When a physics teacher knows his stuff !!

Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.
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3 mar 2016






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Unknown Hace 8 meses
This dude needs an award for worlds best teacher and he actually teaches
Hmm Ok
Hmm Ok Hace un mes
90% teachers teach. Everyone that says this shit never pays attention and gets a 2.0 gpa
Omar Ghoneim
Omar Ghoneim Hace un mes
@bybenzo true I learned this stuff in 7th grade
Trustboy Hace un mes
RED _MASTER Hace un mes
C A P 🧢
lw lebt
lw lebt Hace un mes
Our teacher is better xD
Emmit Scully
Emmit Scully Hace un mes
I had a physics teacher similar to this my junior year. He always presented everything we were learning in a tangible way with real application. Looking back it was my favorite course.
TMCS Hace 15 días
imagine if he pushed it in the x direction a little bit by mistake...yikes!
Ahmad Arab
Ahmad Arab Hace 18 días
Major Pwner
Major Pwner Hace 24 días
Application matters SO much in education. If you don't know how to apply knowledge in the real world there's no point in learning it to begin with.
Obergruppenführer John Smith
@veryslyfox luckily, with a tremendous amount of time and resources, modern science has been able to give us the broom
veryslyfox Hace un mes
Did he also make a dangerous mess with broken glass?
Stefan Novak
Stefan Novak Hace 25 días
I remember watching this exactly 10 years ago and being amazed by it, I tried the experiment in an empty classroom. 10 years later physics still fascinates me!
Rza!!! Hace 3 días
@Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. hii sir
V0W4N Hace 10 días
Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.
@Blueblazer115 nope 23 yr ago (1999)
Blueblazer115 Hace 10 días
But the video was made 6 years ago?
Stefan Novak
Stefan Novak Hace 17 días
@Abdulla Rasheed haha nono I didn’t use a wrecking ball lol, just a pendulum hung on a door.
Laurence Canty
Laurence Canty Hace un mes
I miss his lectures so much!!! They were posted here on ESvid for a while. I’m not sure if they are anymore, but he is one of the reasons I love physics!
J Hace 4 días
Where did he teach?
ANDJELINA Hace 15 días
He retired I just watched one clip with a Dutch tv host.
Stuart Leviton
Stuart Leviton Hace un mes
@Inaaya Chowdhury Walter Lewin
Inaaya Chowdhury
Inaaya Chowdhury Hace un mes
What's his name?
Ahmed En-nia
Ahmed En-nia Hace un mes
We want more than this honorable teacher, the theory and the practice in the mean time, learning for the students will be a real pleasure, thank you Sir.
Josef Richter
Josef Richter Hace un mes
Kudos to this man for going out of his way to present something that his students will remember for the rest of their lives.
MIR YASSER ALI 6B Hace 19 días
@Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. reply after 4 years u r legend.
Zikereto Hace 21 un día
@Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. 2 weeks ago?! You are a Legend Sir!
Blauben Saruman
Blauben Saruman Hace 24 días
@v1nce broke out of jail Here again :)
v1nce broke out of jail
i cant belive people are still commenting this
Mayn 90's
Mayn 90's Hace 25 días
Yeah but what if the string broke
John George
John George Hace un mes
I had, and experienced, this same experiment in a high school physics class in 1959 as we studied pendulum motion. The teacher of that class was a PhD physicist taking a two year sabbatical from a national lab. His demonstration also included a lesson in the difference between what we say and what we believe. Each of us sat on a high stool as a shotput suspended from the high ceiling by a cable was brought up to within an inch or two of our nose. He asked each of us, "Do you know the laws of pendulum motion." Our response was of course "Yes." Then just as he released the shotput he said, "Know we will see if you believe them." Most, but not all sat still as that eight pounds of lead rocketed back towards our noses. Only a few ducked away a the last second. That was 63 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. Sadly, today that teacher would not be able to do that experiment (or any of the other amazing things he did in that classroom.) The lessons are to structured, preprogramed, and rigid for creative teachers to inspire the young minds and imaginations of their students. Plus the specter of liability would be the death of any imaginative and creative teaching.
SpoonOfficial Hace 20 días
@JB_43 probably hes like 80+ which is really cool
JB_43 Hace 23 días
Sorry sir, how old are you?
Patrick Ryatt
Patrick Ryatt Hace un mes
That sound awesome. Especially what we say vs what we believe. Now that's a bit harder to grasp than the physics of a pendulum which some take as common sense.
Elizabeth Langford
Elizabeth Langford Hace un mes
For once, a teacher got my undivided attention on a subject that bored me in high school and college. I would have loved to have you as my science teacher. You kept my interest. Thank you very much.
Aditya Dwivedi
Aditya Dwivedi Hace un mes
i never took a interest in physics but this dude made me understand the basics of converting gravitational potential to kinetic enegry. huge respect
3funcar Hace un mes
I can learn more from this dude than my actually physics teacher 😂😂😂
Dirty Dawg4061 🇺🇦
🚨GRAMMAR POLICE🚨 "I can learn more from this dude than *I can with my actual* physics teacher
Aditya Dwivedi
Aditya Dwivedi Hace un mes
waht is phasics
3funcar Hace un mes
@TheRubyPenguin Lmao 🤣😅😂
TheRubyPenguin Hace un mes
I dont even have one
Soe Lemon
Soe Lemon Hace un mes
Even knowing the results, my heart was still beating fast when he released the ball
UTU49 Hace 4 días
More generally, the health of his skull is completely dependent on the ball not picking up any kinetic energy from ANY sources. Examples: 1. There's a big wind storm outside and an open window. Just as the ball is swinging, a gust of wind blows through the room. Or someone turns a fan on while the ball is swinging. 2. A bird flies through the room, and collides with the ball, giving it some more kinetic energy. 3. After swinging all the way across the room, some object falls from the ceiling and hits the ball, giving it some more kinetic energy. I’m assuming that most of the students like this instructor. If any of the above things were to happen, the students should immediately start screaming at him to abort and get out of the path of the ball. More generally still, the health of his skull is dependent on there being NO changes to the system of any kind. Other weird examples. 1. There's an earthquake immediately after he releases the ball. 2. The wall he’s standing against moves, pushing him into the path of the ball. 3. He passes out and falls forward, and his head moves into the path of the ball. Or he has a seizure. 4. Everyone in the room, in a bizarre coincidence, sneezes at exactly the same time. I think this experiment is just barely dangerous enough that it should not be done. (By the way, #4 is a joke.)
Sion Theodorus
Sion Theodorus Hace 18 días
@Dre boi nah, i believe even light tap won't even make the ball touch your chin, i mean how hard it is to just release something and not like pushing it
kidthebilly Hace 20 días
@AppleDan if the teacher applied even a little bit of additional force to the ball (and didn't just let gravity do all of the moving) the ball would have crushed his skull
SaintSanityAsmr Hace un mes
even watching this for the 3d time, I still get nervous
Susan Coleman
Susan Coleman Hace un mes
I took my one & only physics course in college (beginner level re: sound waves.) Had a great professor & I did well in his class. I liked it so much that I encouraged my son to try it in HS. He now has a PhD in physics.
rotorcraft621 Hace un mes
A teacher all the kids love. You can see it in their intent looks while he was keeping them fascinated in the subject. Well done!
Graham Smith
Graham Smith Hace un mes
This guy is a real teacher, he's willing to take a hit on the chin for his students' education.
Dorota Kocur
Dorota Kocur Hace un mes
“physics worked and I am still alive” this teacher has such an energy around him, none of his students will forget what happened that day. That’s such a cool way of teaching science but you really need to know what you are doing or else
Joshua Brand
Joshua Brand Hace 2 meses
I sat through physics I and II and almost exclusively learned everything from the textbook. Professors like these are gold mines of inspiration.
BearAddictionz Hace un mes
@John Doe does not look like Dennis at all
Atomic Fireball
Atomic Fireball Hace un mes
@John Doe holy shit i see it man
John Doe
John Doe Hace 2 meses
Nobody gonna mention how Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia suddenly appears at 2:05?
Taking It One Day At A Time
If more teachers were like him. There'd be more people in college. He makes it fun and interesting.
Resm Hace un mes
We all wish we had a teacher who can teach stuff that we will all remember for the rest of our lifes. This is truly the best teacher you would ever find.
Amazing teacher, he’s keeping his class so focused on the lesson unlike mine and many others.
Lance leader
Lance leader Hace un mes
“Physics works, and I’m still alive!” This is the second time I’ve watched this video and I love it. That professor has balls.
Ata Glance
Ata Glance Hace 5 meses
dude if we had more teachers like him teaching us today in their different respective fields, the possibilities are endless, you are a LEGEND sir.
stupidity at it's finest
There are more people like him but they just teach differently and they prob don't need a pedemlum in the middle of the room you don't need to do stuff like this to be engaging
mikek128 Hace un mes
We have teachers teaching like him y’all just ain’t pay attention in physics class
The Grim Reaper is Coming for Your Ass
What a time to be alive.
darkravemaster16 Hace un mes
THere are teachers like him, it's the students who are not listening or willing to learn. They rather cut class and do some tiktoks. Or comment in youtube like this.
No Men's Land!
No Men's Land! Hace un mes
In my entire life time, i only met a teacher like him once. His name was Vinod, Sir Vinod, my high school math teacher.. He was very creative, he brought up many creative ideas to make us understand quickly and interestingly. His class was never a boring,always filled with adrenaline kicks.. We wanted to seat in his class for the whole day 😇😇😇 which was never possible 👌🏼
TVBC Studios
TVBC Studios Hace un mes
Years later and that's still dope. I wish he were my Physics teacher. I'd probably be teaching Physics now! Lol
kantraxo ikol
kantraxo ikol Hace un mes
i love teachers that use science and demonstrations like this, he could have drawn this all out on paper and not made a single student actually understand as deeply as the grapic illustration did. this is the key to good teaching, thank you.
thfreakinacage Hace un mes
I've seen this clip a dozen times and it's still brilliant. That scream from someone just as it missed is gold! I wonder if this guy has ever accidentally added some speed as it says he needs to not do? :P
Feno Lee
Feno Lee Hace 5 meses
I watched his physics lecture series back in 2008 when I worked in restaurants to save up for university. Over a decade later, I'm now a senior engineer in a multinational consultancy. Thanks for the inspiration and wisdom!!
Olga Wokocha
Olga Wokocha Hace un mes
Ok, that's a wow😮
SauceNado Hace un mes
Oof an engineer. I feel bad for you
MrSlick Mobile Gaming
Nice 👍
Nate Peace
Nate Peace Hace 2 meses
Wow! Amazing job!
Rightly Guided
Rightly Guided Hace 2 meses
Nice story
Maynard Talent
Maynard Talent Hace un mes
Man if I had a teacher who would do stuff like this I'd definitely stay awake during class lol
Ht Fanai
Ht Fanai Hace un mes
OMG I would really love to have a teacher like this man, he is amazing I've never seen anything like this before in my life...
I would really love it if he was my physics teacher. This dude deserve a Nobel prize for sure. Hats off for this guy.😍👌🏿
Jack Pabich
Jack Pabich Hace un mes
Physics works! It would be awesome if it were commonplace for teachers to have this kind of passion while also being able to keep students learning and interacting
High On Games
High On Games Hace 5 meses
Teacher: This could kill me Audience: Laughs
number letters
number letters Hace 2 meses
Teacher: dead Audience: still hungry
150_Ashari Fadhilah A
Teacher : "im not killed" Audience : dissappointed*
Anish Jadhav
Anish Jadhav Hace 2 meses
Peak of humor
War Ashu
War Ashu Hace 2 meses
@secret unknown student
Chandu Kumar Reddy
Chandu Kumar Reddy Hace 2 meses
Teacher: This could kill me Cringe ESvidrs: Respect 💯
kity Hace un mes
Combining a demonstration with a physics lecture is really difficult, props to him.
Hirai Diamond
Hirai Diamond Hace un mes
He gave us everything and knew exactly what he was doing, we stan ✨
Patricia Dutchak
Patricia Dutchak Hace un mes
Wish he was my professor when I was studying physics. He clearly is passionate about his subject matter and about his students learning the physics concepts.
Michael Ragnanese
Michael Ragnanese Hace un mes
The professor knows both his physics and his math. It was enjoyable watching someone who loves teaching their students
allsickcjj Hace un mes
i took physics my junior year, passed with a 70 forgot everything, yet somehow the way this dude just taught this it made everything flood my mind again i was literally finishing the dudes sentences for him, i wish all my teachers could be this easy to follow
Christopher A Mantell
Christopher A Mantell Hace 15 días
@UltraGigaChad Is that cool or sad?
UltraGigaChad Hace 15 días
meanwhile i literally graduated HS because my teacher didn't feel like doing the paperwork to make me repeat the class you forgot everything after a year, i did it after 5 hours
1am edits ^"^
1am edits ^"^ Hace 25 días
Joseph Fasulo
Joseph Fasulo Hace un mes
Well maybe not everything...just 100% of 70% of th course ';)
Scrub Five
Scrub Five Hace un mes
How we learn is very important. The difference between a great and engaging teacher and a teacher just goin through the motions can drastically impact how much the students learn.
Cristian Nicolas
Cristian Nicolas Hace un mes
This video is: ✔ Life changing ✔ Informative ✔ Inspiring ✔ Heartwarming ✔ Useful ✔calming ✔Enjoyable ✔ Other
e Hace un mes
We all definitely need this type of teacher in our lives
Muuneri Hace un mes
"Physics work and I'm still alive." will stay in my head forever.
NAILL1982 Hace un mes
I admire this amount of confidence in the knowledge one has in their craft
AntigamerproXD Christopher
that physics teacher was a good teacher he clearly explained that when he released the ball the gravitational potential energy converts to kinetic energy as it swings down.
benniS Hace un mes
@William "american" scientists are but they are just called amercian scientists cuz they work on american universities. maybe one of those scientists is also born and raised in the united states yes, buts thats just a coincidence.
jreecefwb Hace un mes
Is that something good physics teachers know but bad ones don't? Or...is it basic physics. Stop with the sensationalism
William Hace un mes
@TheDiamondMaster  Why? Americans are leaders in science and technology, so it must be envy.
Screw Big Tech's Anti-Science Marxist Censorship
A permanent magnet on a wall destroys all physics equations. Newton, Maxwell and Einstein were almost 100% wrong. It's really impressive how worthless science becomes when it ignores things we have known about for millennia like the ether. Also Newton, Maxwell and Einstein talked about the ether very openly and scientifically until it magically became a "taboo" subject for the benefit and continual existence of the energy industry.
melody brae
melody brae Hace un mes
@Justap Erson seems like you didn’t get much schooling if they didn’t reintroduce topics on a deeper scales. so you can you know, Remember Them.
Harry singh
Harry singh Hace un mes
Most impressively he taught us all a physics lesson and we loved it
QueenCoCoaMocha Hace un mes
I wouldn't have cried in my college lab class about coordinates on the 1st day if I had this guy teaching me 😭😭😫😩
Okay Okay
Okay Okay Hace 27 días
don’t you learn coords in 3’rd grade or smth? you capping lmao
Wootle2BTootle Hace un mes
Now this. Is teaching. The young ones learning will never ever forget this. How lucky they are to have had this great man teach them.
Zikereto Hace 21 un día
"Physics works, and I'm still alive" Legend
Citizen Of Earth
Citizen Of Earth Hace 6 meses
I watched this lecture 8 years ago when I was in 9th standard. It was absolutely amazing when I first saw it and still is. Legend.
jreecefwb Hace un mes
Oh ya. Reeeeeealllly legendary.
Doin Yomom
Doin Yomom Hace un mes
@Og Cat you must have a really big brain huh i guess videos can't exist prior to them being uploaded onto youtube.
Local Machine
Local Machine Hace un mes
@Og Cat This lecture was October 4th, 1999 you clown. He was 63 at the time. It's an excerpt from the full lecture.
Destin Johnson
Destin Johnson Hace 2 meses
@Sacc correction he WAS 5 years old
l_ol Hace un mes
I remember the teacher showing this in class. Everyone was interested. Everyone clapped. I loved it :)
Kukkakukko Hace 22 días
I like this dude, he has taught me everything I missed in school (about physsics lol, I'm still baffled about some things) All thanks to ElectroBOOM for showing me this channel.
MIR YASSER ALI 6B Hace 19 días
@Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. recently responded omg .
lord lem
lord lem Hace 18 días
I had a physics teacher similar to this my junior year. He always presented everything we were learning in a tangible way with real application. Looking back it was my favorite course.
spadgm Hace un mes
Need more teachers like this wonderful Man!
JAG Hace un mes
Taking the phrase "practice what you preach" to a literal meaning this dude has balls and conviction in what he teaches hats off to him
TMCS Hace 15 días
imagine if he pushed it in the x direction a little bit by mistake...yikes!
A Creator with Many Names
​@That One Dominus Lol
That One Dominus
That One Dominus Hace un mes
he has 15kg balls
morganj1997 Hace un mes
he has wrecking-balls
makkiawelli Hace 15 días
straordinary teacher..helping to memorize the students an important physical rule, which they will remember for the rest of their lives.
Nort Crusader
Nort Crusader Hace 16 días
I've never had such great teachers, respect
Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis Hace 24 días
Even knowing the results, my heart was still beating fast when he released the ball))
I always wanted to be taught by experts like him.
ruhumelodi Hace 6 meses
*If we had a teacher like that, physics would be our favorite subject*
๑ahs_sxxlgx๑ Hace un mes
H.U.S.K. Project
H.U.S.K. Project Hace un mes
I love my physics/chemistry teacher. He's so nice and you can tell he genuinely loves his job. He may not be as hands-on as this, but he teaches things in a way that makes it easy to learn and almost all the students love him as a teacher. He is the reason I get As on chemistry tests. He's the best high-school teacher
Msaa Hace un mes
dont blame your teachers for your lack of interest
SusNoJutsu Hace 2 meses
@Dan If you have a good teacher who actually teaches instead of reciting a script, the math part of it wouldn't be that tedious. From the physics I've done, it's just remembering which formulas to use then plug in your variables and solve. The problem is that there's way too many formulas to remember.
fried rice
fried rice Hace 2 meses
my physics teacher in HS did this demo and a bunch other, i'm studying it now
HackersGuild Hace 26 días
This guy sure knows how to hype his audience. Love the video :D
The last of the Anglo Saxons.
Imagine if all teaching was performed on this level 👏👏👏 oh, and never question a professor who wears sandals and socks 😃
ElBigShegun Hace un mes
I’m surprised people never tried this in their Physics class
J W Hace un mes
What a lecturer! Wish I had him for science in high school, might have been a dr. Lol
Smallish Hace un mes
That could've gone horribly wrong, but luckily he did incorporate the gravitational forces generated by his MASSIVE BALLS into this equation. Legend.
UTU49 Hace 4 días
More generally, the health of his skull is completely dependent on the ball not picking up any kinetic energy from ANY sources. More generally still, the health of his skull is dependent on there being NO changes to the system of any kind.
Mad Brain Lab
Mad Brain Lab Hace 18 días
@Roy El Kai worse than that, it seems 904 people don't get it:(
Steven Koehler
Steven Koehler Hace 19 días
Yeah--I think that the bal he used was one of HIS OWN!
Giga chad
Giga chad Hace 19 días
@SpoonOfficial exactly ☠️
SpoonOfficial Hace 20 días
why is everyone here except a couple so serious?? clearly massive balls are no joke LMAO
Billy Corners
Billy Corners Hace 11 días
I remember being in 1st grade and a science teacher stuck a metal can with its top closed on a burner and turned it on. Watching it implode with nobody around it was the coolest thing ever and turned me onto science forever
JaSondra Bolton
JaSondra Bolton Hace un mes
I would enjoy his class.. respect to well structured understanding and the ability to teach others👍
BlackDogsLivesMatter Hace 19 días
Wow I never took physics because it sounded so complicated. I so wish this guy was my teacher....I could have learned more in one class than an entire semester in most schools. I had a chemistry teacher like this once and I went from an F in the first class to an A in the second. The only problem is that most classes ended up in smoke or using a fire extinguisher.
Moon月 Hace un mes
This is what i call a real teacher! Teaching has become a lifestyle to him at this point.
Ninja Coffee Bunny
Ninja Coffee Bunny Hace 6 meses
"Physics works, and I am still alive!" That's a catch phrase 😂
AmstradExin Hace 5 meses
One to take to heart!
C.A. old
C.A. old Hace 6 meses
Best A The Best.
Kyle Curtis
Kyle Curtis Hace un mes
Having taken physics, I finally understand the terms and concepts of this video I've seen for years.
Inferno65 Hace 16 días
Before my high school physics teacher was employed by my school, he taught college kids. While he was there, he would fasten a huge concrete block on his stomach and let the students in that class hit it with a sledgehammer as hard as they could. He was never hurt once.
Quilla Hace un mes
i learned more in this video than my whole physics class in highschool last year
vozifyyy Hace un mes
"Physics works and I'm still alive" Greatest man ever
Raul Carbajal
Raul Carbajal Hace 9 meses
I love seeing a man passionate about his profession, especially a teacher!! My wife is a teacher so I'm a little biased lol
HB Hace 2 meses
@Chief Ducky don't take it seriously LoL
Triangle Fruit of Gravity
Not for people with big noses 😬🤭
Triangle Fruit of Gravity
He is amazing! ❣️
Lord Toomas
Lord Toomas Hace 8 meses
@Chief Ducky he was being sarcastic
Mi-Ae Hwang
Mi-Ae Hwang Hace 8 meses
passionate doesn't always mean good, believe me the most important thing for a teacher are two things: patience and diversity. I may be biased since I had many bad teachers, especially in grade school.
Mahya Laksono
Mahya Laksono Hace un mes
OMG this only happen when physical science meet theatrical science. very entertaining, great, and easier to remember. very genius, Sir.
Noahjames27 Hace un mes
Now we need a chemistry teacher who really knows his "stuff"
Mutt Hace un mes
I don’t think he’s putting his life on the line, but still excellent presentation
Vane Sete
Vane Sete Hace un mes
We need more teachers like him. Especially here in Brazil 😃We need more teachers like him, finding one like that here is almost like winning a lottery. Edit: A hug mine to u, prof 😘
Sh Sumant
Sh Sumant Hace un mes
Wow , He his lecture actually making me to love physics ❤️
MinerForStone Hace 19 días
Air resistance gives him additional margin for error, albeit a small one. In a vacuum he'd really have to make sure he puts no initial speed on the pendulum
Gameknight Hace 17 días
This is the best part about physics; you see it everywhere in life
Taylor Herring
Taylor Herring Hace un mes
I wish I had him as my Physics teacher !
David Williss
David Williss Hace 5 meses
We had a physics professor who got around with the use of the old style crutches that have cuffs that clip to your wrists. He once did a demonstration on inertia where he carefully climbed onto a wheeled platform and then by shifting his body weight, could make the platform move. Problem: The floor in the lecture hall was not level and he ended up rolling out the door and into the hallway. I suspect he knew this would happen and did it for comedic effect, but it was still hilarious.
SouLatte Hace un mes
your physics professor sounds like an absolute legend
Marcus Young
Marcus Young Hace un mes
"Physics works and I'm still alive!" I WILL find a situation were I can quote that.
Christopher King
Christopher King Hace 23 días
Physics works and I’m still alive Greatest quote I’ve heard all week😂🔥
Liz Tatum
Liz Tatum Hace un mes
Walter Lewin has a book! It's called For The Love of Physics, and it's honestly the thing that made me love physics as a kid. I would have loved to have a chance at meeting him.
universe.obsessed1 Hace 8 días
physics is so much more than just formulas and derivations it is just beautiful i hope in future i get one of my professors like this just passionate about it
Greg Raines
Greg Raines Hace un mes
If all teachers were like him, we would have so many more intelligent people in the world.
SuperFinGuy Hace un mes
@Alex perez He never put his life in danger, by just releasing the ball, even with just common sense, you'd know there's friction and the ball would never get to its starting position.
Sext Empiric
Sext Empiric Hace un mes
@Alex perez Just another showman that using a thrill factor to attract attention.
Pete Shepherd
Pete Shepherd Hace un mes
Not more intelligent, more inspired
Hardik Jindal
Hardik Jindal Hace un mes
@Alex perez no bro he put his own life to demonstrate that if he would have just spoken the stuff it would not have been intresting but by doing such things children will be more intrested and will remember till a long time
ellen charme
ellen charme Hace un mes
The person having more information, does not make them more intelligent. Information has nothing to do with intelligence. There are people who have a lot of information and are not smart.
Ritu Das
Ritu Das Hace un mes
You are an amazing teacher.. you just don't teach the syllabus but believe in what you are teaching.. Hats off you sir..🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
casin Hace un mes
@Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. You’re still alive? 🤯
Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.
what counts is not what you cover, but *what you uncover*
IDK what it is about science teachers, I've been fortunate to have had the most unique and fun teachers in the realms of science. My physics teacher was very much passionate and incredible in this same way; he described momentum once while scooting on a skateboard that was atop his desk, fully acknowledging he might crack his skull open showing us this. XD
Your bread obsessed idiot🍞
We all need him as our physics teacher XD
Liverpool fan
Liverpool fan Hace 3 días
When the dude looks like Albert Einstein you know he knows his stuff😂
Kosmic Kohei | Aspiring Astronaut
This is so incredible. I would have loved to have him as my instructor
Yukkze Hace un mes
@S2 you're already hear bud
S2 Hace un mes
He has a ESvid channel. You can go through it.
Irodaa Hace un mes
if all my teachers were like this I’d be a genius
Vijay Bhardwaj
Vijay Bhardwaj Hace un mes
He is simply awesome.....world need teacher like this who actually a teacher.....great Sir...
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
Dude helped me understand work better then my science teacher could ever
Eugene Anderson
Eugene Anderson Hace un mes
Brilliant teacher! Teach kids to love science.
Gaurav Chavan
Gaurav Chavan Hace un año
If you have a fun teacher like this . No subject will be hard to study for anyone .
Ir MrD0T
Ir MrD0T Hace 7 meses
Quantum mechanics: Exists.
R. J.
R. J. Hace 26 días
This was fun, fun while learning. Thanks for the short lector.
Gigi Quillian
Gigi Quillian Hace un mes
Even though I understand this law, I still grit my teeth because if you perpetuate the motion, you crack your jaw...extremely painful. Bravo, professor!
Electric Playz_Yt
Electric Playz_Yt Hace un mes
He reminds me of my math teacher. Plus no one listens after a great speech
Speed101 Hace 20 días
"I'm going to close my eyes, I don't want to see this." one of the best lines in this vid
Glauco Fernandes
Glauco Fernandes Hace 7 meses
Professor, I don't even know if you're going to see it, but I want to express all my gratification to all your classes. You just not made me enjoy physics, but inspirated me to follow it. I'm currently in a undergrad course in physics. I'm just one of the bunch of people who started to look at the subject with other eyes because of your classes, be sure, you're one of the inspirations of a lot of people in the new generation of physicists (I can't find someone in my uni. who haven't seen one of your classes rs). Now I know that tomorrow something very bad may occur, I'm strongly sad. But in the last minute I want to thank you, for all you did. Thank you.
Oluwa Emma
Oluwa Emma Hace 2 meses
He obviously killed him self
Akhtar Anshari
Akhtar Anshari Hace 2 meses
Now I am feeling kinda guilty for not choosing physics
BigPimpin Hace 2 meses
he is dead
CATA LINA Hace 3 meses
This feeling huh? Is this video take you back to that time? Do not regret this how life work but you will choice to stand or stay down until gone..
Shrek Worshipper
Shrek Worshipper Hace 3 meses
@Best Buddy Plays its a joke related to the video lol
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