What Happens When Musical.ly Stars Get Their Own Show?

Drew Gooden
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Singing isn't the only thing people are pretending to do on musical.ly; apparently the app is home to an entirely more pretentious genre of lazy content: lip synch acting. But how far can someone go in life just by mouthing words that other people said? Turns out, pretty far actually.

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20 jul 2018






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Sandra King
Sandra King Hace 11 horas
The graceful war sporadically contain because kick spectacularly rhyme despite a teeny-tiny editor. elated, ruddy white
Ugly Fxxx
Ugly Fxxx Hace 15 horas
"I thought he'd never leave" "Wanna makeout?" 🤣🤣🤣wtf
Anime Dork
Anime Dork Hace 18 horas
arlo finch
arlo finch Hace 22 horas
i miss musicallys
imperio brasileiro
imperio brasileiro Hace un día
You shall adress me Djedkhonsuefankh hekamaatre Senusret Amenemhat Hekaiunushema
Rain Awareness
Rain Awareness Hace un día
Did seatgeek go out of business?
Digitus Medius
Digitus Medius Hace un día
very funny drew, but you spelled subcsribe wrong at the end.
Phantom Hace 2 días
Musicl.ly shut down on my birthday and couldn't be happier
Kayla Vega
Kayla Vega Hace 3 días
All I have to say *Much cringe*
Nikko Hace 3 días
well no kidding its called chicken girls
Disco Sheep29
Disco Sheep29 Hace 5 días
Goodnight, drew!
Andrea Carroll
Andrea Carroll Hace 6 días
"I gave birth to you, and that hurt." "And I'm the dad."
dakota Hace 6 días
the "greatest actor in the world" was so goddamn funny, easily carried the show from the clips Drew showed here
Linda Wayne
Linda Wayne Hace 6 días
He sounds like Mr.beast tho
Nnamdi Nwasinoke Jr.
Leyla Nasib
Leyla Nasib Hace 7 días
xxarcangelxx143 Hace 7 días
I like how no one knows who this girl is anymore
Samil Purmeswar
Samil Purmeswar Hace 7 días
A similar thing applies to DJs these days: you're hired based on your following
Kirby Pua
Kirby Pua Hace 8 días
So what tiktok was like before. The same.
Theo Ng
Theo Ng Hace 8 días
imagine growing up watching these shows then you realize these are shit and have no proper plot lines or some shit
Nathanael McCooeye
Nathanael McCooeye Hace 8 días
I liked your conclusion and response to the Mr. Roger’s documentary. Also, watch Degrassi XD
Rikkilaw Hace 8 días
I cringe immediately 😂💀
lemon Hace 9 días
this STILL happens 😂😭
Chad Radwell
Chad Radwell Hace 10 días
Kid if you ever gone know where you are, who was living here and build everything you see around... dont even ask how because each one of man here were the toughest, strongest, most intelligent and loving ppl you can even imagine you all are so damaged :/// Its hard to look at ppl just hurting eachother doing same old hipocracy lies and everything we were getting rid of straight away here for lats 2000k years, maybe you will realise why they try to prevent this slow degradation.... well f it, once you will become a man nothing really is a problem positive or negative because it makes no sense to think how you feel you wont be even able to remind yourself how it was living among "the ones" but you do have something (almost nothing like every teenager) in your had so find yourself some stefan molyneux, some 21 convention maybe elliot or donovan from there, Andrew Tate is a must... you gone be fine just dont sign the contract someone is rewarded to break and remember that THERE WAS 4,5BLN MAN BEFORE YOU WHO BUILD EVERYTHING YOU SEE AROUND dont be draindead and think even for a second that you kid with not yeat even defveloped brain (25yo) who never earn anything build anything discover invent build achive ANYTHING but you cost 3.7mln dollars till 18 - EVERYTHING HERE WAS AND STILL IS BUILD ON COMPETENCE - how much you earning? nothing ,but.... therefore no man will ever give you 1s of his time after one sentenc starting with I think.... I feel.... get the f out u f pu*** :) PS Rich Dad Poor Dad - kids like you will never be the same after this one + Think and Grow Rich there is whole version with author black and white etc and thats exactly what you should see, how ppl acted and talked on for example unis... most of ppl around you would get death sentence but unpannished and sponsored well beside 25% you all dead, and everyone knows that, dontr wait on drag users and their damaged woman to burn you with own houses and cities etc ESPECT funny and with balls :)
Mr.blizzy Hace 10 días
the app was weak but became soo powerful
Sameer Kashyap
Sameer Kashyap Hace 10 días
Is this TikTok? Looks a lot like TikTok. Oh video is from 2018. Makes sense
The Dude
The Dude Hace 10 días
You should wear a bandana every day of your life as well
Dashy And Tato
Dashy And Tato Hace 11 días
Little did he know, this was the peak of the platform.
Maia Stoltzfus
Maia Stoltzfus Hace 11 días
this didn’t age well
MisterNebojsa Hace 12 días
Whaaat cringeeeee 😂😂😂😂😂
Paul 15
Paul 15 Hace 12 días
2:41 ...he didn’t even do the lip sync right lol. The words did not match up with his mouth
Aditya Roy
Aditya Roy Hace 12 días
Eman Hace 13 días
In first episode of chicken girls, t.k tells rhyme "why do you call yourselves chicken girls? Couldn't you come up with a better an a more mature name?" when his name is nothing better-
brandon luciano
brandon luciano Hace 13 días
Dude you got John Mullaney vibes big time ... love your stuff brother
Jerry Erdmann
Jerry Erdmann Hace 15 días
The sudden fire prenatally lock because otter importantly concern after a small tv. simple, ambitious cousin
Spot & Spoister
Spot & Spoister Hace 15 días
Welp this basically sums up TikTok
Xenderman Hace 16 días
I was today year's old when I discovered that at 4:35, Drew had the Fallout Vault boy in the background.
Lauren Rininger
Lauren Rininger Hace 16 días
That me guy looked like sid the sloth
eeedt Hace 16 días
Oh yes tiktok in a nutshell
Becav Taceq
Becav Taceq Hace 17 días
The frequent marimba markedly treat because deposit yearly tickle vice a harsh charles. ruthless, drab karate
Chery3597 Cameron2597
Chery3597 Cameron2597 Hace 17 días
The small river iteratively shiver because cancer archaeologically afford unlike a bizarre birthday. aromatic, elegant command
shiitanki Hace 15 días
well said chery
VoidOfLife Hace 17 días
“Jordan Joes” JOJO!
Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson Hace 18 días
are we not going to talk about the girl on the left at 7:15 trying to trip the guy coming up the stairs?
Texas Tim
Texas Tim Hace 18 días
2:28 season 1 of "The Flash" I think
Eric S
Eric S Hace 18 días
And now the world is suffering to the cancer that is tiktok.
TransPlant 161
TransPlant 161 Hace 18 días
10:55 I thought that was a case of "everyone must be facing front" being taken way too literally
ginger spice
ginger spice Hace 18 días
I watched all the brat series too and it was cool to think “wow we don’t know anything but let’s just do it” but I also felt so embarrassed by the awful personalities
dyuelle borio
dyuelle borio Hace 19 días
Tim Tok before it was stage 4
Olivia Kleiton
Olivia Kleiton Hace 19 días
Not me hiding my face cuz I just watched the most recent episode of chicken girls. Season 8 AND the whole damn dance😭😭😭😭😭”WAITTTT. Am I in LOVE with Rooney Forrester”💀PS she dated that DONT CLOSE THE LOCKER GUY and became gay.👀
Sandro Khonelidze
Sandro Khonelidze Hace 19 días
Did Danny’s hair become more blonde, or am I the only one?
Aeyakie Duenas
Aeyakie Duenas Hace 17 días
@Zach A Yeah, he only drinks LaCroix on his second channel.
Zach A
Zach A Hace 19 días
I'm confused why blonde danny is drinking lacroix even though this isn't his second channel?
Alexander Mitchell
Alexander Mitchell Hace 19 días
The two trick cytochemically test because daisy neurochemically produce on a festive zipper. unused, lucky iron
JerJer B
JerJer B Hace 19 días
Musically still exists?
yin yan
yin yan Hace 20 días
6:29 im sorry what did u say? brats flag ship show chicken girls??? is that even english anymore?
Evan Dien
Evan Dien Hace 20 días
Oh god it's happened again. But this time with TikTok...
cale Hace 20 días
day 3976 waiting for drew to tell me we are soul mates
Pasta Guy
Pasta Guy Hace 21 un día
It's like reverse voice acting, which *should* be acting, but there's no talent involved.
Claire Hace 22 días
now musically is tiktok ...it still sucks
Χαρα Λάμπης
Χαρα Λάμπης Hace 22 días
7:20 so you ve never been to a Greek high school
Billy Weed
Billy Weed Hace 22 días
I know it's a joke, but, to be honest, I do really think the world needs someone who looks at ESvid and the Internet the same way Mr. Rogers looked at television.
lilldevil Hace 22 días
15:23 can't wait to see you there
RedEx Hace 23 días
Amna Tahir
Amna Tahir Hace 23 días
2:12 I'm definitely not promising that. I don't like breaking my promises.
E.J. Blaker
E.J. Blaker Hace 23 días
oh 2018 Drew, if only you knew
honeyvoicehwang Hace 24 días
the guy walking away from his open locker is so fucking funny to me i rewound that part so many times
here Hace 27 días
Not all lockers actually have locks on them. My middle school/high schools had lockers without locks. You had to buy your own if you wanted one. I know several other schools that didn’t either.
Salim Almarzouqi
Salim Almarzouqi Hace 28 días
Kind of reminds me of a certain app, i think it's called totik or something i dont remember
A Az
A Az Hace 21 un día
They're the same app
Peanut 16
Peanut 16 Hace 28 días
The chicken girls has now 8 seasons
Charlee Byrd
Charlee Byrd Hace 29 días
in the brat cinematic universe, im best friends with hologram brent rivera! and baby ariel is my mom.
Ali Asger Amin
Ali Asger Amin Hace un mes
Drew please watch anime
SimplyDeja Hace un mes
Crown Lake is my favourite show on Brat
Dayna S
Dayna S Hace un mes
Okay but did anyone else notice the girl in the video "acting" as Ariana grande only bothered to do her makeup on one side of her face??
Alexia Simões
Alexia Simões Hace un mes
That guy that didn’t close the locker reminds me of Jimmy Jr
Caro S.
Caro S. Hace un mes
This aged well
Old Weird Books
Old Weird Books Hace un mes
10:45 this shot keeps me up at night bc how fUCKING HARD WOULD IT BE to block the scene with two people behind the couch (or, gasp, iN fRoNt of the couch) yelling in each other’s faces, Y’know, completely natural blocking for an argument when you can’t turn your set around. And also in real life.
Lily Rendahl
Lily Rendahl Hace un mes
Zachary Gudmundson
Zachary Gudmundson Hace un mes
14:05 the bass is upside down
Matthew Bunn
Matthew Bunn Hace un mes
Mr. Rodger's was/is awesome. I hope we can all agree on that.
Ho Kage
Ho Kage Hace un mes
Sawlty-suite Hace un mes
imagine pretending to pretend
Wingstoplight Hace un mes
They technically are acting... Like a clown
Patrick Scannell
Patrick Scannell Hace un mes
If you ever wanna make that quality "next mr Rogers" content for kids, dm me. I am looking to move into that type of video content from my regular written / graphic content.
Aarush Hace un mes
you should just see dubsmash
Siya Sharma
Siya Sharma Hace un mes
Brat is basically HBO for 10 year olds.
Ozzynes Hace un mes
Tik Tok now
Pb central
Pb central Hace un mes
Why does tiktok(musically) is suck?
merlin Hace un mes
wow, you look so young here
Jordan Rabbetts
Jordan Rabbetts Hace un mes
h e s c le a r l y g a y b u t I c a n c o n v e r t h i m
jrmaalat Hace un mes
15.59 Drew: ...and becAuse they're entirely motivated by mon- **distant screams**
sniffmy_KIWI Hace un mes
Wait a minute, are you the “road work ahead”
Alex Whitney
Alex Whitney Hace un mes
3:38 f-fourteen words? 😳
Wassup Dude
Wassup Dude Hace un mes
So, tiktokers got their show.........
Eirwen Johnston
Eirwen Johnston Hace un mes
those kind of ppl who put i love acting when lip sinking r the ppl who make fun of me for doing theatre
shramo Hace un mes
3:20 But she DID do a bad job and lip-syncing the words.... Was it my internet connection? is my chakra not aligne3d? cause that was out of sync.... by at least half a second
ty2005_92 Hace un mes
I love when I'm watching a movie and the actors are staring directly into the camera the entire time. Good stuff
Vance Bruges
Vance Bruges Hace un mes
Everyone is missing the big picture. As long as we keep funneling the tik tok kids and the Instagram “comedians” into their own fake tv show channel they will not show up in the real movies and tv shows that we all sane people watch. We should be thanking Brat and Disney.
Serenity Garcia
Serenity Garcia Hace un mes
No veggietells is awsome
Zolvez Hace un mes
Life before tiktok. Wow.
Smit Mahajani
Smit Mahajani Hace un mes
Literally had to stop watching this video. Can't see this compilation of cringe. I'm sorry. I left a like for compensation.
cow titties
cow titties Hace un mes
Drew looks like a mix between Fred and John Mulaney
THE AX3 Hace un mes
Can you do an update I looked at their channel and chicken girls has 8 seasons
Riley Fraser
Riley Fraser Hace un mes
As someone in the far off year of 2021, it took me six and a half minutes to realize he was talking about musiclly and not tiktok.
Matheus Athayde
Matheus Athayde Hace un mes
Holy fuck me too
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