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What's up Buddies!? Here's a BTS look at how I made the 675LT video (bit.ly/2ZmfLo9) with some tools, tips, and tricks on how you can create some sick content yourself!
Massive thanks to Danny and Kyle at O'Gara Westlake for always coming through! They have a lot of CRAZY super and luxury cars in stock right now. Check out the inventory here: bit.ly/2MredHH
Also, I couldn't have made this without my dudes Armando and Connor. Sub and follow these rock stars! Links to their socials here:
Armando's IG - instagram.com/mondobytes/
Armando's YT - esvid.net/u-mondobytes
Connor's IG - instagram.com/connor_mccaskill/
If you have a car that you'd like to have filmed, hit me up on IG and let's make it happen!
Gear Featured Today:
Insta360 EVO: amzn.to/2IuQiSt
Fat Gecko Mount: amzn.to/2KEzYBe
Canon C200: amzn.to/2Ww9Csk
Blackmagic Design Cinema: amzn.to/2MDOKLj
Equipment I use:
Follow Me:
ESvid: bit.ly/2QIkj4T
Twitter: twitter.com/buddywyrick
Instagram: instagram.com/buddywyrick
Facebook: facebook.com/Hititpedro/
Most tracks are from Epidemic Sound, unless notated otherwise:

Coming Soon!
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Some of the links used in the description will direct you to Amazon, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.
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Buddy Wyrick
Buddy Wyrick Hace 9 meses
Thanks so much for all the support on the #675LT video! Here's a little BTS vlog on how it was made. LMK if you have any other questions on how the video was made or what tips you'd like to see next on the channel. PS - More mini movies to come!
Anthony Michael
Anthony Michael Hace 9 meses
hey- whats your honest opinion on that black magic camera? The amazon reviewer didn't give it 5 stars across the board- but still seems like a great beginners unit to use--- and i mean in respect to making 4k quality short auto videos-
Melvin Emil Muñiz Rivera
Buddy fast 💨 & furious movie 🎥 scene ?!
RidingBean72 Hace 9 meses
I been away a while, so I just found out that you are continuing on with your own thing. Just subscribed to the channel, and can't wait to see it grow. Best of luck to you Buddy (I can't tell how natural that is to say being a Canadian, we call everyone Buddy).
Junior Gaynor
Junior Gaynor Hace 9 meses
Loving these vlogs Buddy please keep them coming bringing me back to my school days being trained as a camera man!
Ryan Mclin
Ryan Mclin Hace 29 días
Everyone forgets salamondrin has done this move twice before with cup gang and rdb
Alp Usluduran
Alp Usluduran Hace un mes
Bad clickbate
The Real Cigar Jefe
The Real Cigar Jefe Hace 2 meses
That’s not what really happened.
Opie Vlogs
Opie Vlogs Hace 6 meses
wow a 1 min unskippable ad....that's one way to make sure people don't watch your full video.
The Stone
The Stone Hace 7 meses
Buddy, this is so generous to hand out so many tips and tricks! Love the video. IMO you do some of the best video production in car ESvid land. Wow thanks!
Antonio Carlos
Antonio Carlos Hace 7 meses
Malibu, Pacific Coast Hwy. :)
rideordieguy rideordieguy
Andre Arana
Andre Arana Hace 7 meses
You’re an artist, great video!
omar alajmi
omar alajmi Hace 8 meses
Looks pretty dope to me just like that ✌🏼
toyspeed71 Hace 8 meses
Nice find Buddy, Armando seems like a great guy to work with. I've been following his channel for years. Even though I missed you with Alejandro channel, I'm glad to find you here. (no homo) 😂😂
Bernard Lilavois
Bernard Lilavois Hace 8 meses
First Fast & Furious!! Brian and Dom dining al fresco...
E Co
E Co Hace 8 meses
Awesome!! But I'll like it even more if you keep the HIT IT PEDRO! name.. *unless if it is trademarked*
E Co
E Co Hace 8 meses
Nuff said!!👌👍
Buddy Wyrick
Buddy Wyrick Hace 8 meses
Not mine to have. ;)
Jim Gibson-Brown
Jim Gibson-Brown Hace 8 meses
Great content - genuine passion
Grumpy ol' Boot
Grumpy ol' Boot Hace 8 meses
Hah, 3 camera geeks, and none of them thought to bring a stabilizer - How ironic ! 😁🤣 Still, a dope video came out of it, so I can't complain much.
Price Allen
Price Allen Hace 8 meses
You know, as much as I enjoy Salomondrin, I understand that he is just getting so busy with all his business's to be an effective ESvidr for cars as he doesn't post as much anymore. So Buddy, you were always cool as hell, I've subscribed and will be passing along your channel to my friends. LOVE the inside knowledge on the cameras! Much of which can be applied to my hobby....sport bikes. Keep doing what you're doing!
Simeon Garratt
Simeon Garratt Hace 8 meses
Did something happened between you and Ale?
CLO'blazer 024
CLO'blazer 024 Hace 8 meses
no more salomondrin?
Peter vR
Peter vR Hace 9 meses
really appreciate you keeping it real and sharing the gritty details, nice work!
E Abuhasbu
E Abuhasbu Hace 9 meses
That dude you left his channel is boring without you
Adam Kowal
Adam Kowal Hace 9 meses
I love this channel already. So much more refreshing than y’all know which one. I know how hard you work on every video Buddy, wishing you best luck and lots of subscribers. Keep up with an honest no bullshit approach.
Jeffrey Klein
Jeffrey Klein Hace 9 meses
great clips buddy! Love the video keep up the work!!! gingers unite
Catherine Stevens
Catherine Stevens Hace 9 meses
Love it bro, keep it up amazing content. I really think you did the right move
Catherine Stevens
Catherine Stevens Hace 9 meses
Make a gta movie with that camera dude
Cesar Castillo
Cesar Castillo Hace 9 meses
I know Armando from his tech channel
kalel Wilson
kalel Wilson Hace 9 meses
Never subscribed so fast, thought we'd never see you again after leaving Alejandro, but I'm so glad you have your own channel... Best of luck .....
Lothbrok Rapnar
Lothbrok Rapnar Hace 9 meses
Amazing content buddy!! We gotchu buddy!
Anthony Abreu
Anthony Abreu Hace 9 meses
buddy nicely done
Vincent Harris
Vincent Harris Hace 9 meses
Pedro has a channel!!
Hector Salguero
Hector Salguero Hace 9 meses
I think salomondrin is going to shit.
Tim Hace 9 meses
Started your own channel too late, only a matter of time before you get dumped like everyone else. Abandon ship!
Buddy Wyrick
Buddy Wyrick Hace 9 meses
Apparently you haven't been paying attention
PRESCOTT 360 Hace 9 meses
This... This is the car/photog/cinematography that I need and want!!!
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson Hace 9 meses
Did farshad and pedro’s employment and non compete contracts end with salomondrin? They both start their own channel almost at the same time
Kenan Marx
Kenan Marx Hace 9 meses
Neptunes net is from the first fast and the furious after the Supra "smokes" the Ferrari..
Tim Germany
Tim Germany Hace 9 meses
Pedro back with his own channel? Why didnt anyone tell me?
BRUNO Ferreira
BRUNO Ferreira Hace 9 meses
Todo mundo abandonou Alejandro.. 😉😆😄😀😂
Zo Kay
Zo Kay Hace 9 meses
I'm just wondering if anyone here has ever heard of the term, "spin offs".
weljo2001 Hace 9 meses
Fast & Furious Scene.. Neptune's Net...A place with great views but mediocore food at an inflated price....
Jeff Clark
Jeff Clark Hace 9 meses
Love it Buddy!! Great content and I've always wanted to know more how this is done!
Frederick Hall Jr
Frederick Hall Jr Hace 9 meses
A buddy that was actually an excellent shot and you showed us how you did you do it so that really is kudos to you Hey man I just checked you out and I'm gonna Start watching you more I have salamandrine on my device and I watch him Too .Keep Up The Good Work
OK4Y Hace 9 meses
I knew i was getting clickbaited 👌🏾
Trevour Samuda collections
pedro/ buddy love the video...
Bryan M
Bryan M Hace 9 meses
New subscriber here🤘👌👏 And unsubscribe from Alejandros channel 🤘🤘
Berke Sss
Berke Sss Hace 9 meses
Meet with farshad
Machine Against The Rage
Just one more video with the American (American/Mexican/Middle eastern) Top Gear team... just to put all our minds at ease and stop with the hypothetical bull. Over a million people want to know if it’s amicable, if it was a blowup, or simple math (no videos, no income, new work?)
willie Jackson
willie Jackson Hace 9 meses
Life of palos kind of brought me here even though i was already subscribed to your channel.
Ashok Yadav
Ashok Yadav Hace 9 meses
Have you left the salomondrin channel...a long time not saw you on that channel ... And also i subscribed your channel
rocky southflorida
rocky southflorida Hace 9 meses
BW KILLING IT~,! Great job bro! You three are the new 3 musketeers of car film making! You need to do a short movie on the 2nd fastest teenager GIGI of Royalty and DDE fame. She got her own youtube channel now.. GT3rs at 17 nuts I tell you.. Probably could help her with film tips! Cheers and keep up good work!
yass123 Hace 9 meses
You didn't answer your own question in the title
Buddy Wyrick
Buddy Wyrick Hace 9 meses
I answered "what really happened" when we made the 675lt video. ;)
Jason Gudenkauf
Jason Gudenkauf Hace 9 meses
Neptune's Net, from The Fast and the Furious (1st one)
Smile Respectively
Smile Respectively Hace 9 meses
He might be a bad dude, you need to spill the truth about Salomondrin, Buddy
Zo Kay
Zo Kay Hace 9 meses
Is this mean girls or gossip girls?
Zo Kay
Zo Kay Hace 9 meses
Is this mean girls or gossip girls?
mike foxtrot
mike foxtrot Hace 9 meses
Fast and Furious; the original; back when the movies were about cars
Derek Livingston
Derek Livingston Hace 9 meses
The more I watch, the more I am loving your editing style.
Derek Livingston
Derek Livingston Hace 9 meses
WOW! So cool seeing youtubers I never expected to work together to be collabing. NicE!
808 33
808 33 Hace 9 meses
Sorry dudem but you know absolutely nothing about cars,.. stick to what your good at ... behind the camera . horses for courses.
Speedy's Car Community
Amazing work Buddy!!!
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz Hace 9 meses
Please keep mondo behind the camera. Salomondrin channel is not the same without you Buddy, but this channel is awesome! 👍 keep up the good work
Weston Geonetta
Weston Geonetta Hace 9 meses
I’m going to be honest. I don’t really have a huge interest in photography/cinematography but I do respect it big time! I only came here to support buddy because I think he’s a good guy and want to see him succeed. But I will admit, I thoroughly enjoyed this and it’s super interesting to see all that goes into this and all that you’re learning, it’s great. Can’t want for the next video!
C G Hace 9 meses
Buddy I’ll be in Cali working this summer Im trying to grow my channel while being family man to keep my creative genius flowing... colab?
Federico Mendoza
Federico Mendoza Hace 9 meses
I loved, and I would love to see your editing in premiere!
QuickScopingPerk Hace 9 meses
You’re a true KING buddy keep it going!!
Garrett Kuna
Garrett Kuna Hace 9 meses
Bro I love the behind the scenes stuff! Thank you so much for showing how you got that amazing shot!
Xavier Cruz
Xavier Cruz Hace 9 meses
Wait... you’re Pedro?
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Hace 9 meses
*The 675 looks good on you, but a Ford Raptor would look fuckin insane on you bro!*
DriverandtheKid Hace 9 meses
Always been such a consistent and likeable guy over the years on salomondrin good luck dude!
Robert Alessio
Robert Alessio Hace 9 meses
Hi Buddy, I think its awesome you have your own channel and can imagine the great content coming our way. Best of both worlds, Cars and film production content. Enjoyed watching you on the other channel but cant wait to see what you bring to the table here. All the very best mate and will stay tuned for next videos to come. Would be great to see you come to Australia one day. Cheers 👍
Gavin Hastings
Gavin Hastings Hace 9 meses
Glad to see you out on your own. I ditched the Salomondrin channel about 6 months ago when he started his nonsense against the other car content creators. Looking forward to seeing you grow. Hope you collaborate with Farshad. Would guarantee get you a shit load of views 👍🏾
Brandon Miller Car Performance
Buddy let me tell you something.. I’m just a simple guy if you read this man, I can tell you have a future in ESvid man. I really liked both videos man. I’ve been watching you and Alejandro forever. Keep it up bro and please keep making video cuz Alejandro is charging to much for his shit hehe but it’s the price for good content lol 😂. Take care bro and keep making videos lol
jorge m
jorge m Hace 9 meses
Instant sub👍
Nik Page
Nik Page Hace 9 meses
Great video, can't wait to see more from you... keep them coming
Daniel V
Daniel V Hace 9 meses
Fast and furious restaurant 😋
Dan Zhang
Dan Zhang Hace 9 meses
i really think buddy should open an online course academy on video editing and production. I really wanna learn from you!
Jaydeep Singh
Jaydeep Singh Hace 9 meses
Honestly, your "mistakes" were the best part of the original video. I couldn't comprehend how you were able to do some of those shots in post, but watching this video was really illuminating. Makes me want to get an extendable suction cup mount for my GoPro Fusion and play around with these ideas.
Max Negrete
Max Negrete Hace 9 meses
Good work did not see any mistakes on the video... WAT A PRO
Harrison Bertsch
Harrison Bertsch Hace 9 meses
super high quality content👌
Naeem Charania
Naeem Charania Hace 9 meses
I appreciate you moving onto your own thing. As a photo/video and auto enthusiast I think I'm gonna enjoy the hell out of this channel. Loving the Peter McKinnon style with automotive content and vlogging. Keep it up, you're gonna do amazing things! Subbed and notif squad :D
Joe Pomerening
Joe Pomerening Hace 9 meses
Great recovery on so many fronts, Buddy! Recomposing the whole video due to lack of stabilization - never woulda guessed! LOL. Also that 360 cam “drop shot” on take-off...I did wonder how TF! Some issues to fix but tricks to remember - always good to do some experimental shots. Keep it up!
Carlos Mario Rojas Pirajan
I love this channel, i follow your work since the tips of camera in IGTV and i loved. Respect and admiration from Colombia. Please more content and thank you Buddy for your passion.
Ken R
Ken R Hace 9 meses
Nice content, excited to see this new journey and wish you the best!
TheBoss 1584
TheBoss 1584 Hace 9 meses
Definitely from the first Fast and Furious film
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