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It's back! In this episode of What's In My Soccer Bag, I share with you some of my personal favorite gear that I've used through the month of October! From training apparel, socks, balls, shin guards, boots and even the bag itself, this is the best of the best of the latest gear that currently available! Which of these items do you like best?
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22 oct 2019






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delayed 910
delayed 910 Hace 2 meses
says " I have 3 boots that I've been using the most". there spotless
G Plays
G Plays Hace 4 meses
you take all of that with u to training?
Jonathan Batana
Jonathan Batana Hace 4 meses
Zainab Shata
Zainab Shata Hace 6 meses
Lol nxt shorts
Bob the builder
Bob the builder Hace 7 meses
Holy i thought this series was dead
Rian Eaglesham
Rian Eaglesham Hace 7 meses
surely I can't be the other one that thinks PSG has just become a fashion brand
Kelvin Hace 7 meses
Do a department store soccer bag
Velibor Vasovic of Ajax
Kinda of dumb ..however on a positive note...you look a lot like Jose Maria Basanta...separated at birth perhaps ?
Lach McGill
Lach McGill Hace 7 meses
Lach McGill
Lach McGill Hace 7 meses
You are so rich 30 dollars for short Is a lot stupid
Adam Hace 8 meses
All i bring is my ball my boots my water and my shin pads water ( i wear my kit to the mach)
Matthew Arnspiger
Matthew Arnspiger Hace 8 meses
you should do a takedown model Edition
Lewis Gillmore
Lewis Gillmore Hace 8 meses
best place to buy boots in 2019? its been 3 years now idk D:
I am Joe
I am Joe Hace 7 meses
Lewis Gillmore as in brand or getting the cheapest price? If ur talking about brand, depends on your budget. The best thing to get right now if u dont have a budget is a superfly 7 Elite, but u could get some other quality boots for cheaper
Aditya Bhokarey
Aditya Bhokarey Hace 8 meses
13:01 thank me later!
riickysk8 Hace 8 meses
wow no storelli
Tommyman9 Hace 8 meses
Where did you get the Nike shirt that you are wearing in the video? Thanks
JESUS SANDALS69 Hace 8 meses
I have the same bag but all black
IamKaspian Hace 8 meses
its football
olekminsk k
olekminsk k Hace 8 meses
145$ shin pads lmao what's the goddam point
Cookie Hace 8 meses
I have same bag, but i didn’t notice hidden pocket!)
Matan Adri
Matan Adri Hace 8 meses
Can we get a review on the ASICS Ultrezza AI ?
Joseph Pedraza
Joseph Pedraza Hace 8 meses
How are ur boots coming along
Joseph Pedraza
Joseph Pedraza Hace 8 meses
Thank you I’ve wanted this for a while
Caleb Sun
Caleb Sun Hace 8 meses
Josh should've said, *It's bag* (not it's BACK)
Elias Hace 8 meses
nice boot wall lmao seems degraded
Adam Tolba
Adam Tolba Hace 8 meses
It’s called football
Twikon YT
Twikon YT Hace 8 meses
εαsγ dμβs
MR AWM Hace 8 meses
Would be good if you mentioned the size in the apparel and if thats a TTS or small/large
Blades Hace 8 meses
We have only waited like a year and when I saw this as a notification was the best thing what happened yesterday
Xave Grimm
Xave Grimm Hace 8 meses
are there different colorways for the lottos?
Xave Grimm
Xave Grimm Hace 8 meses
i like how you chose a different brand mostly
TeamZomb Hace 8 meses
What’s in my soccer bag 2019 just poo water
Scott Dangerfield
Scott Dangerfield Hace 8 meses
Gloves..?? Do you play in goal..? Gloves.. everything that’s wrong with Association Football..
Kiwi Kicker
Kiwi Kicker Hace 8 meses
Bro that Inter shirt in your thumbnail is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!
Kaz Odus
Kaz Odus Hace 8 meses
Finally it's back!!!!
tnt Hace 8 meses
hi im tyler I live in the Niagara region for some reason you live in missuaga Canada im a goalkeeper so you need a goalkeeper for a video hit me up
tigerbalm Hace 8 meses
That bag looks like you pick poopy after your dog...
soccer boii
soccer boii Hace 8 meses
Finally!!! I usted to love these videos back when i would play in highschool !
Hamid Hace 8 meses
Mizuno rebula 3??🥺
Peyton Dagenais
Peyton Dagenais Hace 8 meses
I see an 'M' in his moustache. Must be for Movember.
Brooklyn Deramoudt
Brooklyn Deramoudt Hace 8 meses
Where can I buy classic football shoes size uk11 (Nike ctr360, hypervenom 1 etc)
Soccer Reviews For You
Ebay would be your best bet for older stuff like that. Beware of counterfeits though.
WTFx Hace 8 meses
One of the best purchases i ever made was those c6 agility shinguards. Mine are gen3 and still awesome.
Mini & Commando
Mini & Commando Hace 8 meses
I just close my eyes and hope for the best.
Miguel Ortiz Aldaba
Miguel Ortiz Aldaba Hace 8 meses
Can I win the next bag
Allitar Hace 8 meses
Is the hyper venom still good?
Eeri-Clyde Arro
Eeri-Clyde Arro Hace 8 meses
Finally it's back!! I have veel waiting for this so long
Frosty Hace 8 meses
You should do a budget one for 150£ pls Like so he see's it
TobeAye Hace 8 meses
Ugh... this is such a bag series.
Sneh S
Sneh S Hace 8 meses
OGs remember when josh wore storelli body shield slider shorts religiously
Sam Wigglesworth
Sam Wigglesworth Hace 8 meses
called football yanky man
Je Boris
Je Boris Hace 8 meses
Do you need to a wear underwear Under compression shorts??
Soccer Reviews For You
CHRIS NEW YORK Hace 8 meses
CAN TOU TELL ME WHATS A GREAT TURF SHOE THATS COMFORTABLE. Great video. Hope you do it every month.
Gayasscroisant Hace 8 meses
Well Done keep this up it's. My birthday on the 28th so I want to see what. I should buy
Francisco Sosa
Francisco Sosa Hace 8 meses
I’m happy these series is back!!!. I love some of the stuff you just showed, I will look them up. And great to see you did not choose any Nike or Adidas boots 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Give the small brands a chance 👍🏼
Mitch Hace 8 meses
ayske1 Hace 8 meses
Straight away I thought does it have ACC
Alex Ng
Alex Ng Hace 8 meses
anyone noticed the unsymmetrical alignment of the crest and the adidas logo?
Andrew Long
Andrew Long Hace 8 meses
You actually put your boots on the left zipper bit
Msaas Hace 8 meses
The laces on lotto are twisted?
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma Hace 8 meses
Yes Josh thank u very much
Rogue Eagle
Rogue Eagle Hace 8 meses
Picked up the Platinum’s after watching your review (and getting them snuggled into California......). Gotta say, spot on, I love em.
Mr Awsomeness
Mr Awsomeness Hace 8 meses
This series is my Sort of ..... basically .....almost .....blah blah favourite series
Snop Snap
Snop Snap Hace 8 meses
Hi Geoff, if you have to choose between Nike and Puma which brand would you wear forever?
Niels Hamels
Niels Hamels Hace 8 meses
what about the mizuno rebula 3 elite's (latest review) is the comfort as good as the new balance tekela v2's ? wich you prefer?
Niels Hamels
Niels Hamels Hace 8 meses
@Soccer Reviews For You thx for replying, bought the indoor boots from mizuno's top sala premium's and they are really good, so good that I top them over my Joma top flex boots. now wanting the rebula's for outside
Soccer Reviews For You
They're phenomenal boots! They're as comfortable as pretty much anything. Given the choice, I'd go for the Rebulas. That's not to say that the Tekelas aren't also great boots. They were featured in this video because they're the boots I've been wearing lately.
Iqbal Aulia Rachman
Iqbal Aulia Rachman Hace 8 meses
0:05 "welcome back" more like "welcome *BAG* "
Harshal Verma
Harshal Verma Hace 8 meses
Mohamad Juzaimi
Mohamad Juzaimi Hace 8 meses
Joe bro...do u get 2 pairs of each boots?because if the lotto solista lll looks unused.and clean....
arjun dintakurti
arjun dintakurti Hace 8 meses
Could you do best boots for wet conditions
Thommas Hace 8 meses
*Relatively inexpensive* x24
Maktoum _
Maktoum _ Hace 8 meses
#noti gang
PeteyTheRipper Hace 8 meses
“The great poo flood of 2019” lmao. Great vid though hope this series continues
Logan L
Logan L Hace 8 meses
What size you are wearing the Real Madrid pre match jersey? XL?
Soccer Reviews For You
That's a Large.
H F Hace 8 meses
Hey josh, can you please next vid put the prices in multiple different currencies, for people like me not from America Btw I am from Australia
Manchester United fan
I love this series I would love to see more :)
Oliver Florentino
Oliver Florentino Hace 8 meses
Finally Jerome posted one of these vids
boban Play
boban Play Hace 8 meses
No way
Devon Kirby
Devon Kirby Hace 8 meses
I had the Furon Pro 4's and New Balance, in my opinion, actually make better speed boots than Nike
Francisco Mora
Francisco Mora Hace 8 meses
Put more boots in the boot wall
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan Hace 8 meses
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