When BTS is so done with ARMY

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alshaikh Majed
alshaikh Majed Hace 16 horas
hey just wanted to know from were do u get these videos because I want to make a channel like this but don't know from were to get the vids so please reply and tell me
syifa hafiz
syifa hafiz Hace 19 horas
So cute
Sakura Sky
Sakura Sky Hace 22 horas
8:22 Jin:🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔... TT uhhuhhhh I'm crying🤣🤣🤣HELP ME. I cant stop laughing
truong bui
truong bui Hace un día
Jungkook oppal
Kamal Jaswal
Kamal Jaswal Hace un día
Remember JuNgKOoK is my oPpA🤣😅😂👍❤️
Kamal Jaswal
Kamal Jaswal Hace un día
hEY StOp It😅🤣 Iconic line forever 👌😂
MsMirBal Hace un día
3:30 I think because Kookie doesn't like perfume
bts' trashcan
bts' trashcan Hace un día
army: min yoongi you dangerous man! yoongi: if i was a rock, this wouldn't be happening
송윤영 Hace un día
근데 진짜 부를때는 이름만 (지민아~) 하는건 몰라도 존댓말써요 나이가 많더라도 초면이면 존댓말하는게 예의고 나이가 어리면 존댓말이 기본이죠
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace un día
*i almost said husband*
다바 Hace un día
Dol Sam
Dol Sam Hace un día
반말찍찍 하는 애들은 뭐냐
Jean Marie Gasgonia
Jean Marie Gasgonia Hace un día
How dare you flirt with with my husband teacher
Iyra Dyanie
Iyra Dyanie Hace un día
I'm not japanese but... Can all BTS members speak japanese???😲
Jean Marie Gasgonia
Jean Marie Gasgonia Hace un día
I so jimin before and his hot and cute
Jacelyne Medina
Jacelyne Medina Hace un día
2:40 I swear I sounds like that dude is about to molest Jungkook 😂 I’m dying
Sadiya Hace un día
The fan boy screamed soooo damn hard! Owwmaagawwd! He really is Jeongguk's fan😂😍
Raraaa_ Ltda
Raraaa_ Ltda Hace un día
Something in your eyes~ Tell me who I'am .. What the song title? Plz answer me
my Euphoria JK
my Euphoria JK Hace un día
IDK the title but it's from kdrama my ID is Gangnam beauty.
Cloudayd TV
Cloudayd TV Hace un día
2:32 Jungkook oppa and seokjinie😂😂
Cholate Is the best
Cholate Is the best Hace un día
5:45 the girl there is kinda making me 😀 HAHAHA
Baby Dahyunie
Baby Dahyunie Hace un día
I will sue min yoongi too for making my heart beat so fast.😂
RMe Forever
RMe Forever Hace un día
11:24 Look at jimin's face Hahahaha!!!!!...................
jungkookies_ wife
jungkookies_ wife Hace un día
When jhope touched his hands gangam beauty's ost starts😂😂❤
Shanti Kumara
Shanti Kumara Hace un día
cutie pies
Miakko Miau Miau
Miakko Miau Miau Hace un día
Omg 😂😂
Eloisa Linsangan
Eloisa Linsangan Hace un día
3:53 jimin is not in this 😂😂
모카 Hace un día
1:35 매니저님께 안기는 아가 석진옵♡💜
Eloisa Linsangan
Eloisa Linsangan Hace un día
2:00 someone scream j-hoooooooooop loud
Sally Diaz
Sally Diaz Hace un día
Honestly the girl that got hit by that sign thingy must be blessed her Jin oppa/ World Wide Handsome hit her with the sign even though it was by accident. Opportunity. Dreams do come true.
aeya castañares
aeya castañares Hace un día
sarap yong e massage ahaahahahahh
ああ Hace un día
Ruby Scarlet
Ruby Scarlet Hace un día
i don't know why others army gets so angry with bts
Ruby Scarlet
Ruby Scarlet Hace un día
poor hobi
Yahiro96 fernandez
Yahiro96 fernandez Hace un día
*Army has left the chat*
Ruby Scarlet
Ruby Scarlet Hace un día
hey i just hear a man and keep calling jungkook and jungkook i love you scary
Tinka Bell
Tinka Bell Hace un día
So annoying😅
Yazz and Jazz
Yazz and Jazz Hace un día
Just looking at V saying I love you in Korean made me cry a little like what if that was me
dile jico
dile jico Hace un día
개인적으로 "민윤기를 고소합니다" 하고 "정국이오빠!~ 오빠아니자나요!" 이 두가지는 수만번 봤지만 안질리고 웃기다는! ㅋㅋ
Xoan Duong thi
Xoan Duong thi Hace un día
Tôi yêu bts, yêu nhất Suga ,các anh giỏi quá, yêu mọi người lắm luôn
T A R A F B T S Hace un día
2:00 exactly like me 😂😭💗
abilasha abi
abilasha abi Hace un día
What did those armies do in their past life
billie Hace un día
2:09 it never gets old.😂😂😂😂
Wahyu Rigesa
Wahyu Rigesa Hace un día
11:24 🤣🤣🤣
Anime TV
Anime TV Hace un día
Cai chuong trinh jm lên là j ad
Gunika BTS'S army and blackpink blink
Those ppl on background dont know who lucky they are to be this close to jin oppa...😭😭
justin seagull bitches
Wait for me shouting "saranghaeyo jungkook-ahh!!" In a concert with my deep ass voice.
pratibha rana
pratibha rana Hace un día
J Hope is the most generous, genuine person on this Earth. Not just saying. I mean it.
Cecelia Lim
Cecelia Lim Hace 2 días
Poor Yoongi
EmDatGamer Hace 2 días
What show was the one at 4:11
Raquel Fernández
Raquel Fernández Hace 2 días
I cringed so bad at 8:15 :v
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