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Hello lovelies!
Todays video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to, to find out 'What People SAY About You...'! Once you've picked, skip ahead to the timestamp below where I reveal what it is...
🔮Time Stamps:
⭐Card 1: 1:08
⚡Card 2: 15:00
✨Card 3: 27:50
🌙Card 4: 40:37


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4 ene 2020






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The Gem Goddess
The Gem Goddess Hace un mes
🔮Time Stamps: ⭐Card 1: 1:08 ⚡Card 2: 15:00 ✨Card 3: 27:50 🌙Card 4: 40:37
Christine Scherrer
Christine Scherrer Hace 12 horas
I pick 3
Francesca Moran
Francesca Moran Hace 2 días
OMG I am impressed ✌😌
Siya Hace 7 días
1 is so accurate 😔 it’s actually kinda scary
Damien and me Have a lot of fun
I picked 3
Renu Rain
Renu Rain Hace 15 días
The Gem Goddess s
Andria Johnson
Andria Johnson Hace 4 horas
very accurate
alien ramen
alien ramen Hace 5 horas
*chooses card one* p e o p l e p l e a s e r / jumps out of bed
Sel Quedley
Sel Quedley Hace 7 horas
Hi frm Auckland NZ...….I picked pile #3 and I am a virgo woman....yip this resonates with me
Marina Abroad
Marina Abroad Hace 8 horas
Those videos are starting to scare me...bc they are always so extremely accurate :o
Hedvig Hace 12 horas
Hii i've watched a lot of your videos and i still have a hard time finding a card or gem i fell drawn to. Do you have any tips?
Christine Scherrer
Christine Scherrer Hace 12 horas
Pile 3
May Flower
May Flower Hace 12 horas
Deck 3 so accurate I’m Gemini ♊️ too thank you lovely 😊💖🌟
Raymend Boogaars
Raymend Boogaars Hace 13 horas
Thank you for coming to this world you are love
Veronica Starling
Veronica Starling Hace 15 horas
Hit home! But I'm not a virgo I'm a libra, the only thing I can take from that virgo die is that I am a natural healer. Thank you ^=^
Diana F
Diana F Hace 18 horas
Bloody Nexus
Bloody Nexus Hace 18 horas
Pile 2 it is sooooooo..trueee that is soooo meeeeee
Bloody Nexus
Bloody Nexus Hace 18 horas
Palm number 2 wow how did u know that
NekoNekoMe Hace un día
True for me card pile 1 >~
Huong Le
Huong Le Hace un día
Me, a Scorpio sun, clicked on pile 2 TGG: "You might be a Scorpio" Surprised Pikachu face.
fordie 58
fordie 58 Hace un día
Card #2. A mysteriously foreboding enigma of a God-loving person who just happens to hide, hold, and cherish his inner simplicity and honesty that stands as witness to the Grace of God's Forgiveness in his life. Yeah! That's me, beautiful sister. You have got the gift! Thank you for this reading.
W. Hace un día
Did the fourth card look the shiniest for anyone else or was that really me being drawn to it? LOL idk im new to these pick a cards
Melissa Terblanche
Melissa Terblanche Hace un día
Just found your page. Your voice is so lovely and soothing and I enjoyed the reading which was very accurate. Xx Also, gorgeous nails!
Stiches Gachalife
Stiches Gachalife Hace un día
Card 3: You might be a air sign.. Me: Bruh.. I'm a water sign
Iina Mäki
Iina Mäki Hace un día
This feels kinda true
Gerald Prado
Gerald Prado Hace un día
I came without believing it is true but, guess what, I chose the second one and then she said it brought her scorpio vibes and guess what, I'm an scorpio
rakelg Hace un día
i chose that second group and WOW that is so accurate! and u know what's crazy, i literally say that my secret talent is being a HUMAN LIE DETECTOR AND ive been seeing 333 a lot lately...shooketh
Candice Wright
Candice Wright Hace un día
Whoaaaaa very weird!!! I chose the first set and I’m a Pisces verrrrry true... except the clingy part lol I love my space
esha a
esha a Hace un día
it’s crazy how accurate this is…
Sara Clayton
Sara Clayton Hace 2 días
this is so crazy, any type of pick a card readings are usually accurate for me but when you rolled libra in Jupiter in the third house I was shook because I have libra in Jupiter in the third house. The reading was also pretty accurate, i'm literally so shook
Wendy Soriano
Wendy Soriano Hace 2 días
Yassss!!! On point #3!!! ♊️🙌🏼
chloe_izSAD Hace 2 días
Dude you said “and you can tell when people are lying” and I was like “kinda but I don’t have enough self confidence to talk abt it” and then you said “But you are quiet abt it” WTFFFF BRO
M C Hace 2 días
no one: her: describes me perfectly, like 100% me: *looks around my room* this is some fbi sheet yall omg- jk lol.... (also i picked card 2 and im a Sagittarius but i have Scorpio as my moon sign lol) side note: im kinda (really) insecure sometimes and what she said kinda made me feel special and it was nice lol
Tueuse Survivor
Tueuse Survivor Hace 2 días
Picked card 1, You have a great talent ! :)
Elizabeth Shadap
Elizabeth Shadap Hace 2 días
I choose card 2 but I'm an Aquarian
Billie Miletovic
Billie Miletovic Hace 2 días
I choose number one but its opisat what you saying . I am magnet to the people and I don't like it. I just want to run sway from people. Because sometimes it's bit to.much to be a mental physician to 100 of them but regards my positive energy you are right , that's why they like me, they don't know that I am Empath and Spiritual person.
Maanvi Bubna
Maanvi Bubna Hace 2 días
*Picks card 2* She- you might be a scorpio Me- wtf! How does she know?
Jade Weiss
Jade Weiss Hace 3 días
Wild.. I was drawn to pile 2 & I am indeed a Scorpio!
Brenda Bailey
Brenda Bailey Hace 3 días
I picked 4 and OMG IT'S SO ME ! ❤ I am Sagittarius as well Lol And also a starseed and an angel seed too I am so EXCITED to be alive on Mother Earth at this great and grand time in our evolution ❤🙏🌟
Bunga Rin
Bunga Rin Hace 3 días
Deck 2 cuz im a bad bitch who's been through a lot but it shapes me to be a better person and wise. I also want to help people or do charity stuffs in the future when i get my shit together. Also deck 2's stone/gem is so beautiful i want to make it as a necklace :(
Bunga Rin
Bunga Rin Hace 3 días
Your nails are beautiful !!!
Alana Rucks
Alana Rucks Hace 3 días
me, a pisces sun and sag rising picking pile number 3: :|
george cunningham
george cunningham Hace 3 días
Omg so wise Pile 2 completely describes me 💎 I feel so much better with myself after watching this as I know I come across cold and quiet at first but have so much personality and care inside my heart
Cute Caf
Cute Caf Hace 3 días
oh dear
Francisco Montes
Francisco Montes Hace 3 días
i legit walked around my house looking for the chirping smoke alarm thinking it was mine
The Gem Goddess
The Gem Goddess Hace 3 días
Hahaha 😂😂😂😂 #sorry
jazmin carlos
jazmin carlos Hace 3 días
I chose pile 3. I a PISCES am mindblown at the accuracy👀❤
Super Magice
Super Magice Hace 4 días
her: card 1.. your someone who embraces everyone Me: *thinks* i think i cjose the wrong card because i hate the new girl and i will never try and get along with her..
Starfrost xox
Starfrost xox Hace 4 días
Me= picks 2 Gets every aspect of me right even my sign (I'm a scorpio)
Eunice Yvonne Sarmiento
Picked pile 2 And yes, I am a scorpio .-.
angie silver
angie silver Hace 5 días
I don't know how I feel since this is so spot on
lalbiakchhungi lalenpuii
My god.....i picked no 4 Me: really dont believe.. Me at the same time: what..!!im suprised im a virgo😱
Rosie Factora
Rosie Factora Hace 5 días
Hahhahah pile 2. Makes sense to me. 💗
it'sgurleenhere Hace 5 días
Pile #3 was so accurate for me!
Omg, I totally love the descriptive words you used to describe me..# 4 ..I’m going to write all those definitions down to use on my profile...lol I am a healer, and YOU my dear are the best.. READER. of all time. TY so much...xoxo
Multipchance 04
Multipchance 04 Hace 5 días
*picks card 3* Girl are you watching me??? I’m scared at how accurate this is
Sae Sawanoguchi
Sae Sawanoguchi Hace 5 días
OMG 100% accurate O_O The fire alarm beeping is actually relaxing once you get used to it
Abija Kamara
Abija Kamara Hace 5 días
love the set up
Jane Jürman
Jane Jürman Hace 5 días
Picked 4! Let me tell you... you're spitting facts. How's that possible?
Panya Sethi
Panya Sethi Hace 5 días
I picked card 2 and the description is accurate!! I am a Scorpio!!♏♥️😘🎉
Info Time
Info Time Hace 5 días
I resonate with #2
Tarot Sahara Saharian
I love those rocke with horoscope what ther name
Brenda Her
Brenda Her Hace 6 días
LMAOOOO #3 is SO me! keke
Joey Kammerer
Joey Kammerer Hace 6 días
#4 I saw exactly what the whole spread looked like in my minds eye before she put them down. That was very strange
Arathey T
Arathey T Hace 6 días
I got into tarot card readings recently and I just saw this on my recommended and wow pile 2 I am a Scorpio how did she know???
Manfred Von Carstein
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