When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens... Part 5

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When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens... Part 5
Part 5 of the When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens mini series, I decided to make a 10 minute special this time! Enjoy!
"Tesla P85D gets Smoked by a 2014 1500HP Cobra."
"Pure street Racing Nissan GTR Skyline R32 650bhp vs Chevelle 550bhp"
"Tesla Vs Supra"
"Ferrari F430 F1 vs Evo IX 430whp dig & roll race"
"Civic EK K24 Turbo vs GTR R35 exhaust"
"650whp Mustang GT vs Lamborghini Aventador"
"Lamborghini Aventador vs 800+ HP Toyota Supra"
"Subaru passes Corvette at 160mph while Street Racing"
"Turbo Supra vs Mustang Cobra"
"Nissan GTR vs Yamaha R1 vs GSXR 1000"

"Lamborghini Huracan vs Mercedes E63 AMG S Renntech"
"Golf R vs Ferrari 458"
"Tesla P100D Ludicrous gets smoked by 900 Horsepower Hellcat (Hellcat ran 10.3)"
"Twin Turbo Supra Loses to Fiesta ST"
"Ferrari 458 vs toyota supra"
"Honda Civic VTi EG9 B18 Turbo VS Ferrari 550 Maranello"
"EVO insane Acceleration"
"Golf Turbo vs. Motorcycle Like a Boss"
"1500 Horsepower GT500 Blows Motor vs Tesla P85D!!!"
"BMW M5 F90 vs Ferrari 458 Speciale"
"Roll Race: 700rwhp Single Turbo Supra vs Stock McLaren 12C Spider"
"fly by, Isle of Man"
"Lamborghini Huracán vs Tuned Golf 2 and VW Scirocco Mk2 vs RS6"
"Cocky GTR owner waves while getting gapped by an Evo"
"700hp Ford GT vs 600hp Supra Turbo"
"Twin Turbo 370z NISMO (600hp) vs GTR (550 hp)"
"Nissan GTR crazy acceleration"
"Audi RS6 vs. Bike 300 km/h + auf Autobahn"
"You think you're fast until"
"R35 Skyline GT-R vs 67mm Supra in Mexico"
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RedLine Hace 4 meses
Hey guys, it would mean the world to me if you could subscribe to my channel! We create weekly car compilations just like this one! I hope you join us! Thanks for watching and I hope all of you have a wonderful day!
Mabutho Radebe
Mabutho Radebe Hace 7 días
Dude, u got my subscription...the vid at 3:46 ( GTI R and Ferrarri) is from my country and city, Durban in South Africa...
Anneliese Hilberer
Anneliese Hilberer Hace 7 días
Frank sinatra
Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell Hace 7 días
Street racers SUCK...until they find out they're not starring in a video game. rip!
Some dog in the comments
+Adventure Channel no
Adventure Channel
Adventure Channel Hace 12 días
Just subscribe.... Great content.....
Godsaysdepartfromme I never knew you!
Sontttu78 transformation (3days darkness,sixth seal in rev.), Marriage supper of the lamb(rapture ready, be God's will his kingdom) dictated by Susan Davis words from the heart of God on ESvid. Tell ppl it's important souls going to hell! Ezekiel 33:1-9 don't warn ppl their bloods be on your hands. Keep God's ten commandments and love thy neighbor as yourself. Keep Sabbath day Saturday keep it holy nor do any works. Live holy be holy. Read kjv Bible daily n Daily bread prayer. Mark12:30
chromelogic Hace 13 horas
8:20 had me fucking dying😂😂
Anne Hodge
Anne Hodge Hace 22 horas
unexpected turn
Mst.suraiya Aktar
Mst.suraiya Aktar Hace 23 horas
Lisso Frans
Lisso Frans Hace un día
Yes this nice to have in life!
TTV Pagan
TTV Pagan Hace un día
Ferraris are red Subarus are blue Never Race a Civic Couse its gonna clap you
Liquid Hace un día
HA that lambo got rekt
Jessica Wheeler
Jessica Wheeler Hace un día
Darla Mill
Darla Mill Hace un día
Hey guys, it would mean the world to me if you could subscribe to my channel! We create weekly car compilations just like this one! I hope you join us! Thanks for watching and I hope all of you have a wonderful day!
pegbars Hace un día
I never understood this crap. I traded-in my new 1980 Trans Am for a pickup truck, because everyone was always trying to race me on the roads. Always. It was so annoying; I could never just enjoy a relaxing drive without some childish motorhead siding up to me.
Luis Solis
Luis Solis Hace un día
Bill Brown
Bill Brown Hace un día
Street racing is ff to death of disabled.
Dejvyd Vajco
Dejvyd Vajco Hace un día
Paroci Paroci
Paroci Paroci Hace 2 días
8:50 he flatlined 300 and the other guy is still pulling away
Paroci Paroci
Paroci Paroci Hace 2 días
8:20 my god. “Hmm let’s do a street drag” “GTR give him a chance then I’m done bye
Mr. Brader
Mr. Brader Hace 2 días
When an old Civic beat Nissan R35 it's like, what the pfftt?!
Mr. Brader
Mr. Brader Hace un día
+James Lewis Sorry I didn't get it 😅
James Lewis
James Lewis Hace un día
Mr. Brader country music
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Hace 2 días
My little Nash Rambler can beat all of these.....beep beep!
Ross Coursey
Ross Coursey Hace 2 días
When you get beat by a damn Civic
Jameson ther
Jameson ther Hace 2 días
A Honda Civic beat a Ferrari? Okay.. Fuck my life.
D-Boy-Los Hace 2 días
I paused the video and came straight to the comment section after 8:19
MrJesushadAegis Hace 20 horas
+David Miksch r/BlackMagicFuckery
David Miksch
David Miksch Hace 2 días
same. some definite fuckery going on there
Terry Mutant
Terry Mutant Hace 2 días
Why am I watching this?
Cababy 12
Cababy 12 Hace 2 días
See you later Terminator🤣🤣🤣🤣
iiTs Zer0
iiTs Zer0 Hace 2 días
Boi it's a good video but all of these but like 3 are obvious get that title outta here obviously a Hellcat is going to beat a Tesla
Adil Bozkurt
Adil Bozkurt Hace 20 horas
I've seen a tesla beat the demon
tctwolters Hace 2 días
Where is the centenario?
Keira Scion
Keira Scion Hace 2 días
This is so boring. Making me fall asleep 😴 💤 .... why you bring me here ESvid
Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins Hace 15 horas
Your decision to watch it, mate!!
Corey Thompson
Corey Thompson Hace 2 días
Supra fanboy video
lange darm
lange darm Hace 2 días
a lot of tesla hatin' 'round here. video is not that great
Safe Clean
Safe Clean Hace 2 días
Tesla is such a shitty car.
micheymon Hace 3 días
Primeguey Hace 3 días
@ 6:10 Go BMW!!! What are they packing in these cars? I want my 328i to rock it out like that!
Melisandre Baelish
Melisandre Baelish Hace 3 días
Melisandre Baelish
Melisandre Baelish Hace 3 días
Kristoffer Pedersen
Kristoffer Pedersen Hace 3 días
WOW!!! AMAZING!!! Tuned cars kicking stock car ass, so impressive... x)
Wyatt Coleman
Wyatt Coleman Hace un día
Michael TG
Michael TG Hace 3 días
A waist of ten minutes of my life...lol. Jesus is, the way, the truth, and the life. Life is fast. Find Jesus.
Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson Hace 3 días
Well. At least the Tesla's are consistent.
Kimberly Apple
Kimberly Apple Hace 3 días
Kickkkking rooocks in yr face 🤣🤣🤣
destroyer806 Hace 3 días
Im pretty sure there is a speed limit on a highway so lambos cant go top speed
Jason T Reyes
Jason T Reyes Hace 3 días
Can you guys confirm if the yellow car at 02:12 is an Integra Type-R, which was then passed by a Subaru?
Steve Massman
Steve Massman Hace 3 días
All I want to know is what that was at 8:20!!!!
James Mcleod
James Mcleod Hace 4 días
Going really fast on your motorcycle n weaving around traffic is foolish and you're just asking for tragedy do something intelligent like sell it and return to adulthood
Emcho z
Emcho z Hace 4 días
Nice vid 👌👍
hawkeyed77 Hace 4 días
keep this crap off the streets before they kill some poor bastard , drag strips and race way only
Hannah Bryant
Hannah Bryant Hace 4 días
this whole video is complete bollocks
Deslauth _
Deslauth _ Hace 4 días
8:20 the guy recording:wait what
Deslauth _
Deslauth _ Hace 4 días
Came here to see a BMW Ninja bike
Ethan Brand
Ethan Brand Hace 4 días
@7:22 look at my dudes brakes
Ethan Brand
Ethan Brand Hace 4 días
I mean it’s a Supra no shit it’s gonna win
GDB Riot
GDB Riot Hace 4 días
And although Billy had won the illegal street race, his joy was short lived. Sadly Billy lost control of his car, crashed into a family of 4’s minivan, which resulted in the horrific death of all involved. The end.
angelmarauder Hace 4 días
"vs tesla"
Nightlife110100 Hace 4 días
After 6:39 I need to wipe my ass
Yusuf Aboobaker
Yusuf Aboobaker Hace 4 días
Kevin G Laínez
Kevin G Laínez Hace 4 días
Haahahah keep dreaming, what a clown, that Tesla video, was on purpose it wasn't racing.
Travis Case
Travis Case Hace 4 días
I want engines. Not nos
Travis Case
Travis Case Hace 4 días
Longest merge lane ever at 1:30
Chill Time
Chill Time Hace 4 días
insane fire spitting Supra
Peter Evans
Peter Evans Hace 4 días
Crap video. Some low class twats in overly suped-up hatchbacks that won't last a week, racing millionaires in supercars that can be driven year in and year out. It doesn't make you a hero, just a dimwitted chump. Work harder, then you could also buy a Lambo or Ferrari, and not have spend family time fitting a turbo to your Fiesta. 😂
Fatima Darvesh
Fatima Darvesh Hace 4 días
This is so dangerous.
Julio Mercado
Julio Mercado Hace 5 días
BigHead Moises
BigHead Moises Hace 5 días
That 2006 car beat the Ferrari
Blessedarethey Revelations
Sontttu78 transformation, Marriage supper of the lamb/rapture dictated Susan Davis words from heart of God on ESvid. Tell ppl it's urgent. If delete this comment followers bloods be on your hands, Ezekiel 33:1-9. Warn ppl! Keep God's ten commandments and love thy neighbor as yourself keep Sabbath day Saturday kept it holy nor do any works.live holy be holy. Read kjv Bible daily n Daily bread prayer. Mark12:30 Yahushua ha mashiach Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but by me. Father Abba Son Yahushua and holy ghost are one holy Trinity amen
Octavio Bustillos
Octavio Bustillos Hace 5 días
This woman here in Albuquerque was split in half after getting hit by a dumbass who was street racing with somebody else. This does not belong on the streets.
wanapaint Hace 5 días
1:54 what a waist of money overrated I personally wouldn't buy a piece of shit I'd build a Camaro or mustang,
wanapaint Hace 5 días
1:29 fuck all that cash for a supercar lambo shouldn't even be able to get beat and got shitted on
salvador ramos
salvador ramos Hace 5 días
I dont think teslas are for racing...too 🐌
Vai Hace 5 días
You'd be wrong dude, Teslas are deceptively fast. Especially since it's all electric, the torque is through the roof. The Tesla Model X has shy of 520 HP, that's 80 away from a Nissan GTR.
Grandstand Video
Grandstand Video Hace 5 días
Race AT THE TRACK. This is just stupid...
Barbarian Scum
Barbarian Scum Hace 5 días
8:20 is that real 🧐if so 🤘🏼😏
Jonathan Lesher
Jonathan Lesher Hace 5 días
Where’s my N54 crew at!??
Andrew Gubanic
Andrew Gubanic Hace 5 días
Father of the year putting his kid in danger at 5:14 right there all for you to be like ”Look at me!!”
Got my sub.
nobody important
nobody important Hace 5 días
The track is the only place this should be done. Keep this kind of nonsense off the streets!!! How are going to live with yourself when you crash and kill someone and their family that's on a road trip, all because you wanna be a show off. Smarten Up
Efrain Beltran
Efrain Beltran Hace 3 días
Dude that's why u make sure no one is in front of you when u start a race 😑🙄
Lux Pod
Lux Pod Hace 5 días
Harris VIP
Harris VIP Hace 5 días
Fake thumbnail video. Dislike.
Doc Ds
Doc Ds Hace 5 días
Jesus how many times did you play the tesla vs hellcat?
jason Hace 5 días
8:08 how is that real?
Yola Montalvan
Yola Montalvan Hace 5 días
Why don’t they join the Air Force. You have faster vehicles there, not these wimpy kiddy stuff. I like going at 700MH.
william Horn
william Horn Hace 5 días
I used to Street race also, saw a friend killed, I know-longer street race, sorry, your time is coming!
Villen Swagg
Villen Swagg Hace 5 días
The car at 8:17 wtf that shit was a bullet
GlobalSnowman Hace 5 días
2:01 40 psi?
MrSmokyFly Hace 5 días
8:10 sweet fuckin' jesus, we got houdini over here
Caballo Fonseca
Caballo Fonseca Hace 5 días
Mustang 💪🏻
Some Fire Freaking Pit
10:03 that video is fake, how do you shake a camera that fast?
Steve Williams
Steve Williams Hace 6 días
Streets aren't racing track fucking morons
Navin Kumar
Navin Kumar Hace 6 días
2.15 🤣
guruji ka dost yash kaim yash kaim
Losers are smart
Savon Jääkäri
Savon Jääkäri Hace 6 días
Idiots are idiots.
KhanDaKrakheadツ Hace 6 días
When you see a ford beating a Bugatti. The government lied to us.
Gaming_Pop_ Tart
Gaming_Pop_ Tart Hace 5 horas
Haha funny
Jeff Cooper
Jeff Cooper Hace un día
KhanDaKrakheadツ timestamp?
Назар Кружилин
americunt's sucks
A. LARAY A. MARIANA Hace 6 días
@ 2:15 I saw her put up her 😗👍...And heard nothin but that beastly moan off her car!!! It was pissed someone wanted to race it!!!😆✌
knifeguy Rob
knifeguy Rob Hace 6 días
From rolls are for fags!!! Rolling starts is for nascar!
Leland Lewis
Leland Lewis Hace 6 días
@8:16, did the cam car hit the brakes? 😲. 'Cause that other car left like a rocket
Mr Master
Mr Master Hace 3 días
Troll4653 333333333 and he might’ve only use the break for a second and took his foot off the accelerator
Mr Master
Mr Master Hace 3 días
Troll4653 333333333 it didn’t show The Road lines When he was at a slow speed
Troll4653 333333333
Troll4653 333333333 Hace 3 días
Are you atistic you can see the rods lines
Mr Master
Mr Master Hace 6 días
Leland Lewis idk
Based Brian
Based Brian Hace 6 días
Whats the camera car at 5:54 it sounds amazing
Woody Joseph
Woody Joseph Hace 6 días
Name of song in the end
I Gottem
I Gottem Hace 6 días
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil Hace 6 días
4:59 the car is gettin' triggered
Al Bogdanovic
Al Bogdanovic Hace 6 días
That sweet eco killed a Ferrari
SANCTUARY Hace 6 días
You should re-title this video to "Telsa's ain't Shit"
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Hace 6 días
Night Fall
Night Fall Hace 6 días
8:10 ummmm idon't know what to say lol
Chris Pham
Chris Pham Hace 6 días
Man, gotta love the Z....
cultus gti
cultus gti Hace 6 días
R35 vs Civic... Mega butt hurt burn.....ouch my pride
Ali Tabari
Ali Tabari Hace 6 días
You jdm fuckers are all about upgrades
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