When Trash Talking Goes Horribly Wrong

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18 may 2022






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King CSG
King CSG Hace un mes
Luka literally “took it personally” and Devin Booker couldn’t do anything about it. “The Luka Special” is now the NBA’s “I’m gonna shock the world”
Jay Hace un día
@lakers bano 1 all-star against 3 all-star 💀 and you think wiggins is luka's dad. Yeah they defeated mavs but no one owns luka.
lakers bano
lakers bano Hace un día
@Jay wiggins is his daddy
Jay Hace 3 días
@lakers bano what do u mean not against wiggins? 😂
lakers bano
lakers bano Hace 3 días
not against wiggins
H M Hace 22 días
Lukas always been way better than Booker and it shows. Booker, cp3, Tatum, trae, morant are all just about all stars and Lukas a level above. An superstar
kid86 Hace un mes
“That’s the sign of a good man, if you can talk shit when it’s even score or talk shit when you’re behind score. When you’re ahead it’s easy to talk.” - MJ
cefb Hace 4 días
@Christopher Worcester 7:29 in the video lol
cefb Hace 4 días
@Christopher Worcester Yeah I can't remember why he said that specifically, but I know the next game he went out and absolutely annihilated the dude.
Christopher Worcester
This is not paraphrased this is a direct quote from the last dance. I was looking for this, it was exactly what I thought of when I saw Luka. He’s clearly a student of the last dance haha. Mike sitting there swinging a bat smoking a cigar saying that shit haha
BlueStar TheCommunist
BlueStar TheCommunist Hace 14 días
@Harry Henderson bruh this isnt paraphrased this is a legit quote
Harry Henderson
Harry Henderson Hace 14 días
Brick Leal yes 😂 he didn’t curse
Adam Ghozayel
Adam Ghozayel Hace 16 días
“the man (luka doncic) beat the suns so bad the franchise had to write an apology letter to their fans” 💀☠️
Bitchslapped Hace 4 días
Loxely Hace un mes
“Send another one” That love and desire and confidence in Kobe’s competitiveness is very inspiring. The Black Mamba Mentality will continue to live on in the people who accept the challenge and face it head on. It is not easy by any means, but you strive to succeed under the pressure. Great vid. RIP Black Mamba
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hace 25 días
Yeah, Devin Booker only has gotten the shape of Kobe, but never the spirit
Self Reflection
Self Reflection Hace 25 días
I felt it 💓🙌
william feng
william feng Hace un mes
Not just the confidence and mentality, you gotta train and build like Kobe did every single day and put up to your game to say so, otherwise it’s nothing…
6B Marvin Yoani
6B Marvin Yoani Hace un mes
@WOOLDOG7768 yeah, why?
TheCvl25 Hace 26 días
5:41 We saw this come true in the western conference finals, the Mavs lost but Luka never gave up at any point in the series and he was fighting till the very end in game 5. As a Warriors fan I respect his competitive spirit so much.
Brian Birnbaum
Brian Birnbaum Hace 2 días
@m3gusta17 You’re too late man. Bill Simmons and Tim Legler already have him top ten. It’s over. He has nothing left to prove. Sorry but haters gonna hate 🤷🏻‍♂️ Edit: I could say the same thing about Wilt. Stop it. The dude chased stats. He’s not all time top ten. Goes both ways.
m3gusta17 Hace 2 días
@Bootycheeks McGee Preach. Put Luka on GSW and Steph on DAL and Steph isn't winning that series.
m3gusta17 Hace 2 días
@Brian Birnbaum Steph is not an all-time top ten player. Stop it. Top 15, maybe. Steph is not on the level of MJ, Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, Kobe, Hakeem, or Russell.
Bootycheeks McGee
Bootycheeks McGee Hace 2 días
He wasn’t as good, but the Dubs got a better defense and Luka was probably so tired
Brian Birnbaum
Brian Birnbaum Hace 3 días
@Johnson Johnson No player will definitely win rings. No one. Not unless you’re at top ten player. And you saw what a top ten all time great did to his team in the WCF. He’s not on Steph’s level.
Kedo Hace un mes
"every body acting tough when they up" one of the coldest line
Seth Anderson
Seth Anderson Hace 4 días
@Craig Ambrose yes
Craig Ambrose
Craig Ambrose Hace 4 días
@Seth Anderson sounds pretty good now?
Γιώργος Καπάτος
@eVCephei that reminds me the quote about most remember friends when they need help but forget them when friends need them. Its about being thankful not needy. A "friend" who is always here to ask and take but never to offer and give is not a friend.
eVCephei Hace 9 días
that sounds like part of one of my most favorite quotes i've ever heard. "Anybody can feel good when they have their health, their bills are paid, they have happy relationships. Anybody can be positive then. Anybody can have a larger vision then. Anybody can have a lot of faith under those kinds of circumstances. The real challenge of growth, mentally, emotionally and spiritually comes when you get knocked down. It takes courage to act. Part of being hungry when you’ve been defeated. It takes courage…. To start over again.”"
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones Hace 16 días
Cut from a different cloth over here
balltalkdeep Hace un mes
these Luka and Mavs performances were so good they had us believing they stood a chance against the Warriors
Gays&Botstookover Hace 6 días
@cars yea you're a muppet
JDG707 Hace 7 días
@cars Warriors learned back in 2016 that regular season means nothing and not to burn yourself out before playoffs. warriors took you to school when it mattered most.... you can have your meaningless regular season wins hahahahaha we"re celebrating championships over in the bay
Ernesto Moreno
Ernesto Moreno Hace 9 días
Well we got Luka, Brunson and ....
Keven Soto
Keven Soto Hace 11 días
@cars playoffs and regular season real different. That playoff series wasn’t even close lmao
cars Hace 16 días
@MarloSoBalJr (MJofLakeland1 Gaming) Bro, stfu. The Warriors lost to the Mavs the last months prior to the WCF. The Mavs won in 3/4 games against the Warriors in the regular season. It was always a blow-out. Look it up. Ofc fans would believe in them. It's just that Luka has inconsistent teammates, and the Warriors played defense. Despite the loss, it was still a good season for the Mavs. Making it this far with only one consistent player is impressive. And fyi, Luka outscored all of the Warriors leaders in scores, rebounds, and assists. Credits to the Warriors for having a stacked team and for playing good, but to say that the Mavs believers are delusional was uncalled for. They had the chance, but they didn't grab it.
Erich Hace un mes
The face of Luka in that thumbnail is one of the funniest things to have witnessed happen in real time. He was absolutely loving life trolling the shit out of them lol
Chris Hace un mes
This is almost as bad as when the Magic went up 3-1 on the Pistons and Tracy Mcgrady said "Mannnnn it feels good to make it to the second round" then lost in 7 LMAO. Thats was Doc Rivers first time giving up a 3-1 lead
Thomas Humphries
Thomas Humphries Hace un mes
The writing and narration in your videos is killer man; excellent work. You really add a lot of good commentary and your stats and comparisons always bring home the points you're making. Your videos always remind me why basketball is my favorite sport
Yabas Hace un mes
Never forget Devin Booker also couldn't handle a Mascot trying to distract him at the free throw line. Not in a million years would Kobe be phased by something like that
David Martinez
David Martinez Hace un día
​@Junshi some day maybe...............😕
Antonio Gustavo Carlos
"Not in a million years would kobe be phased" well yeah no shit its cause he's not kobe, and he's said to stop comparing him to kobe, so stop comparing him to kobe. They're both different players and people.
Boo Blanco
Boo Blanco Hace 26 días
Actually he got distracted by a fan once and switched on em for using a vertigo sign 😆
Kevin Obida
Kevin Obida Hace 28 días
Giannis and Luka are the closest to that, more so Giannis because he has the work ethic as well.
I seewh3re ur getting at
Kobe wasn't even phase by a ball to his face, kobe the real og
Josh Hace un mes
I just want to say that your channel has rejuvenated my love for the game. It's been years since I followed Basketball in any capacity and I'm so happy to be back. Thank you.
TheGoodChap Hace 21 un día
This channel is to basketball what jomboy is to baseball
drip_lord1881 Hace un mes
The “ohh boy” and especially the apology letter got me 💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣
Luke Lowe
Luke Lowe Hace un mes
I always enjoy your analysis, but this video makes me wanna go to the gym. Thank you, Jxmy.
AJGamesALOT Hace 6 días
Luka has the mentality of Kobe, the talent of Bron and the dedication of Jordan, He’s gonna be special.
Milo L. Akkaraprud
Milo L. Akkaraprud Hace 13 horas
Even Booker admitted that himself saying the Luka special
Jet Hace 3 días
Luka special
Erick Hace un mes
Lukas “everybody acting tough when they’re up” reminds me of MJs (not word for word) “it’s easy to trash talk when you’re up, only a real man can talk trash when they’re down or losing” both similar starts to their career , insane individual stats but little to no help , he’ll win a ring soon he’s a generational talent.
Brian Birnbaum
Brian Birnbaum Hace 3 días
Slow down man. The dude can’t play defense.
ZSU-23-4 Shilka
ZSU-23-4 Shilka Hace 16 días
Giannis wore black Air Force 1’s to game 3 of last year’s Finals after the Bucks lost the first 2 games. They won the next 4.
Boo Blanco
Boo Blanco Hace 26 días
@Erick nope, he's not as talented as people think, just a scorer nothing else. NBA has 100's of them, and Porzingis isn't just some guy, what else do you want? Maybe Luka is the problem I guarantee they won't even make it this far next year, first round exit for sure 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Erick Hace 26 días
@Boo Blanco you’re tweakin 😂 put him on a team with a reliable center that doesn’t choke like Porzingis , or even a team like Booker had this season & he goes back to back 😂
Boo Blanco
Boo Blanco Hace 26 días
Boy yall sure was rooting for Luka 🤣 he'll never win a chip he's not a team player just a Stat padder.
Džiugas Lažauninkas
Thank you again for a great video, and for the chills it sent straight to my bones, Luka and the Mavs to the top ! ❤
Andy Hawkins
Andy Hawkins Hace un mes
Devin Booker walks around likes "he's that guy". A perennial MVP candidate and title contender over a long period of time. Glad he got humbled.
Matthew's Couch
Matthew's Couch Hace 5 días
This just shows the extreme gap between these NBA teams and the warriors. I thought the suns will crush the dubs, then I thought the Mavs would end them, and when I saw the Celtics sweep the Nets, I thought the celts would gentlemen sweep the dubs. Turns out all those teams were handled by the dubs in 6 games max. damn.
Ray H- Thomas
Ray H- Thomas Hace 4 días
Stephen Curry is that special.... 💯🎯
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson Hace un mes
This content is god tier bro. If you dropped even weekly videos, you'd have 5M subs no doubt. I love how much effort goes into these videos though and if this release schedule is best for you keep doing great things homie 🤝
Pearce Prentis
Pearce Prentis Hace un mes
As always, well said. As a Suns fan, this was gut wrenching and deflating to watch. How do we lose back to back games like this after such a great season. "There's always next year."...(laughs at self)
Michael May
Michael May Hace 2 días
@Retna1x did you watch any of this video ? Regular season doesn't mean Jack shit , luka has the killer Kobe gene , Booker clearly clearly doesn't , and he's getting mentored by chris Paul , so his chances to change that are slim to none , it's pretty obvious if you watched the video broski
sojeph Hace 18 días
@Ross A as good as he is I don’t mind as long as he can either humble up or get the skills to back his inflated ego then he will be fine as a franchise player
Ross A
Ross A Hace un mes
The loss shouldn’t be deflating. Devin Booger being your team franchise player should be deflating.
Edward Irra
Edward Irra Hace un mes
My best friend is a Suns fan, and I a laker fan, and while I enjoyed the FUCK out of this game, he said something that actually hit me and made me feel terrible for you guys “This is the best team this organization has put out in its history, and this is the result. We aren’t the lakers or the Knicks, no one is coming here. If we can’t win now, and we couldn’t win back then, I don’t think we’re EVER going to win”
Hunter Mach
Hunter Mach Hace 11 días
After this, every NBA mascot is gonna yell at Booker "The Luka Special" whenever he attempts a free throw.
Nami Yaro
Nami Yaro Hace 3 días
Luka is amazing man. I keep coming back to watch this lol. It reminds me of steph yelling "kick me off the court again boy" and that was against cp too 😂
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace un mes
You're videos and analysis are so damn fantastic and refreshing, Jimmy. We could never get enough.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Hace un mes
As always Jimmy, very poetic and profound videos. Love to see it.
ARCN Hace un mes
as a suns fan this video made me wanna die
Chillmatt Hace 2 días
Matt Nelson
Matt Nelson Hace 2 días
@Ray W "Basketball Thanos" Thank you for that!!
Ahmed Rizwan
Ahmed Rizwan Hace 5 días
As it should lmao 🤣
Roy Cuffee
Roy Cuffee Hace 5 días
Babasola Osikoya
Babasola Osikoya Hace 7 días
domogenesis Hace un mes
Bro the fact that the suns had to write an apology to the fans got me dead 😂😂😂
eljon sumimba
eljon sumimba Hace un mes
I love how you put the playoffs into words.You really have a knack for these.
Sione Joe Uluenga
Sione Joe Uluenga Hace un mes
Grew up watching the Jordan Era, My my has the game changed, Thankful there is still folks around that reflect back to the No Quit mentality that these legends displayed on the Hardwood!!! Long Live Basketball ✊🏽💯
bobbycone2 Hace 20 días
Even with the Mavs getting beat up by the warriors this season I'm really happy with what they did! Made a huge step in the right direction and I'm glad to have #77 on my team for the foreseeable future!! #MFFL
triple og
triple og Hace un mes
Jxmy. Never stop these videos. I got into basketball only because of these videos, and it was the best thing ever.
Eli Devine
Eli Devine Hace un mes
That’s weird
Alysra [Toxic Squad]
Marc Hace un mes
OutBack Red
OutBack Red Hace 28 días
I dont follow basketball or NBA at all, so it was strange when your videos came on my feed. I watched a few of them and I love how you explain your research and concepts so well that anyone can understand it. I might just take up watching the NBA after watching a few of your videos. Well done and keep up the good work.
Jake Webman
Jake Webman Hace un mes
I don’t think anyone needs to say anything about this, Devin booker is nowhere near the next Kobe Bryant
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Hace un mes
Thank you again for a great video, and for the chills it sent straight to my bones, Luka and the Mavs to the top !
Jaden B
Jaden B Hace 25 días
As a Mavs fan.. this was one of the best moments of my life!! I said it all year long.. the Suns are FRAUDS! And MY team proved it🤣 #MFFL
Klo Hace 9 días
@scott vickerman lol what? How were the suns unhealthy? They had all their dudes. The Mavericks were more injured than the suns, our second or third best player wasn’t playing.
Emmanuel Adefehinti
Emmanuel Adefehinti Hace 17 días
@scott vickerman just look at this guy😆😆
scott vickerman
scott vickerman Hace 20 días
Uh. Your teams performance against the Warriors proved they got lucky beating an unhealthy Suns.
LBx1243 Hace 19 días
Lukas experience overseas so young has made him unshakeable and that’s something most players don’t have to account for when scouting a matchup vs a younger dude. This was an amazing video
mrkddc Hace 29 días
Man this channel is in my heart forever no matter what the content is.Jimy always guarantee the facts.Love u bro.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Hace 27 días
forgotten in Luka's career. What a time to be alive as an NBA fan.
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi Hace un mes
As always Jimmy, very poetic and profound videos. Love to see it.
w02skyrocket Hace 27 días
San Trollencio
San Trollencio Hace un mes
When I watched “the last dance” there was a moment when Michael Jordan was playing with a baseball bat in the locker room saying something like “it’s easy to talk trash when you’re up in the scoreboard, real men talk trash when the scoreboard is 0-0”. Luka saying “everybody acting tough when they’re up” was as cold as MJ.
Shaheem Long
Shaheem Long Hace un mes
@Matija nah game 1 and 2 vs Suns, Paul and Booker tired Luka out he sat basically the whole 4th quarter vs the suns one game. Some of the shots in the 3rd vs golden state were open shots that Luka should make. I think he needs to get more in shape stamina wise because the man burns out quick
Matija Hace un mes
@Shaheem Long Luka probably was/is tired after going 7 against the Suns so he probably couldn’t do some things he would be able otherwise. Yet he still scored 42. Warriors are simply a better team, there’s no question about it
Shaheem Long
Shaheem Long Hace un mes
@Matija Luka and the Mavs at the third to the beginning of the 4th scored like 5 points. Yes Luka is a excellent scorer clearly, but he didn't score when they had a chance to make the lead impossible for golden state to catch up which was the beginning of the third. Also alot of his shots came from free throws which was because Wiggins or any other defender wasn't giving him any easy buckets in the paint forcing him into a bad shot or kick out to a teammate. Luka looked slow and tired af out there
Matija Hace un mes
@Shaheem Long exposing how? He had somewhat bad game 1 and bounced back with 42 in game 2
AllMight Guy
AllMight Guy Hace 5 días
Man, since this video dropped I always find time to watch this coz its that entertaining and good storytelling by jimmy
Ajab Mehmood
Ajab Mehmood Hace un mes
Suns asked for that “Luka Special” treatment… literally 😂😂😂
Hasan Khurshid
Hasan Khurshid Hace 25 días
That’s so funny I was just talking to my friend about the suns practice about how he was complaining about the double team - that was the moment I knew he was not in the mold of Kobe.
CJ Calloway
CJ Calloway Hace 24 días
One of my favorite traits to see in a player is the refusal to back down. That’s why I love Luca and Giannis, they won’t stop until the final buzzer. If you beat them, you’re going to have to EARN it
BugBear Tv
BugBear Tv Hace 10 horas
that's what separates great players from mediocre star. Luka, giannis, steph and butler have those mentality that is why i love to watch them play
Salma Hace 7 días
They really are “basketball hit man” as he put it. Crazy to hear Devin compared to Kobe when Luka & Giannis are the ones with the Mamba mentality.
N. Young
N. Young Hace un mes
Sidenote: Kobe didn't always go down swinging. Game 7 against PHO in the 2006 playoffs. Three shots in the second half. Dude quit.
Darren Vincent Aguda
Darren Vincent Aguda Hace 28 días
You know what men? Your good at this kind of content. Those phrases, those ideas. Your good at this. Keep going men. More like this please.
Bryce Koehler
Bryce Koehler Hace un mes
Even if we lose this series against the warriors im proud of this mavs team and absolutely love luka and cant wait to see what comes next.
Ray H- Thomas
Ray H- Thomas Hace 4 días
Y'all did definitely lose.. lol
lol no
lol no Hace un mes
As a fan of basketball and football from the UK, I can say the main problem is passion. I'm not sure what it is but any US players I've seen in any sport have had less passion for whatever game it is than European players. Even in football, whenever I see Pulisic on the pitch it feels like he's just coasting around instead of fighting (he has got a lot better over recent times) and that's a major issue. Same with basketball but the reverse. Where players such as Booker and CP were overconfident and even cocky, Luka pounced on that and humiliated them because he'd rather cut off and eat his left big toe than see the Mavs lose.
Iván Ares Igrexas
Iván Ares Igrexas Hace un mes
As a person who's seen Luka playing seen he's 14 I can say that he's always had it in him. He was born for these moments and, besides that, he also has the experience of playing big games like this against pro ballers since he's 16
Big PP OG Hace 27 días
@Antonio Brown who says I didn't? Suns in 8!
Jethro Melville
Jethro Melville Hace 27 días
he'll MVP next year i'm calling it
José Pagán
José Pagán Hace 28 días
@packlesswolf1 Like Pat Bev said the Warriors are a completely different monster
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”” ‭‭John‬ ‭20:21‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Iván Ares Igrexas
Iván Ares Igrexas Hace un mes
@Tae Pro he won the Spanish U18 championship, probably the best in Europe, when he was only 16 with a triple double in the final. I know it because I was part of that tournament as well. He was just on another level
DanThaGoat Carter
DanThaGoat Carter Hace un día
My problem is Steph was talking tough when they was up and if I’m not mistaken swept the floor with Luka then rocked him to sleep.
John Raphael
John Raphael Hace un día
Thanks a lot CP3 and Booker for preventing a Suns vs Warriors series. I like Luka, but I was looking forward to Suns vs Warriors. Every year we fail to get a matchup we want.
Jose Greg Osilao
Jose Greg Osilao Hace un mes
I really thought that CP3 and the suns would win this year's chip since the celtics have eleminated the bucks. Man, Giannis destroyed them last finals. But when I saw them how they played during the playoffs, all that trashtalking especially Booker, karma hits you back. I dont think CP3 would ever win a ring, it's his biggest chance this year but he blew it.
mehd Hace 22 días
My man has won in not mentioning LBJ even once in 10 minutes of talking about winning mentality. Such an impressive talent
thomas kiggins
thomas kiggins Hace un mes
I have to say, I was SO hoping you would talk about this. This shit was hilarious seeing Luka laughing at everyone
Chu KaDoo
Chu KaDoo Hace 28 días
@Retna1x gotta hold the L with your team
Sunnydaze Hace un mes
@Retna1x 🤡
Mobley Mcfly
Mobley Mcfly Hace un mes
Giannis impressed me so much I’m the finals I didn’t think he had that mentality but when I seen him dunk every opportunity I was like yeah he’s rising to the occasion he’s gonna win he wants this lol
Fire_DragonHD Hace 2 días
9:04 Don't forget the time he started complaining about a mascot for distracting him during a free throw
Gods Gift
Gods Gift Hace un mes
Loved the video but just a question, why aren’t you covering the best team in the league that’s about to sweep Luka Donic? The warriors are dominating the west playoffs, quite simply the best team left in the playoffs and are championship favorites.
Jims Rid
Jims Rid Hace 29 días
I don't know man but I'm sure he already has his eyes on it and just waiting for the right opportunity to make a video about it and make it big.
K.C. Christensen
K.C. Christensen Hace 27 días
Man, well said my friend. Great vid, terrific breakdown
CJ Schmidt
CJ Schmidt Hace un mes
Think it flew over everybody’s heads when he called Deandre Ayton “Deandre Jordan” 😂😂😂
Ray H- Thomas
Ray H- Thomas Hace 4 días
I heard it too ... 4:56
DarKnightMike • 10 years ago
Haha. I was looking for this comment.
SJ777 Hace 28 días
Hahaha that’s what I was thinking! … that’s not Deandre Jordan?
CJ Schmidt
CJ Schmidt Hace un mes
@deeki85 I think you may be thinking about it too much 😂 but who knows
deeki85 Hace un mes
he's doing this to get more comments, replies and so on. it's all money...
Tae S
Tae S Hace un mes
This has to be one of your best videos!! I was kinda upset when it ended. I thought you bringing more facts
John Glaician Landicho
I'm about to crumble before what life is making me experience, failed subjects this semester, struggling to find a job and have nothing to show for as a man. Then I get to watch this. Honestly I can't say I have that Kobe confidence but what I can say is that I don't back down from challenges easily. Thanks for this video man, I'll be back with noise just wait 2-4 years. I promise.
Marc V
Marc V Hace un mes
Been watching you for a couple of years bro, your editing skills are really improving. Good job man.
Texting Storys
Texting Storys Hace 12 días
From being a player who missed both three throws when down by one point with only 1 minute left to next year scoring 6 points in the last 2 minutes to win it I loved this video
Papaya Smith
Papaya Smith Hace un mes
“and more rebounds than 7ft center DeAndre Jordan” idk if this was intentional but damn it sure fit in every way 💀
Mr. Rightnow
Mr. Rightnow Hace un mes
prime dj would have put up 10 and 14 at least🤷‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Yohanne Ludwig Quezon
@Elliott Potter that he said Deandre JORDAN instead of Deandre AYTON
Blainer Ruley
Blainer Ruley Hace un mes
I thought I was tripping, that was not DeAndre Jordan my man.
Martina Gerber
Martina Gerber Hace un mes
Ești un idol GIRS.SWEETHOT.CAM mereu în inima mea 💘 frumos, dragoste, alegere, cultural. Sunt unul dintrea cele mai bune concerte.... :
Avntador Hace un mes
lol just saw it and scrolled to comments immeditaly
Grant Kearney
Grant Kearney Hace 26 días
WOW just discovered this channel and I am hooked! The analysis! The stories!!! WOWOWOW! Thank you
Mapopa Ndengu
Mapopa Ndengu Hace un mes
Allow me to say this: As a warrior fan, it gives me great pleasure to see the suns 🌞 crumble like this...
Izaak Lemmon
Izaak Lemmon Hace un mes
I can’t wait for him to make a vid bout the warriors. I already know what he’s ganna talk about but ik he’s ganna make it entertaining 😂
Janos Sario
Janos Sario Hace 13 días
Perfect video! You either have it or you don’t. Plenty of talent in the NBA, but plenty don’t show up when it’s most important.
Noah So Savvy
Noah So Savvy Hace un mes
The fact that the Suns actually had to write an apology letter is crazy 😂
Chromë Hace un mes
@Haider Moh. True it's how the Suns lost that what makes the fans angry and furious.
Steamboat jesse
Steamboat jesse Hace un mes
I don’t accept it
Haider Moh.
Haider Moh. Hace un mes
@Dalla - Interests Yea it's not crazy to call it the worse loss in team history. Not only because of when we lost, but how we lost. A 64 win team couldn't make the WCF. In game 7 at home, where every team had won at home, we lost by 40. And it was pretty much over after the 1st. I think calling Booker soft is fair but he still has that killer instinct unlike CP3. What did CP3 do in the finals? At least Booker dropped back to back 40-point games to help the team. At least he put up a 40 point triple double without CP3. This is one bad game that he has to move away from but Booker definitely isn't "from the same cloth" as CP3 imo.
Dalla - Interests
Dalla - Interests Hace un mes
@Sola Scriptura bro , put yourself in the suns fans skins man..... This is the most disgusting defeat ever , a fully capable team getting blown up by 40 points because they got no determination I'm not a Suns fans but that apology was necessary.
Red Hace 27 días
How does this compare with the 1st seeded Spurs losing in the first round to the 8th seeded Grizz in 2011? Didn't watch basketball then and would like to hear some thoughts as a Spurs fan.
Christopher Thomson
Christopher Thomson Hace 24 días
Still a horrible series loss but I doubt the Spurs were talking trash to the degree the Suns were. Spurs core aren't known to trash talk.
uNdyNe Hace 22 días
I feel like your closing sentences are not talked about enough. They capture the point of your video so well, and it’s so great to listen to. Keep up the great work man!
Jerry Poppins
Jerry Poppins Hace un mes
Jimmy taking shots at so many players withy these montages. Love it!
Jonathan Sung
Jonathan Sung Hace 16 días
I love Luka and no question he's well in the top 10, but he had never won a play-off series until this year. He's a dog for sure, but people really talking like he's the same level as Giannis when this is the first year he didn't get bumped immediately
Andreas Dietzel
Andreas Dietzel Hace 10 días
Facing the Clippers with Kawhi and PG in both years and taking them to game 6 and 7 respectively playing huge. Don't think it's a valid argument. Obviously this year was easier because a) they finished as a higher seat and b) no Lakers, Clippers nor healthy Nuggets to compete with but still has playoff performances have been stellar
Dallasfan2468 Hace un mes
As a Mavs fan it was so damn satisfying to see the Suns get whooped after talking all that trash. Luka didn’t start it but he sure finished it.
Diego Matamala
Diego Matamala Hace un mes
as a nba fan****
Aiden Cortez
Aiden Cortez Hace un mes
I don't like the Mavs, but with how they dealt with the Suns and with how the Warriors got a fluke win against the Rockets in 2018 I need them to win the Semi's..
DINO92AVFC Hace un mes
As a Nuggets fan it was so damn satisfying, too, because Suns fans kept mocking us "how big of a difference can one player make?" when talking about the lack of Jamal Murray (who, oh btw, has 9 wins in 12 games against the Suns in his career) last year when they swept us. Turns out, CP3 is the major weakness on D and Murray would've eaten him for breakfast, it just wasn't meant to be last year when our back court consisted of Campazzo and Rivers.
Drake Vick
Drake Vick Hace 2 días
D-Book: “The Luka Special” Luka: “That’s when I took it personally.” After game 7 D-Book: “So you see… wha happened was…”
Luke Wang
Luke Wang Hace un mes
"You gotta send another one.". Literal chills. Kobe was just different.
Saylor Green
Saylor Green Hace 2 días
It’s actually insane to think about the amount of opportunities CP3 has had to win a ring and has came up short each time. Could have won one with the Clippers, Rockets, and even the Suns if he consistently showed up. The CP3 slander is kind of weird imo. He is 33 years old and dropped 33 points vs the pelicans in game 6, 14-14 on a young athlete defensive come up in alverado. CP3 has that dawg in him, but something about him just isn’t enough.
chiagozie uzoma
chiagozie uzoma Hace un mes
Hell yeah, the Luka special! Luka did him dirty and D. Booker couldn't do shit about it.
[ T I A]-C0me 0ver L!ve
I always had that "double-team" clip in mind when Devin Booker was mentioned as a great. Flashy offence that crumbles under physical pressure is one my favorite things to see.
Chettan Chahal
Chettan Chahal Hace 2 días
book does terrible under pressure. he may be talented but that only goes so far. at this high level everyone has talent and the real game is psychological. he’s just not mentally tough. he’s a prima donna
WizrdsBlaze2 Hace 17 días
Me too
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan Hace 19 días
Gotta learn from Steph
NikoGreeko Hace 23 días
@Comic Sans he made that free-throw
MF Sauce
MF Sauce Hace 4 días
9:30 get what you mean with the quote but Kobe was supportive of him in the end he understood that dbook wanted to try his iso moves and was taking his anger on the suns and putting them on people in the rec centre but ultimately I still agree with it he is not him
technicalleon Hace 4 días
Happy GSW won over the Mavs but gotta give props to Luca's mentality. Much respect.
High Velocity
High Velocity Hace un mes
I find this to be true in more than sports. Some people are made from it and some can’t comprehend it. Great video
Austin Hace 2 días
Curry legit put luka in the sleeper too 😭🤣🤣🤣
Philip Patrick Jr
Philip Patrick Jr Hace un mes
4:52 Jimmy said “Deandre Jordan” instead of “Deandre Ayton”😂 great video man looking forward to a video on mavs vs warriors
Tye Hace un mes
@Christopher Eggleston I was finna say the same thing
JaWaPa Hace un mes
Scrolled for this one lol
Inro Lavil - The Griping Gamer
@TruExMamba24 all because he wasnt regarded by Suns front desk as someone to be kept. we might see him as a free agent by the end of his contract.
TruExMamba24 Hace un mes
That's how much impact DeAndre Ayton had on this series. The coach said he quit according to Shannon and Skip.
Christopher Eggleston
I've been listening to Jimmy for some years now I think that's the 1st mistake I heard him say
mb dr
mb dr Hace un mes
Great video. Well documented and narrated. Luka never got recognition from the NBA. And when he complains to ref. Everyone call him cry baby. To be honest his still a kid. But he will be a great player.
MaMz KnoXville
MaMz KnoXville Hace un mes
Jimmy your content is the best in basketball related youtube videos, by far, dé best 💪
Body By PT
Body By PT Hace un mes
The video of Booker complaining about the double team always stuck in my head. Now it has to meaning.
metalheadblues Hace un mes
I refuse to believe Luka and the Mavs are getting swept like that after blowing out the sun's.
Sense The Villen
Sense The Villen Hace un mes
Luka has that “legend “ gene. The ability to take over at will and the opposing team can’t do anything about it. We’re witnessing greatness.
val johnson
val johnson Hace 26 días
pure nonsense. you cant base that kind of stuff off one game. game 5 vs the warriors wasnt a big game? luka when facing elimination shot 3-13 from 3 and 10-28 overall with 4 turnovers. while getting repeatedly torched on defense. i thought he thrives in these big games? only sometimes i guess.
205popeye Hace un mes
@jancarlos hernandez this aged very well🤣🤣
HiImRawr Hace un mes
@GlobusTheGreat on a team where he is the only player throwing up 30 shots a game, unimpressive
GlobusTheGreat Hace un mes
@HiImRawr Still, after 16 games in the playoffs he had the highest ppg ever, that's still pretty tuff (16 games isn't like one series). Even if he lost it after.
Baby Driver 101
Baby Driver 101 Hace 29 días
Luka's spirit in the game is very overwhelming, and I love it.
Zjejsh Xbshx
Zjejsh Xbshx Hace un mes
Who s here after Luka despite losing still put 42 ? "They ll go down swinging" exactly that
KnownAsMvP Hace 4 días
This video is low key motivational 👏 thanks for the content, you got my sub
newthrash1221 Hace un mes
They're both two of the biggest crybabies in the league, but I'm glad the Suns lost. Rather Luka win over booker any day.
Journeyman2585 Hace un mes
That game seven kept me smiling and I'm still in a good mood. I feel a little bad for Chris, but seeing Booker choke is the best feeling.
Mathis Hace un mes
@Christian Waters great scorers should always score, maybe book isn’t that guy. Look Mj is an all time great scorer, LBJ is an all time great score, they got double/tripled their whole career and still scored efficiently no matter how good the defence was. Book is just not that guy
Mathis Hace un mes
@goobernugget08 ong
Mathis Hace un mes
@Christian Waters every single star will get doubled, notice how luka didn’t ? Because luka is one of the greatest playmaker in the league. Booker can’t pass out of double teams making him choke.
Yohanne Ludwig Quezon
@sky3down also cuz he got hurt for a bit again
Erik LeTendre
Erik LeTendre Hace un mes
@Chris Hash Warriors fan, perhaps?
Nehemiah Hace un mes
He’s never gonna be in the same sentence as Kobe.
Special Knees
Special Knees Hace 7 días
Not even a mavs fan, but the fact that Luka is on the team makes me happy I'm a Texan
Oghenetega Esedere
Oghenetega Esedere Hace 24 días
Jimmy, Please do your take on the Golden State 2016 team vs the '96 Bulls team. I am super interested in finding out which team has the upper hand based on statistics.
Drew Nerland
Drew Nerland Hace un mes
You should do a video about the best “heart of the team” players of all time. Are there stats on “technical fouls caused”, because when draymond green gets into it with another player and causes a technical foul, he should get credit for the points.
Alvin Estorque
Alvin Estorque Hace un mes
Classic Kobe "You better send another one" Damn I miss Kobe so much... THE MAMBA ASSASSIN... Pure Focus with the Mamba Mentality....
guiwhiz Hace un mes
BWWAAHAHAHA! I LOVE that Kobe clip. So sums up the man. 'Oh you bringing a double-team? You giving up THAT easy? Hold my Gatorade and watch this...'
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