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Vince Blight (Bill Hader) hosts "What's That Name?" where contestants (John Mulaney, Cecily Strong) easily remember the names celebrities, but can't recall the names of people in their lives, like a close friend's girlfriend (Heidi Gardner) and a spouse's bridesmaid (Melissa Villaseñor).
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3 mar 2019






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Comentarios 2 634
Matthew Sawczyn
Matthew Sawczyn Hace 20 horas
Bill Hader as a Batman villain
snatchadams69 Hace un día
"You think it's Jara!?"
Conor McNamara
Conor McNamara Hace un día
This is such an absurd sketch and I fucking love it
Jose Orta
Jose Orta Hace 2 días
Bill Hader is awesome...laugh every time I see this clip...
Kermit talk
Kermit talk Hace 2 días
Idk why but i feel like this is a personal attack
Nate44 Hace 2 días
John says "Uh Missy!" I was like... OMG BIG MOUTH.
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn Hace 2 días
Bill Hader is legend!
J. P. Morgan Asset Management
BananaFalconMcSloth Hace 4 días
Bill Hader makes everything better
Huck Peekay
Huck Peekay Hace 4 días
Hey it’s Andrew
Ciaron Odonnell
Ciaron Odonnell Hace 5 días
Ereina Midnight
Ereina Midnight Hace 5 días
This needs to be a real game show please someone make this a real game show
K D Hace 5 días
can’t remember hosts name ... arrrrggh ... Little help?
K D Hace 5 días
can i have The first letter ? hifuknlarryus
Joanne Jeanjoseph
Joanne Jeanjoseph Hace 5 días
What's that name? Karen, Allison, and going down the alphabets: Lara, Sara, Cara, Dara, Mara?
Life_Is_Ok Sometimes
I know someone named Jara XD
Carly Philpott
Carly Philpott Hace 5 días
I wouldn't say anything ... I would listen."
Ryan Valencia
Ryan Valencia Hace 5 días
I view this on a weekly basis to feel the rush of living once more.
Valentina Buci Battorti
I lllllllove how he is so self confident when he says Krissy Teigen!!!!! With that hand movement, ahahaahah!!!!
TheNinjaMarmot Hace 5 días
This one is genuinely a good one from snl
mary morones
mary morones Hace 6 días
Bill Hader was my secret crush actor for 4 years
jaetowns Hace 7 días
“She’s a GODDAMN partner at her firm, buddy...unreal, unreal”...I have no idea why, but I cut straight to that part...Bill is EVERYTHING😂😂😂😂
Ronnie Silva
Ronnie Silva Hace 8 días
lmao i love this so much
Jeremy R
Jeremy R Hace 8 días
"Guess you just don't consider her to be a human being" lmaooo
ASH JeNSen Hace 8 días
Dumb donkey!
Greg Rosenberg
Greg Rosenberg Hace 9 días
"And because you're such a dumb donkey..." dying laughing, love Bill Hader!
Sac Jiménez
Sac Jiménez Hace 9 días
"You're such a DAMN donkey"
Lisa Slover
Lisa Slover Hace 9 días
Hader is so hot omf
Crusty Anus
Crusty Anus Hace 9 días
The host is a cuckold that is just trying to get laid.
Atanas Kirov
Atanas Kirov Hace 9 días
First "What's That Name" sketch: "But Steve Zahn you know." This "What's That Name" sketch: "But Lil Xan you know." I mean, how subtle was that, right? Right?!
K K Hace 9 días
Love Bill Hader!!!!
William Vouk
William Vouk Hace 9 días
2 minutes before going live “Bill, the sketch isn’t quite long enough. We need you to stall for a little bit -“Got it.” *Weirdly smiles at camera between sentences*
Maya Davis
Maya Davis Hace 9 días
This is one of my favorite skits
V Huff
V Huff Hace 10 días
What’s that name.... MARA!!! 😂😂
Wils The Limit
Wils The Limit Hace 10 días
Todd, Todd I’m so sorry
Edgar Manuel Juarez
Edgar Manuel Juarez Hace 10 días
Ellen and Bill Hader brought me here... esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-98Q8aWtWLZM.html
Black beast
Black beast Hace 10 días
I would lose at this game
Poisondime Hace 10 días
THE BEST game show host. (Tears!) Lol
Thomas Young
Thomas Young Hace 10 días
Karen is going to take the kids
Chelcie Meadows
Chelcie Meadows Hace 10 días
Does your hosekeeper have a son No she doesnt He is 16 years old
sharky dude
sharky dude Hace 10 días
He says missy because he is in Big mouth
Tanner Lynn
Tanner Lynn Hace 11 días
How is this comedy
Alrighty Then
Alrighty Then Hace 11 días
Bill Hader is one of the best comics to ever work on the SNL crew. I totally love his voices and mannerisms and as mentioned already below his comedic timing is amazingly excellent.
Amelia Hudgins
Amelia Hudgins Hace 11 días
The makers of Stefon everybody!
peaches n cream
peaches n cream Hace 11 días
Bill Hader’s facial expressions and pauses are so funny I love him
Michael Eyob
Michael Eyob Hace 11 días
I ask people I see daily now what their names are
The Musicmaster107
The Musicmaster107 Hace 11 días
What’s with the #ThomasRhett I don’t see him
Rouge one
Rouge one Hace 11 días
I don't here John mulainy I hear spider-ham
Rom Zyris
Rom Zyris Hace 11 días
"I wouldnt say anything, I would listen"... that was a Marilyn Manson reference after Columbine
redsands1001 Hace 11 días
Been seeing the chaos part as a gif meme in comment thread and I love it
Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson Hace 11 días
This is hilarious 🤣😂
Disclosed Gaming
Disclosed Gaming Hace 11 días
tod will loose the kids very soon
MendigoNation Hace 11 días
Chaos is such a mood in 2019
Haylee Lynn
Haylee Lynn Hace 11 días
John put the icing on the cake for this one
flaskzy Hace 11 días
I missed Bill. He stands as the epitome of SNL but he could stand on me too
nova Hace 11 días
" *Chaos.* "
jawtheanteater Hace 11 días
if there’s a hell this is what it would be for me
John Primavera
John Primavera Hace 11 días
For some reason, I feel like this is just Bill Hader getting payback for all the shit John Mulaney wrote that made him break during the Stefon sketches.
Chalz Inc
Chalz Inc Hace 12 días
Honestly this is such a Andrew from big mouth moment
gls600 Hace 12 días
That skit was hillarious.
janay amber
janay amber Hace 12 días
bill hader is the only funny person in the whole damn skit 😂
Sean friendly fellow tuber
This guy knows shit
Slappy McSlapster
Slappy McSlapster Hace 13 días
Cecily Strong is just so gorgeous....
Saul Wanberg II
Saul Wanberg II Hace 13 días
"we ought to get you a gun.", "really? i thought you were military.", "No.", "The sidewalks used to sparkle.", "Do you know who diamond doug was?", "TAKE THAT!", "Vincenzo: You need girlfriend!.", "Has to be the fire escape doesnt' it mark? what are we gonna do about the window?", "has to be dalet."
Chloe Franson
Chloe Franson Hace 13 días
Wait, Doug has a girlfreind for 4 years and a wife?
Gioware Hace 13 días
LeeAnn Yanes
LeeAnn Yanes Hace 14 días
idk what just happened but my social anxiety has exploded
DonPeyote Hace 14 días
ASH JeNSen Hace 14 días
$5 for you.lol
Carson Young
Carson Young Hace 14 días
I love this And I am terrible with names If I know that I won't run into you much it just goes out of my brain
Tibo Smolders
Tibo Smolders Hace 14 días
You can tell that they’re just trying to make eachother laugh
rocco giovacchini
rocco giovacchini Hace 14 días
Did bill just use a quote from Marilyn Manson in the bowling for Columbine documentary???
Russell Moore
Russell Moore Hace 15 días
The delivery of “Jara?!” is amazing
Landon Palmer
Landon Palmer Hace 15 días
When did SNL stop being funny?
DrGreatScott Hace 15 días
“Unreal. Unreal.” 😂
Andy Bitchfork
Andy Bitchfork Hace 15 días
So relatable!
Michele Bartlett
Michele Bartlett Hace 16 días
CheeseFactory42 Hace 16 días
DAMN!!!! Vince Blake roasted Doug not once - Not Twice - but THREE TIMES!!!!! Doug should be on fire right now and there should be a fire department putting out the flames!!!! 😂🤣💣💥
Tell Me About Your Cat
John: "You're as good as any man!" Me: *chokes on drink*
Delano Walker
Delano Walker Hace 16 días
Bill Hader FOREVER.
K Weaver
K Weaver Hace 16 días
Seen this 4 times still cant get Karen I always think is Carroll
Kyle Magaro
Kyle Magaro Hace 16 días
Too painful
Jason Jacquinto
Jason Jacquinto Hace 17 días
so cool!
Agrellar Hace 17 días
Imagine somebody with prosopagnosia having to play this.
Mrs ANG’
Mrs ANG’ Hace 17 días
Hader is so F-n hilarious! I miss him on the show with my ❤️ Sudeikis! Mulaney is brilliant along with the talented and versatile Strong!
Robert Mills
Robert Mills Hace 17 días
Bill hader looks like Wink Martindale
gjaddajg Hace 18 días
Feminism is cancer.
Joshua Bader
Joshua Bader Hace 18 días
This is what you call a “gem” Bill Hader coming back to let everyone know who’s boss lol.
Hello There
Hello There Hace 18 días
Was this suppose to be funny?
Adrian Rice
Adrian Rice Hace 17 días
Yes, yes it was. I found it hilarious too 👏🏼🤣
Perkl8er Hace 18 días
I think SNL has lost its touch..
Greek Boy
Greek Boy Hace 18 días
Woah an SNL sketch in the last 5 years that’s actually made laugh
imdamanwithdaanswers Hace 18 días
Travis Besst
Travis Besst Hace 18 días
"Unreal!... Unreal!" 😂
ANGELILYworks Hace 14 días
Round 2 😃
DisneySNiper Hace 18 días
I luv Bill Hader👅👅👅
sykahh Hace 18 días
Hold up how tf does snl know who lil xan is
Patrick Gei
Patrick Gei Hace 18 días
Patrick Gei
Patrick Gei Hace 18 días
just needed some water teatime
Patrick Gei
Patrick Gei Hace 18 días
Jimmi James
Jimmi James Hace 18 días
This is one of the best SNL skits.
Captain Ireland
Captain Ireland Hace 18 días
I suck at names still calling people I’ve worked with since last year buddy to cover I don’t know their names .
Francisco Cisneros
Francisco Cisneros Hace 19 días
I’m terrible with names.... But it’s gender agnostic☺️
Camilo Santana
Camilo Santana Hace 19 días
it took me about five years to know my best friend wife's name and, now that i mention it, i forgot it again. maybe she needs to know as much about motorcycles and camping like my bud ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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