un mes
This is much less popular than fruit basket, who would invest this?
Sunspot Mill
Sunspot Mill Hace un mes
I like how OHSHC kind of serves as a deconstruction of reverse haram tropes and other typical shojo tropes. The characters and their interactions we're all interesting and funny. My favorite characters are Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru, Honey, Kyouya, and Renge.
Preston Siegler
Preston Siegler Hace 21 un día
Haruhi was a big influence on how I viewed gender and my own identity. I loved this manga, and it makes me happy that others are discovering it now
Chele Hace un mes
I didn’t see this when it first came out, but loved it when I found it because of how self-aware it was and how it made fun of its own tropes even as it made good use of them. And I particularly liked Haruhi’s level headedness while everyone else is just ~drama~ because that felt like me in school looking in puzzlement at everyone around me discovering dating.
Emburr Hace un mes
My favourite host is Mori. He is the most Caring, and genuine match with haruhi which would work very well in real life. He's just a chill dude
Emburr Hace un mes
@minvi I KNOW I WISH they kept the HIM AS IT . fFS
minvi Hace un mes
@Tasnim NO PLEASE 💀
Tasnim Hace un mes
@minvi I’m so sorry I searched up tamaki as a tamale and there’s literally a meme of many different tamaki faces as tamales on a plate😭😭
minvi Hace un mes
Tasnim Hace un mes
Makayla Serniotti
Makayla Serniotti Hace un mes
I first watched this in middle school, it was an instant favorite for me. Anyone who claims this show is shallow hasn’t watched it. This show has a lot of depth. Also how casually they play with themes of sexuality and gender, this show was ahead of it’s time.
ziva m
ziva m Hace un mes
its good but some of the language needs to be changed especially the use of the word they call her dad
Nobody Here
Nobody Here Hace un mes
I know right, I've met a few people that refuse to watch it for really dumb reasons
BikerB22 Hace un mes
Emily nam
Emily nam Hace un mes
Same. Its still one of my favorites now! :)
Duchess Hace un mes
YEEEEE!Thank youuu!I loved this show so much,It was just so good Idk even know what to say
Let Me Think About It
Let Me Think About It Hace 29 días
I don’t know what ever possessed me to watch this anime. I am more into Death Note, Future Diary, Black Butler… etc. but I am SOOO glad that I did. This anime looked so Cheesy. But after watching the first episode I was HOOKED. I just LOVE this anime. There are moments where you feel very cringy and uncomfortable. But the humour in this show is hilarious. “Commoner Coffee” and the whole debate/discussion on it. Just super funny. At first glance I thought Tamaki (being the rich boy) would be a total spoiled, bratty, douchebag. But boy, am I glad to be wrong. He’s actually super sweet and very protective of Haruhi. In fact, all the guys in the host club are. Anyways, I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not yet watched the show. But I kept hearing they were going to release another season, but so far, I haven’t seen it. I wish it would release soon because I can’t wait to see what other whacky adventures the characters get into. 🥰🥰🥰
Louison Donze
Louison Donze Hace un mes
I love this show, I have watched it multiple times so far, Great video, but from the start I have a small problem, they didn't call Haruhi gay as an insult, they called her that because they thought that she was a guy, and they are a hostclub. They believed that Haruhi had come to visit them for their services.
Homo Demon
Homo Demon Hace un mes
Yeah that bit was a little bit weird... Like, did you forget what Gay actually means?????
Jude Hace un mes
It’s not perfect, even has problematic stuff and what not, but it’s still my favorite anime lol Also, to me at least a lot of the show comes off as a sort of parody on the genre, which makes a lot of what can be seen as cringy actually really funny. I really like that it’s more of a comedy with romance than a romance with comedy.
Ryan Hace un mes
My favourite characters were definitely the twins. As a twin myself, the incest always made me a bit uncomfortable, but I appreciated the other aspects of them as characters. Especially Hikaru since I thought he was a much better match for Haruhi. 🤣
SketchyCat !!!
SketchyCat !!! Hace un mes
Conservatives will say that introducing lgbt concepts to kids will confuse them, but 14 year old me heard Haruhi say she didn’t care which pronouns she was referred to with and I just immediately accepted it without hesitation. Nothing confusing about it at all
Kiwi Hace 8 días
@성이름 Because of white western culture it wasnt considered the standard normal before but not taboo. Same goes for many cultures exposed to white colonialism
Blip Bloop
Blip Bloop Hace 17 días
@julia why are you calling them a groomer? They didn’t even do anything. Why are you so against ppl seeing Haruhi as gender queer? It’s not hurting you.
Aesya Mazeli
Aesya Mazeli Hace 27 días
The confusing thing is not Haruhi's gender but using forced prostitution as a base of the story.
Heather V
Heather V Hace un mes
I’m a conservative and this is one of my favorite anime. I’m also bi 🤷‍♀️
serene Hace un mes
to me it was only confusing because of the shit that THEY told me about gender. not the other way around.
Mouse M
Mouse M Hace 22 días
My eldest is about your age born in '97 I remember watching this with her it became one of her favorites. Then with my younger girl who consumes BL romance anime while dating a girl. We had some interesting talks with it. Honestly I think it helped because she is nonbinary (I think that's the term) and I'm ok with that. It helped her tell me as well as get that I'm ok with my children just being whoever they are. I'm from the Robotech age of anime but still love to watch new series and older ones.
Carron Greene
Carron Greene Hace un mes
Half the joy of watching this (as a much older person in that time) was the cringe factor. And the other half was just loving the characters for who they were. The twincest still icks me, but I always took it as "they are playing a part." Which goes back into it being a host club. Basically, all of us watched it and lived it because it was joyful in its own way
Khalika Haybusa Sin
The twins seemed like a better deal, case 1: they wanted the mc to be comfortable at a medical resort, not cover up
Luna Hace un mes
This is absolutely my comfort show. It meant so much to me as a young, confused queer person, and it's continued to be the type of show that I can just throw on when I need a good laugh. Absolutely one of my favorites.
Gavin Daphne King
Gavin Daphne King Hace un mes
Haruhi's dad was my favorite character. ...it was a surprise to basically nobody but me when I finally came out as nonbinary 🤦‍♀️
Alyssa Miyasato
Alyssa Miyasato Hace 28 días
This was the first reverse harmen I saw and it was nice to see something so female focused that wasn’t sailor moon. It was my favorite through early highschool
Leo Hace un mes
Haruhi was absolutely my non-binary awakening, my tomboy awakening had long past, but I loved loved loved that she used binary pronouns because I didn't know you could do that! I always loved her, I wanted to be her so bad
liniavskaya Hace 18 días
I’ve watched this show like 10 times throughout the years, and it’s my fave anime🙂 at this point I’ve memorized most of the dialogue, but I mean I love it. Even though I kinda hate romance, but after watching your vid I understand why I like it, exactly because it’s more of a comedy and shows a “more realistic” girl as a lead.
Rhythm Smith
Rhythm Smith Hace un mes
"Was Haruhi your nonbinary awakening or tomboy awakening?" Hahaha jokes on you, Haruhi was both.
ame Hace 28 días
@Marian Yoris AH SAME
Leg-ace-y Hace un mes
Maxwell Fuentes
Maxwell Fuentes Hace un mes
she was my trans ftm awakening 💅
Ky Atonic
Ky Atonic Hace un mes
@Cloudie_Aergia yep I really took the Pokémon approach to it
Rhythm Smith
Rhythm Smith Hace un mes
@Marian Yoris @Cloudie_Aergia Haruhi was also my bi awakening lol
Nyx Queen of Shadows
this show was recommended to me by a friend at school in like 2013 and was legitimately my first experience with anything even remotely queer/queer adjacent, which looking back now is WILD but it really resonated with me in a way nothing else really had up to that point. it's also one of the few anime i've rewatched (tho admittedly that's cos i watched the dub first). plus, cos none of the text popup boxes were translated in the dub version, it made want to start learning japanese so i could understand them! in retrospect, it may have also solidified my bisexuality (the lesbian school huh folks) and possibly sowed the seeds for eventual not quite binary-ness....huh. so yeah, flaws and all, i owe this show a surprising amount!
Spencer Ke
Spencer Ke Hace 26 días
I've never really understood the whole 'looking down on shojo' thing. While I can't say that I know much about shojo in general, but what I've noticed is that when you look at successful shojo and successful shonen, shonen tend to be action- and plot-driven while shojo tend to be decision- and character-driven
Monique Smith
Monique Smith Hace 18 días
There are plenty of action shojo out there but most of the time if they get adapted the fight scenes don't look very good (Yona of the Dawn). But there are plenty of action driven shojo manga that are fantastic. Yona of the Dawn, Basara, Oresama Teacher, QQ Sweeper and it's sequel Queen's Quality, and Requiem of the Rose King are all exciting with great characters.
Toni Roth
Toni Roth Hace 28 días
I know not everything about the show aged well but, I freaking love it. It was one of the first I watched growing up.
cleoclaus69 Hace un mes
Thank you for this. This anime is on Hulu, and every once in a while I watch some of my favorite episodes. This was one of the ones that got me back into anime in my late thirties in the early aughts. And now, even in my fifties, I am still proud to let my anime geek flag fly, especially for classics like Ouron Host Club.
Personally, I think an Ouran reboot would do really well considering how well the Fruits Basket reboot did in 2019. Fruits Basket wasn't NEARLY as well known as Ouran always has been, so I think a reboot would be exactly what it needs to expand what we didn't get to see. Like Fruits Basket, the original 2000s adaptation only had one season and changed the ending of the story (albeit, Ouran changed way more from the finale than Fruits Basket did), and I think most fans and people who's introduction to Ouran would be the reboot would all enjoy seeing the show with a fresh layer of paint and there would be a significant opportunity to change and fix the show's very apparent problems with LGBTQ issues. Also on this note, I highly recommend Fruits Basket for a video!!
goma3088 Hace 26 días
There was a Fruits Basket reboot?! I had no idea. Gotta check that out now.
Oh No
Oh No Hace un mes
@WhiteRabbit Yeah saying fruits basket isn't/wasn't popular is like saying hero academia is not very known
WhiteRabbit Hace un mes
I love ouran, but fruits basket was always well known and beloved. When I first started collecting it, it was #1 shojo. Fruits Basket og anime changed a lot of things, and so did the ouran anime.
Poi Lethe
Poi Lethe Hace un mes
Really? I thought it felt as super well known, it just didn't really have the ability to be memed the way Ouran would because it wasn't a comedy. Way more drama and tragedy focused.
Oh No
Oh No Hace un mes
Fruits Basket was extremely popular in Japan and overseas what are you talking about
shadowtheimpure Hace 18 días
People make this mistake regularly, but I still feel I need to say something. Youjo Senki (The Saga of Tanya the Evil) is set in a WW1 equivalent and not WW2. So, the empire that Tanya fights for is analogous to Kaiser Wilhelm II's Germany and not Adolph Hitler's.
mir Hace 29 días
i was so obsessed with this show when i was probably too young to watch LMAO but the thing is, my favourite character was haruhi and none of the boys... like i was really into her (i thought the boys were funny and hani is adorable but it was not the same as haruhi) so actually, looking back... i realised haruhi was my gay awakening 😂 the time when she was singing really didn't help me too!!!!!
viridiana c
viridiana c Hace un mes
honestly, i picked up this show and wasnt really into anime at the time, but i really enjoy how goofy and fun the show is. there's not TOO much angst throughout the episodes, the characters are established and they go on fun adventures and solve the problems and in the end you know that everyone is going to end up okay. idk from someone who hardly watches anime, i love this show and still watch it for comfort
CrownedYeti Hace 24 días
??? am I the only one who binge watched OHSHC as a kid in 2007 and still know it as one of the best single-season romcom anime of all time?? Not only was this show peak anime comedy (the whole joke being that it doesn't take itself seriously while being overly dramatic) but it also had one of the best english dubbed adaptations that translated the humor perfectly. This anime was never underrated, it was iconic.
Frithiona Hace 24 días
I don’t read manga anymore but Ouran is the one series I still have and re read almost once a year. It’s (and I say this seriously) a perfect manga. I remember in the early books Hatori had her PR address for fan mail and I wrote a probably terrible letter in Japanese to her 😅 Haruhi graduated university the same year I did in real life in the last ever volume and I actually cried when I finished it. It’s beautiful and I would absolutely recommend fans of the anime to read it
A. Takahashi
A. Takahashi Hace un mes
As a 12/13 year old, most of the undertones flew over my head, but it remained my comfort anime for almost a decade. It's just got some feel good vibes idk. Haruhi definitely struck a chord in me...But I never connected exactly what it was until MUCH later. Go figure lol. It's nostalgic, I'd rather just leave it as is, no remakes, no second season. Just keep it as is and I'll be content.
Emily DeVos
Emily DeVos Hace 23 días
This anime has been a safe space for me since the first time I watched it. I felt like Haruhi made sense and her attitude sparked my dive into manga and literature that helped me find and accept myself.
Therese Ivy
Therese Ivy Hace 29 días
What I would personally do if I were to handle the series’ second season (and if possible, beyond) is to make it more otome-esque which i think is (safe to assume) what the writers were trying to go for here. Wherein Haruhi would be given episodes dedicated to spending more time with each male lead in both romantic and platonic ways (strictly platonic for Honey) and without really settling for an endgame for her as (opposed to the manga) to keep things more exciting. And personally, Kaoru was the better love interest potential between the twins, but the development Hikaru had was aso pretty great. Also, also i genuinely wish they just wrote Renge off as a one-off character cus honest to god her entire character just makes me wanna punch her
Mei Arisu
Mei Arisu Hace un mes
fun fact: Mori was supposed to be the main love interest of the show because the creator wanted the two together, but after getting a lot of feedback and fans of the manga (while it's still ongoing) saying that they love Tamaki, the creator had to change Mori to Tamaki as the main love interest. It's also the reason why you see some Mori and Haruhi moments (like helping Haruhi out without question, addressing her by her first name, yea) during the first few volumes/episodes edit: Bisco Hatori (the creator of OHSHC) admitted that Mori was a potential love interest. How the change happened is what I remember of what the other fans said back then (back in 2012) but idk if that was confirmed or they were wrong. But it doesn't matter considering that Tamaki is endgame (if you read the manga, yk what happened next). It's a cool fact to know tho
lady_lib3rty Hace 27 días
I wanted mori to be the one she ended up with so badly😔
laurie Hace 29 días
@Tosin Akin he canonically liked both haruhi and tamaki 💀 thats why that didnt work out but its just my opinion
Tosin Akin
Tosin Akin Hace 29 días
@laurie The fact that Kyoya canonically liked Haruhi but didn't want to fight Tamaki 😭 He also didn't think she'd bring any benefit to his family's empire, but the Tamaki thing is cuter 🤭
Lampsenpai Hace un mes
I really wanted mori and haruhi especially since tamaki was so babyish at first but the way the character development went I wouldn’t have it any other way(I lied maybe I’ll find mori haruhi fan fiction the potential is just too good)
Elisiah Hace un mes
@laurie finally someone said that speak the truth honey
Rachel Hace un mes
this was the first anime i ever watched and its still one of my safe shows when im stressed😊
Wholesome Housewife
I loved this series because it made fun of so many anime tropes while keeping a genuine sweetness
Spoopy Ghost
Spoopy Ghost Hace un mes
I remember seeing this show in middle school at a friend's house. It was a slumber party and I just binged all of Ouran in one night (I admit I skipped a few episodes probably) while they were asleep. I loved them all and honestly didn't hate the idea of Haruhi ending up with any of them. I just wish there was more after the anime.
Zaneedsmilk Hace un mes
There’s some anime out there that I feel specifically connected to, and Ouran Host Club is definitely one of them. I think it’s because it’s put to a similar style with the pushing comedy and repetitive theme of episodes as the shows I used to watch as a kid. After watching the show recently, I honestly just really wish they made another season or two. I personally think I could’ve watched a good 3 seasons of the show and enjoyed it all the way through.
VeebsterTV Hace 16 días
Me and my brothers watched and re-watched ohshc multiple times, good comedy, romance wasn’t overtly cringy, and the characters are all well written, personally i consider it one of my favourite animes and I wish there were more seasons
anilover10 Hace un mes
I watched this when I was in high school, I was already out the closet, so I wasn't shocked by anything. I believe it was also making fun of shojo troupes, and Haruhi was the only sane, poor, and relatable person because she was the viewer in a way. Anyway I prefer comedy over romance so this show was just fun to watch for me 👌
The peculiar Dragon
I remember, I watched Ohshc thanks to a friend in middle school. She was openly lesbian in a bible belt state and we became best friends and she really taught me a lot about lgbt and led me to my own realization of me being bisexual and own gender realization. I watched Ohshc and we would talk about it all the time and it was just really great.
Aze Hace 20 días
Haruhi and Kyoko (Skip Beat) both have a special place in my heart for being unusual shojo protagonists, and both Ouran and Skip Beat are very good at subverting shojo tropes. (i read the manga for both) i too, loved Vampire Knight until the sibling reveal 😞 but the impact that the openings and endings had on me is unmatched. Edgy visual masterpieces (and the songs are great, too)
Elizabeth Dang
Elizabeth Dang Hace un mes
This anime was cute and wholesome. I remember discovering this anime when I wanted something other than horn dog dude anime and oh boy was I happy.
Lira Kimyōna
Lira Kimyōna Hace un mes
the twins we're probably some of my first gay crushes, before I even knew I was trans, which cause quite a few years of loving mlm pairings while thinking I was female and thus I must be fetishizing the relationships. Even now, knowing I'm male I still feel like that sometimes because I don't really show my proper gender visually. I love this show and it has a very special place in my heart for its foothold in my queer journey.
Luna Hace un mes
God this is one of my favorite shows of all time. We've been needing a season two for a long time. I've probably watched this show about a dozen or more times now, it never gets boring
Jared Kelly
Jared Kelly Hace 24 días
I watched this show dubbed in high school, around the time it came out. It was a show that made me very comfortable in my decision to come out, because even though there were some parts that were problematic (even by 2006 standards) it was a very heartwarming show. When the opening kicks in as Haruhi drives the carriage, it still gives me feels!
Steph-el Hace un mes
As someone that followed Ouran as it was publishing, the reason that the second season was so delayed/not made is because the manga was put on hiatus multiple times due to Bisco Hatori's health. They had another manga too called Millennium Snow that had a nearly 10 year hiatus before it was ended. I remember after a particularly long hiatus after the anime for Ouran had ended, most of the fandom had petered off in interest, so the actual finale for the manga was a quiet affair. I kinda hoped when Fruits Basket was rebooted that a bunch of the old Shoujo anime/manga I read in high school would get new adaptations. I want completed works!
Steph-el Hace 29 días
@Skullastic See, I'm a western reader, and I wasn't talking about sales. I was talking about hype in the fan communities, as it was really quiet in comparison to the end of fruits basket, and a lot of people in my online circles left before the ouran finale. How to phrase it better? I was part of a lot of fan boards and I saw tons of people leave and those that stayed switched fandoms or let ouran go into the background. Mind you, this was years ago, and I left shortly after the finale cause no one was talking about it. If you experienced it differently, then you might have been part of a more dedicated group than most of mine.
Skullastic Hace un mes
I feel like you're wrong that ohshc had a quiet finale. The final volume was extremely popular and sold 1# during it release according to orincon.
Katrine Hace un mes
I remember the finale of the manga being super hyped up and that the manga did even better than Bleach did towards it ending, which a shoujo very rarely do over a shounen. I didn't get the impression that there wasn't much attention over it at all, the Ouran manga was one of the biggest shoujos as it was going. But yeah, I sorely wish they would reboot Ouran after the success of the FB reboot too, we can only keep hoping.
lush Hace un mes
@Steph-el it has manga scenes on it I think I only watched a quarter of it mostly skip
Steph-el Hace un mes
@lush I never watched the live-actions, is it even accurate picking up the manga material or did it go the way of the anime ending with original stuff?
Arianna Renee
Arianna Renee Hace un mes
I first watched this show when I was 13, and to this day it's one of my favorite anime. The reason? It's quite literally meant to make fun of traditional harems (boring male lead, with a bunch of interesting females), but flipping the roles, and still making everyone interesting in the process. But along with it making fun of a basic formula we're used to seeing, it still makes you want to root for your preferred love interest. Plus, as we're learning, it awakened a lot of things in people. Haruhi as a character was ahead of the times, and I'm one of many people whose pronouns have changed now that I'm older. So many things to love about this show, or at least laugh about, and feel the nostalgia
Dis Ruppt
Dis Ruppt Hace 19 días
I like the romance and all, but I think I liked the comedy more and looked forward to it the most. It's most likely largely due to me being Aro/Ace. And to be honest, I quite like that Haruhi doesn't really end up with anyone at the end. You yourself had mentioned the host club being a found family, and it'd be kinda weird to marry somebody within your family. Haruhi doesn't have to be in a romantic relationship with anybody. Perhaps they're happy with this familial bond with their friends. Sure, these feelings may advance to something stronger in the future, but it doesn't have to happen in such a short period.
An Chi Nguyen
An Chi Nguyen Hace un mes
Ouran highschool host club was one of my first animes and it will forever be an all time favorite :)
Misting Wolf
Misting Wolf Hace 26 días
This show was so much fun, and made me feel more validated in my tomboyishness/ ZSG's about gender norms. I love Haruhi as a character so much.
Selina_Novella Hace un mes
Kyouya's arc is one of my favorites in any series. I don't know if you caught it, but in the end he didn't need his father to give him the company, he actually BOUGHT all the debt the company was in with money he earned HIMSELF through the host club and other ventures. He then took the company he now OWNED and gave it back to his father. Not because he couldn't handle the company, but because he didn't NEED his father's recognition or approval anymore. It didn't mean anything. And I don't know, maybe I related more to Kyouya's family issues, but I loved where he ended up, and was so proud of him for breaking through that frame and painting something incredible.
Paige Jones
Paige Jones Hace 23 días
Underrated arc! relatable and aspirational....soooo satisfying! I remember as a kid thinking about how much the vase cost....how much revenue he generated for just the host club and managed to turn money into more money....and wondering how on earth he could possibly feel like a failure? Glad he stopped looking at himself through the eyes of his father.
Beks Mae
Beks Mae Hace un mes
Well I clicked on this video for nostalgia alone (first of your videos I’ve ever seen but definitely am gonna check out more). Ouran for me was definitely a non-binary awaking, even though it took many years for me to recognize it. There was just something about quirky group of guys just bringing in and accepting them that warmed my heart. During my very deep depression this show was definitely my comfort show, watching it almost every night. Thanks for your fresh eyes look at one of my all time favs.
Lyric Rwar
Lyric Rwar Hace un mes
I remember when I watched this I related to Haruhi so much mostly with gender idetity stuff, and honestly I know that nostalgia doesn't work well with anime that much. However I still have hope as Fruits Basket got a reboot that boomed with success and Bleach is finally getting it's final arc. I still have faith
Mama Croc
Mama Croc Hace 25 días
Kelsey Wright
Kelsey Wright Hace 12 días
She actually does end up with one of them. It's just in the manga. it's really late in there like to the end of the manga. The twins also become more of themselves instead of looking exactly alike. It's kind of like they split up but it's not a sad ending. I'm trying not to spoil it but give you a little bit of information.
Amber Gambles
Amber Gambles Hace un mes
For the longest time I couldn't figure out why this show struck such a chord with me. Now, knowing I am aro ace, I am fully aware that it was refreshing to see a main charecter with no immediate desire for romance. Haruhi does things because she cares about people first and foremost, romance isn't off of the table, but she is a person with a life outside of love and that life takes precedence. Haruhi stays in the host club because she enjoys it, not because of any romantic attractions to her club mates. I also find a lot of comfort in the abundance of comedy, that's mostly just a me thing though
jijinseung Hace un mes
@SlithySnake i wouldnt wanna label myself as a japan obsessed weirdo if i were you
SlithySnake Hace un mes
I agree as a fellow asexual and weeb
Ms. Aizawa Shouka
Ms. Aizawa Shouka Hace un mes
this show appeals to me as an aro/ace becasue theres a lot of platonic relationships, lie yes one of the twin, and tamaki specifically have a crush on haruhi, but with most of the cast it's more like flirty moments to remind you it's a harem anime, and i like the idea of being able to flirt platonically and all that
Eve Campbell
Eve Campbell Hace un mes
@TheFVguy What's wrong with Haruhi marrying Tamaki?
TheFVguy Hace un mes
Who’s gonna tell her that Haruhi marries Tamaki in the manga?
Elizabeth Gatsby
Elizabeth Gatsby Hace un mes
Haruhi was 100% my bi awakening. My favorite match for them was always Kasanoda because he started developing feelings for who Haruhi was as a person regardless of gender. I didn’t realize why that appealed to me so much back then but it makes perfect sense in retrospect.
Nightscream452 Hace 26 días
I always shipped Haruhi with Koya simply because while he always teased her, he treated Haruhi like a competent person & with respect. But the reason it was only one season, was because the manga was still on going & the anime had already overtaken where the manga was at the time of development. (the contents of the last few episodes are not even in the manga) This is one of the anime's I'd love to see get a reboot/remake.
CanterOn! Hace 22 días
My first time watching this I just thought it was going to be a cutesy cartoon to pass some time with. I was a bit taken aback at first at the overt homosexual behavior because well that never happened in any of the cartoons I’ve seen before. I really enjoyed the jokes, how dramatic the characters were, and the shade that was sometimes thrown around. It was purely entertaining and I had no idea what foolishness was going to happen. My boyfriend at the time thought I was a complete basket case when I was watching it because of how “gay” the characters were being. I just thought the dramatics were funny didn’t care what their sexuality was anyway.
Paola Vázquez Lima
Paola Vázquez Lima Hace 16 días
I love this show so much, though I love the manga even more since it actually continues and has a great ending. Some things are different in both versions but they are great on their own way. Every character is amazing but Tamaki is definitely MY guy haha, I love him and Haruhi so much.
Cora Rodgers
Cora Rodgers Hace un mes
Being an impressionable teen when this came out, it opened my eyes to CLOTHES ARE JUST CLOTHES and no need to label them. Also that Haruhi us just an icon in general.
Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol
Hell yes...
Chaeley Hace un mes
That beach episode was rancid. XD This is the first time I've ever heard anyone defend anything about it. This was an incredibly well thought-out and thorough video essay and I really enjoyed it, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR IT, but like. That episode had Problems. From the Very Wholesome Misogyny (tm) to forcing Haruhi to apologize to the club for being in the wrong when she was *very clearly* in the right, all the way to SA as an approved 'teaching moment' (that Haruhi thanks Kyouya for afterwards for ascended yikes) and giving Tamaki the triumphant masculine moment where he finally, finally got to protect the weak wibbling girl he loves was just about the most godawful thing I've ever seen. There are youtube videos dedicated JUST to that one heinous episode.
mono Hace un mes
apart from being genuinely hilarious, ouran was my fav anime when i was in high school i used to rewatch it all the time and felt this deep connection to haruhi. fast forward 12 years and now i'm gay and non-binary. who would've thought huh
Anna Kompogiannopoulou
I stumbled upon this show in my teens. I wasn't aware I was queer back then, and the way they were all so casually queercoded, but not with the intent to queerbait, per se, (not even coded sometimes, honestly) really was comforting to me for a reason I couldn't place.
The-Dark-Lord-Hussie Hace 27 días
this was the first anime I ever watched at about 11, in chunks on youtube lol. This review brought back so many intense feelings I had while watching it, both as something so different to anything id ever seen up till then, and as an unrealized genderqueer bi person. Thank you!
Omahdon Hace un mes
Weirdly enough, I was one of those peeps who passed on Death Note as Edgy McEdgerton Edgelord nonsense, while absolutely embracing Ouran Host Club as one of the best things ever made for all time (owning both the blu-ray and the entire manga series!). However, I am still a cisgender straight dude (somehow), so I feel robbed of the cultural zeitgeist surrounding this shoujo anime a little.
Michael Woodhams
Michael Woodhams Hace un mes
I watched Death Note with a friend. After every episode, we had to binge on Chi's Sweet Home to recover. Then we ran out of Chi's Sweet Home episodes, and so I never saw the end of Death Note.
gugu gaga
gugu gaga Hace un mes
haha same, couldn’t finish death note but rewatched & reread ohshc multiple times ✌️
M星の水晶 Hace un mes
Personally, I already had several edgy emo anime. So adding Death Note felt like it would be a bit much. But for the lol section I had just enough of an opening to get Ouran host Club. And Haruhi is one of the MANY characters as to why I was raised to see LGBTQ stuff as Normal. (oh also am straight) A series like CCS may have helped me overlook the gay jokes. And just made me see them as weird cringy jokes.
zitronentee Hace un mes
As I grow older, I think the line between shoujo and shonen is getting blurred. I personally don't care anymore about the genre or demography of mangas. If I enjoy the manga, then I enjoy it. No need to be ashamed. And yeah, I'm not into those edgy stories and I like wholesome and lighter stories better.
JordynIsBoredyn Hace un mes
celestialflame Hace un mes
remebering getting my friend into this anime when we was in school . always loved the twins .
Sherrie Shelp
Sherrie Shelp Hace un mes
I watched this series several times with my daughter and enjoyed it every time.
Angry Gamer Girl
Angry Gamer Girl Hace un mes
Ouran Host Club is still one of my all time favorites even after all those years, together with Wallflower. I rewatch both on regular basis and i can still cry and laugh throughout the show TT^TT
MKU Urban
MKU Urban Hace 23 días
This was such a great anime but overall more for nostalgia and basic watching, the manga goes way more in depth and the story continues way farther
Minty The Demon
Minty The Demon Hace un mes
I’ve always felt that Tamaki being old fashioned at times was because of his upbringing. I’m not trying to justify him being old fashioned but explain it. I haven’t watched the show in a while or read the entire manga, so I could be wrong.
Diana Rojo-Jewell
Diana Rojo-Jewell Hace un mes
@Mamabug But also to be fair I would be really stressed if one female (highschool) friend went up against two random guys without getting backup first and got thrown off a cliff. Like yeah girl power but also homeslice you're only 5' nothing and you don't work out you nerd. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING
Mihael Keehl
Mihael Keehl Hace un mes
@Y wee if I remember right the marriage before tamaki mom was on the rocks and she wasn't so kind. He fell in love with Tamaki mom in France.
bandotaku Hace un mes
@Y wee It depends on how devoted she was to the teachings. Which doesn't reflect how Tamaki views his faith.
Y wee
Y wee Hace un mes
@Lana the Rana But his mother got into a relationship with a divorced man so that doesn't make much sense.
Shadow's Animation
Shadow's Animation Hace un mes
@Sunny yeah I love tamaki, he's honestly my favourite out of the host club members other than haruhu
Faber Hace 24 días
Ouran was my first romance anime and I immediately fell in love with Haruhi
Doodle Hace 16 días
My favorite part of the bloopers is when the voice actor is like ‘ugh’ after he says that “what is it now daddy” line
Jackie Hace un mes
I watched Ouran when I was middle school age and thought it was a masterpiece (despite it’s use of out of date language). I still love rewatching my favorite episodes from time to time.
mads Hace un mes
i love this show, and when i was a kid i always thought that the show was meant to make fun of other anime tropes
Happy Generously
Happy Generously Hace un mes
This show was my shit back in highschool we almost got an approval to do something similar to this but the anime club was shut down due to budget cuts.
Nobody Here
Nobody Here Hace un mes
@Husky I know right, same thing with my school lol, there was no budget for clubs, we just had to write proposals for our clubs to exist and the rest was up to us. AND club time was always during lunch hours and only on certain days (which was good if you were in multiple clubs at once.)
Nobody Here
Nobody Here Hace un mes
ducky Hace un mes
@WrinkleinTime42 we didn’t have one lol I’m sure there were still people working in the building but me and my friend ran the club, no teachers
WrinkleinTime42 Hace un mes
@ducky they need to pay the teacher who stays after school with the kids.
ducky Hace un mes
Budget?? 👁👄👁 my anime club was we just met in a classroom after school lmao budget??
Puppy Chan
Puppy Chan Hace 21 un día
This was one of my first animes, I was like 11 or 12 when I watched this. I watched this back when Funimation would put some of their shows on ESvid, I was so innocent back when I first watched this...now that I'm older I understand this show so much better and still love it.
Rex Personthing
Rex Personthing Hace 17 días
I was in my late teens/early 20s when this came out, and I loved it then, and I love it now. And I can't reccomend the manga enough! The manga fleshes out all of the characters far better, so they feel less like token roles and more like... actual people? I saw the anime first and didn't like the twins much, but the manga made me fall in love with them. And it has a really damn tasty slow burn between Haruhi and Tamaki. The anime really rushed the last couple episodes.
Jean-Luc Canas
Jean-Luc Canas Hace un mes
My wife showed this to me while we were dating and I fell in love with it…😅 I’ve rewatched it by myself since.
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