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Sign up for Skillshare: skl.sh/thetake58 | What was Pretty Woman really saying about money? Was it a capitalist cautionary tale - or a capitalist fairy tale? Almost 20 years later, the 1990 classic (starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts) is still telling us a lot about our desire for love, wealth, or both love and wealth. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/thetake
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15 sep 2019






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The Take
The Take Hace 5 meses
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Firegen1 Hace 5 meses
Bloody hell your videos are always good... but this was exceptional! I just completed a course on project and corporate management and the description of Edward... that was like half of my lecturers in a nutshell. It's kind of scary actually. I wonder how many of them have transcational marriages. Anyway wow and thanks.
Denisa Costin
Denisa Costin Hace 5 meses
Abhilash Bisht Thanks for the reply! I made a rookie mistake, apparently I was clicked on the “billed annually £7 a month”, which they rightfully assume then you’ll used the whole service for a year, therefore they’ll charge you £84, which makes sense! But you can click on the other option which is billed “monthly £13”. So after those 2 free months they will charge you the monthly £13. Sorry for the confusion!
Beethoven’s Fidelio
The history of mermaids in film
Sara Moreira
Sara Moreira Hace 5 meses
please do one about comparing the versions of Pride and Prejudice
Abhilash Bisht
Abhilash Bisht Hace 5 meses
Denisa Costin you can cancel the subscription before the mentioned date and no amount will be deducted. The membership will be cancelled
Tracy Rowe
Tracy Rowe Hace un día
I lived around the block from the "pretty woman hotel" in Hollywood. One day I was walking home past the hotel and saw a film company outside the building. They were filming the final scene when Edward was climbing the fire escape. The entire cast and crew were Japanese.
Annapple Goldfinch
Annapple Goldfinch Hace un día
The image I get of money from the movie is not a condemnation or a fantasy, but a return of money to its proper place in one's life. The function of money, whether you use it for good or for evil, is as a tool of trade, a bridge between your work and your desires. Making money your entire goal in life usually spells trouble no matter what your intentions. Like the film says, "When you live for money, there will never be enough of it." There is no build-up with getting money, no milestones, no challenge, no journey, and no fulfillment. Whereas someone who makes money for another purpose and goes for it is more liable to find fulfilment. Vivian is clear-headed about what she wants, and to go for it when it becomes available, two things Edward lacks. Once Edward incorporates this clear-headedness and strength of will into his life, he finds a new purpose other than getting money and putting on a show. His using money to support Vivian and to help rebuild a business is a sign that he is putting money back into the place it belongs: as a tool instead of an end in of itself. That's just my personal belief.
adam latham
adam latham Hace 3 días
We will discuss if things are better for miney or love But ... ... ... Todays sponcer is....well we know which u prefer lol
Rosangela Sena
Rosangela Sena Hace 4 días
a transaction that people only see her taking...
Matthew Hace 6 días
It's all about gaining the trust so you can easily overthrow the bourgeois from within.
Pineapple Express
Pineapple Express Hace 7 días
It's just about a man who just "fixes" her to fit in his life and status. Why couldn't he abandoned it all and live in the life she had
suthiratt limchaiyawat
For love obviously ! Why don’t u get it ?
Pearlie Grace
Pearlie Grace Hace 11 días
it says that money can literally buy u anything, even love
Jov An
Jov An Hace 12 días
"TRADITIONAL equivalent of PRETTY GIRL" , I liked that part.
Kai’s Reactions
Kai’s Reactions Hace 17 días
I can’t believe I’ve never watched Pretty Woman.
NJGuy1973 Hace 19 días
The original title for the movie was "3000."
wilwad Hace 19 días
Finally watched the full movie in this video. Thanks
Madihah Zulkifli
Madihah Zulkifli Hace 24 días
great videos wow love your channel sm
Kira Robinson
Kira Robinson Hace 29 días
Holy crap, I never thought that rom com was so deep. You guys are amazing, and eloquent AF
certainly joel
certainly joel Hace un mes
Lol you make me want to watch the film aha
Myra Groenewegen
Myra Groenewegen Hace un mes
I still think this seem pretty toxic. It feeds the perfect fantasy of being ABLE to "have it all" and allows for those who do to "have it all" and somehow still be moral without sacrifice. What hurts and harms is that in this and so many other movies, it's the convenient plot of the movie, not any non-luck-based social reality, which enables a satisfying ending, so it reinforces that there is no happy ending without that convenient "having it all" which seems realistically impossible, particularly for impoverished women. There's also "manic pixie dream girl" issues here. The much more practically needy underprivileged love interest exists to bring morality to an infinitely more powerful man, seeming to imply that we simply can't expect anything morally from men, or powerful wealthy people--they are incapable morally. This easily leads to a doomed mindset when it comes to holding men, and/or rich people politically accountable. It's not their job to be moral or face outrage and public censure, it's the job of the powerless to somehow melt their inhumanity away on the most personal, least political level. "Maid in Manhattan" does the same thing, ineed there a film a year with this general "economic Cinderella" narrative shape. I call bullshit.
Yannis H
Yannis H Hace un mes
Brilliant! Congrats!
Christina Fuller
Christina Fuller Hace un mes
Overboard is one of my favorite movies!! I hate the remake. I couldn't get through it.
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 Hace un mes
Women sell sex, men buy sex. There is a difference, Business man can go home and have real relationships with his family. A prostitute cannot go home and have a real relationship.
Susie English
Susie English Hace un mes
Prostitution is fine. At least then you you're going to get shafted
Amazing movie. A true classic! Thanks for the video.
Hyalophora Cecropia
Excellent video.
Jessica DarknessTwin
he gave her everything that money can buy but she fell in love like a dumbass!!!
cazia9 Hace un mes
The explanation of prostitution given in this film explains why actors were traditionally grouped together in the same social class as sex workers
Nguyen Trang
Nguyen Trang Hace 2 meses
I love the fact that this channel always has English subtitles :)
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Hace 2 meses
I love all you videos! Make a Breakfast at Tiffanys take please 😍
Zzul Ma
Zzul Ma Hace 2 meses
This movie always seemed too cheesy.
DeanRendar84 Hace 2 meses
I have been taught how to use the 3 sets of forks and all elaborate table serving ware from my mom who has those only for dinner parties, and my dad's favorite and only snack he brings eats at the office is bread. I wonder what all this indicates?
Kayla Perkins
Kayla Perkins Hace 2 meses
Hello, welcome to Retail
Luboman411 Hace 2 meses
"Money can't buy you happiness, but it does buy you a better class of misery."
Beethoven’s Fidelio
Luboman411 I would rather be miserable and rich, than miserable and poor.
Rosemary Almaraz
Rosemary Almaraz Hace 2 meses
I personally think you have to have a balance in your life. You need money plain and simple it’s a necessity. But it won’t help you feel love or be loved. It’s one of the few things that it can’t buy.
Erin Carr
Erin Carr Hace 2 meses
I love my fair Lady ❤️😍😍
Mythic Reactions
Mythic Reactions Hace 2 meses
The Lady with the Camellias
Tenzin Nyendak
Tenzin Nyendak Hace 3 meses
I just love and adore your videos it’s so educational. I have watched this analysis of Pretty Woman 5 times this month, and your video on Nicole Kidman was brilliant, same as for Cinderella’s analysis video and many more.... 😍. Can you make some for Blake Lively’s Serena Van der Woodson of Gossip Girl or anything related to Audrey Hepburn. ❤️
Keitron Wallace
Keitron Wallace Hace 3 meses
"money doesn't buy happiness" No, but it does give me the opportunity to be both rich and happy. I can always BE happy, I can't just BE rich.
Adrian Ghandtchi
Adrian Ghandtchi Hace 3 meses
Holding out for the fantasy, I like that.
Kerima Nasilasila
Kerima Nasilasila Hace 3 meses
Hands down still one of my ultimate faves!!
Hannah Gutierrez
Hannah Gutierrez Hace 4 meses
3000 would've been such a good movie maybe something like it will happen one day
cintia ferrao
cintia ferrao Hace 4 meses
"“It would be an excellent match, for he was rich, and she was handsome. . . . she [Mrs. Jennings] was always anxious to get a good husband for every pretty girl.” (Sense and Sensibility) "But there certainly are not so many men of large fortune in the world as there are pretty women to deserve them.” (Mansfield Park) Jane Austen telling it like it is since 1810
ProtMythic Hace 4 meses
sorta like making youtube videos and begging for subs
Esra Mohammed
Esra Mohammed Hace 4 meses
I dislike the movie because of the power dynamic and how omg he's the reason for how much better she is now. It's very onisiony
What are you looking at
Money can buy you the needs, that what makes you happy But when the needs is a person is a different story.
wwaxwork Hace 4 meses
Like Fight Club everyone grabbed onto the wrong ideas in Wall Street. Gecko was supposed to be the bad guy not the hero.
lala27 Hace 4 meses
Thank you, girls, because this kind of videos are really good to analyze the media we consumed in a little more practical way. I just read the book Crazy Rich Asians, and I couldn't stop to think in this video, and the 50 shades of grey. It's true, It is the perfect capitalist fairy tale.
MangoBabyRican Hace 4 meses
Can you guys do a piece on Buffy, Tula (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and Fran Fine (The Nanny)?
JamesGallagher1990 Hace 4 meses
All the film taught me is that if you wanna be successful, be physically attractive. Imagine if Viv was a right dog...no one would care about her, he certainly wouldn't have picked her up, and she'd probably be dead of a drug overdose or some weirdo killing her by now. So if you're born with shit genes, you're gonna have it tougher in this life no question about it. Doesn't mean you can't be successful but you'll have to work harder UNLESS you were lucky to be born into money in which case thank God you were cuz you ain't the prettiest thing in the world lol.
jungefrau Hace 4 meses
"corporations are people, my friend."
Chase Barber
Chase Barber Hace 4 meses
It would have been interesting to see the "3000" version
catbeara Hace 5 meses
"If you live for money alone, there will never be enough of it." Wow.
AnkokuEvangeline Hace 5 meses
My mom used to watch this movie all the time when I was a kid. I really appreciate this adult look at it. I do have a comment, though: 12:30 Someone hasn't seen Overboard for a long minute. This movie has NOT aged well. The story is full of awfully sexist double standards (the female character gets excessively punished for being a stuck up bitch; the male character never gets punished for his malicious schemes), and the "irresistible rom-com" element is rapey by today's standards.
AnkokuEvangeline Hace 4 meses
I've just found pretty much the same rant in one of your older videos: Rom Cons: Problematic Movie Romance Lessons (2017). Did the editors change or something?
HumpMeFuckMeDaddy BetterMakeMeChoke
AS A poor person I rather be rich & miserable then poor & wondering when’s my next meal.
elle ofhearts
elle ofhearts Hace un mes
Im sure Kate Spade would agree with you. I think being rich and miserable would make a lot of your problems worse because you'd be so accustomed to buying your problems away that you wouldnt know how to solve the problems you cant buy away. Plus money tends to isolate you from others. Lots of successful people have said that their biggest breakthrough or biggest revelations happened when they hit rock bottom or were at their darkest moment. At least if you're poor, you've got nowhere to go but up. but of you're rich, theres nowhere left to go but off the deep end if you cant face your demons.
22PoeticImpact Hace 4 meses
Beethoven’s Fidelio Ha, good point actually.
Gillian Glasses
Gillian Glasses Hace 4 meses
@Beethoven’s Fidelio true that
Beethoven’s Fidelio
22PoeticImpact At least rich people can afford therapy.
22PoeticImpact Hace 4 meses
Alien Princess Well I lived both and it’s very relative and searching freely for your next meal isn’t that damn bad compared to a life of f*kin misery. Think outside the box.
Idle Teen
Idle Teen Hace 5 meses
Money can buy happiness if ones happiness lies within material stuff.
Owen Bunny
Owen Bunny Hace 5 meses
thats why 35 years old guys and 25 year sold girls couples are the best couple.
Owen Bunny
Owen Bunny Hace 3 meses
@Beethoven’s Fidelio actually its 32 years old man, because marrying after that mark, the divorce rate starts rising again.
Beethoven’s Fidelio
Owen Bunny Citation needed!
mai palazzo
mai palazzo Hace 5 meses
Overboard is such a problematic movie...
Jas Mine
Jas Mine Hace 5 meses
Make a video about The Nanny
RH Rich Blog
RH Rich Blog Hace 5 meses
busy wasting time
busy wasting time Hace 4 meses
um ok then
Bands Bands Bands
Bands Bands Bands Hace 5 meses
Elvis Elvis
Elvis Elvis Hace 5 meses
elementary s
elementary s Hace 5 meses
o0Avalon0o Hace 5 meses
Ok, now I need to watch this. Is it out on Blu-ray?
Everyone Hates Me and it’s FiNe
People who look down on others are the worst. We all sell ourselves in different ways
H Hy
H Hy Hace 5 meses
"Everyone's a whore, we just all sell different parts of ourselves." Thomas Shelby-Peaky Blinders
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