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i hope you all are staying home and staying positive. love you
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29 mar 2020






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belen hereth
belen hereth Hace 6 horas
writing reviews kinda hits tho
Colleen Miller
Colleen Miller Hace 12 horas
i feel like you absolutely do not do this when you’re bored
Jeffrey Morris
Jeffrey Morris Hace 19 horas
ihave one practice typing faster this is for everyone.
Niki Zamudio
Niki Zamudio Hace 22 horas
I never get bored, maybe I'm too lazy for that 🤔
Ryan Eleona
Ryan Eleona Hace un día
What to do now.
Isabelle Turner
Isabelle Turner Hace 2 días
This was so relaxing to watch
ShaylaHMP Hace 2 días
the 'watercolors' are called gouache, they actually are the middle ground of acrylic & watercolors! you can use less water to make it seem like an acrylic painting/more water to make it seem like a watercolor painting
pink milk
pink milk Hace 3 días
Ur so amazing:>
Ася Скржинская
But what about reading? It’so relaxing, it gives you knolege ( sry if I wrote it wrong) AND it takes a lot of time and you can discover a lot of interesting things for ur self ✔︎☺︎︎
Isabella Hurrell
Isabella Hurrell Hace 4 días
What are the name of the paints she used??
Luchiana Hace 4 días
Is it just me or have i been binge watching Emma's old videos and then re-watch the new ones
blunter57 Hace 5 días
Pain ting
sarahsarah26 Hace 5 días
im nervous is this gonna be a joke video where she gives us werid ass made up ideas? ok i dont think it was but im bored idc about the spilts so i clicked out
Eunice Moira Padilla
Writing reviews is best part
Rhianna Brant
Rhianna Brant Hace 6 días
im dumb but where did she do the reviews
Lizzie Hace 6 días
I actually have no make up
Isabel Ochoa-Rowland
She just a mood🤣for all of us
Jada R
Jada R Hace 8 días
My new favorite ESvidr
Lily McShinsky
Lily McShinsky Hace 10 días
Dude her bed is bigger then my room
brichandra Hace 10 días
omg holy crap Emma I just subscribed to your channel like yesterday and you've already made me laugh more than ESvidrs I've been subscribing to for the past couple years. LOVE YOU EMMA! You are a rockstar! You are a gem!
Suhaila AlQaseer
Suhaila AlQaseer Hace 11 días
what watercolor set is she using?
Lila Fancy
Lila Fancy Hace 11 días
Did you stop being vegan?
Madelyn Hace 11 días
The reviews made me laugh so hard for some reason😂
Nina Motamedi
Nina Motamedi Hace 11 días
I fucking died of laughter when you flipped the pancake
Marissa Cooper
Marissa Cooper Hace 11 días
I am chicken
J U N O D E N I S E Hace 11 días
The pancake on the plate took me outttttt😭
lilu lalo
lilu lalo Hace 13 días
Aaaahhhhhh I luv her but the pancake got to me 😂. It was the vanilla extract
Felicity Orndoff
Felicity Orndoff Hace 13 días
I’m just now realizing her voice sounds like Aang from Avatar
Miloslav Masár
Miloslav Masár Hace 10 días
What... it doesn't
Gali Alvarez-Quepons
Gali Alvarez-Quepons Hace 13 días
love how she just never mentioned her hair
Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez Hace 13 días
I literally crack up every time I watch her. She's the funniest thing every
Natasha Dev
Natasha Dev Hace 14 días
Organizing skills
Joseph Cifuentes
Joseph Cifuentes Hace 14 días
6:46 im dead
Chanpreet Kaur
Chanpreet Kaur Hace 16 días
this is the first video I've seen of yours & I'm so glad to have stumbled upon it. You are such good vibes.
Cattrendy Chesee
Cattrendy Chesee Hace 16 días
Sorry but Joanna Ceddia is funnier than you...tho your still interesting!😃
Grace Santiago
Grace Santiago Hace 17 días
She’s the new bob ross
Shakti Lakhani
Shakti Lakhani Hace 18 días
they aren't watercolours. its actually gouache. i love your videos btw
Teresa Johnson
Teresa Johnson Hace 19 días
Emma Chamberlain just a tip for Painful Pustules try using Eye Drops apply a few times or more a day...🤗
Pillow Popcorn
Pillow Popcorn Hace 20 días
Thats how i actually cook pancake everytime i flipped it
Hallie Whitfield
Hallie Whitfield Hace 20 días
That art was so good
sunshine Hace 21 un día
"i wish you were here, babe" bahaha love u emma
n3xa._ Hace 21 un día
where’d you get your paints and the painting book?
Lana Chehab
Lana Chehab Hace 22 días
the trophy in the back like: 👁👄👁
zoie carter
zoie carter Hace 22 días
where’s the e necklace from ??
Emily Brown
Emily Brown Hace 22 días
we love positive emma
Liya Patel
Liya Patel Hace 22 días
but i still like you so i subscribed
Liya Patel
Liya Patel Hace 22 días
stop saying bad words you look bad haha
Adams Girls PlayTime
Adams Girls PlayTime Hace 22 días
I am six I’m not allowed to do my make up to put a picture in a few my make up on the piece of paper
Malia Fuimaono
Malia Fuimaono Hace 23 días
by the way why did she not talk about whats rong with her hair or did she still not know
Edina Saliji
Edina Saliji Hace 20 días
she changed the color on down part
Taylor Warrior
Taylor Warrior Hace 23 días
**casually skips over the fact that she dyed half of her head blonde**
Arin Çelebi
Arin Çelebi Hace 23 días
who else noticed the cat at 10:05
none ur business
none ur business Hace 23 días
does anyone know what app she used to edit?
Taylor Shyane
Taylor Shyane Hace 24 días
what photo editing app does she use?
Nicole Newell
Nicole Newell Hace 24 días
Emma:I ready to be a mom make breakfast for them wake up early take them to school and go to work Me:I wish I adopt a kid not make breakfast not wake up early not take them to school not go to work might kill them lock them up. Period.
Lailah Smith
Lailah Smith Hace 24 días
what app was she editing her photos on?
Trisha Bowden
Trisha Bowden Hace 25 días
You are like one of my fav youtuber.you r very funny love u!
Chad Clinard
Chad Clinard Hace 25 días
Her dermatologist should be fired
S Williams
S Williams Hace 25 días
When did she bleach her hair? She didn’t make a video about it
Casaundra Yoder
Casaundra Yoder Hace 25 días
I love all your video
Peggy Beka
Peggy Beka Hace 26 días
I actually wanted to so what she did to my hair but I don't know how
Ilovestefen Hace 26 días
1:15 spongebob trying to teach squidward the technique
Emily Roberts
Emily Roberts Hace 27 días
i have a idea to do when your bored just watch Emma she has some of the best content on here
Chaylyn Bernier
Chaylyn Bernier Hace 27 días
literally no one: emma: writes love letter to burrito place 😂❤️
Natalia Irias
Natalia Irias Hace 27 días
did you do your hair bloneddddd
hruaiy _127
hruaiy _127 Hace 28 días
u used to be a cheerleader wowwwww never know that haaaaaa
Freshavacajo DL
Freshavacajo DL Hace 28 días
I regret all those times I hated on Emma back when she started popping off- all that time wasted hating when I could’ve been loving😔🤚🏼
maryelizabeth Hace 28 días
maryelizabeth Hace 28 días
HEY GUYS i am in my bed, as well, quarantine vibes lul
Hey its Bradley
Hey its Bradley Hace 28 días
Hahahahaha the review about the Macadamia Milk😂😂😂
Alice Kaye
Alice Kaye Hace 29 días
who else is binge watching all of emma's video
Galia Mixon
Galia Mixon Hace 29 días
love this!!
Nutella Noella
Nutella Noella Hace 29 días
where is the sweatshirt from
Johanne Juelsgaard
Johanne Juelsgaard Hace 29 días
just did a (way too expensive) online shopping spree :pp all inspired by some of emmas latest videos and her fucking awesome style!!
bana jajaja
bana jajaja Hace un mes
Conmigo no te sentirías aburrida! Eres hermosa Emma, me encanta tu humor y tu voz. Todo el éxito del mundo (L)
Emma Webb
Emma Webb Hace un mes
can you film with weston and kaylin again
sidney carpenter
sidney carpenter Hace un mes
CEO of thinking everything is “weirdly relaxing”
Frankie Stigwood
Frankie Stigwood Hace un mes
my name is frankie
CHRISTY's WAY Hace un mes
Eile Lacroix
Eile Lacroix Hace un mes
bruh id spend all of my money on those paintings, Emma is on some Van Gogh shit and idk if thats how you write it lmao
*hufflepuffs are particularly good finders*
I feel like the splits is a useless skill for any girl to have. That may just be me trying to convince myself that I’ll use that skill in any place other than dance, though😂
Alyssa Bondurant
Alyssa Bondurant Hace un mes
I just ordered the same paint that you are using in this video and I can’t wait to use it!
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