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Let me properly introduce you all to the one and only raccoon princess, Belle. She has honestly changed my life, and never in a million years did I think that I was ever going to have such a bond with another dog (since my childhood doggo). Meet Belle. :)
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19 ene 2020






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UnicornRaliayhyt Hace un día
when I hear that sound she was a good raccoon dog :3
Fayes World
Fayes World Hace 2 días
Can we see her
Charlotte Regine Liu
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii belleeeeeeeeeeee
Taran Chahal
Taran Chahal Hace 3 días
I have a pomeranian JackRussles
DatOneEzBoi Hace 4 días
Den:Sees Belle Den:iLl TaKe YoUr EnTiRe StOcK
aaron daigle
aaron daigle Hace 4 días
Idk if anyone told you lately den that your awesome
NekoMiruku Hace 4 días
"what is a racoon dog" me: a tanuki
Carol Ray
Carol Ray Hace 5 días
My favorite cartoon is SpongeBob SquarePants
Rich Law
Rich Law Hace 5 días
1:24 what the heck
Murdering Mike
Murdering Mike Hace 5 días
Dogs go with you to the restroom because in packs because when you are in the restroom you are voulnerable.
Jay Helms
Jay Helms Hace 5 días
LoL 😂 xD
Lydia Evoy-Meaney
Lydia Evoy-Meaney Hace 6 días
Corona time
Fizzols Hace 6 días
Ay It’s Tom Nook! Hah Get It, Because Tom Nook Is A Tanuki, And, **Bell**
thebluewolf Uwu
thebluewolf Uwu Hace 7 días
So Belle hates violence hmmm MY DOG IS DA SAME
Rusty Dusty
Rusty Dusty Hace 7 días
She was a Patient and u were a doctor
Melissa Roberson
Melissa Roberson Hace 8 días
Apparently the reason dogs eat their poop is because apparently they don’t get all the nutrition they eat in the first round so apparently they just eat their poop I don’t know somebody told me that I don’t I don’t really know
•Demon_RoseZ• Hace 8 días
My dog is frantically looking for more BURNT tastes like grass shriveled up green beans to eat LOL I love my dog XD!
Amy F
Amy F Hace 8 días
I played dead and my dog just licked me and walked away🤣😭
Ashlee Earl
Ashlee Earl Hace 8 días
She's actually a black and tan pomeranian
cheyenne victoriano
cheyenne victoriano Hace 9 días
Raccoon dogs are so cute! I remember learning about them in 3 grade at zoo camp.
PandaPlayz Hace 9 días
a dog eating poop is a part of their nature
David Mora
David Mora Hace 10 días
If she starts saying "my precius" i shall sting her ¿got it? ¿huh?
louise hann official
louise hann official Hace 11 días
Shelby Kane
Shelby Kane Hace 11 días
I literally *C R I E D* when I saw her in real life 😭😭😭
Choco Chipzzz
Choco Chipzzz Hace 12 días
She *h u n t s* when i *h u n t*
Daphne Crawford
Daphne Crawford Hace 12 días
מיקה נהרי
מיקה נהרי Hace 13 días
your dog is so cuth
Kasey Chambers
Kasey Chambers Hace 14 días
“What is a raccoon dog?” His name is Tom nook, he makes you pay insane prices for a one room house.
Roocifer Roo
Roocifer Roo Hace 14 días
I am happy I’m not the only one who is that protective of their doggos.
Jonah Creative
Jonah Creative Hace 15 días
“You know thar like she chose me” it’s actual a chemical when you look into there eyes the same one for mothers to love there babies
letty guddy
letty guddy Hace 15 días
Omg Belle looks my my dog only if Belle was blond they would be twins 😂
Rayyan Qaid
Rayyan Qaid Hace 16 días
Den:What is raccoon dog? Me: Its A tanooki like Tom Nook
Zoey's Cool World
Zoey's Cool World Hace 16 días
Zoey's Cool World
Zoey's Cool World Hace 16 días
No idea if me has spelled right.
Zoey's Cool World
Zoey's Cool World Hace 16 días
This dog is adorable :3 i have 3 adorable golden
Zaevia Cunningham
Zaevia Cunningham Hace 16 días
You amazing
Pink Feather*-*
Pink Feather*-* Hace 16 días
Ur dog is from Area 51 :3
Mary Long
Mary Long Hace 17 días
Pat:slaps dens leg Bell:takes Pat's arm Pat:what the hmmm Pat: hits her face Bell:takes Pat's other arm
Ashtyn Plumb cook
Ashtyn Plumb cook Hace 17 días
If dogs eat thar poop that means the food there eating is not good for them
GolemGuyYT Hace 19 días
Now I really wanna go hug my dog but it's 3:25 am ;-;
Gacha Sans
Gacha Sans Hace 19 días
Bale is a big fluff ball. She is 90% raccoon, 5% fluff and 4% dog That’s my guess
Alyanna Caballero
Alyanna Caballero Hace 19 días
Hi How do you animate?☹️😟 Pls answer 😣😅☹️
Cynthia Athouriste
Cynthia Athouriste Hace 20 días
I do the same thing to my family if I beat them in smash bros ultimate
I Like Snacks
I Like Snacks Hace 20 días
I guess Bell has a quirk let’s hope she doesn’t become A part of The league of villains i’m gonna go draw that
Crafty Nini
Crafty Nini Hace 20 días
My dog is a mix of marshmallow and hamster
bunny animation cartoons
Is it a Pom-ski or just a Pomeranian
Coco Maria
Coco Maria Hace 20 días
You said don’t forget to look up every ounce and a while but don’t you mean look down because the the dog is small and on the ground
Eduardo Torres
Eduardo Torres Hace 21 un día
What ya heck this is funny
Chayse Nieporte
Chayse Nieporte Hace 21 un día
The reason she wants to sit and watch u pee or poo is because wolf's watch over other wolf's while they do there business since your vonlerbr
Pam Pittman
Pam Pittman Hace 22 días
So my dog is....... Yorkypo # lol #relatable
Mohamad Kamal Ezral Kamarul Baharin
Den,you friend with jaiden from jaiden animation right?
Kitten Roses
Kitten Roses Hace 23 días
If your dog eats poop you need to take it to the vet right away!
Tristan Ham
Tristan Ham Hace 25 días
She’s so cute😍🥰😘
Maria Beltran
Maria Beltran Hace 25 días
Hey in using my grandma's phone and your doggo is a pomeranian version of my chuawa
NamYTGamingXD Hace 25 días
I love fur :3 and Belle
Alexyl Madrona
Alexyl Madrona Hace 25 días
Den if belle eats her poop its because when dogs pee they are marking there territory and if she poops on her territory she doesn't like it so she cleans it up but she doesn't have hands so she eats it
vjp3910 Hace 27 días
raulisdumb Hace 27 días
Did you did a video of being to prety
Teressa McCoy
Teressa McCoy Hace 27 días
She is adorable she’s not a ugly Pomeranian she’s adorable Pomeranian❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😷
gussy_ show
gussy_ show Hace 27 días
My dog does that stuff too
Chelseyah Davila
Chelseyah Davila Hace 28 días
I know how you feel my dog is just like that
Pichu Elijah
Pichu Elijah Hace 28 días
i swear i didn't think owning a dog was a big responsibility but boy was i wrong. and my dog loves my mom more than me :(
Jessica Scruggs
Jessica Scruggs Hace 29 días
She was jake and you were Finn
HunterNick Hace 29 días
2:21 EUGH(really, she looks like a pufferfish meme)
Joshua Bermudez
Joshua Bermudez Hace 29 días
I use to have a Pomeranian that was a white version of belle and a boy. But never went to that stage.
Joshua Bermudez
Joshua Bermudez Hace 29 días
He was named Leo
Evan Williams
Evan Williams Hace un mes
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XxCreeper_stuffxX Hace un mes
so fluffy!
Archie Peralta
Archie Peralta Hace un mes
She looks like my pregers dog but bigger
Archie Peralta
Archie Peralta Hace un mes
I have a temogotchi
Nevaeh Bradley
Nevaeh Bradley Hace un mes
Belle looks just like my mom's Pomeranian Zoe
Each like this gets belle gets a treat (hopefully she sees this and gives her the amount of treats we reach XD) 👇🏻
XD Hopefully I get further one day
Leafy Toast Gacha
Leafy Toast Gacha Hace un mes
One Sadly
ALion NamedAndrew
ALion NamedAndrew Hace un mes
My family also had a pomoranian but for the past years that had taken care of him, he never really had the pomoranian ugly phase, just our over energetic ball of shadow running around the house and barking at anything
Kimm Mansell
Kimm Mansell Hace un mes
Joseph Jocher
Joseph Jocher Hace un mes
I have 3
Ava Withington
Ava Withington Hace un mes
My cat go in the bathroom
Shakira H
Shakira H Hace un mes
Does your dog act like a raccoon just asking 😍😍😄😍
Elton Lim
Elton Lim Hace un mes
What has thes dog 🐕 done
Hewston У нас проблемы
I'm Russian I love your videos
Jaime Stone
Jaime Stone Hace un mes
Jaime Stone
Jaime Stone Hace un mes
China Sibley
China Sibley Hace un mes
The first one was I mean I felt like this ...😅
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