What makes Tyreek Hill the fastest player in the NFL? | Sport Science

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ESPN Sport Science examines the dynamic speed and agility of Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

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2 oct 2017






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Comentarios 5 371
@rotcivagetro Hace 3 años
At 7'1 Shaquile oneal is one of the strongest center in the nba
@gregberzinski Hace 3 años
At 6'3'' and 286lbs, Brock Lesnar was one of the biggest heavyweight fighters in the octagon.
@kellyharmon8897 Hace 2 años
Tyreek just gave those kids a memory of a lifetime . What a great guy
@tgkgames5814 Hace 2 años
Imagine how hard it takes to not accidentally run into a kid so they don’t cry
@tsinks2818 Hace 5 años
Fact: This guy is so fast, that in his 200m in HIGH SCHOOL, he would have placed 6th in the OLYMPICS if they recorded it.
@tugboat6940 Hace 2 años
I want to see this with Marshawn Lynch but instead he’s just trucking everybody
To test his speed and confidence we put against 8 year old seems legit
@lexium9685 Hace 3 años
@kameronposley9508 Hace 4 años
I use to watch him run from 1 county to the next and not stop once to even take a breath!!! That's what makes him fast!!! Hard work and determination!!!!
@mtalamantes100994 Hace 2 años
Him running faster than the all the other players in the league is my guess
@leyyszn6117 Hace 2 años
Kids: You rigged it
@mylesd5429 Hace 4 años
When it’s round 46 in zombies and you are the only one left alive
@fabiangonzalez6853 Hace 5 años
This guy used to come to track practice during my freshman year at Atkinson county high school, im a senior now. He would give us pointers and how to run faster, whenever we would run against him, while we were trying our hardest to beat him, he was only jogging. That man is fast.
@eddiesimpson6238 Hace 4 años
Tyreek from a small town I know him personally. He my brother cousin, he putting on for a small town. We played back yard football all together, im proud of my guy. If y'all know where this man come from, you wouldn't believe he made it out. Talent stands out no matter how small your town is.
@user-nq8fw6ni5s Hace 3 años
Would have been interesting if his training kicked in and he accidentally stiff armed a kid.
This Guy is not only fast he's built like a Tank & Has The Frame for Football.
Now that was cool! Excellent video! Tyreek hill is truly a professional as well as a blessing to the NFL!
@mathieupare2037 Hace 3 años
“This big dog needs to get his rest”
@whereRyouluv Hace 5 años
Lol kid said "you rigged it!" They couldn't get that flag off when he fell though🎯
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