What it's like to live with a Buick Grand National

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Lee, the owner takes though a tour of his 1986 Grand National. He explains how you need to take care of a GN and live with it.


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21 abr 2015






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Raider19er Hace un mes
I loved my Monte SS’s gas cap location. Never had to worry about what side I pulled up to the pump with plus if gas spilled out it wouldn’t run down the side of the car.
peter papadimitriou
peter papadimitriou Hace 4 meses
Dave Silva
Dave Silva Hace 4 meses
I'm buying a grand national with no motor or trans this weekend...
Bxli Hace 4 meses
How do u install the front grill springs?
Andreas D'Greek
Andreas D'Greek Hace 4 meses
I can't believe nobody noticed most 80's grills were sprung and were so surprised by this. Ford, GM and Chrysler did this and I'm sure some U.S. imports had them too.
Umbra Mortis
Umbra Mortis Hace 6 meses
This car gives me a bad case of RAGING ENEMA
THE REALIST Hace 8 meses
I would have used Copper header gaskets.
Joe Hace 9 meses
So what's it like to live with a Buick Grand National.
dave dave
dave dave Hace 9 meses
It's my understanding they built more Grand Nationals then they did T-types. So why are the Grand Nationals worth so much more than a regular t-type?????
Jason Berning
Jason Berning Hace 9 meses
Gorgeous GN! Fun little video
Nicholas Field
Nicholas Field Hace un año
Some of the weird things here my 87 Camaro doesn't have. Like the power trunk latch works without the key in. Also my t tops have a better case. It straps in place. Also my plate stays down, but it's for the trunk latch key not the gas filler.
Jaffer M.
Jaffer M. Hace un año
Bro he knows nothing about the car lol
Jonny Mac
Jonny Mac Hace un año
The cutlass of those years also had the grills that moved!
hemesath3 Hace un año
1980s Olds Cutlass had those springy front grills too
My Buick is best Nova
Ricky Broadnax
Ricky Broadnax Hace un año
In the grill is for when u hit a bird or some it will help from messing up yo grill
jonnda Hace un año
Lighter color, lighter car?
net-rioter Hace un año
The grille is like that in case you bump into someone...so the grille dont break when the bumper moves into it...you forget that it has 5 mph bumpers...they have shock absorbers on them, they move in and out a few inches in light impacts without doing damage
gary2kr1 Hace un año
As the owner of one these black beauties (my 2nd, you never own just one) I'd just like to add these things run amazing between breakdowns lol. 20+ lbs of boost with alcohol is addictive.
mark benner
mark benner Hace un año
How nice you get a bag for each side. My '87 Iroc-Z gets one bag that serves a slightly greater hassle when getting the windows to sit evenly for zipping the bag shut while also keeping the dividing flap even so it doesn't get pinched.
Dave Houston
Dave Houston Hace un año
By the title I thought like he lived in it.
creek hed
creek hed Hace un año
Those T Tops are EEEEEAAAASSSSYYYYYYYY comparred to my Jeep JK Soft Top!
Jacob Sweat
Jacob Sweat Hace 9 meses
laughs in ratty f-body
Aaron Bays
Aaron Bays Hace un año
That bag thing looks like a real PITA. My 1999 Camaro Z28 had t-tops. In the back hatch there was this moulded piece of plastic where you stuck them down in there, turned the handle and the pins that hold it to the roof lock it into place in the hatch. You could go out and rip donuts in the parking lot with the t-tops secured back there, they didn't budge once you locked them in place in the rear hatch well.
scott smith
scott smith Hace un año
10,97 stock long block here shitty 60 ft
scott smith
scott smith Hace un año
Don’t buy a t top #1
Big Texas
Big Texas Hace un año
Gremlins are hard to find and diagnose on these cars sometimes.
Big Texas
Big Texas Hace un año
I use the copper header gaskets from GN1. They haven't blown out on me yet after 5 years and I have a big Turbonetics ball bearing turbo, about 24 psi of boost.
spookerr Hace un año
I dont put my t tops on bags. I just throw in there w large towels so theres no scufging of the t panels.
Claw Machine Time
Claw Machine Time Hace un año
This dude looks like he should have a hatch back
Chevy Camaro
Chevy Camaro Hace un año
Ttop is the worst invention. at least my 3rd gen Camaro as the bag with anchors to keep the bag from moving everywhere. but i still prefer my Hardtop 85.
Rock Gracie
Rock Gracie Hace 2 años
Very clean 86 GN.
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis Hace 2 años
C Roth
C Roth Hace 2 años
3.8 Buicks of this era had such a unique sound to them at idle. Could pick one out without even looking up!
Spicoli1Bilek Hace 2 años
This car has been my wet dream since I was a small small child everyone else had pictures of Lamborghinis and Ferraris I had pictures of Buick Grand National
Ynnel?! Hace un año
This car was the black lightning. A factory sleeper before they really existed.
Andrew Samy
Andrew Samy Hace un año
I'd take it over a Ferrari testarosa no joke
jt bass gambler
jt bass gambler Hace 2 años
Sting ray corvette smoke grand national away easy
231mac Hace un año
What? Which sting ray?
jt bass gambler
jt bass gambler Hace 2 años
Booo grand national sucks slow
xTheNameisEthan Hace 2 años
Why did Buick make one good car and 300 boring ass brown turds
Zed Tamarit
Zed Tamarit Hace 2 años
I love all the buick coverage by RCR
177SCmaro Hace 2 años
These cars are SO 80's.
mdmbkr Hace 2 años
I want this car. My wife hates it.
William Boardman
William Boardman Hace 2 años
Impact bumper system TRAVEL backwards in impact requires grille to spring back, to avoid damage from BUMPER REAR EDGE.
Xaevryn Hace 2 años
This car is so sexy. Also the owner is hilarious.
Tim The Traveler
Tim The Traveler Hace 2 años
it was in 86 they sent about 600 to McLaren not all of them
C Johnson
C Johnson Hace 2 años
Purchased my 1987 GN brand new from Duke Buick in Augusta Georgia, in my opinion one of the most beautiful automobiles of all time, however I always felt that it was too heavy for the little V6, even though it was extremely quick. Myself along with many of my friends that owned them in the late 80s early 90s were constantly replacing turbos and the occasional engine. Mine didn't have t-tops, although the ones I were familiar with leaked terribly, due to the the twist that was produced under hard acceleration.
shaesham Hace 2 años
That thing looks pretty slick.
iron 13
iron 13 Hace 2 años
I think there's one around where I live. I saw it a couple of times.
huhmz Hace 2 años
I love hearing about the "oh you need to have 91 octane!!" or more when all you can get in, at least northern Europe is 95. I haven't seen anything lower than 95 in Sweden. Ever. Shell and Statoil have some 'extra good' gas that I guess is around the 97-98 range. V-Power for Shell and Miles for Statoil. That's our luxury fuel. Just the thought of putting sub-90's fuel in a car feels... Bad.
231mac Hace un año
huhmz Europe uses a different rating method. The US 93 is equal to your 98, and your 95 is about equal to our 91.
boyinthepenaltybox Hace 2 años
huhmz: here in 'murika it's all 87, 89, and 91 octane plus cornahol
Mike Yob
Mike Yob Hace 2 años
Horowitz Hace 2 años
This car is my sexual preference.
Jose Alberto Rosa-Suliveres
That was an excellent Buick GNX review!! I really miss the good old days of Buick!! Unfortunately, while other GM divisions build more power and performance, like Cadillac with the V series models, and Chevy with their Camaro's SS 1LE's affordable performance seems non-existent at Buick. Buick is focusing way too much on cars for shopping malls and drag queen drag strips than the real drag strips of yesteryear. When will Buick build another turbo V6 3.8 liter GNX? I am sick and tired of family CUV's and SUV's and of their wimpy i4 engines!! Where did performance go?
Col.henchicken Vanpopbutton
It was war on the streets back in the late 80's with my 5.0l lx vs gn's....
mikes86buick Hace 3 años
thanks for the cap wedge trick... I never knew that.
JRC99 Hace 3 años
Also, he's wrong about the grille. Only the '87s had the Buick emblem in the bottom left of the grille.
Blaze Schmidt
Blaze Schmidt Hace 3 años
Love the unnatural selection intro
James Burns
James Burns Hace 3 años
Grand national grills are blacked out t types came like that
bob bob
bob bob Hace 3 años
The Grill spring loaded to let more air in at high speeds
231mac Hace un año
Mick Blankenship
Mick Blankenship Hace 3 años
The grill was spring loaded for shock absorption in case of objects hitting it
Seth Thomas
Seth Thomas Hace 3 años
I can't believe you didn't know about the gas cap trick!! Damn I must be getting old.....
Matt C2083
Matt C2083 Hace 3 años
our family doctor had a T top grand national. I love these cars.
Max Schlotter
Max Schlotter Hace 3 años
My 92 Town Car has a spring loaded grill like that too. I always wondered why they did that
scott smith
scott smith Hace 3 años
547 87 gnx's gnx's had a different rear suspension,also
scott smith
scott smith Hace 3 años
My insurance just says regal I have state farm
scott smith
scott smith Hace 3 años
My powermaster went straight out .. almost ran into the back of a car
tlt40s&w 70
tlt40s&w 70 Hace 3 años
I enjoy watching video of a person that truly enjoys the GN. I've owned a 85 and 87 GNs and 2 t-types. I'm currently looking for another one. I own a 2004 monti SS supercharged Dale jr edition which shares the GNs powerplant and it's putting down 480 hp on the dyno. I miss the my GN so now I'm on the hunt. TY for this video brother
spazzman90 Hace 3 años
Stone in love turned into a Grand National song. That's cool.
Stephen Kraus
Stephen Kraus Hace 3 años
the Audi B3 and 200/5000 had the Hydroboost system, it really doesn't make the power steering all that weak, the only issue is the Bomb (Hydraulic Pressure Accumulator) going out. That big black cylinder on the side of his booster system is the accumulator, but Audis used a remote accumulator.
Jay 0711
Jay 0711 Hace 3 años
aka what's it like to live with a 80's hillbilly hot rod.
realist Hace 3 años
every body wants to buy but it's not for sell
realist Hace 3 años
every body wants to buy but it's not for sell
Coupydog Hace 3 años
5:47 Yes all (GM) cars w/T-tops included those bags when new.
90lxFox Hace 3 años
a 1986 gn has the same wiper stalk as my 1995 trans am thats GM
Seth Thomas
Seth Thomas Hace 2 años
That stalk was used on virtually all GM late 70's to early 90's.
Phoenix765 Hace 3 años
And my 87 Chevy truck
BRENDAJASON1 Hace 3 años
Remember when the grand nationals came out they were bad ass us locals had some and would drag race em on the weekends back in the 80's
BRENDAJASON1 Hace 3 años
real eyes realize real lies
As simply designed these cars are thet look awesome till the day! And fast as fuck!
Willerb Hace 3 años
TIL Grand Nationals have squishy mustaches.
Roland Anderson
Roland Anderson Hace 3 años
My '70 Olds had a gas cap cover like that. Funny they still used it 26 years later.
Daniel Hace 3 años
been looking for a decent cheap one for years
TheMattc999 Hace 4 meses
Daniel good luck....
Chuck Holmes
Chuck Holmes Hace 3 años
Need more practice putting your condoms on!
gettingitfirst4 Hace 3 años
dude, you're a big vagina. you complain like a woman. grow some balls man.
Steve Cea
Steve Cea Hace 3 años
Buick GN's are phenomenal cars !!!
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