When BTS feel sleepy (방탄소년단) sleep cute moments

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When BTS feel sleepy :)
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20 sep 2018






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sulanganli Hace 17 horas
yo...junkooks wife is cheeting on him with his brother😂😂😂
Gloria Freeman
Gloria Freeman Hace 5 días
What's the name of the song in 1:32
rose marie rosello
rose marie rosello Hace 11 días
If suga were a girl, she’d be so pretty😉
H H Hace 14 días
4:49 4:49 4:49 sleeping Veauty
Ninin Setiyaningsih
Ninin Setiyaningsih Hace 15 días
Hoby aeting jungkook n jin hyung Hoby sleeping suga hyung n jungkook
ivie park
ivie park Hace 16 días
Like si te gustaría ser una de sus maquillistas!!! Que injusticia.......
Naida Sehic
Naida Sehic Hace 16 días
So cute
Angelica Lopez
Angelica Lopez Hace 17 días
1:06 me at school
Tarun Mukherjee
Tarun Mukherjee Hace 20 días
cuties are sleepy
Imu Imran
Imu Imran Hace 23 días
ーuser Hace 21 un día
Imu Imran suga
Violeta Paula
Violeta Paula Hace 23 días
I love Suga ... he's so cute when he sleeps..Ah..If I could sleep snug with him..hahaha. H'umm, what a delight huh !!
พัทยา ไพรศรี
Kook ya Booty101
Kook ya Booty101 Hace 24 días
This video is mostly of Suga .... I’m loving it ☺️
منوعات الاغاني
Stenly Sopacua
Stenly Sopacua Hace 25 días
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha bts jungkok
echo echo
echo echo Hace 25 días
Suga is interested in 😴 😴 😴
Karrel Foster
Karrel Foster Hace 26 días
Suga is the king of sleeping
Amanda Grace
Amanda Grace Hace 27 días
Suga is a human cat.
Nora Nordin
Nora Nordin Hace 29 días
Yahh!! Suga shhi let sleep....together.. Opps sorry.. Hihihi... 🤣🤣😅😅🙏🙏
Liza Zablan
Liza Zablan Hace un mes
I'm noticing that 99% of the video is yoongi then the 1% is the other members
More of Ffayery
More of Ffayery Hace un mes
Of course most of it was suga😂
ーuser Hace 21 un día
yea but suga
Syaura Bakti
Syaura Bakti Hace un mes
This video is like a video just for suga 🤣🤣🤣
Просто Сахарок
Telefon-Let's sleep Tae-OK 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bts Army!
Bts Army! Hace un mes
Notice how sweeter Jimin got tho! I’m not saying he wasn’t sweet before he doesn’t yell when he’s mad anymore!
ーuser Hace 21 un día
Nadila Fiorenza
Nadila Fiorenza Hace un mes
3:05 V fix kookie clothes?!🤔💜
Elaine Andrade
Elaine Andrade Hace un mes
99%do video é Suga dormindo ou com sono
Binaee Sabr
Binaee Sabr Hace un mes
They look so cute
Dina Petersen
Dina Petersen Hace un mes
Maso Kreys
Maso Kreys Hace un mes
6:40 German Musik???
Jadasimonexo Hace un mes
seeing yoongi sleeping so peacefully makes my heart warm 🥰
Jenny Maihia
Jenny Maihia Hace un mes
Anyone else wondering why they sleep cuter than females?? Or am i the only one🤷🏽‍♀️
when jungkook and v sleep is sooooo cutei i love u bts
fatima 06
fatima 06 Hace un mes
Is just suga feel sleep or what??😂😅
Sonali Rana
Sonali Rana Hace un mes
Suga looking more gorgeous and cute when he was sleeping 😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😚
# Nanda
# Nanda Hace 2 meses
The video should be titled as 'The sleeping moments of Suga'. Once when it showed a clip of jungkook I was in confuse whether it is jungkook or suga as the vdo had showed 90% suga's sleeping moments.. I was like" wait wait, hiw come jungkook's vdo clip is included in Suga's sleeping moments vdo^o^
아미있다 Hace 2 meses
2:10の時のググか好き (RUNの時のグクです)
Gresa Memishi
Gresa Memishi Hace 2 meses
They are so cute!! 💗
Andrea Lara
Andrea Lara Hace 2 meses
Me acabo de dar cuenta que Suga párese un oso polar por sus ojitos es súper tierno cuando se duerme 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗 hola besitos 😘😘
BangtansJiminie Hace 2 meses
The music 6:44 😂😂😂i can't 😂😂
Ayahayo Doank
Ayahayo Doank Hace 2 meses
Why the freak is v moaning
ーuser Hace 21 un día
Julia Marie Diaz
Julia Marie Diaz Hace 2 meses
Julia Marie Diaz
Julia Marie Diaz Hace 2 meses
Julia Marie Diaz
Julia Marie Diaz Hace 2 meses
I really hope all of you have a good sleep today,tomorrow and more days to come and also I just hope that the director will give you more time to sleep and rest everyday
Amrita Sinha
Amrita Sinha Hace 2 meses
Agree? They look the most cutest creatures in this world while sleeping
kiwi lime
kiwi lime Hace 2 meses
Suga is so cute when he's sleeping or sleepy
ーuser Hace 21 un día
yea but suga
k-pop kiwi UWU
k-pop kiwi UWU Hace 2 meses
10:22 awweeeee its soooo cute 😩🥺💖
Kookie Lover
Kookie Lover Hace 2 meses
When BTS feel sleepy When *Suga* feel sleepy ;w;
elisa maria dominguez torrea
Con lo duro que trabajan los chicos sus horas de descanso son sagradas; hasta pena me da que en esos momentos los graben.
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace 2 meses
itz Moon!
itz Moon! Hace 2 meses
2:17 *Jeon jungkook and his neck*
Mia :3 armyyy
Mia :3 armyyy Hace 2 meses
5:07 this is so fricking cute like hsbsvdnf fnmdl 😂❤
Omg that german song whit rabitts i cant sooo cute and funny xD 😂😂😂💕💕
Army Forever
Army Forever Hace 2 meses
7:42 *Thank me later! 😂*
Love tae Bts
Love tae Bts Hace 2 meses
Suga is a cat
Golden Army
Golden Army Hace 2 meses
I am currently eating new cook hot instant noodles and suddenly this clip 7:43 appeared and now I am eating rice ahahaah. I didnt expect that at all.
Sara Besicc
Sara Besicc Hace 2 meses
6:47 the background music,😂
Полина и больше ничего
7:42 уляля
Lin a
Lin a Hace 3 meses
ARMY BTS Hace 3 meses
3:7 vkook😂
susan biju
susan biju Hace 3 meses
Omg 7:43 .... Sexy ... Me : literally dead
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