What I've Seen Living Across the Street from HOTEL CECIL馃槶

Peet Montzingo
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The things I've seen... my thoughts about it all... and HOTEL TOUR + INTERVIEWS!


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17 feb 2021






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Peet Montzingo
Peet Montzingo Hace un a帽o
update: over the last 3 weeks there are now security guards and renovations happening! the things i claimed to have seen in this video were the things i've seen over the last couple years馃槉
Joshua Yates
Joshua Yates Hace un a帽o
I stayed at the Cecil Hotel back in 2009 without knowing of the infamous energy surrounding it. My partner and I shared a suite with a friend, and she ended up sleeping in our bed because she kept hearing knocking on the wall in her room. We laughed it off at the time, but now that all of this information is surfacing about the hotel, it makes me wonder...
RyderChambers101 Hace un a帽o
Can we just take a minute to appreciate his human decency. He told the girl 鈥渉ey look at me! Do you need help!鈥 That鈥檚 a hero without a cape. If she was a true jumper, he could have saved her just by speaking up as he did.
saraswati dharmadhikari
How is he so calm like he live just across the cecil, I live miles away and I can't get the disturbing theories out of my head
Mandy pines
My sisters friend stayed at the Cecil hotel in 2013 when the girl was found dead, she also said that the water was a weird taste of dirt and salt or something. She met the girl in the lobby and said she was very friendly and offered her a mint and they said they could meet up sometime. She was also staying on the sixth floor and said she would hear whispers in her ears at night and would wake up with weird scratches and bruises and would hear screaming when nobody else could. But her sister was staying on the seventh and said that there would be shadows in the hallways and saw silhouettes of people in the window looking like they would jump. Ever since I have been super interested in the Cecil hotel.
I think Elisa fell victim to her own personal demons and I believe there is enough evidence to suggest that. In the end, it all comes down to whether or not you believe in the paranormal. If 鈥渉aunted鈥 places exist, I鈥檇 say the Cecil would be a prime candidate for such a situation.
Galexia Hace un a帽o
I have bipolar and watching this documentary made me so scared that if I were murdered, then officials would rule it as a manic episode.
MysticMaisie Hace un a帽o
As someone with BPD, the documentary made me feel like I was responsible for my mental health and anything problematic that could happen to me would be blamed on that. I'm terrified that if I were ever murdered they would blame it on a manic episode. I know in my gut that Elisa wasn't safe.
ManyVideosforyou Hace un a帽o
you should set up a 24/7 camera pointed twords the cecil hotel for like a week and let the skeptics see a live feed of the happenings. Like the comment
Maureen G.
Personally I feel incredibly sad for Elisa's family because there was SO MUCH more to her than just dying in a hotel. I purposefully did not watch the ghost adventures/discovery Channel spectacle because it's just not right that so many people are trying to profit over a such a terrible thing!
McKensi Goulette
i鈥檝e stayed there with my family before but we weren鈥檛 aware of its history. but the whole time the energy was very off. everything about it was very weird. it was definitely an experience.
I very much appreciate that he didn鈥檛 put any jump scares 馃槶鉁
ValBlogs Hace un a帽o
I can鈥檛 believe so many people iconize the night stalker he did some terrible things
Rizky Satya
Rizky Satya Hace un a帽o
if I own the cecil hotel, I would rebrand the hotel as paranormal/crime tourist place. It sells than rebranding it as "totally not a hotel with questionable history"
Bad Triceratops
Bad Triceratops Hace un a帽o
I swear to god, peet is the most protagonist character. Grew up as a misfit in his family, investigating the paranormal, and I鈥檓 guessing he has a curse of some sort?
Meet me on the blacktop
Of all the weird stuff in Elisa case, why would the cops not check anywhere near the water tanks? They admitted they never even went in that area. If you're looking for someone so much that you search the entire property(including used rooms) why not check the whole roof?
naila lee - nichols .
naila lee - nichols . Hace un a帽o
i claim no negative energy from this video 馃檹馃徑
I still find the Elisa Lam case weird, watched the documentary on Netflix. Well even if she had an episode, would you then really climb those stairs all the way up on those watertanks? Like even in a normal state it's at least a little hard to do and the height can be scary. Yeah I'm still not a 100% convinced...I guess we will never know the real truth if the documentary one is a lie.
Karenn Carter
Karenn Carter Hace un a帽o
...鈥 you can check in anytime but you can never leave 鈥
Hawkeye Hace un a帽o
Ok...we need to replace his drone to get a better look into the hotel. Also, we need to get him flying lessons.
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