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Loris Karius joined Liverpool after becoming the youngest goalkeeper to ever play in the Bundesliga. The future was bright for Loris Karius - but a nightmare performance in the Champions League final seemed to completely disrupt his career...and maybe even his mind! What the hell happened to Loris Karius?
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16 feb 2020






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Shaiban Roman Khongsit
ExpertKidz Hace 18 horas
NEYMAR JR of course
Celia Hill
Celia Hill Hace 19 horas
In which minute of the game are the most goals scored
Phyllis Dillion
Phyllis Dillion Hace un día
Your right
Gilberto Estrada
Gilberto Estrada Hace un día
What the hell happend to Robinho
aidan walsh
aidan walsh Hace 2 días
I feel like if he could have just made one mistake instead of two it might have been forgiveable in hindsight
MAHESH S J Hace 2 días
What the happend to Gareth bale
Nikhil Naik
Nikhil Naik Hace 3 días
what the hell is going on with barcelona
Seth Gareth
Seth Gareth Hace 4 días
Seth Gareth
Seth Gareth Hace 4 días
Its James rodriguez
Isa Ansari
Isa Ansari Hace 6 días
Everytime these people say it was Ramos's fault haha you hate Ramos so much
Krishna Simkhada
Krishna Simkhada Hace 8 días
He came back to Liverpool
Goruto Hace 8 días
karius is karius
Fredrico Hace 8 días
Yes the commentator is back
chris Hace 9 días
What the hell happen to Courtois
?????? Hace 6 días
He is good now
Marko Radivojevic
Marko Radivojevic Hace 14 días
iker casillas
Saleh Aljetawi
Saleh Aljetawi Hace 14 días
I cannot believe this did not come beforehand
Kingsly Anton
Kingsly Anton Hace 15 días
Di Maria
Zeinab Reslan
Zeinab Reslan Hace 17 días
Gustav Flemming
Gustav Flemming Hace 17 días
ramos gave him concussion.
Iszac John Sammut
Iszac John Sammut Hace 17 días
Adrian Baan
Adrian Baan Hace 18 días
What the hell happend to Messi pls
TheFragilityOfIdeas Hace 19 días
Is this voice coming from a real person? An actual real person? Sounds automated. Talks like he is trying to tell an over animated bed time story to a 3 year old!
ItsMeCarmenYo Hace 19 días
Moises Kirby Mileño
Moises Kirby Mileño Hace 20 días
Florentino Pérez paid him to suck on the final ! #madridmafia #uefadrid
Erdi Zymberi
Erdi Zymberi Hace 20 días
boyknobetter Hace 22 días
I blame all you motherfuckers who made fun of him and disown him. He’s a human like everyone else and yet you treated him like hitler. SO FUCK YOU ALL coming from a Liverpool fan who understood that everyone makes mistakes and we move on 🖕
Essey Shimbahri
Essey Shimbahri Hace 23 días
What happened to Their Henry?
The Cool Zone
The Cool Zone Hace 23 días
Di maria
rhys burns
rhys burns Hace 23 días
Hes actually always been decent
Tsar Alester
Tsar Alester Hace 23 días
This is what happens when you're a Scouser 😂
David Oworodo
David Oworodo Hace 23 días
What the hell happened to James Rodriguez
Partha Vbharat
Partha Vbharat Hace 23 días
Turn on subtitles from starting
g b
g b Hace 24 días
James Rodriguez
Roman Malendevich
Roman Malendevich Hace 26 días
My guess is what the hell happened to ozil
Fabrício Magalhães
Fabrício Magalhães Hace 26 días
3:40 Well lets be honest its impossible for him not to have his best years ahead of him 😂
Seema Bajaj
Seema Bajaj Hace 26 días
Mr Bear
Mr Bear Hace 27 días
As a Liverpool fan I think it was that knock because I don’t remember him being this bad
Moose Gamer
Moose Gamer Hace 28 días
Channel S Productions!!!!!!!
What the hell happened happened to David de gea
Robs beast
Robs beast Hace 29 días
"What the hell happened to Shevcenko?"
Random Content
Random Content Hace 29 días
what the hell happened to karim benzema
Navarathnam Subasiny
Navarathnam Subasiny Hace 29 días
I support Liverpool and he was bad
Oisín Dwane
Oisín Dwane Hace 29 días
Amir Gelle
Amir Gelle Hace un mes
James Rodriguez
Aymen Monney
Aymen Monney Hace un mes
The reason why Karius is in this video is because of Sergio Ramos
Unrecorded R
Unrecorded R Hace un mes
Karius was a fast learner and an excellent game reader i think he made the mistakes from the concussion and also,and if you say "Why did he kept on making mistakes after the match" because he lost confidence and had a lot of pressure physically and mentally
Fergus Byrne
Fergus Byrne Hace un mes
Gio Messina
Gio Messina Hace un mes
ABB Official
ABB Official Hace un mes
It gon be Isco, "what the hell happened to Isco"
Likten Editzx
Likten Editzx Hace un mes
Joorgen klopp is the worst and badest trainer.. he kicked Loris Karius just because he had an knock to the head he had brain knock... 😦
Unknown People
Unknown People Hace un mes
Kashingga my ni**a Ramos
TshepsPLAYZ Hace un mes
What the hell happened to kroos
sheikh noor
sheikh noor Hace un mes
Ultimate Sloops
Ultimate Sloops Hace un mes
Infinite Playz
Infinite Playz Hace un mes
What the hell happened to stoffel vandorne
Darius Moise
Darius Moise Hace un mes
Karius is nearly how you spell my name only need to replace the k with a d like loris Darius and i also feel the same as karius im training as a goal keeper i have some reflexes
Myst1c Playzz
Myst1c Playzz Hace un mes
What the hell happened to cassilas
Dane Schmidt
Dane Schmidt Hace un mes
What the hell happend to Jovic
Petre Claudiu
Petre Claudiu Hace un mes
Is James Rodriguez??? For what the hell happened???
Leo Does fitness
Leo Does fitness Hace un mes
Do what the hell happened to alexis Sanchez
Dylan Amine
Dylan Amine Hace un mes
He'll come back more strong than he was 😊😊
Gingerninja • 73 years ago
The 2018 final Easy answer
Saud Alqasimi
Saud Alqasimi Hace un mes
What the hell happedn to James Rodriguez
Malborg Hace un mes
callum malcom
callum malcom Hace un mes
What the hell has happened to Jamie vardy
Saud Alsayab
Saud Alsayab Hace un mes
Nothing happened to karius he’s born terrible
Cr7 Hace un mes
I love this commentartor
Acka Bilk
Acka Bilk Hace un mes
Ammar Abbas
Ammar Abbas Hace un mes
Watch my videos if u love soccer
Acemok Hace un mes
I knowed that with his brain so i dont understand People but that with Ramos whaaaaaat
Da Mintztm
Da Mintztm Hace un mes
Countihos holes in his boots
Mateusz Kotrla
Mateusz Kotrla Hace un mes
I feel the "concussion" bs is just because he had to put part of blame on somebody else. Imagine, being hit (if we can even say that) in first half, gettin concussion, and then continiuing playing, when as you speak, your vision is distorted etc? LOL. He could substitue, he could talk to doctor in half time break to discuss the problem (if there was any) etc. He decided to play and made this, only his fault. And he continue being garbage in Turkey too.
ComradeOgilvy1984 Hace un mes
I am not claiming the concussion story is or is not true, but your counterargument is pure nonsense. The victim of concussion cannot reliably gauge their own health status -- that is a known scientific fact. What is your name? What year is it? Where are you? What day of the week is it? Those kinds on questions show up on concussion protocols precisely because people who 100% *literally* cannot say their own name sometimes ask their coach to put them right back into the game. The other thing about a concussion is the victim does not necessarily show a consistent and clear loss of function. The problem can "blink" in or out for a few seconds, and then be back to normal. Like, say, not seeing a striker standing 3 meters away in the left side of your vision. The human brain is very good at filling in gaps. There is a small area near the middle of your eyeball's field of vision where you are almost completely blind. That is because that space is packed with nerve fibers from the brain and the retina has no space to put the light sensing nerve cells there. Did you know that? Well, it is a provable scientific fact, hidden from you "in plain sight" by your brain's effort to keep your worldview looking more sensible. If that were not true, it would be completely obvious when you close one eye. The conclusion is it is perfectly possible for Karius' vision to go blank on the left portion of his field of vision, and just not notice it.
Om Potdar
Om Potdar Hace un mes
What the hell happened to James Rodriguez
David Love
David Love Hace un mes
Cheelo Munyati
Cheelo Munyati Hace un mes
"What the hell happened to Neymar"
Chhieng Sathianoreak
What the hell happen to harry kane
Plabby Hace un mes
Poor guy
safaa malik
safaa malik Hace un mes
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