What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State

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VICE News has obtained footage taken from the headcam of an Islamic State (IS) fighter who died in March while battling Kurdish peshmerga troops in northern Iraq. The clash took place about 30 miles north of Mosul.
Unlike IS propaganda, which often presents sweeping battlefield victories, the video shows chaos, panic, and the fighters retreating.
VICE News shows the grim reality of an IS foot soldier.
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27 abr 2016






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VICE News Hace 8 meses
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BigRedRidingBear Hace un día
Vice=pro terrorists.
n3wbee Hace 11 días
only jokor
only jokor Hace 27 días
the namber 1 is dengeros I sis is maute in marawe in philipines I'm from philipines I'm army saf
Emery Spital
Emery Spital Hace 29 días
omg scarey
Rjsh Hoeba
Rjsh Hoeba Hace un hora
What It's Really Like to lay behind your computer relaxed an watching youtube....
Shivam Kumar
Shivam Kumar Hace un hora
Every other god is great except of yours.
Hitono Zhimo
Hitono Zhimo Hace 2 horas
Better than movies
F.B.l Agent
F.B.l Agent Hace 3 horas
abu Hajaar could’ve just shot his teammates and betray his side, and surrender to the enemy to save his life
killer craft
killer craft Hace 5 horas
Are deer ISIS or real islamik peopole
Chris Yunge
Chris Yunge Hace 5 horas
Are they even speaking the same tongue....?
Jendoubi Nour
Jendoubi Nour Hace 7 horas
"They see me rollin They hatin Patrollin and tryin to catch me ridin dirty" However, I'm glad they had improvised vehicules and the worst "soldiers" worldwide.
Sum Truonghoag
Sum Truonghoag Hace 9 horas
A weak journey should be defeated sooner or later
Waleed Baig
Waleed Baig Hace 9 horas
good job ,but you roasted us too
Oliver Åkesson
Oliver Åkesson Hace 11 horas
Im started laughing when he Said he had ben shot
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Hace 11 horas
Where did these guys get WW2 German weapons from
King Calliv
King Calliv Hace 15 horas
wtf with the egg roll hahaha
Ka0s Traumaa
Ka0s Traumaa Hace 15 horas
These guys suck where’s the switch teams option
Branin Dietz
Branin Dietz Hace 16 horas
Vice would know just what its like fighting for IS... considering they kinda share the same ideals.
total universe
total universe Hace 16 horas
Muslims : in the name of peace we are killing people....and they call it as religion of peace 😕😤
Benn Conner
Benn Conner Hace 17 horas
They are such terrible fighters. The gunner couldn’t even operate the MG properly.
raji 1
raji 1 Hace 17 horas
Abu hajar commended
Azad Aslan
Azad Aslan Hace 17 horas
When i play multiplayer games there is always a "abu hajjar" in my team....
E RT Hace 18 horas
I think USA will be able to defeat these people
Amadour Lopez
Amadour Lopez Hace 19 horas
Greatly exposed..
Hypiro Hace 19 horas
me and my pubg squad
Noel Filatov AV
Noel Filatov AV Hace 20 horas
Thanks to the rocket hit at 4:45 his camera lense got rid of that dirt.
Arnoldo Diaz
Arnoldo Diaz Hace 21 un hora
"mission failed we will get them next time '
Tactical Noodles
Tactical Noodles Hace un día
welcome to the goverment watchlist
666 mgtowkayaker
666 mgtowkayaker Hace un día
These people are so backward & out of touch that they thought they could win a war in modern times when superpowers like russia get involved...They are all most likely dead by now..
Wwwwwww애들 훈련 엉망이네
Whoo M eye
Whoo M eye Hace un día
Good fuckin riddance
Daniel Kvottrup Jensen
That's some really nice gear they've got there
عسكري هيبة
عسكري هيبة Hace un día
اهل الحبوب والكبسله خوات كحبه
Dilip Kumar
Dilip Kumar Hace un día
Where is your Allah kafir Muhammad
Lightning Bot
Lightning Bot Hace un día
I'm a Muslim N I'm glad to see the fall of Isis N these Isis crying,These people were planted so they could make a bad image of Islam,May God be with the people who are fighting against isis kind of people.
Fajar Apriandi
Fajar Apriandi Hace un día
they say Allahuakbar. how about the enemy? are they say the same word? 😥
Joseph L
Joseph L Hace un día
Jason S Savitt
Jason S Savitt Hace un día
The tragedy of Darth Hajjar the Unwise
Sick Mind
Sick Mind Hace un día
Can someone can tell me music at the end ? I like it very much but i couldnt find it .
tololo loz
tololo loz Hace un día
Fake military training Only for the business and manipulation Media trick
Gary 103
Gary 103 Hace un día
Are these ISIS fighters?
Cadete Viper
Cadete Viper Hace un día
that moment in which you skip the campaign to enter the multiplayer and you do not know the controls
the gaming snake
the gaming snake Hace un día
i left a like cus the isis bastard died
Flying Filipino
Flying Filipino Hace un día
I’d hate to be teamed with these stooges in a death match lobby.
ابن سوريا
ابن سوريا Hace 2 días
باقيه الاقيام الساعه
Kojima Red
Kojima Red Hace 2 días
Its sad. Groups like this, the recruits think they are doing good, but from our point of view its bad. If you were these people in your mind your doing a good thing. But to anyone else , such as thosse directly effected they are the enemy. I dont agree with how they act or what they do (killing innocent people, infrastructure ect.. people I've killed were people who were part of an organization parallel to mine so it's assumed encounters will end in blood, the higher ranking have an agenda and child solders make for the best at times. Too bad they are instilled with false information , false promisses , all for nothing to leave a mark on the world for what they bealive, the ideology behind these armed humans is violence based. Lumping a group like, say the entire middle east into "terrorist" is foolish. Its only people trying to live a happy normal life. Then you got these radicals. Fucking up things. With no clear and defined enemy people will always turn aggression inward. Expext soon. Very soon. To see a clear enemy like Stalin or Hitler. And the number is 45. You will hear what i mean when the M. Reports disclosed to public is available to read. Its scary whats going on and not said, but also a tactic.
Dominika Szálonek
Dominika Szálonek Hace 2 días
This actually makes me feel so sad. What happened to the world now. 😭💔
brad hoke
brad hoke Hace 2 días
Lol these morons accomplished absolutely nothing with their rolling armored vehicle they just destroyed
Covert Operations
Covert Operations Hace 2 días
Legends say Bagdadi gave " best stand up comedian 🏅 medal " to Abu hajaar
zoldsasok Hace 2 días
Poor Abu Hajjar. This wasn't his day for who development.
porco dio
porco dio Hace 2 días
we all were like abu hajar when we first started playing arma 3
Hishaam Khan
Hishaam Khan Hace 2 días
These guys are unprofessional😂😂😂
Viizion Hace 2 días
This is so bad, you would think its fake.
dr nayk
dr nayk Hace 2 días
Don't know about other fighters, but Abu Hazar isn't going to paradise.
People of Pootis
People of Pootis Hace 2 días
This dude has an MG-42
pakno gomez
pakno gomez Hace 2 días
Wow these are those dangerous terrorists y’all talk about??? Seems to me they were shitting their pants even before leaving the camp
XenoXvi Hace 2 días
Now we know who's the real terrorist...
MrJackben32 Hace 2 días
Abu Hajaar has left the session.
Saad Mohammad
Saad Mohammad Hace 2 días
How they get the helmet's
Siri Mimiro
Siri Mimiro Hace 2 días
Spoils, Islamic tradition.
imbalin zero
imbalin zero Hace 3 días
Hhaha what is this haha
kappa kappa
kappa kappa Hace 3 días
1:50 that man is holding a mg 42!!
Jack Wagner
Jack Wagner Hace 3 días
why are the ISIS using MG42's ?!!!
Siri Mimiro
Siri Mimiro Hace 2 días
Iskandar 466
Iskandar 466 Hace 3 días
Fearnbus25 Hace 3 días
5:29 the guy is literally just rolling across an open field in his attempt to retreat...
ツiitzKJ Hace 3 días
They're so bad they can't even shoot correctly jesus christ
Siri Mimiro
Siri Mimiro Hace 2 días
Abu Hagar not professional
Медеу Байузахов
1:57 Wtf? He hold a MG 42???
Troller Coaster
Troller Coaster Hace 3 días
Thanks vice for introducing the legendary godlike Abu hajaar
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez Hace 3 días
:The boys :me 5:44
Raihan Raditya
Raihan Raditya Hace 3 días
Allahhuakbar allah is always with you!😢😢😢
hold 'er Newt, shes rearin' ?
its that damn abu hajaars fault! damnit abu hajaar, your sitting on my damn rocket! lmao a real formidable force there you dumbass hadgies!
francis domingo
francis domingo Hace 3 días
what?? he accidentally hits their vehicle with granade launcher??
monos112 Hace 3 días
It’s like losing
George Presley
George Presley Hace 3 días
When Abu hajaar goes full automatic and the gun slides inside while still shooting. Classic
Shakir Munik
Shakir Munik Hace 3 días
Level 1 noobs
DareToLive Hace 3 días
Abu hajaar where are my clean shorts, Ive soiled myself!
M Hace 4 días
This is what happens when you take gamers to the field
Jessica Constantine
Jessica Constantine Hace 4 días
So unprepared! The lack of intelligence is off the scales!
Animated History
Animated History Hace 4 días
MG3 Machine-gun, American Armoured cars and US Helmets - We all know who really funds ISIL.
Siri Mimiro
Siri Mimiro Hace 2 días
Spoils, Islamic cult
Anabebe Hace 2 días
They can buy it on ebay
ItsxLynaiplays Hace 4 días
When you play PUBG with random squad.
warm foreskin
warm foreskin Hace 4 días
Hemish Fulena
Hemish Fulena Hace 4 días
Who is the one name abu hajaar?? The one with the camera?
Alex F
Alex F Hace 4 días
No he's the one in the front. At 3:31 you see him turn back towards the person with the head camera after he messed up for the fifth time lol.
Immagine if this was PUBG and Abu Hajaar was in your team🤣🤦‍♀🤦‍♂
Rakkartta Hace 4 días
this whole war on terror is a load of shit if we didn't give them the weapons they would be using swords and arrows to kill each other I mean think about it ?
Siri Mimiro
Siri Mimiro Hace 2 días
Spoils, Islamic cult
Tony D
Tony D Hace 4 días
You could ask one of them. But they are dead. So..........
Aidan Bratten
Aidan Bratten Hace 4 días
ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr.K Plays
Mr.K Plays Hace 5 días
Ovito 8
Ovito 8 Hace 5 días
Just came here to read the comments, hahaha some of them are funny man
Twan De man!
Twan De man! Hace 5 días
5:44 pubg in real live
buchecha Hace 5 días
what a bunch of noobs.
defaults_4 life Party Time
You know, not all Muslims are bad like im a Muslim too you know so please 1like=no more war
UnicornMinecraft GamerGirl
My squad and I in Fortnite.😂 I’m Abu Hajaar.
Strike The Valstrax
Strike The Valstrax Hace 4 días
Stfu kid fortnite is trash
Christopher Santos
Christopher Santos Hace 5 días
Wow they have their own batmobile
Adjizan jamien
Adjizan jamien Hace 5 días
Abu hajar is hyped for some xps
Bilal Hussain
Bilal Hussain Hace 5 días
Lol he dead said suicide is the closest thing to heaven. Smh
Vaki Vaki
Vaki Vaki Hace 5 días
First its from isis propaganda, but then its actioncam from iraqi militias or something like that
Vaki Vaki
Vaki Vaki Hace 5 días
Its not isis.
Lena Möri
Lena Möri Hace 5 días
yk, its not funny, but abu hajaar still skipped the turtorial
Peter Olliver
Peter Olliver Hace 5 días
No wonder they lost ! None of them know what they're doing. Drive into battle shooting into the air, get hit, drop to the ground and roll quickly backwards. Awesome strategy!
Peter Olliver
Peter Olliver Hace 5 días
Bloody hell, it's like watching an episode of the Keystone Cops !!
Nick Vergara
Nick Vergara Hace 5 días
The real Call of Duty right here😂
Fisionz- Hace 5 días
Abu Hajaar is still level 1
Matt Rogerson
Matt Rogerson Hace 5 días
This is like a comedy movie.
temesgen estifanos
temesgen estifanos Hace 5 días
Who is giving them the guns . probably the Americans you have to sell guns and Fack news . you guys are living in a stolen Land .no Justice in a stolen Land
Siri Mimiro
Siri Mimiro Hace 2 días
Spoils, Islamic cult
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