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Vince Blight (Bill Hader) hosts "What's That Name?" where contestants (John Mulaney, Cecily Strong) easily remember the names celebrities, but can't recall the names of people in their lives, like a close friend's girlfriend (Heidi Gardner) and a spouse's bridesmaid (Melissa Villaseñor).
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3 mar 2019

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Comentarios 2 868
Cathair 929
Cathair 929 Hace un hora
The audience ruins it as always
CarolinaBaby _
CarolinaBaby _ Hace un hora
I roll with a crew of problematic bachelors and we call ourselves, "The Squad" 😂😂
Aidan Eccles
Aidan Eccles Hace un hora
"and we call ourselves "the Squad"" well that didnt age well
James Dahl
James Dahl Hace 5 horas
This is my all-time favorite skit. I laugh every freaking time I watch it
David Johns
David Johns Hace 8 horas
Demeter Hace 9 horas
I love the black and yellow dress.
Brandon Newby
Brandon Newby Hace 10 horas
His faces...
Brandon Newby
Brandon Newby Hace 10 horas
No no no. Get the cameras on him. Finish that Doug. Bill Hader man.
Adorly Tanglao
Adorly Tanglao Hace un día
That pause at 2:11. Everytime.
Falk Heintzscherfler
Easily the best sketch of the entire season.
Elle Fleming
Elle Fleming Hace 2 días
Bill hader is a gem
Emrys0211 Gamers
Emrys0211 Gamers Hace 2 días
The sad part I don’t know half of my mother and father side of the family and my co worker
Lotts xxx
Lotts xxx Hace 2 días
“I guess you just don’t consider her a human being” This sketch was scarily true in many ways
Kyler Janovec
Kyler Janovec Hace 2 días
Thomas Rhett what is that about he wasn’t in it
Abtin K
Abtin K Hace 3 días
SNL used to be good with good writing and good actors
Rob Britt
Rob Britt Hace 3 días
What piece of feminazi garbage puked up this crap?
squad don
squad don Hace 3 días
Problematic bachelors , the squad. Got me on that one hahaha
Jasper102211 Hace 3 días
There have been a lot of great game show skits on SNL over the years... but this one is perhaps the best of them all. Bill Hader is gold, and John Mulaney is always a stellar guest.
Garrett Lees
Garrett Lees Hace 3 días
Cultural Marxist "white people are evil" comedy. Yawn.
Willie Barton
Willie Barton Hace 4 días
I think I missed an era of SNL with Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. Thank goodness there's clips.
Christopher Dorrough
Willie Barton I know. Those two were my favs on SNL. I wish them the best.
jack mayhoffer
jack mayhoffer Hace 4 días
3:40 he’s gay.
Sir.Ki Hace 4 días
No joke this just happened. There was a thunderstorm outside and when Bill Hader said chaos, thunder rolled and the lights flashed. The timing was perfect... Or Bill Hader is haunting my ass.
sonyahannah Hace 4 días
I MISS Stefon on Weekend Update!
James McInnis
James McInnis Hace 4 días
You have to listen because they never shut up.
Vocal Vortex Studios
John mullaney is so great
Princess Kenny
Princess Kenny Hace 4 días
5:55 I love how he screams every single name he can think of.
Hannah Murdoch
Hannah Murdoch Hace 4 días
The 'Karen'.
JJS Hace 5 días
Politics it's all politics now
Mike Bazor
Mike Bazor Hace 5 días
The new David spade couldn’t name the saw puppet faced girl, crazy!
Forrest Ellsworth
Forrest Ellsworth Hace 5 días
this is rotten garbage
J P Hace 5 días
really piling on the feminist shit here
Geoff Roach
Geoff Roach Hace 5 días
This is as good as Celebrity Jeopardy, and I wish there were more of these skits.
Mads Christensen
Mads Christensen Hace 6 días
I freaking love Bill Hader
RahduDrahkqul75 Hace 6 días
How's it worse, cause she's a woman. The Squad. Hey you got anything you want to say to the Iittle girls out there ? ...no. In one word CHAOS
Sigma Cardinal
Sigma Cardinal Hace 6 días
Audience laughs at a group calling themselves the squad when the new democratic women call themselves that now and everyone finds it endearing and empowering lmao
Thomas Wells
Thomas Wells Hace 6 días
Some men just want to watch the world burn.
chavesa5 Hace 6 días
Some absolutely amazing lines, and some gentle misfires. Way way above the average for most comedy. Yup that's Mulaney and Hader.
Douglas Phillips
Douglas Phillips Hace 6 días
It just kept getting funnier and funnier.
nina NR
nina NR Hace 7 días
"i would LISten" CTFU IM DYINGGGG 😂😂😂💀
alexandra Iltanen
alexandra Iltanen Hace 7 días
Chaos is a ladder
Jarin Hace 8 días
The agenda was so forced. Why can’t they be feminist organically this was just cringey to watch
P. Ness
P. Ness Hace 8 días
I keep watching this because Bill Hader
darrellid Hace 8 días
Missed this one. Bizarrely brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
Tyler Keller
Tyler Keller Hace 8 días
0:50 That little sack of shit is actually famous? My God, this country has really gone to shit...
Slim Villain
Slim Villain Hace 8 días
You have to be impressionable for someone to remember your name.....ladies
jmarks881 Hace 8 días
SNL never makes fun of liberals so bias
Donnie Mullady
Donnie Mullady Hace 9 días
This one was funny
frere jacques
frere jacques Hace 9 días
What kind of horrible game show is this? "It's 'What's That Name?'!!"
Roxy NYC
Roxy NYC Hace 9 días
This was awesome lmbo
Olivia Eyes
Olivia Eyes Hace 9 días
the dresses the bridesmaids were wearing was my fucking prom dress lmaoooo
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