when celebrities meet BTS part 2

bang taened
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make sure you watch the parts in order :)
you can watch the famous youtuber's full video about meeting BTS here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-3kW2jjayhQU.html

sorry for some little mistakes in translations.

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when celebrities meet bts part 1
when celebrities meet bts part 2
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bang taened
bang taened Hace 3 meses
part 1: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-pfWkIv3Q5ig.html so many people ask this question so i'll address it here, MAMAMOO's vlive was recent.They were talking about BTS' perf at MMA 2018 & MAMA Japan 2018 they went to those award shows.
April ig: april_0096
Also theres a vlive of straykids talking about bts especially minho which used to be a back up dancer of bts
Wanisa Ahmad
Wanisa Ahmad Hace 3 meses
I will wait for part 3
KuKu Hace 3 meses
MAMAMOO always look at performances as learning experience, I am glad BTS gave them something to watch and not be bored
Esthy Widya
Esthy Widya Hace 3 meses
Part 3 till infinity pleasee... Seing them treated with respect really feed my ego.
Vio _JK
Vio _JK Hace 3 meses
Part 3 please
Claudia Ou
Claudia Ou Hace 2 horas
When I saw Wanna One I swear I started crying; why were they just a project?? 😭😭😭
Beyonce lane Ranque
Beyonce lane Ranque Hace un día
Lmao the Park Seulgi girl and the last part is the perfect representation of me! Hahaha I really feel them! We're sharing the same energy and braincells! Hahaha
Captain Insane
Captain Insane Hace 4 días
The MC at MAMA had me Fully dead he was going Full on Fanboy mode while hes meant to be presenting and just complimented them🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂I love him the other idols must've been so done with him Lol😂
Ishika G
Ishika G Hace 9 días
0.03 is this actress in strong woman do bong soon?
Why is this me if I see BTS “I can hear the holy music and see a bright light when they were coming closer” That dude that did the live and freaking out about giving the award to BTS is literally me.
stfu idgaf
stfu idgaf Hace 10 días
I swear I didn't know mamamoo is hoobae and BTS is sunbae lmfao 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
adzraina sahi
adzraina sahi Hace 10 días
2:26 omfg ,Rap mon can't stop laughing HAHAHAHA
z, to
z, to Hace 10 días
Im only know BTS
heaux kage
heaux kage Hace 11 días
‘this is no ordinary hand’
Chaimae Soussi
Chaimae Soussi Hace 11 días
3:35 witch performance they are talking about it?
Dana Alhazeem
Dana Alhazeem Hace 12 días
2:43 Literally my reaction everytime I see RM 😂💜
Rashiba Mocaibat II
Rashiba Mocaibat II Hace 16 días
2:32 one of the main reason why our boys received so much love because they are so kind to the fact they even take time to thank these reporters for their hardwork. I'll never regret stanning these dorks. ily
Rodolfo Deoquino
Rodolfo Deoquino Hace 16 días
I'm just proud that despite all the success, they still have their feet on the ground and continuously inspiring other people to reach for their dreams just like what they did.
V's Mole Kim
V's Mole Kim Hace 16 días
And I just suddenly realized that I can never reached bngtn:(
Moret Kim
Moret Kim Hace 26 días
Because they all know every BTS Performance is so fire and jaw dropping
FiftyShadesOfNCT Hace 27 días
Is it sad that I raised my hand to the screen to feel BTS warmth? 7:31 Probably. Do I care? No.
Maori Haque
Maori Haque Hace un mes
7:19 we shared the warmth of BTS 😂
Touya X_Y_Z
Touya X_Y_Z Hace un mes
I’m proud of ma boissss
jin precious face
jin precious face Hace un mes
**how do yoi feel being here** **Hurry up i want to take a picture with BTS** Smth i would say 😂😂😂
Aria sen
Aria sen Hace un mes
4:02 song joong Ki look so handsome here
Nathalie Mangsat
Nathalie Mangsat Hace un mes
V13J ML Hace un mes
Mazaii Zioni
Mazaii Zioni Hace un mes
So proud of my boys😘😘My babies deserve it after all those struggled😍😍😍
nfian 46
nfian 46 Hace un mes
"uri Jungookie otte??" 😂So cute
Tianna Johnson
Tianna Johnson Hace un mes
Be honest, you put your hand to the screen to. 💜 💜 💜 💜
I did😂😂😂😂send help
Jk Biased
Jk Biased Hace un mes
2:35 Cutieee yooongiii!💜
Rubia Bts
Rubia Bts Hace un mes
1:45 my favorite Noona I loved when she said this noona wanted to see you Jungkook. Look at the reaction. 💜😊😘
Honesty Thomas
Honesty Thomas Hace un mes
"I could hear the holy music"😂😂
Vixxy Hace un mes
I felt the warmth. Thanx.👅
Sinenhlanhla Hlubi
Sinenhlanhla Hlubi Hace un mes
2:20 Jin is freezing!!!
lonely whale613
lonely whale613 Hace un mes
i love that youtuber with no ordinary hand😂💜💜💜
the kacama74
the kacama74 Hace un mes
In conclusion, BTS is the celebrity of the celebrities 😂👍
Chris Fo
Chris Fo Hace un mes
2:00 jungkookieeeeee
Priya Jeongguk
Priya Jeongguk Hace un mes
All noonas out their love our jungkookie so much awwdorable 💗
赖米拉 Hace un mes
0:43 I miss JBJ someone step me
ur favourite baguette
6:32 legit me whenever i mention bts
Caity B Irvine
Caity B Irvine Hace un mes
Did anyone else see the microphone that said tik tok on it. TIK TOK IS TAKING OVER I REPEAT TIK TOK IS TAKING OVER
Bangbang Collantes
Bangbang Collantes Hace un mes
Humble kids, so deserving of our lo e, Korea's treasure!!!
jinjinah Hace un mes
7:05 this dude is so funny :D
Haru Ran
Haru Ran Hace un mes
5:21 the caption got me cackling lol
Aneesa Ahmed
Aneesa Ahmed Hace un mes
I feel so proud !! They are such precious angels !!!💖💖💖 They even care about the cameramen taking photos in the chilling winter 💖💖
Taehyung Kook
Taehyung Kook Hace un mes
I'm proud while watching this 😭
chimchimhearteu Hace un mes
Bangtan being so kind to hoobaes :((( they mustve known how it felt to be ignored T_T
love for my jinne
love for my jinne Hace un mes
Alguém aí
Alguém aí Hace un mes
2:00 I loved her hahah
Jed Lorenzana
Jed Lorenzana Hace un mes
BTS = Celebrity of celebrities
cruz jr
cruz jr Hace un mes
2:34 i just realized that suga was cringing so hard!! lol
cruz jr
cruz jr Hace un mes
+bang taened no he was clearly cringing or either laughing
bang taened
bang taened Hace un mes
he was cold. they're all freezing.
conie faderanga
conie faderanga Hace un mes
They must have had saved millions in their past life to meet bts hahahah so lucky. That last guy especially. 😂
weqe Hace un mes
hey can someone tellme why mamamoo saying to bts Sunbaenim? arent they debuted before bts? i dont get it
weqe Hace un mes
+bang taened ahh lol i readed it wrong, thanks you for the quick response
bang taened
bang taened Hace un mes
simple, bts is their senior. bts debuted in 2013. mamamoo debuted in 2014.
a42762085 Hace un mes
2:23다들 오들 오들 너무 추워보여요.
Pango pillow
Pango pillow Hace un mes
I think noona likes jungkook
Ainsley Marie
Ainsley Marie Hace un mes
the warmth of bangtan 😂😂 (edit) the feeling I probably will never feel in person just far away 😭😭
Davie Claire
Davie Claire Hace un mes
Am I the only one who placed my hand on the screen when the last guy shared BTS' warmth and wishing that I could receive their luck 😂
Giws Hace un mes
7:30 i legit bang my head to my phone to feel 'the warmth of success' lol And i totally forgot i had pimples there so ouch
Ema Ema
Ema Ema Hace 2 meses
Septiana Safitri
Septiana Safitri Hace 2 meses
Everybody love bangtan boys.... 😍😍
Gurleen Kaur
Gurleen Kaur Hace 2 meses
that comedian be so cute with kookie my heart melted when she said jungkookie
Purple Wow
Purple Wow Hace 2 meses
man, what Joon Ki said went straight through my heart TT also... i really cannot be the only one who gave the guy at the end a high five bcz he was sharing *the warmth of BTS* 😂😂lmao the way he said he was *BLINDED BY THEIR GLOW* 😂😂😂
덕후아미 Hace 2 meses
방탄보라해💜💜 그리고 슬기님(?) 거기서 빵터졌어요ㅋㅋㅋ
Jennyzzang Park
Jennyzzang Park Hace 2 meses
Cris s
Cris s Hace 2 meses
Mamamoo is way too modest. They slayed their perfomances this year, superior girlgroup
NanaHara ARMY, VIP,Shawol,Blackjack
They've went through so much to where they are now. Those who they admired also admire them now. And yet these dorks still are humble. Guys, fam,let's stay with them. Together. Forever. Bangtan, ARMY Fighting !!!
Felicidad Arelec
Felicidad Arelec Hace 2 meses
💜BTS impact💜
Sergio Lopez
Sergio Lopez Hace 2 meses
Like I feel proud like other treat them like if BTS where like special VIP guests and then they all bow or there like OPPA omg you are so famous
SB Got Jams
SB Got Jams Hace 2 meses
I esp like MAMAMOO's Solar reaction to BTS iDk why 😂
My Strange Addiction To EXO ٠
Please do part 3🙏🏼💜
ushouldlovebts Hace 2 meses
part 3 juseyoooooo
tessa apat
tessa apat Hace 2 meses
Oh i love the mc hahhaah she just express what im feeling as fan of jungkook now hahahha
Taehyung Slays
Taehyung Slays Hace 2 meses
*All of their reactions are so relatable!* *Not only they steal hearts of armys, but from idols as well!*
Liza Ishak
Liza Ishak Hace 2 meses
me being lazy to be succesful BTS PRATICING LIKE HELL TO BE ADMIRE
민선주 Hace 2 meses
방피디의 불참 크 ^^~캬^^~*** 나라를 구했군
Mira Garcia
Mira Garcia Hace 2 meses
why doesn't anyone talk about Yoongi at 2:34? I wonder what he's saying
Qama Rina
Qama Rina Hace 2 meses
Wait!!!!! BTS is Mamamoo's senior???!!! like seriously?!!! i thought Mamamoo is their senior 😱😱😱😱😱
jimin oppa
jimin oppa Hace 2 meses
Who is that guy at 5:30?
Jiawen Ho
Jiawen Ho Hace 2 meses
Instead of feeling proud of them , I can feel how tension how stress bangtan is when so many people look for them
Vkook Comes Be4 My Existence
This is a mood😂😂ARMYS everywhere💜💜💜
Antoyley Hace 2 meses
Jsjjs me matan sus reaciones
Maria Lynx
Maria Lynx Hace 2 meses
What happen to IU 😂 He drops the paper nervously Is it because she's standing beside his crush Kim Nam Joon? Lmao
Andi Diana Purnamasari
That guy in the last got me. I can't stop laughing 😂😂
Gilrose Caballero
Gilrose Caballero Hace 2 meses
after watching this video i find it really hard to see them in person so sad😢
Cassy b
Cassy b Hace 2 meses
These armys are way too cute!
Fanboy Multifandom
Fanboy Multifandom Hace 2 meses
I just realized that, BTS is so famous in their country--- My only wish is have a handshake with them.
I stan the 3 kim of BTS
Honestly V's fanboys are so lucky because once taehyung have been told that they're his fanboys he Literaly do the first move.. He's the one to inniate the talking....
febby sapulete
febby sapulete Hace 2 meses
Song Joong Ki..a guy who were jealous of Min Yoongi🤣🤣
Norriesa Oseñalopez
The last guy crack me up
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose Hace 2 meses
I. Love. U for making all these videos. U literally just made my day 💜
babi 245
babi 245 Hace 2 meses
Wah...joong ki's fav is BTS too
Zoey Is Jungshook
Zoey Is Jungshook Hace 2 meses
1:19 Normal People's Vision 1:35 After Seeing BTS and Becoming An ARMY
lucy_316 Hace 2 meses
6:30 i feel you boy
lucy_316 Hace 2 meses
1:42 Namjoon looks like a giant next to her xd
RMVSJ JJJ Hace 2 meses
Yes i would die and melt 2 if i saw them
Brenda Cervantess!!
Brenda Cervantess!! Hace 2 meses
4:07 OMG, I don't know many korean actors but so far Song joon-ki is my favorite. I will never get over Descendants of the sun. I already watched it 4 times!!! BTS and Song Joong-ki in the same place!! Korean dream come true for me!!!!
suga's hoe
suga's hoe Hace 2 meses
“This is no ordinary hand! The very hand that has touched BTS!” probably me if I ever get to meet them
kiso Hace 2 meses
Courtney Nia Grant
Courtney Nia Grant Hace 2 meses
Its reslly funny how even the popular artists hold such reverence to my boys.. I live it💜💜
yuna Hace 2 meses
okay but the last guy shshhsshsh i love his reaction
yuna Hace 2 meses
mamamoo is out here praising bangtan's stage when THEY literally SLAYED LIKE DAMN YOU LADIES GAVE US ONE OF THE BEST STAGES 😏
Master Hace 2 meses
make a part 3 These are sooooooooooooooo gooooooood
Laylas burnttoast
Laylas burnttoast Hace 2 meses
I’m so proud of our boys 🤧😭💜💜
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