What Happens if Boss Darth Vader Meets Boss Foundation Fortnite!

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What Happens if Boss Darth Vader Meets Boss Foundation Fortnite Season 3. Boss Darth Vader VS Boss Foundation!

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20 jun 2022






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By Post
By Post Hace un mes
Update! I RE-DID this with the Storm Troopers as well! Here - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-E3wJeL7nsyA.html
Celia Williams
Celia Williams Hace 12 días
I can not believe
HITROON 69 Hace un mes
Ah yes, Fortnite the game that you can see Darth Vader fighting against the rock.
Epicplayz Hace 8 días
arthur snyder
arthur snyder Hace 12 días
@ΘΕΟΔΩΡΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΥ for some reason he's not on the map as an NPC anymore
arthur snyder
arthur snyder Hace 12 días
If Darth Vader spawns at the docking bay that's west of Logjam Lotus, you can trick him into fighting the Paradigm as well
Karl Abou Naoum
Karl Abou Naoum Hace 18 días
Rusty Hace 19 días
Best game ever
Ernilda Tibbetts
Ernilda Tibbetts Hace un mes
Funfact: If you've seen all darth Vader locations, you could go to the sandy side of the map and there won't be any imperial location, because he hates sand.
Devilsaur Hace 8 días
@Julia R so does yoda, just not in movies or shows but in skywalker saga
Julia R
Julia R Hace 8 días
@Devilsaur he does hate sand actually. He says it in attack of the clones
Devilsaur Hace 20 días
I dont know if its intended or not but thats really funny
Darin Flanagan
Darin Flanagan Hace 23 días
Thanks for the tip!
ShaggySempai Hace un mes
If Vader can force pull random objects, do you think he could pull the foundation statue like with the tire glitch from season 1?
Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! Hace 6 días
If I didn't watch Game Theory I might have doubted that Vader would be strong enough to lift that. The Rock is about to get rocked by a Rock made of rock
Amanda Merriman
Amanda Merriman Hace 6 días
@Aadi The Cool it’s a creative prop tho
arthur snyder
arthur snyder Hace 12 días
Epic Games itself remembered that glitch so not only did they put a bunch of tires by the statue, they also had the Foundation npc sell you tires before he was removed
xenai Hace un mes
@Aadi The Cool oh makes sense, then there's no way to move it
IceFire Gaming
IceFire Gaming Hace un mes
Theo Hoff
Theo Hoff Hace un mes
I think they should buff vaders damage when he's fighting npc's
Devilsaur Hace 12 días
@arthur snyder ok
arthur snyder
arthur snyder Hace 12 días
@Devilsaur as long as you keep moving most of Vader's attacks won't hit you but even then the problem is the chance that other players can third party you
Devilsaur Hace 12 días
@arthur snyder well yeah they the easy part but darth vader will just disentigrate you
arthur snyder
arthur snyder Hace 12 días
@Devilsaur I recommend that you get an E-11 blaster rifle from the special chests that only spawn at the imperial docking bays and kill the stormtroopers first
Devilsaur Hace 20 días
i cant kill him alone he depletes all my health especially the storm troopers with their suprisingly good aim
A Radec main from playstation allstars
Something cool i notice with the new boss is that it has a unique death animation
El Gato Heisenberg
El Gato Heisenberg Hace un mes
@havakis havakis Τι;
havakis havakis
havakis havakis Hace un mes
Το νέο σεισμό και το έργο της κατάσβεσης πυρκαγιάς που το
El Gato Heisenberg
El Gato Heisenberg Hace un mes
@A Radec main from playstation allstars Yeah man, I quit fortnite a long time ago after season 9 because of the sweats. I wasn't good at building anyways.But, Darth Vader being added to fortnite might bring me back to the game. Anyways, bye I guess.
A Radec main from playstation allstars
@El Gato Heisenberg nice. Anyway everyone allways says epic or sweats ruined fortnite and all that when in reality everyone ruined fortnite for being genuinly a atrotious comunity sad thing is no one can do anything about it because forever we have a comunity with a whole lot of toxic and racist people all you can do now is hope epic does something to anoy those players so they bug off
El Gato Heisenberg
El Gato Heisenberg Hace un mes
@A Radec main from playstation allstars And one last thing. I really miss that lightsaber clash that happened when you striked at the same time as Luke with Vader a cool animation would play.
postboxpat Hace un mes
Best boss meet so far. Wish I could do Darth Vs Iron Man
M Groovetime
M Groovetime Hace un mes
Lol darth vader will win.
FuzionTriple Hace un mes
Do you want to do Darth Vader vs Iron Man equip Iron Man? Skin and fight Darth Vader Hope it help’s
Yoda123 Hace un mes
@Booby Egg same
artist(hi) Hace un mes
I agree chapter 2 season 4 vibes. What about wolverine
Playstation . E
Playstation . E Hace un mes
What about custom matchmaking? To save you the trouble
D3RP Y Hace un mes
Bro I swear the foundation is just unstoppable, even when he isn’t a mythic boss.
Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! Hace 6 días
@awesomeruben do you honestly think he would be able to block bullets? in order to do that with that weapon he would need a rection time of under 25 milliseconds, which has literally never been accomplished in human history.
Athier Wildan
Athier Wildan Hace un mes
@artist(hi) humble lol 🤣
JakeTheRaptor Hace un mes
Don't you know he has a lot of drive and a lot of power
artist(hi) Hace un mes
artist(hi) Hace un mes
Its about drive its about power
moai_with_shades Hace 24 días
They should have made a feature where when Vader gets low on damage, he uses two hands, which means he’s not holding back
Announcer Hace un mes
Darth Vader can destroy planets. Yet he can't destroy a rock
Devilsaur Hace 20 días
yeah because hes in a operational space station
Johan Niininen
Johan Niininen Hace un mes
Its not a normal rock its the strongest rock Off all time
Tg&Lc Gamers
Tg&Lc Gamers Hace un mes
not a rock, it's THE rock
Thirsty Hace un mes
The* legendary Rock!
Imploding-Tomato  🍅
They actually fight on their own as well, if Vader gets closer to the vault
Super MKGaming
Super MKGaming Hace un mes
Well, I'm pretty sure we all saw that coming... Awesome as always Pat 👍
By Post
By Post Hace un mes
Glad you enjoyed it
Malek Dogguy
Malek Dogguy Hace un mes
Dude,it was obviously the foundation who was going to win,he’s the strongest npc in the game,he has a lot of health and his meatball does alot of damage.
Princess Kylie Prince
Princess Kylie Prince Hace 10 días
Darth has the force Foundation/The Rock Has a Ranger Assualt Rifle That Is Purple Foundation/ The Rock Wins this time
Drifted_ Hace un mes
Even though Vader lost he still looked epic doing it
sodaStreamZ Hace un mes
This was insane. Always knock down any challenge that's in your way thanks pat!
James Wells
James Wells Hace un mes
That..... was the best BOSS fight yet!!! Well done!!
arthur snyder
arthur snyder Hace un mes
Try doing this again but with ALL of the Seven members and the two stormtroopers that spawn near Vader
smashing870 gaming
smashing870 gaming Hace un mes
Foundation is a little too Op since the start of chapter 3
Rashed Almarri
Rashed Almarri Hace un mes
Ah yes The rock vs darth vader The most loved fight in star wars
Theo Hoff
Theo Hoff Hace un mes
how much health did the foundation have left?
Shazer Hace un mes
Foundation had 70 percent of his hp left
Milo Altimari
Milo Altimari Hace un mes
It wasnt really a fair fight cause while the rock is shooting Darth vader Darth Vader goes for a player and not the rock so the rock got a extra like 200-400 damage headstart he shouldn't have gotten
samson the chantilly
@Asad Imran no way nah
Milo Altimari
Milo Altimari Hace un mes
@Asad Imran did you try yourself
Asad Imran
Asad Imran Hace un mes
Even if it was fair rock wins
IpadgamecmptrIII Hace un mes
Man I wish I could have gotten the foundation in time so I can fight Darth Vader anywhere
Spidey Hace un mes
After Darth Vader dies you just see a floating hat and backpack caring a light saber
I can’t Pick a Name
They need to add an Obi wan NPC or boss with his lightsaber, and add Vaders castle as a POI
Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! Hace 6 días
I could see Vader's castle replacing the daily bugle
Shaurya Saxena
Shaurya Saxena Hace un mes
They should've made Lord Vader more powerful , this fight was underwhelming.
Primal Thunder
Primal Thunder Hace un mes
Darth Vader against Dwane “The Rock” Johnson. That’s actually a battle I’d like to see tbh
Nah lame
harel golcher
harel golcher Hace un mes
Yes interesting battle both really strong
hello Hace un mes
It would be cool if the foundation threw one of his big rocks and then vader uses the force to throw it back at foundation
psychozombie productions
They should let you spawn bosses in creative
Ang Family
Ang Family Hace un mes
Did you notice that one teammate became invisible at the end or near the end of the video
We want dislikes back
Epic made him so nerfed but his abilities are so cool
Cyndi Appleby
Cyndi Appleby Hace un mes
man, nothing can beat Dwayne Johnson, even Darth Vader!
Asura Shun
Asura Shun Hace un mes
If only the foundation had a melee weapon that looked like his pickaxe
JW Blue bird
JW Blue bird Hace un mes
So disappointed that they took away the other battle labs
matthew simon
matthew simon Hace un mes
they should buff the darth vader boss to make him more accurate to cannon
Nate Resos
Nate Resos Hace 17 días
Everybody's just gonna ignore the fact that he was invisible at the end
Timo Hace un mes
as a Star Wars fan, i was hoping Vader would win since he's my all-time favorite fictional character, but logically, the Foundation won because he's way older than Vader and he had so much experience travelling through different realities, meaning he could probably even take on Darth Sidious himself
IceyIsLoaded IceyIsLoaded
@Paradox thats what im talking about he has more hp which means his suit is stronger
IceyIsLoaded IceyIsLoaded
@AIDON POR if he ends up being taken down he will respawn back in the loop because his suit will be destroyed and he will be in the loop so he can basically create another one
Paradox Hace un mes
The foundation only won because he's using a gun shooting Vader every second which does more damage each bullet then Vader's light saber (for some reason). And I think Vader lost because the foundation probably just has more HP
AIDON POR Hace un mes
@IceyIsLoaded IceyIsLoaded we can't really compare fortnite characters because their powers and abilities are inconsistent. The foundation for example can be taken down with bullets
IceyIsLoaded IceyIsLoaded
@AIDON POR we talking about fortnite my guy the foundations suit is as strong as titanium mixed with diamonds because when dr slone was shooting him in s2s8 live event he didnt have a single trouble blocking it he also survived multiple realities such as burning reality and he also defeated cube queen who destroys reality which is similar to darth vader because he destroys planets so its a 50% foundation can win and 50% darth vader can win
Bonnie the Bunny
Bonnie the Bunny Hace un mes
6:16 darth Vader has the highground
Master Lefty and Puppy
Easier way to track down Darth Vader is still look for the red Light
NerdFlanders303 Hace un mes
The foundation remains the undefeated champion of Fortnite. But will a more worthy competitor arrive soon..?
Goku Hace un mes
What I don’t understand, how come Lord Vader blocks our bullets and not The Rock’s?
Anne Zepeda
Anne Zepeda Hace un mes
My friend actually showed me this map before I saw this video and your map is insane 10/10
Anne Zepeda
Anne Zepeda Hace un mes
I played your toy war map and it was good
Pavlos Zimbrakos
Pavlos Zimbrakos Hace 24 días
Actually figured out darth Vader can’t pull you through objects so if you can build a good structure you should be ok lol
KAKA SANGY🗿 Hace un mes
Wow I didn’t know you have a channel,you’re one of my favorite creators and with your toy box ffa map I got about 70 levels in this season♥️
Gander Patterelli
Gander Patterelli Hace un mes
That was one of my favorite boss fights ever!
Fluffsterthebest playz
Hey Post I was playing toy war the other day and while I was using the Grapple Gloves in your map, it was glitching everywhere! Can you fix that please I love this map btw!
Don Jon
Don Jon Hace un mes
that was the coolest npc battle i have seen in a while in fortnite
KGod Gaming
KGod Gaming Hace un mes
You know you could have used the fishing rod to bring the foundation to Darth Vader
KGod Gaming
KGod Gaming Hace un mes
@By Post I just tried that in one of my videos and I failed 🤣
Awakenfan005 Hace un mes
Too difficult
By Post
By Post Hace un mes
He would run away + short time period
Silas Khan
Silas Khan Hace un mes
This is exactly how I defeated Vader my first time
Spidey Hace un mes
After Darth Vader dies you just see a floating hat and backpack caring a light saber
Munasar sahal
Munasar sahal Hace un mes
What if vader could've blocked the foundation's big rock with the lightsaber
FangedDragon Hace 24 días
At this point, Foundation is officially the strongest boss on Fortnite.
NickGem Hace un mes
Bro I loved this and I expected this to happen considering I watched another youtubers alao agreeing that the lightsaber isn't to powerful.
I was running away from darth vader and rock came to my aid when he got hit and I found this video by looking it up😂
AlyCatFiji Hace un mes
Incredible job on the hard work you guys did! Amazing!!!
Mortal Knite
Mortal Knite Hace un mes
Isn't weird that Darth Vader didn't mind the sand
Brian Torres
Brian Torres Hace un mes
And Raz could probably beat the foundation it's more of a 50/50
Shadow Tucker
Shadow Tucker Hace un mes
Raz might have the upper hand because his zero point cubic beam does 50 damage and also heals raz for 50 hp
Raely Drea Arcilla
Raely Drea Arcilla Hace un mes
Please add the hand grapler and the sawgun and the hammer AR and the DMR and the two-shot shotgun
High Priestess Paris Laveau
Dark raider is gonna win because dark Vader does take all of the foundation shield so maybe it’s gonna go to your Health so that’s why dark Vader is going to win
Vincent Lore
Vincent Lore Hace un mes
I was able to do this solos it was fun to watch
SPIDEY Parker the best
Now we know the rock is the most powerful person that can’t be killed
Thunder_Drift Hace un mes
Suggestion: if you have a creator code I think you can make you own solos server
Tyran Bunch
Tyran Bunch Hace un mes
I love how you call that Little Rock Foundation throws is a meatball
Janet and Mark Roth
Janet and Mark Roth Hace 23 días
i feel like if vader can pull the founndation npc he could probaly pull 3 at the same time
Imploding-Tomato  🍅
If Vader could use lightsaber like we could, foundation would become the meatball hindelf
The Homelander
The Homelander Hace un mes
The Foundation really is OP.
BMR Hace un mes
They are watching and making it harder to do boss meets
dog and  me🐕👧
dog and me🐕👧 Hace un mes
Foundation can beat Darth Vader because of two things first his meatball and second his gun
Anakin Singewalker
Anakin Singewalker Hace un mes
In Fortnite, anything is possible
Sleezy2290 Hace un mes
This was fire I'm glad to help see u in our npc war 😁
default boi
default boi Hace un mes
U just died to vader
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin Hace un mes
I don't think any boss will ever be able to beat founding tbh, maybe wolverine but other than him, idk
By Post
By Post Hace un mes
Well he has lost in a few multiple boss videos in the past but 1v1s Raz maybe?
ASMR And Unboxing
ASMR And Unboxing Hace un mes
The Fact you could just made a custom match so no players interrupt you guys...
No one
No one Hace un mes
Ok so the Foundation does better with a ranger rather than an mk because he couldnt defeat the stormtroopers with his mythic mk before but he can defeat the stormtroopers and Darth Vader with an ordinary ranger.
Razzbery Tman
Razzbery Tman Hace un mes
You made toy war tdm! That is one of my favorite maps. And I don't believe I have found any bugs. Fantastic job.
Mustafa5753 Hace un mes
Definetly Vader deserves a buff... Epic what the hell where you thinking making His lightsaber doing even LESS DMG than a pickaxe like seriously
TheDemon Hace un mes
@Mustafa5753 Exactly, it isn't respectful to Vader honestly.
Booby Egg
Booby Egg Hace un mes
@Mustafa5753 i think even if the lightsaber damage was buffed foundation would still win, ranged weapons will ALWAYS beat melee weapons when its with AIs
Mustafa5753 Hace un mes
Also, he blocks very little any type of shots, so I don't get It, you didn't make a boss with tons of HP or high dmg on His attack you did the entire opposite, it's actually funny how the last season the neutral NPC Stormtroopers perform better than Vader himself
Sonic5006 Hace un mes
By post we have a problem npc have barriers now and when foundation uses his meatball it will break the walls so u got any ideas
Awakenfan005 Hace un mes
He knows, he joined us while you were gone.
Lego Zenki
Lego Zenki Hace un mes
You should be obi wan and put vaders saber in a tent then battle the darth Vader boss with that lightsaber
helka melka
helka melka Hace un mes
who thinks you should get the meat ball when you kill him
home gamer68
home gamer68 Hace un mes
Even without his mk hes overpowered
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Hace un mes
Vader didn’t have the drive, he didn’t have the power 😞
Tricia Hace un mes
Amanda Dingess
Amanda Dingess Hace un mes
yay the foundation one I did not expect that😅
Xochilt Garcia
Xochilt Garcia Hace un mes
At this point we need to see the foundation vs wolverine vs Raz
Awakenfan005 Hace un mes
Wolverine would crush raz and foundation in separate 1v1s mainly because they can’t keep his health down since he’s regenerating every second.
Amirrgbjklkbh Ibrahim
Darth Vader could use the force to disable the meat ball
By Post
By Post Hace un mes
Jeremiah Hace 23 días
Lol Darth fader was thinking slow and steady wins😂
SMS minishake13
SMS minishake13 Hace un mes
Post box Pat: so Darth Vader doesn't spawn a battle app so I'll have to do it in a real match. Custom matches: did you forget about me pal?
Awakenfan005 Hace un mes
We did that but pat wanted to put some heals in our tent. So when we went into a real game it was just so happen the game he spawned by foundation. So we took the opportunity to make the boss meet.
Thank you for making my request come true
Fall guys world
Fall guys world Hace 29 días
Foundation is actually now not a boss he’s just an NPC
Jayvon Shirrell
Jayvon Shirrell Hace un mes
I love every single video you make keep up the good work
*I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us* 🖖⏳🔵❄️🌹
פינחס יהודה מרגליות
But darth vedar didnt block the shots
Kay Santiago
Kay Santiago Hace un mes
Darth Vader is gonna win he’s the most OPS pause in the entire game
Pls help me
Pls help me Hace un mes
I feel like the foundation will win
Bertrand Hace 9 días
They should make this a event.
lee ball
lee ball Hace un mes
Yo cool vid love your channel can we all agree that epic so slacking soooo bad when it comes to styles for star wars skins I would have liked to see revenge of the sith Lord vader pre bbq
SKsSplayz Hace un mes
I actually wondered what was gonna happen
Masked Hooded
Masked Hooded Hace un mes
They should add the live event song that's in the back ground
Unviewed Gamer
Unviewed Gamer Hace un mes
btw if u do anything similar to this again, do a custom game if u have ur creative code
Allah’s left ballsack
great to have a boss as a follower
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Hace un mes
The rock is going to win he is the strongest boss in fortnite history so he is going to win no matter what as loves they made Darth Vader stronger than the foundation he is still the strongest boss in fortnite history rip Darth Vader
VOLT PLAYER 2.0 rematch
I wanna try it out but I want to know how much xp I get from it
Rylan Graham
Rylan Graham Hace 19 días
YOU are a legend for that map I play it almost every time I play fortnite and it’s always a great time
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