What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State

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VICE News has obtained footage taken from the headcam of an Islamic State (IS) fighter who died in March while battling Kurdish peshmerga troops in northern Iraq. The clash took place about 30 miles north of Mosul.
Unlike IS propaganda, which often presents sweeping battlefield victories, the video shows chaos, panic, and the fighters retreating.
VICE News shows the grim reality of an IS foot soldier.
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27 abr 2016

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VICE News Hace 6 meses
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Leo Magdahong
Leo Magdahong Hace un día
​+TrollFace Nationalist hahahaha
Habib ullah
Habib ullah Hace 4 días
ISIS is just a fake .... It's all they told the lie they produce fake news and spreading hatred they create the terrorism for their own benefit . they create the wars , for their own business . Some years earlier USA spend 500 million to make a fake proof , fake videos , that IRAQ has got weapons to mass destruction . and even CIA , depend upon the fake data ,had said that we got the proof . this leads to war Eventually UK and several western countries attack IRAQ that WAR kills more than half of a million of IRAQI muslims . and latter Human Right Organisation reported that the report based on which a war was created by USA was fabricated ........ THE TELEGRAPH / 18 MAR 2013 .
Habib ullah
Habib ullah Hace 4 días
Sam R , u ISIS is just a fake . It's all they told the lie they produce fake news and spreading hatred they create the terrorism for their own benefit . they create the wars , for their own business . Some years earlier USA spend 500 million to make a fake proof , fake videos , that IRAQ has got weapons to mass destruction . and even CIA , depend upon the fake data ,had said that we got the proof . this leads to war Eventually UK and several western countries attack IRAQ that WAR kills more than half of a million of IRAQI muslims . and latter Human Right Organisation reported that the report based on which a war was created by USA was fabricated ........ THE TELEGRAPH / 18 MAR 2013 .
Snipez Zz
Snipez Zz Hace 4 días
Abu Hajaar the MVP (=means get yelled at and fucks up all the time) 2:24 2:44 3:29
DGTasdiq Hace 21 un minuto
They no match for Pakistan Army!
mrabcdef8 Hace 29 minutos
Seems USA haven't thought them good enuff... go back learn and then start fighting again. Clowns
ZeevLoser Hace 34 minutos
God dammit Abu Hajaar.
Jim BOB Hace 53 minutos
Fuckin scum of the earth. God will have his way with these people
Mirco g
Mirco g Hace un hora
These more pray and call, but fight...
Tomi Tuominen
Tomi Tuominen Hace un hora
UitchatZ Z
UitchatZ Z Hace un hora
This is the world that we're living in. A Bunch of corageous Men going out there risking their lifes to fight for their countries and we here making fun of them while laying on our comfortable beds thinking that its easy to use guns.
Ousman Hace un hora
abu hajaar didnt get his daily goatfucking dosage
Frank White
Frank White Hace un hora
Idiots 😂
kouta lahti
kouta lahti Hace un hora
Press F1 please he is trolling!
Faisal A
Faisal A Hace 2 horas
Islamic state is an unislamic and antimuslim fanatics funded by western spies?
Mr Frisky
Mr Frisky Hace 3 horas
They do know God is made up right?
Anthony Kelsick
Anthony Kelsick Hace 3 horas
Shamima Begum was the one with the helmet, she actually survived and left the helmet behind.
Marco Plata
Marco Plata Hace 3 horas
Joe H
Joe H Hace 3 horas
What a bunch of clowns. Lol. Complaining about bullet casings lol.
T Saint
T Saint Hace 3 horas
The three stooges at war.lol
Zaka hl
Zaka hl Hace 3 horas
It's like pubg
partha sarathi Bhattacharyya
the comment section is gold
partha sarathi Bhattacharyya
the adventures of Abu Hajar
partha sarathi Bhattacharyya
ISIS vs military is like Silver 4 vs Global elite
reza kaviani
reza kaviani Hace 4 horas
A group of idiots & morons hired by Western and Arab governments!! 😁😁😁
Bawdy Comments
Bawdy Comments Hace 5 horas
1:45 *U tAlKinG tRaAAaAsH!*
Farid V
Farid V Hace 5 horas
They always asked for this
ardy texn
ardy texn Hace 5 horas
best part is where the sniper splits the rag heads skull open....sweet... .dead one is a good one
Aman Bedi
Aman Bedi Hace 5 horas
Khatam kardu sab आंतक वादी को
Noone Hace 5 horas
l can't take Abu hajaar as Real terrorist sorry
Ahmad Faiz
Ahmad Faiz Hace 5 horas
Press F to pay tribute to KHATTAB, the one who was tasked to drive these idiots
benoit nadeau
benoit nadeau Hace 5 horas
They will form the next governement.
benoit nadeau
benoit nadeau Hace 5 horas
It wont be a capitalist, or a communist government, it will be more a Free-for-all and king-of-the hill gov.
Kyle Schwartz
Kyle Schwartz Hace 6 horas
Who’s fighting against who? Someone reply please
LordTrolldemord Hace 2 horas
ISIS(TERRORISTS) vs Kurdish Peshmerga
Mohamed Alsaeedi I محمد السعيدي
Its sad that people still think they are real muslims
KableFI Hace 6 horas
"Where is my magazine?" Wonder what hes going to read in the middle of warfight 😏
Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson Hace 8 horas
Dumb fucks
I deserve subs
I deserve subs Hace 8 horas
They are finally out of Syria! Ps I'm syrian. It was close. We were in Homs..they were very near but they couldn't enter...we pushed them back!
Jason Boyes
Jason Boyes Hace 9 horas
Is this a comedy. Feel like I'm watching a carry on movie
Eugene Sant
Eugene Sant Hace 9 horas
They don't know how to hold a rifle. They don't Know how to aim a rifle. They can't keep track of Their magazines or their Rockets or their improvised pipe bomb Grenades. To much time Fucking goats when they Should have been training.
Eugene Sant
Eugene Sant Hace 9 horas
Keystone cops or the three stooges? These Guys are a joke.
G S Hace 9 horas
This Vlog should have ended with Abu Hajaar enjoying jannat with 72 hoors.
Baran Alpaslan
Baran Alpaslan Hace 9 horas
My 6 year old brother plays fortnite
MrTim938 Hace 10 horas
стайка идиотов.
Marcus Ferrer
Marcus Ferrer Hace 10 horas
According to some legends, Abu Hajaar is still rolling up to now.
Andreas Redi Kurniawan
This video aged fine like a wine
Hamed A
Hamed A Hace 11 horas
I truly believe Abu Hajaar applied for a job online, got accepted and next day found himself in a battlefield.
nuclear gamer
nuclear gamer Hace 12 horas
There gonna blow!.
Bharti Jaiswal
Bharti Jaiswal Hace 12 horas
*Every PUBG team has a Abu Hajar who throws bomb at teammates*
Vanesa Oliveira
Vanesa Oliveira Hace 12 horas
Sempre com nome de Deus na boca 💜 o senhor está com vcs ...
Mika Osola
Mika Osola Hace 13 horas
Anyone notice he's using an mg42?
Jin Phachit
Jin Phachit Hace 13 horas
Religion makes good people do evil things. It is man made and anyone who follows any religion is stupid, espeacially the most evil religion of them all, ISLAM!
Zalim Khan
Zalim Khan Hace 13 horas
Counter terrorist win!
scott mckenzie
scott mckenzie Hace 14 horas
I would have loved to have fed that jackass a pork sandwich prior to his demise.
OriginalMetalMan Hace 14 horas
nigga has a mg 42
GutaviusII Hace 15 horas
My greatest wish is every isis and Muslim to be gone from the realm of existence
ramesh as
ramesh as Hace 15 horas
Militants use your brain, you will never go to heaven ,all the promises are fake, the true is you will be in hell until the curse of the dead's family is over
Daily Fortnite XBOX Moments
Abu Hajarr is like the Jerry of parks and rec
Luprez Tryson
Luprez Tryson Hace 16 horas
4:10 can’t light the rocket, fires it anyway in the middle of nowhere
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Hace 16 horas
That was funny , give poor Abu Hajaar a break .poor guy cant do anything right.
Abu Hajaar
Abu Hajaar Hace 16 horas
Why do bully me
Chalermpon Suvannachai
DJ Doble U
DJ Doble U Hace 17 horas
So sad to see people pray to gods that don’t exist.
Captain Cobb
Captain Cobb Hace 18 horas
It's always sweet to see Muslims die.
Raja Pudota
Raja Pudota Hace 18 horas
What best can come from those who follow one
Raja Pudota
Raja Pudota Hace 18 horas
These are real examples of IDIOTS
Ali Rezaie
Ali Rezaie Hace 18 horas
I will call pro gta5 players to fight these enemys
I am replenished
I am replenished Hace 18 horas
Abu Hajaar is me when I decide to play ranked on RB6
STIOPIC! Hace 20 horas
5:24 this dudes actually ROTFL haha 😂 prolly because how funny this shit is
Echad Lev Shtim
Echad Lev Shtim Hace 20 horas
You could just tell they shouldnt have kept driving forward, or at least hit the gas. I think it was alot on the mind and shit goes wrong, particularly when you are not prepared. I'd tell the rocket guy to GTFO!
worddunlap Hace 20 horas
All this to become a meme...
Mr. SunnyBuster
Mr. SunnyBuster Hace 21 un hora
Aluh akbar
Jamza Juice
Jamza Juice Hace 22 horas
Abu Hajjar in the middle of this fight was prob like I don’t like isis so much anymore they’re so mean
RaspingPompano2 Hace 23 horas
Why are they barrel rolling on the ground lol??
Jaguar paw
Jaguar paw Hace 23 horas
why are they rolling? what happened to abu hajaar
TopGunAmar 0
TopGunAmar 0 Hace 23 horas
Abu hajar !!!! Go Back to the boot camp !! You little noob , Abu hajar on what are you aiming at!!!!
mateo sou
mateo sou Hace 23 horas
The terrorists won't last long if they keep fighting like this
Derk Berk
Derk Berk Hace 23 horas
Vice news embedded with a bunch of jihadis, not surprising, they both take orders from the same masters.
Danno Darnocz
Danno Darnocz Hace un día
9 years old be like: O YEA, FORTNITE IN REAL LIFE!!!!1!!!111!
uǝɯ ɹǝpods
uǝɯ ɹǝpods Hace un día
LMFAO so they just stop drop and roll as a final retreat?
Esther Kapinga
Esther Kapinga Hace un día
❤️Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life ❤️
Itz Liqua
Itz Liqua Hace un día
im from iraq basra not really from but my parents are im from sweden but u get it
Jaguar paw
Jaguar paw Hace un día
why did they cut these scenes from Four Lions?
Dave Barker
Dave Barker Hace un día
I don't think the SAS have much to worry about 🙈
carforumwanker Hace un día
this is how these people live and work. USELESS CUNTS !
Object Frost
Object Frost Hace un día
Die haben ja noch ein altes MG42 oder?
Lieutenant James
Lieutenant James Hace un día
These guys are not islamic don't believe them when they say "by the name of the god" or anything These are terrorists. These guys who always say alluh akbar but they don't know what is the real meaning of it
SUDEEP MENON Hace un día
Hahaha...what stupid people 🤣
rroobboo999 Hace un día
Noobs! You have to understand, Abu Hajaar has it's own style!
benoit nadeau
benoit nadeau Hace un día
i dont know who kills more ISIS, USA or ISIS?
Ally ramadhani
Ally ramadhani Hace un día
How dd you guys get this footage
Lord Shrek
Lord Shrek Hace un día
This video is the representation of every fps lol
VirusVariola Vera
VirusVariola Vera Hace un día
mg 42
Irish Gorilla
Irish Gorilla Hace un día
Abu Hajaar trying out his new gun skin😂
Roberto Jimenez
Roberto Jimenez Hace un día
Embarrass these clowns and Destroy every single isis from our world.
Runescape better then Fortnite
Legends say Abu Hajaar is still not beig careful
Woodyrascel Hace un día
hmm...hope they used this footage to trace back to their base and bomb the shit out of it!
Wonderful Life
Wonderful Life Hace un día
So the Saudi taxpayer spends billions and buys weapons from the USA to give to Isis so the USA taxpayer has to buy weapons to then fight Isis. What a fking awesome collaboration.
Wonderful Life
Wonderful Life Hace un día
3.24 Don't think skip number to is coming with them anymore.
io io
io io Hace un día
This is like a scene from four lions, fucking gold.
Bob Doom
Bob Doom Hace un día
So much fun
Sqdz Hace un día
in real life battle like this, do they waste lot of ammo because of less sight of enemy?
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