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Here is the best list of Celebrities meeting their crushes
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26 may 2020






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Lisa kazmarick
Lisa kazmarick Hace 6 horas
Aww Selena Gomez that was so cute ...I wish they had kissed or something
dahlski Hace 11 horas
Well Jerry Seinfeld is officialy a poor sport. He is as cold as his charachter.
Dan Naphys
Dan Naphys Hace 17 horas
Jimmy Kimmel douche
neeka peeka
neeka peeka Hace 23 horas
emilia clarke's was THE BEST
GG Boss
GG Boss Hace un día
Imagine being the crush of TAYLOR SWIFT 😭❤️
Sike Sike
Sike Sike Hace un día
Jerry Seinfeld ain't a *simp!!!*
Ruth Nyoni22
Ruth Nyoni22 Hace un día
How can that man be so rude to Kesha
Prithvi Akula
Prithvi Akula Hace un día
Jerry Seinfeld you jackass
Travel palz
Travel palz Hace un día
Pink and Johnny Depp would actually be a cool couple
Sergio N
Sergio N Hace un día
Nobody at that Coachella concert at their fucking face mask on, except for Bieber
Philippe Charles
Philippe Charles Hace un día
Monica Belluchi
Christopher Aquino
Christopher Aquino Hace 2 días
I'm an old fart. (almost 72). For decades I had a crush on Natalie Wood. It truly broke my heart when she died. But of today's celebrities I have to say that Anne Hathaway is the one for me.
Matias Guzmán
Matias Guzmán Hace 2 días
I just want to be a celeb to meet Lana del Rey, Lorde, Amy Lee, Leonardo Di Caprio, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Brad Pit, Adele, Joaquin Phoenix and Jack Nicholson
F3rnando06 Hace 2 días
my celebrity crush is Alycia Debnam-Carey
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Hace 2 días
kesha and jerry..im embarass too
Muhammed Mahin
Muhammed Mahin Hace 2 días
All these girls getting mad at my man Jerry, imagine a stranger comes up and tries to give you a hug, most of yall wouldnt plus he’s a noted germaphobe
nicole chevett
nicole chevett Hace 2 días
Luke Bryan of course omg
Lez Betrue92
Lez Betrue92 Hace 2 días
I would love to become a singer! And my crush is and always will be Johnny Depp❤❤
Erik Underland
Erik Underland Hace 2 días
Anastacia and Cynthia Rothrock are my celebrity crushes
Miss Tee
Miss Tee Hace 2 días
Selena you are not alone
Bruh Hace 3 días
KESHA LOLOLOL im afraid if i meet my celebrity crush someday and he be like well..Jerry
Caitlin Prince
Caitlin Prince Hace 3 días
My Celebratey Crush Is The Rock
Tito Cutchapê
Tito Cutchapê Hace 3 días
Tito Cutchapê 👇👇👇 esvid.net/show-UCzkFhYL3vUjOUTjhbWlqzkw
Joseph P
Joseph P Hace 3 días
panini lil nas x
Tony Napoleone
Tony Napoleone Hace 3 días
Mine is Sophia vergara
cousin duo
cousin duo Hace 3 días
billie and justin 🥺.
daafukulookinat Hace 3 días
I tell my wife " they are just people, big deal ". Then I thought................JIMMY PAGE . but he's a god not a people.
nokulunga khuzwayo
nokulunga khuzwayo Hace 4 días
Selena's reaction ❤😅so girly
Judy Kholhring
Judy Kholhring Hace 4 días
My is Lisa from blackpink
Aysha Rahman
Aysha Rahman Hace 5 días
Meg Zimm
Meg Zimm Hace 5 días
I just want to meet Taylor Swift so bad I’ve been a fan of hers ever since her album Fearless came out I practically know every song from all her albums
Oscar A Mendoza
Oscar A Mendoza Hace 5 días
Nicholson is Jennifer Lawrence's favorite after Harvey Weinstein
Ashley L
Ashley L Hace 5 días
Yonce is a class act going back to say hello to the interviewer
dawn farrell
dawn farrell Hace 5 días
Jerry’s a douche
April Showers
April Showers Hace 5 días
Wilmer Valderrama..... he has my eyes for life
Micah Halpin
Micah Halpin Hace 5 días
despite everything he's been threw i feel like Shia is the most genuine person ever.
Dredpool Hace 5 días
5:46 that feel when you at lunch and you see your crush pop up behind you...
Vishakha Tripathi
Vishakha Tripathi Hace 6 días
When Billie hugged Justin, Bad idea was goin' on and I don't know why that music made that scene felt like an epic moment!
Ashley Moon
Ashley Moon Hace 7 días
I'd probably have a heart attack if I met my man Tom hardy 🥰😍😛❤
A. Hottin
A. Hottin Hace 8 días
My celebrity Crush is mille boby brovn
ioana adam
ioana adam Hace 8 días
Robert Pattinson
Jo Moody
Jo Moody Hace 8 días
Billie is better than that shitbag tho
Dredpool Hace 8 días
Ellen be hookin people up, dude!😂😂😂
Jade Stone
Jade Stone Hace 8 días
The last one😂❤❤❤
tomaszarchie Hace 8 días
Seinfeld ?...seriously wouldnt know him if he served me in McDonalds, what an ignorant prick...take your nose out of your own ass you jumped up nobody..and just as a footnote youre an ugly prick as well
Kels_ x
Kels_ x Hace 8 días
Aw you’re such a young pup 😩 bless ur little heart 😂
Tommy Furr
Tommy Furr Hace 8 días
Seinfeld is a jackass he has a hugh crush on himself.
Ryan Klotz
Ryan Klotz Hace 9 días
My first "celebrity" crush was Alyssa Milano.
TheKrazy injun
TheKrazy injun Hace 9 días
Jessica Alba!
Carmella Petrarca
Carmella Petrarca Hace 9 días
Jonas brothers
Guilland Anthony
Guilland Anthony Hace 9 días
My crush is Henry Cavill... I'll faint if i meet him.
TenTonNuke Hace 9 días
Shia Labeouf always talks like he's being a passive aggressive dick. He isn't. That's just how he talks. But when you first hear him you're like "Is he mad at me?"
Larxwill Hace 10 días
Thank God no one has a crush on Rihanna. She's all mine 😊
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald Hace 10 días
Obama be like :0
Han Lou
Han Lou Hace 10 días
Honestly if I met Nicki Minaj I’d cry
Solimar Hillier
Solimar Hillier Hace 10 días
Mine is Julia Roberts. I would completely lose it if I could meet her! Oh my heart!!!!!
That OneGuy
That OneGuy Hace 10 días
Jerry Seinfeld is a punk bitch. No one likes him or Seinfeld. Anymore for that matter.
MohammadJavad NasriNahar
Lord Voldemort my g
Lord Voldemort my g Hace 10 días
Bruh, that michelle obama one was 😬😬😬😬
oobaka1967 Hace 11 días
I only want to meet one celebrity and that's Jim Carrey and ask him for a hug.
Mladen Tosic
Mladen Tosic Hace 11 días
If i have to chose anyone to meet,i meen even a GOD , ill chose Jack Black !!!
manns101101 Hace 11 días
2:16 he shoulda said, how you DOOOIN..!!
tati silva
tati silva Hace 11 días
6:47 jimmy kimmel****** no jimmy fallon.
melissa H
melissa H Hace 11 días
mutantapk Hace 12 días
For me I would be talking like Drac in HT3 when he zinged when I meet my celeb crush; Dove Cameron. Cause I would be in so much shock; I wouldn't be able to form words.
kgkustomz97ser Hace 12 días
imagine a guy saying on the view what michelle and ellen said. holy fucking meltdown
Margauxblair Hace 12 días
Who is my celeb crush? I can give u a list but it's gonna be huuuuge
Rachel Brosnahan
Rachel Brosnahan Hace 12 días
Sam Claflin anyone else? 😍
Nikki Rosé
Nikki Rosé Hace 12 días
I love all of their reactions 😍so cool
Jeongwoo Golden Boy
Jeongwoo Golden Boy Hace 12 días
Kelly's reaction is socute!
Doof 3nz
Doof 3nz Hace 12 días
I wish I can meet Keanu Reeves someday☹️he's a true gentleman
SLM Foxy
SLM Foxy Hace 13 días
You lol
Live with Vigor
Live with Vigor Hace 13 días
About 18 or 19 years ago, a friend of mine was hanging out with a guy, and after a couple of dates she went over to his house, and he lived with his parents (we were all like 17 back then LOL). They walk in the door, "hey Dad, this is my friend Emily" Sure as shit, his Dad was Mark Hamill. And they guy NEVER mentioned it beforehand! LMAO
Scott Madison
Scott Madison Hace 13 días
Eunisza cloe Ilagan
Eunisza cloe Ilagan Hace 14 días
I Wanted To Become A Celebrity so Iam Able To see My crush Personally
David Hynes
David Hynes Hace 14 días
Scarlett Johnason
Spyro Happy
Spyro Happy Hace 14 días
Oooohhhh so nice
Rama Lakshmi C
Rama Lakshmi C Hace 14 días
Omg I just fell in love with Justin timberlake See his FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS U too would fall by his charm...😍
Gargi Suresh
Gargi Suresh Hace 14 días
Beyonce looks really sweet and down to earth. I wish I could meet her one day! 😙
Asep Kartiwa
Asep Kartiwa Hace 15 días
The best
Abbas Hussain
Abbas Hussain Hace 15 días
Why weren't justin and billie paying attention to Ariana?
Que.enbillie Eilish is mine
If u had a crush on a celebrity or someone in general for years and you just met them....would you pay attention to anything else around you or would you been in shock,etc. Just asking...ye that's how she felt in that moment
MIDNITEBLU _is fluff
MIDNITEBLU _is fluff Hace 15 días
I would LOVE! key word "LOVE" To meet Ven Dissel, bc been my crush ever since I've seen him😳😖😖😖, so yea would love to meet him🥰😁
Francisca Nongkhlaw
Francisca Nongkhlaw Hace 15 días
Ronan Keating...
Riya R
Riya R Hace 15 días
Jerry Seinfeld was being so mean to Kesha
Nishal 007
Nishal 007 Hace 16 días
Taylor swift 💯
aurora blandino
aurora blandino Hace 16 días
Harry styles
Shaun Redman
Shaun Redman Hace 16 días
Alexandra daddario is love 2 meet gorgeous x
Sahil Arika
Sahil Arika Hace 16 días
Annie marie😘😘 I love her❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Aditya Pratap Singh
Aditya Pratap Singh Hace 17 días
dont care bout anything, just here for only & only THE JOHNY DEPP
lll lll
lll lll Hace 17 días
OMG 2:08 thats joey!???
Will Orellana
Will Orellana Hace 17 días
Jerry is an asshole
Lyrics Ph
Lyrics Ph Hace 17 días
10:04 MOOD
Richard Krishendath
Richard Krishendath Hace 17 días
Selena gomez
Ousmane Diallo
Ousmane Diallo Hace 17 días
I just love matt le blanc
Ravi Ramgoolam
Ravi Ramgoolam Hace 17 días
I love Jennifer Lopez n it will be blessed to meet her before I die.
Stella Piniau
Stella Piniau Hace 17 días
So cute
Sam Hace 17 días
at the end of the day, even they are humans like us
Blue Planet
Blue Planet Hace 17 días
My celebrity crush is Johnny Depp.
Justin Addison
Justin Addison Hace 17 días
Emilia Clarke is such a doll. Truly adorable
Blue Planet
Blue Planet Hace 17 días
Omg Jerry Seinfeld...why? So rude!
Sejal riona lewis
Sejal riona lewis Hace 17 días
I officially hate jeremy now....Keshas a queen
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