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When BTS is so done with ARMY

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When BTS is so done with ARMY
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Credit: Big Hit, Bangtan TV
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16 mar 2019






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Chimxchim Trashyfan
Chimxchim Trashyfan Hace 3 horas
*hits fan* V:HOW DARE YOU HIT MY HUS- 𝚒 𝚊𝚕𝚖𝚘𝚜𝚝 𝚜𝚊𝚒𝚍 𝚑𝚞𝚜𝚋𝚊𝚗𝚍 MY WIFE THE FAN: 😭🥰
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades Hace 7 horas
That’s dude screaming is funny af 2:49
Danajane Morante
Danajane Morante Hace 18 horas
Jungkook hates being called "Jungkook oppa" and Jin hates being called "Seokjinie" hahaha. This is why Jungkook's personality should be on Jinie and vice versa 😂
NightmareFox Studios
LOL those Americans in the background “Who dis and why r all these Asians screaming?”
ii_Catrianna_ii Hace 3 días
1:58 can we exchange voices to scream at Jungkook pls?
Potat the Cat
Potat the Cat Hace 4 días
Potat the Cat
Potat the Cat Hace 4 días
Tbh if I saw bts I would scream at the top of my lungs
The absolute cube
The absolute cube Hace 4 días
I must say Jimin is the funniest and naughty fella in BTS 😍 I Stan them
WontletyouEATJIN MyPrittestBIGBANGprincessXD
Lol, Jin and JK 🤣 JungKook oppa and SeokJinie
Trisha_ UwU
Trisha_ UwU Hace 4 días
Fan: Jungkook Oppa Jungkook: Iam Not Yout Oppa Me: OooOf
nurul afifah
nurul afifah Hace 4 días
anyone knows @ 6:00 is what show?
Fatima Lmasri
Fatima Lmasri Hace 4 días
That v scene At the end would make my heart flutter endlessslyy if it happend to me
Jayleen Rafael
Jayleen Rafael Hace 4 días
Aww they reminded me so much of Big bang 😭😭😭😭😭 good job #BTS y'all stay humble and don't get in trouble 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Hareem Mubashar
Hareem Mubashar Hace 4 días
Lee Sang Min is the biggest mood!
Anar T
Anar T Hace 4 días
10:06 Xdd
Anar T
Anar T Hace 4 días
Anar T
Anar T Hace 4 días
Zoltrix Hace 4 días
Arianna Army
Arianna Army Hace 5 días
Jajajajaja OMG !! 💜💜💜💖💖 LAS ARMYS SI QUE SOMOS LOCAS 😂😂😂😜
Mariel Vids
Mariel Vids Hace 5 días
3:08 can someone send me the link of this ?
Tyysns Yoo
Tyysns Yoo Hace 5 días
Hinata Hace 5 días
11:00 was he talking japanese?
Stela Danailova
Stela Danailova Hace 5 días
BTS is so goddam funny 😂😂😂
Maurice Cayabyab
Maurice Cayabyab Hace 5 días
Bts is being childish all the time and i love it . 😊so cute
Asfia Farees
Asfia Farees Hace 5 días
Try not to smile and laugh challenge .
A child of Namjesus
A child of Namjesus Hace 5 días
Jungkook: I’m not ure Oppa TXT: BUT URE OUR HYUNG😎
Ya Na
Ya Na Hace 5 días
Francisco Suzara
Francisco Suzara Hace 5 días
3:49 what show??!!!
ToRRe D 888
ToRRe D 888 Hace 5 días
Ben Yeah
Ben Yeah Hace 5 días
11:23 omg this is soo Punneyhhh jiminnie 😂😂
Jonna Mesa
Jonna Mesa Hace 5 días
Katherine Pnahon
Katherine Pnahon Hace 5 días
Hahahahah 6:01
쀼ˇ Hace 5 días
1:24 아닣 흫헿흐히싷 너무 귀옆잖아ㅠㅠ ❤
Xx_Iphone_xX Hace 5 días
Omg this video is great 😂😭😂😂😂😂
Norma Rodriguez
Norma Rodriguez Hace 5 días
Something in your eyes ~ LIKE IF YOU GET IT LOL
elle hyunmiTV
elle hyunmiTV Hace 5 días
I just want to meet rm☺️
elle hyunmiTV
elle hyunmiTV Hace 5 días
sushen narjinary
sushen narjinary Hace 5 días
OMG ......who was that woman who hugged Jimin I'm jealous
Souada Mohamed
Souada Mohamed Hace 5 días
3:00 holy shit thhat got me dying 😂😂😂 lmfaoo some man yelling "JUNGKOOK OPPAAAAAAA! AHHHHHHH! JUNGKOOK!!!!!! JUNGKOOOK!!!!! SARANGHEEE!"
sugataeme 03
sugataeme 03 Hace 5 días
What song is that @ 0:20
Shabaaam Hace 5 días
2:01 is ICONIC
Johann Lorenz
Johann Lorenz Hace 6 días
J hopeeeeee
stungunlullaby Hace 6 días
does he act like that (10:06) with every girl who tries to hug him in the first meet? just curious...
If he terrified if I heard fans screaming my name like that.
Nuray K
Nuray K Hace 6 días
the way you loosen your button is pretty
4:40 aigo cái j đây Dzú kìa Trời ơi Min Yoongi dễ thương quá Anh la lên aigo cái j đấy. Anh lỡ chạm r
- Huang Yu -
- Huang Yu - Hace 6 días
Haha Doyum is such a big fan of JHope 😅 So cute
MashiKyu TaeSoo
MashiKyu TaeSoo Hace 6 días
It was just that some Army's are so lucky i wish im one of them
Ashley Calucer
Ashley Calucer Hace 6 días
lay mendoza
lay mendoza Hace 6 días
this vid made my day💜
Ria Rayappan
Ria Rayappan Hace 6 días
The people who scream like their life is about to end, I don't get it lol
Schwi Snori
Schwi Snori Hace 6 días
I think I got stabbed
Schwi Snori
Schwi Snori Hace 6 días
I think someone dying 😆
Nastia Batterfly
Nastia Batterfly Hace 6 días
samia zaman
samia zaman Hace 6 días
Jennifer Lima
Jennifer Lima Hace 7 días
Taehyung falando em japonês é minha religião
Lina Fomina
Lina Fomina Hace 7 días
"Фанатка: Чонгук оппа! Чонгук: Я не твой оппа!..." Ору😂 Ситуация с Джином в начале тоже повеселила, BTS в лифте с сердечками, "Мин Юнги опасный парень".😂😂😂Я вечер с этого смеяться могу, всё видео классное. Сколько тут русских АРМИ?
Lonely Stone
Lonely Stone Hace 7 días
Could someone tell me the programme in 5.31, please?
Morgan John
Morgan John Hace 7 días
Jin kills me-
PandaMochi Hace 7 días
9:17 - Literally me when i see a cockroach, or any creeping animal.
Irrelevant Hace 7 días
If they touched my hand at a fansign I swear to you now that would never touch a droplet of water again
alyaX nara
alyaX nara Hace 7 días
Im J-Hope, but I got no hope
Sj Lee
Sj Lee Hace 7 días
아 뭔데 일본어도 스윗하게해 ㅠㅠ
rendy risja
rendy risja Hace 7 días
Doyum is very very handsome boy
Shaine Delos Santos
Shaine Delos Santos Hace 7 días
taehyung at 10:05 😂😂😂
Shaumil Nasywa
Shaumil Nasywa Hace 7 días
Ra An
Ra An Hace 7 días
Kani M
Kani M Hace 7 días
My Id is Gangnam beauty reference strong
Bella Hafra
Bella Hafra Hace 7 días
I’m dying with those ‘Am I really your oppa?’ Jungkook looks😂
twice is life
twice is life Hace 7 días
BTS Army
BTS Army Hace 7 días
Thumbnail tho
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace 7 días
3.50 why am I so jealous of him 😑
귀희 Hace 7 días
Bri Chele
Bri Chele Hace 7 días
10.05 it seems like V is disgusted with that person. V gak mau pelukan sma org item😂😂
Bts and Blackpink is Lifeu
*_"I will Sue Min Yoongi"_* *_"JHOOOOPPEEEE"_*
Ganga Ghale
Ganga Ghale Hace 7 días
that nipple attack was so fast
Xx_Midnight_xX :3
Xx_Midnight_xX :3 Hace 7 días
P- Jib
P- Jib Hace 7 días
If Jimin ever grabbed my wrist like that, I'd forever keep my hand in a zip Lock bag.
"Don't Touch my Hand"
Lilie Eyes
Lilie Eyes Hace 7 días
Hobi : I love you too 😂😂😂😂😂
cali A.L.
cali A.L. Hace 7 días
El grito que se escucha a partir del minuto 2:41. Así soy 😅😆
zaramin Hace 7 días
Jimin is gay
Jan Ryan Andrade
Jan Ryan Andrade Hace 8 días
Snsd and bts. Anf I'm complete
Ash’s World
Ash’s World Hace 8 días
Omfg Namjoon and that guy grabbing eachother at 3:54 is the cutest thing ever I busted the biggest UwU ever
Honey Thakran
Honey Thakran Hace 8 días
love BTS so much
love BTS so much Hace 8 días
tao mún nắm tay JHOPE mún khen JIMIN đẹp z mún kiện SUGA mún lm JIN xấu hổ mún gọi JHOPE mún gọi JUNGKOOKIE oppa mún ở bên cạnh các anh mún đc thấy các anh mỗi ngày .....
Bagel Hace 8 días
That door thingy in ellen will be so awkward if i was in it like WHAT DO I DO WITH 7 BEAUTIFUL MEN IN FRONT OF ME?!!??!?? AWKWARDLY MAKE EYE CONTACT OF COURSE
sowxn gfrd
sowxn gfrd Hace 8 días
BTS is done with you too 😊
Clara B
Clara B Hace 8 días
3:50 the feels for this gets me every time!!!
Park-Jyun BTS
Park-Jyun BTS Hace 8 días
The first one with Hobi is me
tejada paulee
tejada paulee Hace 8 días
6:38 i was screaming and got hit by my brother
army_girl _in_a_bangtan_world
"I will sue you Min Yoongi!!!" I love that iconic line. LOL
Thiên Yii Official
Thiên Yii Official Hace 8 días
Tập đoàn nhát gái
Mafer GZA
Mafer GZA Hace 8 días
2:00 All armys
Lalrinchhana Pachuau
Beautiful bts
앙기모띠 Hace 8 días
Mai Thảo
Mai Thảo Hace 8 días
Nhây quá mà bất lực là chuyện đương nhiên
Meow Chim chim
Meow Chim chim Hace 8 días
Who else smiled at the whole video Only me Okay
nayla syazanaaziza inuyasha lovers indonesia
I dunno Why I Laugh v:
Jamal Al basha
Jamal Al basha Hace 8 días
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