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The Take
The Take Hace 28 días
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Firegen1 Hace 27 días
Bloody hell your videos are always good... but this was exceptional! I just completed a course on project and corporate management and the description of Edward... that was like half of my lecturers in a nutshell. It's kind of scary actually. I wonder how many of them have transcational marriages. Anyway wow and thanks.
Denisa Costin
Denisa Costin Hace 27 días
Abhilash Bisht Thanks for the reply! I made a rookie mistake, apparently I was clicked on the “billed annually £7 a month”, which they rightfully assume then you’ll used the whole service for a year, therefore they’ll charge you £84, which makes sense! But you can click on the other option which is billed “monthly £13”. So after those 2 free months they will charge you the monthly £13. Sorry for the confusion!
Beethoven’s Fidelio
Beethoven’s Fidelio Hace 27 días
The history of mermaids in film
Sara Moreira
Sara Moreira Hace 27 días
please do one about comparing the versions of Pride and Prejudice
Abhilash Bisht
Abhilash Bisht Hace 28 días
Denisa Costin you can cancel the subscription before the mentioned date and no amount will be deducted. The membership will be cancelled
cintia ferrao
cintia ferrao Hace 8 horas
"“It would be an excellent match, for he was rich, and she was handsome. . . . she [Mrs. Jennings] was always anxious to get a good husband for every pretty girl.” (Sense and Sensibility) "But there certainly are not so many men of large fortune in the world as there are pretty women to deserve them.” (Mansfield Park) Jane Austen telling it like it is since 1810
Hey, You!
Hey, You! Hace 3 días
The beginning mentions the parallels between prostitution and capitalism, then later mentions how My Fair Lady was based on "Pygmalion" by Bernard Shaw. Bernard Shaw's plays were famous for often drawing explicit parallels between prostitution and capitalism (esp Mrs Warren's Profession). Also in "Pygmalion," Eliza leaves Higgins for good when she realized how he used her, but in the remake she goes crawling back to him. And it's funny how THAT version is the one that stayed in our popular consciousness.
Alek S
Alek S Hace 6 días
sorta like making youtube videos and begging for subs
Esra Mohammed
Esra Mohammed Hace 7 días
I dislike the movie because of the power dynamic and how omg he's the reason for how much better she is now. It's very onisiony
What are you looking at
Money can buy you the needs, that what makes you happy But when the needs is a person is a different story.
wwaxwork Hace 9 días
Like Fight Club everyone grabbed onto the wrong ideas in Wall Street. Gecko was supposed to be the bad guy not the hero.
lala27 Hace 9 días
Thank you, girls, because this kind of videos are really good to analyze the media we consumed in a little more practical way. I just read the book Crazy Rich Asians, and I couldn't stop to think in this video, and the 50 shades of grey. It's true, It is the perfect capitalist fairy tale.
MangoBabyRican Hace 10 días
Can you guys do a piece on Buffy, Tula (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and Fran Fine (The Nanny)?
JamesGallagher1990 Hace 10 días
All the film taught me is that if you wanna be successful, be physically attractive. Imagine if Viv was a right dog...no one would care about her, he certainly wouldn't have picked her up, and she'd probably be dead of a drug overdose or some weirdo killing her by now. So if you're born with shit genes, you're gonna have it tougher in this life no question about it. Doesn't mean you can't be successful but you'll have to work harder UNLESS you were lucky to be born into money in which case thank God you were cuz you ain't the prettiest thing in the world lol.
jungefrau Hace 14 días
"corporations are people, my friend."
Chase Barber
Chase Barber Hace 14 días
It would have been interesting to see the "3000" version
catbeara Hace 16 días
"If you live for money alone, there will never be enough of it." Wow.
AnkokuEvangeline Hace 16 días
My mom used to watch this movie all the time when I was a kid. I really appreciate this adult look at it. I do have a comment, though: 12:30 Someone hasn't seen Overboard for a long minute. This movie has NOT aged well. The story is full of awfully sexist double standards (the female character gets excessively punished for being a stuck up bitch; the male character never gets punished for his malicious schemes), and the "irresistible rom-com" element is rapey by today's standards.
AnkokuEvangeline Hace 15 días
I've just found pretty much the same rant in one of your older videos: Rom Cons: Problematic Movie Romance Lessons (2017). Did the editors change or something?
Hump Me Fuck Me
Hump Me Fuck Me Hace 16 días
AS A poor person I rather be rich & miserable then poor & wondering when’s my next meal.
danie cat
danie cat Hace 17 horas
@Beethoven’s Fidelio true that
Beethoven’s Fidelio
22PoeticImpact At least rich people can afford therapy.
22PoeticImpact Hace 12 días
Alien Princess Well I lived both and it’s very relative and searching freely for your next meal isn’t that damn bad compared to a life of f*kin misery. Think outside the box.
Idle Teen
Idle Teen Hace 17 días
Money can buy happiness if ones happiness lies within material stuff.
Owen Bunny
Owen Bunny Hace 18 días
thats why 35 years old guys and 25 year sold girls couples are the best couple.
mai palazzo
mai palazzo Hace 18 días
Overboard is such a problematic movie...
Jas Mine
Jas Mine Hace 18 días
Make a video about The Nanny
RH Rich Blog
RH Rich Blog Hace 18 días
imshysobye Hace 7 días
um ok then
Bands Bands Bands
Bands Bands Bands Hace 18 días
Elvis Elvis
Elvis Elvis Hace 18 días
elementary s
elementary s Hace 18 días
o0Avalon0o Hace 20 días
Ok, now I need to watch this. Is it out on Blu-ray?
Cherie Baby
Cherie Baby Hace 20 días
People who look down on others are the worst. We all sell ourselves in different ways
H Hy
H Hy Hace 22 días
"Everyone's a whore, we just all sell different parts of ourselves." Thomas Shelby-Peaky Blinders
KhemistrySet Hace 22 días
Please do ‘Top Boy’ - it’s a British Crime Drama on Netflix based on crime in inner city London. It’s Britain’s answer to ‘The Wire’ - you guys would smash it!
Voice Of The Firmament
Wow, The Take, you do wonders for peoples love of movies, Hollywood itself should pay you. My wish: Do The Talented Mr Ripley, based on genius crime writer Patricia Highsmiths novels. Many movie adaptions came from her work, recently Carol ( actors, Blanchett & Mara), Todd Haynes masterpiece. Highsmith was in her day compared to Dostojevskij, loved in Europe, underrated in America. She deserves a golden hommage!
Keyser94 Hace 22 días
As much I like The Talented Mister Ripley, she really fall in the old troupe of the amoral character being sexually "depraved" aka being a homosexual, like if that was a sign of malice from part of the character, most funny thing, the people that surround Ripley are offend more amoral and hypocritical that he is.
Mark Khaimchayev
Mark Khaimchayev Hace 23 días
Do the philosophy of Billions!
yasmin7903 Hace 23 días
"Should you live your life for love, or for money? Before we go on, we'd like to talk about our sponsor..." LOL
StopThatSquirrel Hace 23 días
This video had such good life advice at the end haha
Therapist Gus
Therapist Gus Hace 23 días
Watched this movie again recently and it 𝒹𝑜𝑒𝓈 𝓃𝑜𝓉 stand up well in 2019, specifically the way he speaks to and treats Vivian
Music Interviews and Documentaries
Any narcissist like Edward really is an empty and shallow person
Music Interviews and Documentaries
No, they are far not the same
Cybernetik Soul
Cybernetik Soul Hace 24 días
Every time I watch one of these, I want to watch the original movie the takes are based on
Cybernetik Soul
Cybernetik Soul Hace 24 días
Hades and Persephone lol
matt carnes
matt carnes Hace 24 días
i like your videos but i dont like how i dont see you both at the end of the video if there is an ad there which is sad because its nice to be reminded that there are female youtubers in topics im interested in
Sonia Basch
Sonia Basch Hace 24 días
Just re-watched Jennifer Body and wonder what your analysis would be!
A butterfly
A butterfly Hace 24 días
Omg i was Just talking about how easy it would be just to marry someone rich jokingly And now they callin me prostituit
Laverne Blaszczyk
Laverne Blaszczyk Hace 25 días
Just a shamelessly romantic movie lol sigh...I couldn't imagine it being made these days
Peighter Hace 25 días
8:16 The truth
OneWoman Army
OneWoman Army Hace 25 días
More people should read Pygmalion, one of my favorite books! It's amazing!
You Tuber
You Tuber Hace 25 días
I liked the movie but when shrunk to 20 minutes, it's nothing but a yucky sex fest.
Shri Srinivasan
Shri Srinivasan Hace 25 días
Richard gere is Daddy PERIODT
Arthur&BusterBFFL Hace 25 días
The first word from this video surprised me...since that's my name.
Killer Queen
Killer Queen Hace 25 días
WHY is this video demonitized? ESvid is out of control, you deserve a monetary reward for your work. Anyway, great video.
Criss Cross
Criss Cross Hace 25 días
"All relationships are transactional"
Bennie Vargas
Bennie Vargas Hace 25 días
Whenever I want to feel good, I’d watch Pretty Woman. 🤗
Sarina R.
Sarina R. Hace 25 días
💸 can’t buy everything
Denise Hall
Denise Hall Hace 25 días
I wish there was an updated version of My Fair Lady where instead of a rich man transforming a young woman, it's literally her education and will for success that does.
Kelly Kobayashi
Kelly Kobayashi Hace 10 días
ALONDRA PEREZ-RAMIREZ Awww. For some reason, I find Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart adorable together. Love Sabrina. :)
In Audrey Hepburn's Sabrina, her transformation only happens cause her father sends her to get an education so partial wish granted? Also in a reverse of My Fair Lady, it's Sabrina who we see teaching Linus French as well as to value the little things that her modest but happy upbringing allowed her to see.
Denise Hall
Denise Hall Hace 23 días
@Kelly Kobayashi Thanks and I will! :-)
Kelly Kobayashi
Kelly Kobayashi Hace 24 días
Denise Hall If you enjoy reading plays, I recommend reading Pygmalion (the basis for Fair Lady)! And A Doll’s House! Both were written by men who admired independent, clever women.
Ardis Greenwater
Ardis Greenwater Hace 26 días
To me it's less "choose love over money", but rather "choose love over making money, but only when you already have the money - and loads of it" P.s. my goodness, you've just reminded me there was once a time when romcoms where not all absolutely terrible.
Owen Bunny
Owen Bunny Hace 18 días
cuz 85% divorce are with a male under 35 years old. beforr these guys reach their finacial peak
Rilu Granchester
Rilu Granchester Hace 26 días
the movie that inspired all kdramas 🤣
Jovial Faltisco
Jovial Faltisco Hace 26 días
People no longer influenced by Hollywood anymore.
Krystal Harris
Krystal Harris Hace 26 días
I've never seen this
Sarah Jane Laxamana
Sarah Jane Laxamana Hace 26 días
I love love this movie!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sena Gains
Sena Gains Hace 26 días
Please do a video analysis on Cruel intentions
Dorella Narange
Dorella Narange Hace 26 días
This movie romanticizes prostitution so badly, is ridiculous.
ash man
ash man Hace 26 días
Just watch her do the other 10 guys before she meets Richard. lol
Kush kingOnyx
Kush kingOnyx Hace 26 días
Get a good job...Stay real.....girls will come in rows of 2
Kalia Hace 26 días
I love the take but the background music in this video gave me a headache.
Val’s PTSD
Val’s PTSD Hace 26 días
I felt Vivian didn’t take drugs because they weren’t fiscally responsible. But I never saw them as being in the same ‘business’ until today. Tnx.
Blu Jay
Blu Jay Hace 27 días
Exactly you don’t have to marry a girl bc she’s pretty or a man bc he’s rich but it sure does help🤷🏿‍♀️ And the ppl who say otherwise are being intellectually dishonest!(and are probably lacking wealth/looks)😂
Christin K
Christin K Hace 27 días
this movie gave me a positive outlook on sex work in my teens. they’re really no different from regular people chasing wealth
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