When A Death Star Destroys The Solar System

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Why destroy 1 planet when hollowing out the sun will destroy all of them?

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Jaxen Osborne
Jaxen Osborne Hace un mes
The beard gets progressively more glorious every day
Amy Hace 6 días
JaxD Hace 13 días
so true
cricell laidan
cricell laidan Hace 15 días
Jonathan Hace 15 días
Anime and Gaming are Life
Hola, hello
Pwadify Hace un mes
i havent watch captain sauce in 4 years... hes still as great as he used to be
Pwadify Hace 5 días
@JimJamRadio Thanks
JimJamRadio Hace 6 días
Dude you play Xbox! Cool account logo thing.
SoupTimeCatz Hace 9 días
@Briana Froemming I checked his twitter. Didn't look down really far down. He said his pc can't handle things since the CPU is at 100% even when doing nothing and he needs a new pc or better specs (probably pc).
Jake Mc-Kenney
Jake Mc-Kenney Hace 10 días
@Briana Froemming me to
Jk 02
Jk 02 Hace 13 días
I still have been watching Captain sauce from the spores video up to today
S0lar Hace 20 días
i forget that he takes monthly breaks here and there,hope to see him before 2022 ends lmao
Flame Wolf 29
Flame Wolf 29 Hace 9 días
This was helpful because i thought he got canceled
Daultimatecreeper Hace 9 días
He also just got hit by a hurricane
CasenoCat Hace 9 días
he will be back at new years for firework mania
Cojocaru Mario
Cojocaru Mario Hace 10 días
So thats why he stil didnt post any video after a month
Illuminati gamer
Illuminati gamer Hace 12 días
HungTheHeroLuu Hace un mes
I love how when Cap says "Hey Sun!", he sounds like he's talking to it as if it was his son.
AnimeFighter7 INC
AnimeFighter7 INC Hace un mes
I can't remember if you've tried this yet but what if you used healing rockets while the planet is blowing up (ie when the sun explodes or the laser destabilized the core)
GriffMeister987 Hace un mes
You never realize quite how long Cap’s hair is until he goes full blown hippie on ya
Exon Hace 12 días
Hey Cap looking forward to when you return, your videos are always a nice comfort.
CloneCommandoScrubby Hace 10 días
Great video as always Cap!! By the way, Avalon is not based on Alderan, but rather based on Coruscant. And the reason it looks grey and dull is because the entire planet is covered in cities.
DeadyVR Hace un mes
I would love to meet the dude that can always make me laugh even on the baddest of days
Miguelito Hace un mes
So glad to see cap recovering and posting videos more often, hes a true legend!
Shiaburex Hace 11 días
Jinxed it
Прогноза за времето
As soon as i saw ur pfp my mind was like *YOU'RE GOING TO BRAZIL*
Fatal crash immersion
Fatal crash immersion Hace 13 días
Well that didn’t age well💀
Baby Yoshi
Baby Yoshi Hace 13 días
"and posting videos more often", Comments posted right before disaster
Cassie Hace un mes
Love your content cap whenever you post it makes my day hope your doing good
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Hace un mes
This game went from a silly take on things to something that will soon have a story more complicated than life itself
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Hace un mes
I love the solar smash playlist. It helps me sleep every night so this update is just amazing because I have been wanting more videos
Scott Hoffmaster
Scott Hoffmaster Hace un mes
I like how he is more concerned that he destroyed all memes than all of humanity.
Daniel Knapp
Daniel Knapp Hace un mes
That is called the sun crusher. From the same secluded empire laboratory surrounded by black holes that brought you two death stars; the sun crusher! This small ship has several sun destroying torpedoes. Each one can wipe out everything in a solar system.
Caleb leach
Caleb leach Hace un mes
@Starspark Studios oh yeah I forgot about that... heck it almost tanked a black hole
Starspark Studios
Starspark Studios Hace un mes
And of course, IT CAN TANK THE DEATH STAR Seriously stop one-upping each other EU writers
Drakewing Copperheart
The Sun crusher is canonically ice-cream cone-shaped tho
Caleb leach
Caleb leach Hace un mes
@Daniel Knapp oh. I understand what you mean now. And yeah, let's just say when it comes to star wars... Disney sucks
Daniel Knapp
Daniel Knapp Hace un mes
@Caleb leach my comment was about the title of the video. Also, there are few who care what the owners of lucasfilm call "canon"
Taki CookieZ
Taki CookieZ Hace un mes
Thank you for being amazing I always wanted to be like you someday,to make people day.
BuilderB08 Hace un mes
11:24 Tatooine survived being glassed by an ancient civilization and some people still survived. Give it some credit. Also probably in Legends a force entity has punched a hole in a planet or just eaten it or something.
Jordan Reese
Jordan Reese Hace un mes
One of these days you should do sort of a sit down video/vlog and just sort of go over everything going on with the channel might be a bit more of an effective way to reach your audience instead of hoping that a minute fraction of your subscribers stumble upon your small explanation you put on Twitter. Hope you’ve been alright in the past month since this video posted
MrFishy99 Hace un mes
Hello captain sauce! Just wanting to say I am a huuuuuge fan of the channel. I have seen most of ur videos and have loved 99.99% or them. Make me laugh every time. Thanks for entertaining me. That's all I wanted to say. Keep making videos plz!!! Bye
Bloxy 1st
Bloxy 1st Hace un mes
Imagine we used to live on mars then it started to freeze so we setted up rockets to go to earth
Kellii Taylor
Kellii Taylor Hace 23 días
Captain you hilarious you make me die of laughter oh and nice beard I’m being serious:)
MadDog Hace 13 días
Ay take your time dude your content is pretty much just hidden treasure waiting to be discovered
ocean gamer
ocean gamer Hace un mes
Your such a cool ESvidr and I've grown up watching you and it's been awesome please keep up the amazing and hilarious content thank you
Wild Life Explorers
Another cool part about this update is that if you slow down time and shoot a meteorite at a planet you can see the shock wave go around the planet. Some else that you can see if you slow down time is the planet flake away.
David Barela
David Barela Hace 19 días
Yeah bro in terms of the earth we barely take up any space imagine a whole planet filled with just people you can build up
Gregory Davidchik
Gregory Davidchik Hace un mes
“Well Actually” Cap is just Jesus with glasses. Change my mind.
Yoshi Cruz
Yoshi Cruz Hace 24 días
Don't worry Guys just go to his Twitter you will see his alive and must be busy
HappyHippoEaters Hace un mes
Finally, More senseless Destruction!
Connor Hace un mes
Glad to see you posting. Miss you mam, you're a great content creator and I feel like I'm missing something without your content haH. With that said, I don't know what's going on, but yourself is the most important thing so I hope your doing good and smashing off life before you think about us :)
ralz Hace 17 días
Man this didnt age well
Capitalism was never an option
@Gitguuchiside Tweedledeeandtweedledumber what do you mean by that?
Connor Hace un mes
@MrIncomplete M'Lady
MrIncomplete Hace un mes
@ShellShock HK:MK78 i... I know...
ShellShock HK:MK78
ShellShock HK:MK78 Hace un mes
@MrIncomplete it’s meant to say man
Miro Cucanic
Miro Cucanic Hace 7 días
I hope he uploads soon I miss his daily uploads😊
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Kinnison Tarvin
Kinnison Tarvin Hace un mes
Someone needs to make a video of the evolution of caps beard, it is absolutely glorious.
MacAttack Hace 21 un día
Hope more videos come and hope u r ok sauce we all worry about u
EmeraldHero17 Hace un mes
Tbh I dont watch this channel that much but everytime i watch a video it always makes me laugh
Crab Lord
Crab Lord Hace un mes
"I'm no space biologist" Always love these videos, keep up the good work!
The Mask
The Mask Hace 29 días
The ring might be made up of concentrated gravitational force which explains why it didn’t split apart when it was in half
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Hace un mes
Do you think if cap throws a planet at the ringworld at the right angle it could kind of grind on the inside of the ring? On the next episode of Solar Smash myth busting!
Golden Blue
Golden Blue Hace 6 días
What would Captain sauce look like without a beard?
horse Hace 5 días
Skull gaming wexz546
It’s so sad that Captain sauce abandoned the life of Kevin even if it had a proper ending I would be happy and everyone else that used to watch you😢
Ghost Helwig
Ghost Helwig Hace un mes
That “well actually” clip was hilarious. 😂 Also, with how many explosions were in this episode alone, I’m shocked you didn’t get another achievement. Lol
Zer0_Bon Hace 15 días
the sun is not a planet, it is a star 🤓
Spaget boi
Spaget boi Hace 23 días
Umm actually 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
Gregory Davidchik
Gregory Davidchik Hace un mes
Avalon is an island from King Arthur’s Legend and in this game it is meant to be like Coruscant. Tatenen is an Egyptian deity and is meant to be like Tatooine as you said.
Random Randomson
Random Randomson Hace 20 días
CaptainSauce hasn’t uploaded in a month. Is he doing ok? I hope he’s not quitting ESvid
Random Randomson
Random Randomson Hace 6 días
@test test oh ok I hope he gets it fixed
test test
test test Hace 6 días
no his computer is at max CPU while doing literally nothing so he has to replace it
Swatofficer JD
Swatofficer JD Hace 13 días
Nah, family issues, and breaks.
Toddrm Hace 17 días
yeah im getting worried
Bacon Soldier
Bacon Soldier Hace un mes
captain: it feels like the smaller it gets the brighter it gets sun: well now i dont want to do it anymore *explodes*
Hery Htay
Hery Htay Hace 9 días
We are all missing you, cap
Santi Hoyt
Santi Hoyt Hace un mes
Fun fact: you can't get the secret planet sun on mobile because of the way touchscreen works, you can't fire the alien at the sun
randomness of the world
We all hope you are ok captainsauce stay safe.
Sawyer Grant
Sawyer Grant Hace 10 días
Captain sauce the world is falling apart without you
Busyartifact417 Hace un mes
Might be too late to say this, but he should definitely try out Security Booth: Director's Cut.
Wolfboy 2000
Wolfboy 2000 Hace un mes
"I think with just a little bit of my help we are going to be able to fix everything" Proceeds to destroy earth multiple times and kill billions Edit: this got more likes than my ESvid videos
Red The Phoenix
Red The Phoenix Hace un mes
@BlubbIsBadAtGames but the multiverse is just a theory. a construct of human perception
Bob Draper
Bob Draper Hace un mes
That hilarity was the only thing distracting me from the fact that the world is basically ending as we speak.
BlubbIsBadAtGames Hace un mes
if its will fix everything a sacrifice is needing and in a infinite multiverse ur sacrifice = nothing bc infinite universes
Miko Hace 22 días
i wish that sauce would come back to budget cuts 2 he hasnt finished the game yet
Gabriel VanHook
Gabriel VanHook Hace 20 días
Cap, are you ever planning on returning to Cell to Singularity, there is stuff past the singularity and 2 more simulations, and even 4 events, and you can buy cool stuff with event points.
Reaper's Knight
Reaper's Knight Hace un mes
I love the videos. I hope you feel better soon. And by god that beard is heavenly
BeafyJay Hace un mes
Huh is he ok
Lucian Hufford
Lucian Hufford Hace un mes
Imagine you're playing halo, and then the earth's moon comes along and destroys the ring.
Blue Pheonix
Blue Pheonix Hace un mes
Hey Cap, liking that you still cover this game. Just wanna say, I think Avalon might be more a reference to Coruscant, than Alderaan, as Alderaan is a more green planet, and from what we see of Avalon, it’s more a city planet, like Coruscant. Then again, I could be wrong. Keep making great videos, and congrats on the new AC. Edit: Spelling.
Blue Pheonix
Blue Pheonix Hace un mes
@Chloe Love yeah, I was expecting to spell it wrong, I’ll make the edit.
Chloe Love
Chloe Love Hace un mes
it's spelled alderaan
Jonny Blade
Jonny Blade Hace un mes
A eucomonoplis(probably spelled wrong) or planet wide city exists in multiple sci-fi universes
dark gacha maker
dark gacha maker Hace un mes
Avalon kinda reminds me of the hive worlds from warhammer 40k mostly given the appearance and large population
Wify0 Hace un mes
THANK YOU, looking for this, it literally has the coruscant ring thingies
Ciarra Hurley
Ciarra Hurley Hace un mes
I love this series. Also I would love to see you play L.A. Noire. I feel like you’d have a great time playing a 1940s detective. ( or, and I say this again, can you PLEASE play Layers of Fear 2? Not inheritance because you already played that but I haven’t seen ANYONE finish LOF 2)
puppyrpg1130 Hace 21 un día
remember the good days when cap would post daily, then he posted weekly and even that was ok, but it has been a MONTH since he has posted and I think lots of people are starting to worry.
Kristian Erland Jacobsen
10:47 Actually, Avalon looks a lot more like Coruscant
Charlie Nickolson
Charlie Nickolson Hace 23 días
I'm getting a little worried that he isn't uploading is he ok
ANTKING Hace 17 días
apprently he's doing stuff whith his family so he doest have time to recored so he should renturn soon ish
Arttops Hace un mes
What would happen if you hit a planet with the planet destroyer (the one that blows up the core) followed quickly by one of the Regeneration missiles? I'm not sure but it will be a great joy finding out!
Arttops Hace un mes
@Aaron James Cheers, worth a shot!
Aaron James
Aaron James Hace un mes
i actually tried that. the missile surprisingly still heals it a bit but it sadly doesnt heal it fast enough and the planet blows up anyways. i hope i answered your question
The Prism
The Prism Hace un mes
6:15 man I did not even know caps hair grew that long, during quarantine and after quarantine he went caveman style.
Beast Hace 8 días
Hey Capt. We're worried about you, but also, happy you're getting some well needed time off
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DIO Hace 10 días
Good luck with the hurricane! Glad to see you getting better.
StairGoms Hace 27 días
wait what if you destroy the sun but make the planet live and put humans on it?
WildCard Hace un mes
Thanks Cap. You've always helped me when I'm having tough times, and will always continue to make my day better, little by little. Keep going, man!
The Beast
The Beast Hace 19 días
I'm starting to worry about him, Noticed his videos started changing and then he grew out his hair and a beard, Hope everything's OK
Rachel Riley
Rachel Riley Hace un mes
hey cap i hope you keep up the good work😀
Mr Dingleschnat
Mr Dingleschnat Hace un mes
I’m gonna call it right now, he’s gonna put Christmas stuff in his beard in december
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Hace un mes
keep yourself entertained for a long while :)
eggo myleggos
eggo myleggos Hace un mes
The longer the beard gets, the more powerful his sauce becomes
dineroisheem Hace un mes
I haven't watched CaptainSauce since the 2015 sims days and I come back and see this man has a whole beard??
Ash Memes
Ash Memes Hace 17 días
Captain sauce been watching you for 4 years your Beard look funny but in all seriousnest you're the best miss you
SoggyBeansTogether Hace un mes
I used to watch his make the town red vids this man is such a LEGEND
RedRockGamer Hace un mes
Remember when Cap used to actually post consistently? Good times....good times... Sadly this is mirroring another great youtuber who left us, Embear. ☹️
Frank Beskow
Frank Beskow Hace un mes
Cap i really enjoy your videos if you can make more il support you in whatever you want to play and post
Dani García
Dani García Hace 25 días
Hi cap, how are you doing? I hope to hear about you soon, I wish you most luck, hope to see you again
theldrakis Hace 29 días
i think sauce hit his satellite giving us his content for the day. curse you moon.
Kellan Jiang
Kellan Jiang Hace un mes
For the people who tried to click on the sun with earth map:you need to be with mars.
Space cat
Space cat Hace un mes
If you use the healing rockets on boreas they un-freeze the planet. It’s a pretty fun secret.
Matt Of Borg
Matt Of Borg Hace 9 días
“I’m willing to bet they’re all going back to edit their comments now.” My favorite part of the episode
Neelofar Khan
Neelofar Khan Hace 14 días
Captainsauses looks like a 60 year old wizard that hade to much coffee
The Magnificent Manbeard
I think Avalon is supposed to be Coruscant, based on the ring structures on the surface and the fact that the city-world had many sub-levels and a population in the trillions in the canon lore XD.
General Grave Digger
General Grave Digger Hace 14 días
Hey cap are you okay? Been a month since we seen you and we are getting worried
E Hace 28 días
The beard overtook him he doesnt control it, it now controls him
Chaos Hace 15 días
Come on Cap! You haven't uploaded in 5 weeks! I would love to se new content from you! :)
The Stubborn Samurai
I haven’t watched him in months and that beard and hair is BEAUTIFUL
nina capella
nina capella Hace un mes
Sauce there’s a few more weapons and you will love one of them , the absolute mistake that it is .
Lars Thoreson
Lars Thoreson Hace un mes
CaptainSauce is slowly turning into CaptainViking with that beard
Jackson Holm
Jackson Holm Hace 8 días
Memel4d Hace un mes
Death Hace un mes
I feel like VikingSauce would be more accurate.
blakethegoatgod Hace un mes
haven't watched you in months and I love the beard!
The Beast
The Beast Hace 11 días
On Twitter he said his computer is dying for people that are worried
Graycyn Millar
Graycyn Millar Hace 10 días
That makes sense
N-S- A
N-S- A Hace 10 días
Giga chad
Plushrush17 Hace un mes
We’re just gonna get to the point where caps beard is as long as glumstones
Oscar veverka
Oscar veverka Hace 29 días
Can we get another video on the knockout league series? I really loved it and I would love to see more!
MrIncomplete Hace un mes
He is slowly looking more and more like a heavy metal drummer. Letting his hair down was the final stretch.
Jonathan Stowe
Jonathan Stowe Hace un mes
Is it just me or should Cap start doing a blogging channel. Comment on this if you agree I would love to see him blog
Annette Snyman
Annette Snyman Hace un día
Tip the thing befor the laser at max is enough to tack out a chunk of the sun and they added star world
ChickenKing25 Hace un mes
If you use the aim button with the lightsabers you can just toss them cutting the entire planet in half
Luke Logsdon
Luke Logsdon Hace un mes
Cap still needs to complete raft there's still a huge chunk he still has to do
Nicholas LaRocco
Nicholas LaRocco Hace un mes
Hey captain! Hope you’re doing well and I just want to let you know I’ve been here for a long time and I enjoy your videos a lot! I wish you the best going on forward and hope you keep yourself entertained for a long while :)
Jayson Vieira
Jayson Vieira Hace un mes
Captainsauce you know that planet that you said had that cool design of the Death Star yeah as soon as it reaches the core everybody dies because the planet does not have a heat ratio
FurbieSlayer Hace 9 días
hey captain i hop you feel better we all love you!
Darwin glencross
Darwin glencross Hace un mes
don't be to proud of the technological terror you've constructed the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force
Paper cat_ morning teeth
You should play juice galaxy it’s fun, chaotic and extremely fun to play on drugs😂😂 anyway keep up the good work and it’s a game I think would fit most of the games you play
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