WHATS GOING ON IN YOUR CONNECTION? ❤️ *Pick A Card* Tarot Reading Love Twin Flame No Contact

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Pick A Card Tarot Reading Love Relationship Twin Flames - WHATS GOING ON IN YOUR CONNECTION? ❤️
This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 1:58
Cards 2) 16:33
Cards 3) 41:18
Cards 4) 1:02:50
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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
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Soul Whispers Tarot
Soul Whispers Tarot Hace 2 meses
Cards 1) 1:58 Cards 2) 16:33 Cards 3) 41:18 Cards 4) 1:02 :50 "Will We Be Together?" Reading Playlist: esvid.net/group/PLwa_-rYGCZZVYJAg9A0qlWHel108Y4d6o
Elaine Go
Elaine Go Hace 4 días
Lord Larious
Lord Larious Hace un mes
I just want to mention that because of the ads it will not allow me to skip to the time stamp of the pile I chose. Just fyi.
angie lee
angie lee Hace un mes
Thank u 😊
Chelsea S. M
Chelsea S. M Hace un mes
As I'm watching this video. There are 111 likes on your comment. 😏 It must be a good sign. 💜
UGH ! Hace un mes
pile 2....yes spot on
music lover
music lover Hace 8 horas
3. I was in love with the person I knew they could be but turns out he had a girlfriend. I have fears of cheating and he has fears of rejection. I blocked him on all social media, and am ready to move on. We were definitely in a karmic relationship and I have learned my lesson and moving on
Teresa Skinner
Teresa Skinner Hace un día
We are not isolating ouselves WE R FORCE D
Teresa Skinner
Teresa Skinner Hace un día
No contact CAUSE forced SOCIAL distance ing. Didn't u PSYCHICS see this coming? Geeeeez
Nàng Hương
Nàng Hương Hace 3 días
#1 #3 resonates my situationnnnnn
Nina Rossi
Nina Rossi Hace 9 días
Wow 1 really resonated with me 💯
varsha bhanushali
varsha bhanushali Hace 12 días
Soul whispers tarot r sure amazing . We can absolutely relate to it , I can say completely true guidance . I felt every insight given was so true and real as if god is talking to me and giving all the answers. Thank u for the insights and showing the way. Thank u god
Lidy Zheng
Lidy Zheng Hace 13 días
Your right, we’re not compatible personality wise, he is a better decision maker, I act on feelings which are not real. Decision-making is what blocks me from being friends... or normal
Angel Samson
Angel Samson Hace 14 días
Jeeeeezzzzzzzz Wow gal You’ve just nailed it Number 3 ❤️🙏🌈
Sylvia Chanu
Sylvia Chanu Hace 15 días
the most accurate tarot ever
Coyote Hace 16 días
You talk about us being friends from now on like it's a celebratory thing.. if she and I are just meant to be friends now then I don't want her at all.. I don't want her as a 'friend' lmao. I don't care if our souls know eachother for 'eons'. I don't think it's a beautiful conclusion at all. This life is all that matters here. If she's not mine in this life I don't care. I'm tired of all this growth bullshit while never actually getting what I want. What the hell is the point of growing if you can't be happy in the end anyway
Zihe Lin
Zihe Lin Hace 22 días
Jessica Grayson
Jessica Grayson Hace 22 días
3 🤔
Sani Cool Tarot
Sani Cool Tarot Hace 23 días
G Hace 24 días
Pile 2. we are in a situationship, we're not officially together for a year now because he has other issues on his shoulders but we both hope that one day we will because we love each other a lot. we had a tower moment 3 weeks ago and he wanted to break it off. the connection is definitely really deep, and i wouldn't be surprised if we are twin flames but we were both in so much fear, i was being such a detective, my happiness was so dependent on him, etc. we didn't have a conclusion that night, it seemed like he wanted to give up but i didn't. on the next day, it was as if nothing happened and we couldn't afford to talk about it nor be upset at each other once we saw each other. after being on the verge of separation, i finally feel a lot lighter and definitely trying to focus on myself a lot more now. i hope we can both work on ourselves first until one day we are ready to be together.
arum rahayu
arum rahayu Hace 24 días
Omggggg #2 its reasoned 😱😱😱😱😱😱❣
Cashmere Cat
Cashmere Cat Hace 28 días
You didn’t have to make me cry🥺
Joana Hernandez
Joana Hernandez Hace un mes
Wow everything is true! I thought that he was my twin 🔥 flame, we separated 3 months ago! For now he is quiet, but 1 week ago we fight , because he want attention but when he got me, he forgot about me all the time, I’m so tired about this situation! The only thing that I can do is be honest with myself and found me! See my inner! Thank you 😊
Dimple Dilega
Dimple Dilega Hace un mes
Wil you able to do reading for should cont contacting or stop contacting each other?
Ankita Das
Ankita Das Hace un mes
Pile 2...OMG how can someone be sooo accurate 😬😍
yug prabhat
yug prabhat Hace un mes
Choose #1
Carefree_CC Hace un mes
I picked 2
PrincessAmandaTV Hace un mes
3 yes I have been seeking revenge. I repent.
sapphire yasmina
sapphire yasmina Hace un mes
I never believed this kind of stuff but after watching your videos. Wow
Jaimee Reyes
Jaimee Reyes Hace un mes
Oh this is my ex. She was toxic and ive moved on. Im happy now and so much at peace. Good luck. Someone else can have her.
Rose S
Rose S Hace un mes
Picked pile 2 I find it funny as I have the glided tarot deck as well.. yes we are in separation and not really communicating.. yes there was fears and imbalances.. yes he’s my twin flame and I was holding onto our relationship as we were together.. yes we had conflicts and he’s wearing masks.. I had fear of abandonment and he abandoned me... yes I still want the romantic relationship.. he’s in on off relationship with his karmic.. but my intuition my own readings and psychics all saw it’s very unstable and won’t last and twin flames are always supposed to reunite nope we both don’t accept just friendship with each other as there is much too much love and connection so we are either in relationship or nothing and we both know and agree to that
mirriam ntambo
mirriam ntambo Hace un mes
He was playing mind games with me so I turned the tables. Don’t get me wrong I know we’re still deeply in love and I tried everything to make him feel comfortable. I did flatter him but I wanted to help. I see that it’s basically him against his own mind and he punished me for him so I said well since u want to believe ur an idiot then you are an idiot..... I’m still very angry with him and I know he’s hurt but right now I think we need the distance. Pile #3
Frøy Hace un mes
I chose to watch the whole reading because there is such deep stuff in all of the piles that resonates (I'm reading between the lines a bit). Love these deep readings! Thank you 💕
rock angel
rock angel Hace un mes
3-very accurate. My heart aches
Better Ri
Better Ri Hace un mes
#1 20200216
Natou M.
Natou M. Hace un mes
4 resonates thanks
Y Universe888
Y Universe888 Hace un mes
MsWynterNocturne Hace un mes
Thank you! 🙏
wait what?!
wait what?! Hace un mes
Ngl you basically told my whole story. How did you do that?
wait what?!
wait what?! Hace un mes
Chrysalis Invictus Tarot
#4 wow! Thank you!
Shayda Hace un mes
queenddazia Hace un mes
Group 4 here, Whenever I hear about a third party in a reading I instantly want to turn it off because I’m no second option therefore I don’t need to hear the reading 😂😂 still love your content ❤️
Kate Johnston
Kate Johnston Hace un mes
3# Your readings are scary accurate I can’t believe. 😦💫✨
MuthaFlippnGem Hace un mes
#3 😶
Victoria Hace un mes
Cards 2 thank you
Keira Wong
Keira Wong Hace un mes
I’ve watched a lot of readings recently but I never been this called out by pile 2. There was a person who I tried to put effort in by talking more when we first knew each other but in the end it turned out to be awkward. However, after that, both of us got to hang out through knowing 2 more people that I also became friends with, which is quite nice actually! Even though we still havent texted since then, recently we started to text again and talk a bit more and through the text messages I feel like they’ve been warming up and they even said yes to a plan I tried to make that would be happening a few weeks later :) Despite us still being slightly awkward and quiet when we’re alone in a situation, I felt a lot more comfortable being with them. I hope we get to go through the plan that I made and we’ll get along more eventually
Malorie Franco
Malorie Franco Hace un mes
Stephanie Forrester
Wow Karen, you have hit the nail on the head with Card 3 in regards to my Twin Flame connection, it was like you were doing a reading just for me. I will admit at first I didn't want to listen and thought no this isn't for me but the more I listened the more I accepted that I needed to hear it because it was true. It was tough admitting to myself that Card 3 was spot on to my connection and I am glad I chose this reading today as it has opened my eyes more and will help in my spiritual journey. Thank you 🙏💜
plejaren1 Hace un mes
Thank you
vanshika kaushal
vanshika kaushal Hace un mes
This is so accurate 😳
Amie Kate
Amie Kate Hace un mes
Number 2 resonated & helped me so much , thank you 💗
onediary Hace un mes
TheJoulification Hace un mes
So weird, the first time me and him met we had a great talk but we have a big age difference. Then I had something with someone else and we couldn't keep much in contact, then we met again through friends and kissed but I was very drunk and still not over the other person I dated before. He was super sweet and wanted to meet me in the other city I lived in, but I was not ready. I had to heal first and didn't wanted to screw something up between us before it even started. After 1 exact year I contacted him again since he popped up in my head and I feel ready now. I am not sure if he is but I will see.
humble bumble
humble bumble Hace un mes
You are very good at your gift!
Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci Hace un mes
4 🥺 wow
Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker Hace un mes
Picked pile #4 100% resonates!! 😞
Niia Andii
Niia Andii Hace un mes
#1 resonates ty
Mi Hui
Mi Hui Hace un mes
1 resonated and I felt the 2 a bit. Wow this is so on point. Thank you! I was feeling insecure and letting my fears get to me.. we are set to work together and he’s a loner. I want to talk to him about how I’m feeling but not feeling it’s the time atm.
MarKus Romero
MarKus Romero Hace un mes
#2 well. There was no mask in our relationship. I was 100% myself and so was she..now as time went by obviously things came out. Which we both understood, but there was never a mask. We did have a form of codependency from time to time, but during it we were just pushing each other out of the dark because sometimes we would fall and it was nice to have each other by each side. Now this relationship went on for 5 years, before a third party came to play and a few other parties which caused us to fall apart. This led to me letting her go so she could feel a sense of relief from her paranoia....but it didn't last because a false twin flame (third party) black mailed me into a relationship and raped me. Then a mask appeared on us both...because she was also assulted a month before me. We hid our faces from each other and things fell apart as i was with the false taking the love he gave me until i snapped and told my twin flame the truth slowly...and her truth came out as well...we love each other. And even though right now we are separate we always talk and never hide anything under a mask unless it's Halloween. Recently she has suppressed her feelings because it was causing her to lash out because of her depression and mood swings and she didnt want to hurt me again...I can't help but love her romantically but if she seeks out someone else....ill be sad obviously, but ill understand. But we have cchanged...i can already tell there will be a shift again
Zileana Arce
Zileana Arce Hace un mes
Lover Fighter
Lover Fighter Hace un mes
You have touched my soul!! 🙌🏾❤🌌🙌🏾❤🌌🙌🏾❤🌌🙌🏾❤🌌 💫💫💫💫Deck #2💫💫💫💫 You are an amazing reader. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with the world 🌎 and spreading your light 🕯. ~Blessings 🙏🏽😇
LIZROCKS Hace un mes
Resonates 100% love it, thank you
Chrysa 1618
Chrysa 1618 Hace un mes
RoseyRoses Hace un mes
Pile two is SPOT on except we are definitely compatible 😂 I guess technically we aren’t physically compatible because he lives about half an hour away in Canada while I live in the US. But other than that everything was resonating so so much and it’s a beautiful feeling
Jo&kpop Hace un mes
Omg pile 2 is so accurate!! I was shocked. We seperated not long ago and he was the first guy whom I felt safe and secure next to and someone whom I can connect so intuitively to, it's such an odd feeling. The 1st time in my life I'm feeling that. Well ofc some people wouldn't believe me but I feel he is as close as my soulmate 😭 when we seperated, I was in so much pain, I can't stop crying and couldn't understand why I'm feeling so upset because other crushes didn't even made me cry when I've decided to let go. I have to admit, liking him changed me so much and the separation made me learnt so much. It's like what you said, the soul's healing. Also, I started to realize that rejection is not a problem; it's really hard to explain but during this period of healing, my focus was directed more and more towards a sense that it's not focused on romance first. I just plan to make a confession like 4 days ago because I suddenly stopped crying, and have the courage to go and confess to him. The confession is not to get me into a relationship with him, I just want to let go, heal and move on thus I decided to confess. Yesterday when I started to talk to him, I realized he is the sweetest guy ever and I ended up not confessing. At this point, it just made me sure about my thoughts of talking to him first and if in the future I realized that everything's ok, I think that's the time I'll confess. For now, I'll focus on trying to talk to him more first 😊
Snapnanigans Hace un mes
JazzyLadi Vlogs
JazzyLadi Vlogs Hace un mes
Picked pile 3 and I'm trying to fight back tears. He had a crush on me and I had a crush on him but we never know we liked each other for a while. We always bonded, and communicate. We made love and it was unexplainable, it was like I body was made for each other. I wanted more and still wanted to do him. I felt the connection between us weaken so I fell back. I texted him and he didn't even respond. I miss him so much, I love him. But he was not ready, maybe one day. 😔
Dragon-Wolf -Arts
Dragon-Wolf -Arts Hace un mes
What’s it like to be a reader? I was 2 and it was pretty accurate and I just am so interested I wanna become a reader so I’m doing all this research and even making my own deck
Tessa Robles
Tessa Robles Hace un mes
I was number 3 and this is by far the very best reading I have ever had!!! Every single word felt as if it was meant for me!!! I began sobbing because I desperately needed to hear everything u said!! I can't believe how amazing this was, thank u thank u thank u!!!!
Ivonne D
Ivonne D Hace un mes
You’re amazingly accurate! Thank you
Octaviana Panait
Octaviana Panait Hace un mes
Number four...Yes, it is good explained...But it seems to me very dramatic...May be it will be better...it is better...Lord bless...Amin...
Laureen Brandon
Laureen Brandon Hace un mes
Sadly the 3rd pile is freakishly where life's was and is
Kiwigal70 Hace un mes
I love this reader but for once I wish one of my readings came true. I wait with hope and nothing ever comes I guess it’s just not for me :( and I don’t know how many times I’ve made a fool of myself by reaching out to my tf but it’s been fun looking back but all the best to the rest x
an an
an an Hace un mes
Im very confused every time i watch how “they” feel about you kind of video the tarot reader end up saying exactly how “i” feel!!! please what does that mean it keep happening):
Louise Gorman
Louise Gorman Hace un mes
So pile no 3 is exactly what has happened. I'm waiting to see what the next chapter brings. Thank you 🙏💜
Deli Tunez
Deli Tunez Hace un mes
I believe it’s a twin flame experience I going through here something’s I feel like the energy is. So strong when we together sometimes it’s overwhelming
uzma fathima
uzma fathima Hace un mes
Thank you so much ❤️pile 3 it totally resonate with my situation thanks again
Puggy T
Puggy T Hace un mes
#3, Don't feel like we will be ended up together, but I understand his choice as we may be better to be soulmates than a real couple, thank you for your reading.
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson Hace un mes
Pile 2 - So deep! Thank you for the reading Karen, the separation makes so much sense to me now !
Lnn Srrn
Lnn Srrn Hace un mes
M: this is just a general reading this is just a general reading this is just a general reading this is just a general reading this is just a general reading this is just a general reading this is just a general reading this is just a general reading Btw I pick pile#3 No he's not! No he's not! It can't be him!!! Oh God!!!! 😣 I hope this is not true!!! I already love someone else!! 😥😫I'm not even thinking about him I'm thinking about someone else so why him!? Arghh
Paul Paulian
Paul Paulian Hace un mes
I hope 2 will resonate
Morena Flor
Morena Flor Hace un mes
Hi, Karen! Do you do personal readings? I love your readings; they are so deep and meaningful. Thank you so much 😊
Leo SunFire
Leo SunFire Hace un mes
Card pile #2 We kno w we are twi nflames. Because of this connection, we are given a challenges to fulfill a past life contract. We both feel this and we understand. We have a very deep love. So we separated and through the separation and no communication we were awakened. We understand our role now. We were meant to be. It was a hard challenge but given to us by spirit. We feel we mirrored each other. We both feared we would walk away from one another. We are relaxed and in love and trust. Because we were meant to be. We are fulfilling our soul contract. Such an accurate reading. We are both excited moving forward.
average dick money
average dick money Hace un mes
2# Not fair universe. Not fair. It sucks from falling out of love.
air Kapten
air Kapten Hace un mes
#2 💕
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This is $1,000,000 in Food
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