What's inside a Tesla Surfboard?

What's Inside?
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Tesla made 200 limited edition surfboards, We try to Surf it then CUT IT OPEN! This video was sponsored by LastPass. Start using LastPass now: bit.ly/2RuMF1e Check out our other Tesla videos here: esvid.net/group/PL3BVMyyYBBRG9iCTHV_C8jq9lEmMpO7oq
Thanks to Ben from Teslanomics for helping us with this video! Check out his channel here: esvid.net/show-UCbEbf0-PoSuHD0TgMbxomDg
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9 feb 2019






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Comentarios 3 817
LucasToyChest Hace 2 meses
Do you have to recharge it?
Fuudcu GJeejvw
Fuudcu GJeejvw Hace 4 días
Cubezz r/wooosh
Valerie Otero
Valerie Otero Hace 16 días
Lm Lucas and Mikael
Lm Lucas and Mikael Hace 16 días
You do realize that it has NO electronics at all
Lm Lucas and Mikael
Lm Lucas and Mikael Hace 16 días
Alphan Gaming
Alphan Gaming Hace un mes
I think yes
Destryer1 Boom
Destryer1 Boom Hace un hora
Why would u break that it’s a exclusive someone could of actually wanted one of those
999K views Hace un día
Its just a normal surfboard what did you expect was going to be inside it.
Carlie Paskett
Carlie Paskett Hace 2 días
Your right where I live
Steeve Davis
Steeve Davis Hace 2 días
Have you tried flex tape to put it back together?
Sagittarium Hace 2 días
next tesla product: electric paper and a pen
Ismail Amiri
Ismail Amiri Hace 2 días
How many miles per charge?
Tigran Baghdasaryan
Tigran Baghdasaryan Hace 3 días
5:05 rip camera man
Chucho Barrera
Chucho Barrera Hace 3 días
2:36 in the middle of the camera you might see a black spot like if you see it.
Tom. b.
Tom. b. Hace un día
At 2:19 he kinda said that his lens was dirty
Ismail Amiri
Ismail Amiri Hace 2 días
What is the point of that?
Sup Guys27
Sup Guys27 Hace 3 días
Wow breaking one of the most rare surf boards ever
TNDM/ /Liamgaming
TNDM/ /Liamgaming Hace 4 días
So you just could make it by yourself and sell it for 10 thousand dollars lol
Jafar Smith
Jafar Smith Hace 4 días
Should've gotten a professional surfer to test the board
Sample Text
Sample Text Hace 4 días
Auto surf
Abu Fofana
Abu Fofana Hace 5 días
Tesla is a noob car
Sry I use 1password7
CD Hace 5 días
supa gaming
supa gaming Hace 5 días
you are not gonna guess who is the b0$$ read the first three words
[GD]Kenneth Gaming
[GD]Kenneth Gaming Hace 5 días
What’s inside what’s inside?
Nate Coleman
Nate Coleman Hace 5 días
Why the hell do you show footage of his crouch
Yeet Your Mom
Yeet Your Mom Hace 5 días
Dude I hate when people smash things I would love to have
Caroline Dull
Caroline Dull Hace 5 días
I ask for AirPods to use which is two hundred dollars and you buy a 3,000 dollar surfboard and break it...
MrSupreme 11
MrSupreme 11 Hace 5 días
This is why you don't have nice things
Anthony Ives
Anthony Ives Hace 6 días
I want a Tesla
Eva V
Eva V Hace 6 días
Robert Franks
Robert Franks Hace 7 días
this was so pointless
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson Hace 7 días
Lastpass sounds like a great way to steal passwords and identity
here is sam
here is sam Hace 8 días
I get that he is near the ocean and all but god the audio is AWFUL.
Pewdiepie Supporter
Pewdiepie Supporter Hace 9 días
Go to saint augistine
Peypey walker bros channel Walker
Lease pass sucks
PotatoNarwhal Hace 10 días
6:29 lol look at the bottom left corner
ItzJoeyBoi Hace 10 días
Hey last pass what’s my password?
Bb HHS Hace 10 días
Gets a surfboard that’s extremely rare, what do we do? BREAK IT
ebutuoy22078 Hace 11 días
what a flog
Jeremiah Jackson
Jeremiah Jackson Hace 11 días
I dont like your vids because lots of people try to save up for the stuff you have but you sit here and cut them open
Mr flamingo Plays1232
Jeremiah Jackson exactly
The commentary Tacos
The commentary Tacos Hace 12 días
WTF WHY DOES TESLA DOING EVERYTHING LIKE MOBILE WIRELESS CHARGER AND SURFINGBOARDS (and I forgot the next subway surfers update is going to include the tesla surfing board)
The Jucc
The Jucc Hace 12 días
A little bit Intellectual
Nobody: Not a single soul: Literally not a single person Whats inside: WHATS INSIDE A 200UNIT LIMITED TESLA 1500$ SURFBOARD
Martin Baumeister
Martin Baumeister Hace un día
Most underrated comment
Moss Dolman
Moss Dolman Hace 15 días
What Color is your tesla x???
Do you work at a school
The Racing Channel
The Racing Channel Hace 19 días
But what if you forget your LastPass password?
Bennett Chason
Bennett Chason Hace 19 días
That is soooooooooooo cool! I never thought that they made a surf boards
Ryan Salaman
Ryan Salaman Hace 20 días
No don't break it
RJ Hace 21 un día
Love the NMDS Dan
Justin Fresh
Justin Fresh Hace 22 días
ShuffleDance Offical
ShuffleDance Offical Hace 23 días
Apple and Tesla have something in common, don't they? *duh*
Magical Burger
Magical Burger Hace 24 días
The thing you were talking about the thing you do in Hawai’i is called a shak a!
CarterTheMaster Hace 24 días
*Elon Musk has left the chat*
Samwise Hace 24 días
if you did as much research on Google as you did on ebay, you would find Matt Biolos made these. You can just order a custom board... with a custom graphic... DUDDDDDDDE. This is the official interior decoration of the adult learner.
TuanVN 2007
TuanVN 2007 Hace 25 días
its What's Inside? ( Destroy Channel ) not What's Inside?
xKrazyx Hace 25 días
Does wave ain’t even big
Sofia Rapti
Sofia Rapti Hace 27 días
why tho
Get hacked
Get hacked Hace 27 días
What’s the range?
Bacon Gaming
Bacon Gaming Hace 28 días
Super STAR Kids!
Super STAR Kids! Hace 29 días
I would forget my lasspass password
Sir Jordi
Sir Jordi Hace 29 días
Pirvan Sebastian
Pirvan Sebastian Hace un mes
Samsung pass right?
FR3 Hace un mes
Were you in San Diego when you recorded this video.
Knight 117
Knight 117 Hace un mes
Hyunmee Lee
Hyunmee Lee Hace un mes
When Tesla scams you
Bennie_and_a_jet Hace un mes
Does it surf?... I wouldn't call that surf, but OK.... What's inside it?... Nothing special and very overpriced.. so yeah, it's a Tesla.
jaz jazzie
jaz jazzie Hace un mes
The guy surfing is such a kook
Mason Bryant #5
Mason Bryant #5 Hace un mes
I’ll save you 9:33 of your time it’s foam and fiberglass covered by epoxy
It_Robust_YT Hace un mes
Speaking of the roadster, everyday is so long when thinking about it.
Joshua Carter
Joshua Carter Hace un mes
he's surfing on foam but what about tricks and pumping along the face
Julian Treasure
Julian Treasure Hace un mes
Do you have to charge it
Reece Harbottle
Reece Harbottle Hace un mes
Their not fins their skegs Edit: what I meant was I call it skegs
Juan Aguilera
Juan Aguilera Hace un mes
Idk why i was expecting a self control mode 😂
Pranjal Singh
Pranjal Singh Hace un mes
7:14 Lol
Plainrock 124
Plainrock 124 Hace un mes
Why dose everyone have the same profile picture
Music Rocks
Music Rocks Hace un mes
You have to charge the foam.
Music Rocks
Music Rocks Hace un mes
Of course you have to recharge the tesla surfboard everything tesla you have to.
Sean Schaffer
Sean Schaffer Hace un mes
Seth Williams
Seth Williams Hace un mes
this channel is such a waste of time
Diamondar Boss
Diamondar Boss Hace un mes
Binary Sunset Chaser
What a waste.....
Colton Williams
Colton Williams Hace un mes
Can you do what's inside fortnite
Anayanzy Moncivais
Anayanzy Moncivais Hace un mes
I hope you have a great happy new year because it is 2019!
Noel Hand
Noel Hand Hace un mes
Imagine gettin a dink in it
Lucix Bros
Lucix Bros Hace un mes
Sure love when you brake one of a kind things that I can’t even afford
D. Jay
D. Jay Hace un mes
Sure love when you can’t spell
Clancy Luscombe
Clancy Luscombe Hace un mes
miniplex Hace un mes
HAA 9:15
redlizard78 Hace un mes
Welcome to the channel where a guy and his son and friends know nothing about anything.
Wiremu Hace un mes
What a wanker.
Rebz The Guru
Rebz The Guru Hace un mes
LMAO they got a tesla surf-board an tesla cars too Lol make sure they dont randomly go up in flames you should see whats in a tesla car lol
Buzz Dro
Buzz Dro Hace un mes
ok this surf board it teslas most stupidest and useless product.
Green Guy
Green Guy Hace un mes
I don't like you T-series...
Joshua Tang
Joshua Tang Hace un mes
Wasted 1,500 dollars
Salty Beignet
Salty Beignet Hace un mes
What if you lose your password to last pass
Florida Boy
Florida Boy Hace un mes
Einar Juarez
Einar Juarez Hace un mes
Ben has a friend named Ben?? Nice
Ajant Smith
Ajant Smith Hace un mes
This guy is so wasteful.
Spiral SM
Spiral SM Hace un mes
Ikbel Hammami
Ikbel Hammami Hace un mes
That’s an awesome way to prove that Elon want to show the power of branding as well how people can be foolish! That’s hard test
MPM _STAMP Hace un mes
It's no nice 😆
Ronnie Leno
Ronnie Leno Hace un mes
What's inside of a fire truck
Kiroles Amir
Kiroles Amir Hace un mes
Is tesla the new supreme ?
Cathy Cooks TG
Cathy Cooks TG Hace un mes
slow mo guys and whats inside colab?
Bluzumaki Hace un mes
Nice Nmds
Glish_Brownie Leader
Why would you break it it’s like really rare
CM7botekar Hace un mes
Females just walk away after this video.
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