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Welcome Lumies and Friends,
My name is Clair Summer. I am gifted with clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing) and claircognizance (knowing) - and yes, my real name is Clair! This channel is dedicated to bringing you intuitive tarot readings for your heart and soul. I hope you enjoy it. Love and best wishes xx
Timeless Reading: Trust that whenever you have found this message, is the right time for you.
General Reading: If this message doesn't resonate with you, feel peaceful and find the one that does.
DONATIONS - Offerings through the energetic exchange are warmly appreciated.
Legal Disclaimer: this video is for entertainment purposes only.
Time Stamps
Group 1 = 02:11
Group 2 = 21:10
Group 3 = 39:53
Group 4 = 57:58
I am not offering readings at this time, however I recommend Oranum as a wonderful resource for trusted tarot readers and psychics. This is the service I personally use, however I do not recommend specific readers because I believe it is a personal decision, based on who you resonate with and your needs.
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1. Sign up and get $10 dollars free - use this free time to to see if you resonate with the person you have chosen. If you don't resonate, then you haven't lost out.
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3. Check the number to see how many readings they have done. Always opt for someone with a lot of experience.
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Kristi Matash Johnson
Clair, you’re the only one I can resonate with!!! I purchased your how to manifest your specific person download!!! The imagery and it sounds like your voice is the most calming meditation I’ve listened to!!! I’ll be downloading all of them and I’m going to see if your book comes in an audiobook? You are a very classy woman and thank you for not just telling people what they want to hear!!! Truly Kristi Johnson from Ohio USA
H Ho
H Ho Hace un mes
LUMIERE hi have you deleted your last video? I was trying to find it because I was going to look into the healing circle you mentioned. Did you delete because you don’t recommend?
LUMIERE Hace un mes
Thank you for your kindness. I am so pleased you are enjoying the meditation. The book doesn't come in an audio version but there is an app called AirRead which you can use to read it for you. Many blessings xx
Zoe Stewart
Zoe Stewart Hace 5 horas
Pile #3 😅
France Lu
France Lu Hace 3 días
Group 2 : I’m a Taurus sign and I’m dealing with a Scorpio sign. We met each other 4 years ago when I was still working abroad. He was just on a business trip that time, but frequently travel to the city where I used to live for 7 years. A friend of mine brought him with her in our group of friends night out. He was my friend’s date that time, but turned out they didn’t like or rather attracted to each other. We just ended up talking almost the entire night. We kept in touch and met up whenever he was in the city for a few months of 2016. He was a good man. The attraction was there, but I was really hesitant because he travelled a lot and thought he wouldn’t take me seriously. Unfortunately, we just stopped communicating before the end of 2016. I moved on (removed him on my social media) and a lot of things have happened in a span of nearly 4 years. I haven’t thought about him through those years. This Mid-January of 2020 I suddenly received a message from him on FB greeted me happy 2020. I just instantly remembered I used to know a specific person.lol Things started from there again. Exchanging messages everyday, voice messages and then video calls sometimes. We are in distance - living in a different sides of the world. So I thought it was a start of love story for me until all of a sudden, his energy changed. Like he just had a change of heart. He said he didn’t want to string me along, to keep my hopes up that he might won’t be able to travel and see me because of the Corona Virus has been happening in the world. I felt he lost his faith in us. So we haven’t spoken for a few weeks now, less messages since this March. I’m just keeping my distance for now and just let him deal what he is going through. I always remind myself and this has been my mantra after so many heartbreaks I experienced in my life, “Choose people who choose you. If they really want you in their life, they will decide it on their own without you forcing it.” If he chose to walk away for good, I’m making peace with it. I don’t want to be bitter or sad about it anymore. Focus on the things and people I have right now. I’m surrendering everything in God’s hands. I always believe that everything is beautiful in His timing. Sending light and love to everyone who needs it. Hi Claire from Manila, Philippines.🇵🇭❤️
Mikurotsukami -
Mikurotsukami - Hace 3 días
I only resonate with you. To the point of tears. Also, I really enjoy the tune at the beginning of your videos. It reminds me of Tycho(Electronic relaxing musician) and Okami(a japanese videogame about lore with beautiful music) ♥
Carrie Bell
Carrie Bell Hace 4 días
I’m so looking forward to knowing who is the person you’re talking about 🤔
Literally Michele
Literally Michele Hace 6 días
Alessandra Hace 9 días
I watch tarot readings for some time now... And every reading says the exact same thing... WHERE ARE YOU????? I'M DYING TO MEET YOU.
lauptla Hace 11 días
i'm just crying watching this. it is so accurate. wow it hits me so hard. thank you
nadiyah ambreen
nadiyah ambreen Hace 15 días
You’re so beautiful ❤️❤️
stethacp 617
stethacp 617 Hace 17 días
Gert Maes
Gert Maes Hace 17 días
Maktub 😌
EliseTW Teh
EliseTW Teh Hace 18 días
#4 ❤️
Ahn Mei Jia
Ahn Mei Jia Hace 20 días
Oh gosh! as a gemini-cancer cusp It does resonate!
Luli Argueta
Luli Argueta Hace 20 días
I chose number 4 and I feel like I already meet him
Gabriel Abille
Gabriel Abille Hace 22 días
For some reason I keep getting same results for these timeless readings, and it all points out to my ex and I like the idea of that. Perhaps she does too. Not to mention all the synchronicities I keep seeing, 111, 333, 555. She’s a Pisces and I’m Scorpio, how interesting.
Silvia Hsu
Silvia Hsu Hace 22 días
4thank u for ur reading
Black Rose
Black Rose Hace 23 días
Wow i can resonate with no3 ! Hmmm you have give me hope...and yeah my person sending me mixed signals...i hope it will be all fine... Tnx for all...love you
Ally Eren
Ally Eren Hace 23 días
💝 love how you described your relationship with your husband, happy for you, sounds great.
johanna filpo
johanna filpo Hace 23 días
3- you “ we have money “ Me , ok that was a good read . ( ready to stop video ) Lol Iam Capricorn 🤷🏼‍♀️
Kate H
Kate H Hace 23 días
Group 1 9:07 Clair: ...would you be happy with the underwear you have? Me: (currently wearing comfy old pants with holes in) Errrrm….
Margarette Hace 25 días
thank you love for doing this
Patricia Moore
Patricia Moore Hace 25 días
Wow Clair I have heard this before (I choose no 1) my ex is still in my head but I want him out! I do feel like my body isn’t that great right now either. I’m gonna take on the spiritual advice from the reading and try and take care of myself.
Dipanwita Dey
Dipanwita Dey Hace 25 días
I really want to meet someone who will understand me... Thank you so much for your readings.... Picked card no 4 ....am so ready for a new person in my life ❤❤
Soumya Bhujle
Soumya Bhujle Hace 26 días
Hey. I tried exchanging energies for d meditations but just not able to exchange via both the ways mentioned there. Can u kindly avail oder means of transfer ?
Roe Hace 26 días
Charisse Gragata
Charisse Gragata Hace 27 días
#2..i was speechless..actually! I dont know what to say..i'm working overseas in "arab" country..and i met someone here..and i was in shock about the reading
Twinkelsmile1 Hace 28 días
Pile 3
Kris Crismundo
Kris Crismundo Hace 29 días
Wow. Just wow.
Raageshwari Kshetrimayum
I love you clair
Dianne Izabelle
Dianne Izabelle Hace un mes
Pleaseee make a reading about "what should i do to this relationship" pleaseee thank you 😢😢
Neda Deniz
Neda Deniz Hace un mes
group #3... definitely have not met this person... but excited to get wild ;)
Alexandra Oliveira
Alexandra Oliveira Hace un mes
I dont mind the not looking good his pockets and him being family oriented is what matters in other words ambitious pile 1 love that
RitaTocta Hace un mes
Numero UNO 💕❤️🙏🤗
Dianne Izabelle
Dianne Izabelle Hace un mes
Pleaseee make a reading about "what should i do" pleasee it would help a lot 😢😢
Goddess Topaz
Goddess Topaz Hace un mes
j L
j L Hace un mes
Zohreh fq
Zohreh fq Hace un mes
Just enjoy to see you and hear your words! Yr so cute and accurate ❤ always with good vibes. Love u
Editing Services
Editing Services Hace un mes
Wow, so exciting, thanks, Clair ♥
cypher Hace un mes
Hey why are u delete your new video?
Manisha Sinha
Manisha Sinha Hace un mes
Why did you deleted that video meant to be?
sanza stark
sanza stark Hace un mes
group 3 - no sorry I think I'll continuing single. That's what I'm planning anyways😅
Gianina Moise
Gianina Moise Hace un mes
Are you on fb Lumiere? I would love to follow you there, too. I am not on instagram.
Queen Of Hell
Queen Of Hell Hace un mes
I'm already taken and just came to see if it'd still resonate with me. I picked group 3 and it PERFECTLY describes our relationship
I Gatti
I Gatti Hace un mes
Number 2. I don’t want ppl with kids or family issues. I don’t want a challenging situation even though it’s real. They have already lost me even though I haven’t met them yet.
J A M Hace un mes
Drawn to pile 2, 3 and 4. I think I’ve watched this video before but don’t remember what I picked.
mzzy b
mzzy b Hace un mes
Thank you Clair❤️ Reading no. 4 was EXACTLY what I needed in my life right now🙏🏼
B1-mind Hace un mes
Beautiful Reading! 💗🌟 Thank you 🙏
Lisa Bridgette
Lisa Bridgette Hace un mes
Group 3: I love your calming voice! Super excited for this to manifest! Last year was really rough and my confidence was totally down but I’m on the mend now. You described the person I’ve been wishing for. 🙏🏾
S W Hace un mes
This reading is insane. You are amazing 👌🙌
Ramona Cirstea
Ramona Cirstea Hace un mes
Pile 2 ❤️ ready to it
Nishi Vasnik
Nishi Vasnik Hace un mes
This again is totally resonating with me❤️your energy is so calming
PLUSH PEACE Hace un mes
Thank you for this reading. I am open and ready to accept the true love that is coming to me. I feel so grateful to have a love like this in my life.
Zara Mejslov Jensen
“Love is coming home”, love that!!! ❤️
Jiju Gokul
Jiju Gokul Hace un mes
Pile #4: Thank you so much! Beautiful reading. Love and light to you.
Ramwhom Channel
Ramwhom Channel Hace un mes
I swear i watched like 6 videos of you and a lot of other tarot videos idk like 15 of them. And every single video i watched had the same message like the physical distance and the process to get together, how he need to solve his own problem with the relationship in the past right now,... If something wont happen, i'll cry for the rest of the year.
Krishna Hace un mes
M. H
M. H Hace un mes
anya mini
anya mini Hace un mes
Clair, as usual every single word resonated. I have chose Nr 2 and it couldn’t be said more correctly. Sometimes I feel what you gonna say! It’s like magic. Totally love your readings! Warm hugs and thank you!🙌🏻🤗🤗🙏🏻🙏🏻
Chloe Hassall
Chloe Hassall Hace un mes
This video got recommended for me at 11:11 .
Jasmine Art
Jasmine Art Hace un mes
#3 thank you darling. Much love to you
Candace Henry
Candace Henry Hace un mes
The storm was so calming though
whatsup who
whatsup who Hace un mes
funny how everyone wants pile 3, like a package. i wonder if guys also think of women as their ideal to be a package too. lol
A. V.
A. V. Hace un mes
group 3 . beauty
Hailey Racki
Hailey Racki Hace un mes
Group 3 resonated for me so much, it was actually crazy, because most tarot readings dont resonate with me as much as yours do, thank you so much!
kirdot2011 Hace un mes
Over the next 6 months?! 37:50 you probably meant 6 years (pile 2)
Andreia Reminiec
Andreia Reminiec Hace un mes
Elizabeth Hace un mes
Pile 2. I'm so ready to meet this man.
Jasveen Kaur
Jasveen Kaur Hace un mes
No 2
Veronica Smith
Veronica Smith Hace un mes
Pile ty ❤️ 1 4
Emma Saville
Emma Saville Hace un mes
#3 Oh I hope. We use to text and then he stopped but when we see each other, he looks at me like he likes me and this makes a lot more sense now. I just don’t know how to let him know I like him too without straight up telling him.
Lafastuce L
Lafastuce L Hace un mes
#3. Omg. I have " wealthy man " as affirmations on my vision board. I'm no gold digger. Sis is reaching financial freedom soon. So I wanted someone in the same state as me
100 GlamMakeupforgirls xox
I chose pile number 4 im a Libra cant wait to meet him ♎♥️♥️♥️♥️
The Lovely Stranger Tarot
Pile 1. Beautiful reading, it resonated a lot ❤️🙏
Gem Hace un mes
I am so thankfull for this video and for it calling to me! Watching your videos is always a huge pleasure, it brings me so much joy, love and happiness! You truly make me feel full of love, appreciation and gratitude! Thank you so much for sharing that much positivity and love through your work!
Caroline C
Caroline C Hace un mes
"You may be in a healing profession'' We're both studying to hopefully become doctors😨 Omg I don't know why your readings always resonnate so much but they really do♥️♥️
Shrests Shrestha
Shrests Shrestha Hace un mes
Hi Lumiere, I was heart broken from the split with my bf since last November. He is a Capricorn and I’m a Cancer. He was miscommunicating a lot and I had a vibe that he will break up. He one day did. Left me shattered. After 10 days of split I texted him saying I miss him. He ignored. Then I thought I should move on. I went into depression and couldn’t stay focused. I was in no contact with him all this time. Didn’t know what’s going on or who to blame. So distressed. Everyday I missed him and cried, until I found out that he is talking to someone. I started to live my life without his thoughts but it was too hard. And in one of the video you mentioned to pick one deck of a card and the one I selected you said that he is feeling gupti and wants to come back but he is scared he won’t. I’m like I know him he will never contact me again ! Then your another video I picked a deck of a card and you said again he will contact you soon he misses you. That was Valentine’s Day. He texted me saying “why?” From there we talked to one hour but I didn’t say I wanna come back. He begged me to be in his life again and he thought I was dishonest with him in most of our relation. Thai is weird and amazing at the same time. I thought I lost him, and Capricorn is the most stubborn and arrogant sign, they won’t come back to you unless you broke up with them. This was amazing. You are the best of the best dear ... you ar whist amazing... I love you so much for this... for three months I thought I lost my hope !!!
Samuel Omozusi
Samuel Omozusi Hace un mes
I picked 4. And in so many of your videos I'm prophesied to meet my twin flame/soulmate. I think I might know who that is but circumstances are currently difficult and I could be wrong of course. Edit: And as you said (with a smile no less :)), I needed to hear this. It confirms my suspicion that the girl I'm crazy about is probably this person. She refers to herself as an "old woman" but has that old soul appeal you referred to.
dimitra rena
dimitra rena Hace un mes
#3 ok, i hope i dont f it up again
sy yap
sy yap Hace un mes
2 pile...thank you
Sati Hace un mes
Your readings always resonate with me and indicate that my person needs more encouragement from me to make a move. But he's so confusing! He's now dating this other girl and is trying to make me believe he's serious about her, but then he rarely spends time with her and is always tagging along after me and finding excuses to talk to me and getting jealous if I talk to other guys and what not. First I thought he was trying to make me jealous with the other girl, but if he likes me then shouldn't he be worried I'd get over him if he isn't single?
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