When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens... Part 5

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When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens... Part 5
Part 5 of the When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens mini series, I decided to make a 10 minute special this time! Enjoy!
"Tesla P85D gets Smoked by a 2014 1500HP Cobra."
"Pure street Racing Nissan GTR Skyline R32 650bhp vs Chevelle 550bhp"
"Tesla Vs Supra"
"Ferrari F430 F1 vs Evo IX 430whp dig & roll race"
"Civic EK K24 Turbo vs GTR R35 exhaust"
"650whp Mustang GT vs Lamborghini Aventador"
"Lamborghini Aventador vs 800+ HP Toyota Supra"
"Subaru passes Corvette at 160mph while Street Racing"
"Turbo Supra vs Mustang Cobra"
"Nissan GTR vs Yamaha R1 vs GSXR 1000"

"Lamborghini Huracan vs Mercedes E63 AMG S Renntech"
"Golf R vs Ferrari 458"
"Tesla P100D Ludicrous gets smoked by 900 Horsepower Hellcat (Hellcat ran 10.3)"
"Twin Turbo Supra Loses to Fiesta ST"
"Ferrari 458 vs toyota supra"
"Honda Civic VTi EG9 B18 Turbo VS Ferrari 550 Maranello"
"EVO insane Acceleration"
"Golf Turbo vs. Motorcycle Like a Boss"
"1500 Horsepower GT500 Blows Motor vs Tesla P85D!!!"
"BMW M5 F90 vs Ferrari 458 Speciale"
"Roll Race: 700rwhp Single Turbo Supra vs Stock McLaren 12C Spider"
"fly by, Isle of Man"
"Lamborghini Huracán vs Tuned Golf 2 and VW Scirocco Mk2 vs RS6"
"Cocky GTR owner waves while getting gapped by an Evo"
"700hp Ford GT vs 600hp Supra Turbo"
"Twin Turbo 370z NISMO (600hp) vs GTR (550 hp)"
"Nissan GTR crazy acceleration"
"Audi RS6 vs. Bike 300 km/h + auf Autobahn"
"You think you're fast until"
"R35 Skyline GT-R vs 67mm Supra in Mexico"
THUMBNAIL SOURCE: instagram.com/sdautophotography/

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6 dic 2018

When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens...when you think you are fast... this happenswhen you think you are fast and reality hitscan't touch this compilationwhen you think you're fastcant touch thiswhen you think you're fast and this happenssleeper vs ricersleeper vs supercarjust when you think you are going fastscarstyou are fast and reality hitswhen you thinkthis happenswhen you think your fastwhen you think your fast and then this happens 219






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RedLine Hace 2 meses
Hey guys, it would mean the world to me if you could subscribe to my channel! We create weekly car compilations just like this one! I hope you join us! Thanks for watching and I hope all of you have a wonderful day!
George Browne
George Browne Hace un día
RedLine i did . Love the vids.
Big Ring
Big Ring Hace 2 días
No way, not so long as you have videos that tend to promote illegal and dangerous behavior. If you had cool cars on race tracks, all above board, with some articulate interviews, some info about the cars, sure.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace 5 días
bax bax tres cochinitos
Mr V
Mr V Hace 6 días
people are dumb
Venus Kong G
Venus Kong G Hace 7 días
RedLine t
shmc 7009
shmc 7009 Hace 6 horas
It's so cool!
The Dukes of Dimboola
Cool vid
Excuustruus Baardaap
A lot of these sprints are straight and short. That does not make sense. A sportscar like Ferrari or Lamborghini is made to make turns on high speeds. Try this on a formula 1 circuit for 1 whole lap and the outcome will be different. The true sportscars will win.
milo20060 Hace 21 un hora
Expected from ma boiii SUPRA
Durv Viswanathan
Durv Viswanathan Hace 22 horas
this is seriously dumb shit
just tired
just tired Hace 23 horas
Favorite part is when these people die. Entertaining stuff.
Gris McConnel
Gris McConnel Hace un día
2nd Video, The Driver doesnt know how to haandle a car like that. whereby the Tuner knew his car. Sad
twincams350 Hace un día
The street races are NOT cool. Street racing is both dangerous and illegal. And youtube is full of purported "races" that happened on the street when it was just somebody passing somebody. How do we really know it was a race? If you're gonna race, then man up and go to the track. I could rent a Toyota Corolla and just happen to pass a Lamborghini Murciellago on the street, record the occasion, and claim that my car is faster than a Lamborghini because I "beat" them in the video
mr worldwide
mr worldwide Hace un día
All these cars are faster than my Internet connection
Steven Merrick
Steven Merrick Hace un día
My car will smoke all them.
Michaelangelo Michaelangelo
Why innocent people die on the road and insurance rates are sky high. Look at me, look at me, somebody please look at me. Idiots
La Télé De Mohamed Henni
8:19 me when i see my little sister with another guy
steve bloke
steve bloke Hace un día
Goes to show just how selfish some people are. wont be watching any more.
Dennis Brown
Dennis Brown Hace 2 días
This is well typical for dumbass Morons who have no idea how to build a race engine; you can have this car too after they fuck it up after one run,
Gaming with The Real DudzFryd
The only ones that matter were on the track. The rest are just a bunch of punkass morons that drive up everyone else's insurance rates.
Tom Davis
Tom Davis Hace 2 días
Little boys racing on public roads.
ClickUndo Hace 2 días
Those dann Nissans nissans be like: "ah HELL NAH."
Josh Welch
Josh Welch Hace 2 días
Respect mdu
Respect mdu Hace 2 días
You lie
Abdallh musa
Abdallh musa Hace 2 días
Jimmie Floyd Jr
Jimmie Floyd Jr Hace 2 días
Almost the last video the dark car on the highway shot like rocket what was that?
Big Ring
Big Ring Hace 2 días
These comments are insane. These sociopaths don't care about their own lives, fine. I'm not saying I hope they die young, but I do hope they die before they kill someone else. I certainly hope they have their cars seized. If you were so good you'd have worked hard and gotten a job as a pro, not a street loser. There are million youtube comments with people yelling at cyclists for running a stop sign on a country road with clear sight an nobody around, and demanding they get tickets etc, and then somehow we managed to let these fools keep driving.
james red
james red Hace 2 días
What kind of transmission is that 8:14 🤯
Beala Moussa
Beala Moussa Hace 3 días
G. Schroeder
G. Schroeder Hace 3 días
So ist es. Wenig Hirn und dicke Hose. Sie machen das Leben zu einem reinen Glücksspiel. Wenn sie so weitermachen wird ihnen die Wahrscheinlichkeit eines Tage das Licht ausblasen, es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit.. Dafür bedarf es nicht einmal der Unterstützung durch Allah oder sonstiger Götter. That's the way it is. Little brain and big pants. They make life a pure gamble. If they continue like that, the likelihood of a day will blow out the light, it's just a matter of time. It does not even require the support of Allah or other gods. هذا هو الحال. الدماغ الصغير والسراويل الكبيرة. يجعلون الحياة مقامرة نقية. إذا تابعت هكذا ، فإن احتمالية اليوم ستفجر الضوء ، إنها مسألة وقت فقط ، ولا تتطلب حتى دعم الله أو آلهة أخرى. hadha hu alhali. aldimagh alsaghir walsarawil alkabiratu. yajealun alhayat muqamaratan naqiatan. 'iidha tabaet hkdha , fa'iin aihtimaliat alyawm satufajir aldaw' , 'iinaha mas'alat waqt faqat , wala tatatalab hataa daem allah 'aw alihat 'ukhraa.
FNATIC B00ST Hace 3 días
Heh, how silly of Tesla drivers to think their stock, under warranty, stable, family cars/daily commute drivers could beat a 2j with enough work to buy a model 3.
BrevinH: Halo Elite
BrevinH: Halo Elite Hace 3 días
BrevinH: Halo Elite
BrevinH: Halo Elite Hace 3 días
Karma Stories
Karma Stories Hace 3 días
Very cool
Morgan Panda
Morgan Panda Hace 3 días
More like “You bought a fast car but you are still a shit driver”
Sukhbir Badal
Sukhbir Badal Hace 3 días
Kenneth John Ritsema
I think for the value the Toyota Supra is the fastest of all. Oké the Fiesta won ,but the Toyota was still in reverse !!
evan mayne
evan mayne Hace 3 días
Bobby James
Bobby James Hace 3 días
When you forget your not in gta
Sayan Hace 3 días
8:20 😱😱
Arch Du
Arch Du Hace 4 días
I don't even know which car is which
Kane Parker
Kane Parker Hace 4 días
aigomorla Hace 4 días
This video has like the slowest tesla's ive seen...
gdcskates Hace 4 días
WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT @ 8:08. jesus fucking christ.
michael roya
michael roya Hace 4 días
Tesla dogged that peace of shit supra any witch way... Supras SUCK....lol
J McD Hace 4 días
Manchildren strike again.
James Jones
James Jones Hace 4 días
I remember getting caught by LAPD for doing this. Man was it along night and following day ...
CJ official
CJ official Hace 4 días
I don't like tesla's drag races . it's unfair. electric engines have massive amount of torque. would you accept a drag race with rocket car?! it s the same.
Crazy Brit Nasa Fan
Crazy Brit Nasa Fan Hace 4 días
OK. Which of these guys are trying to be first to get into the Darwin awards by driving like they got Jimmy saville after their asses?
Chris Escobar
Chris Escobar Hace 4 días
Who else just tuned out the guy the whole time?
Chris Phelps
Chris Phelps Hace 4 días
F’n golfs are violent
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Hace 4 días
It's kongey dong
Reiley Ghettobagel
Reiley Ghettobagel Hace 4 días
7:14 Hands out the window cause it's an manual, just FYI.
Craig Robson
Craig Robson Hace 4 días
A video of how not to drive...
Jason poole
Jason poole Hace 4 días
You can take ANY piece of shit and make fast, but I'd take a Lamborghini over a Civic all day.
tboss43 Hace 4 días
2:20 that subi reels that fish like no ones business
Christopher Foster
Christopher Foster Hace 4 días
Obviously Tesla be garbage against all its been shown in. Suggest no more Tesla races unless its against a Prius...I think the Prius would win.
SubToMeWhyNot ?
SubToMeWhyNot ? Hace 5 días
Hello who ever is reading this I hope you have a fantastic day!
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace 5 días
Tres ochinitos
Lotus- Hace 5 días
The Tesla vs Supra is a bad comparison because the Tesla was a recording car
JC DeFazio
JC DeFazio Hace 5 días
0:55 took him a bit to figure out the horn isnt in the center. Im gonna guess its either not his car or he just bought it.
Judee Vago
Judee Vago Hace 5 días
Is the comment section hacked or what all these comments are just idiotic responses to stop people from having fun with 0% risk of "danger"
1Tanker Hace 5 días
Obviously, owner of this channel has a dislike for Tesla's. They show several vids of them being beaten on the highway. Tesla's aren't fast per se' (~155mph for P100D).. and their owners know it. They ARE quick though, and there's a difference. On the "street" Tesla's are very competitive...even dominant (you'll need 700hp or more to beat one from 0-100mph), on the highway.... not so much!
Gordon Warlow
Gordon Warlow Hace 5 días
Stupid is as stupid does.
Mason Smith
Mason Smith Hace 5 días
Never seen a hellcat lose on this channel yet.
97warlock ismyname
97warlock ismyname Hace 5 días
This to me isnt my kind of racing. Im a 1/4 Mile fan. Back in the day we'd go to an obscure way out away from town in the country area on a long straight away & Line em up. Had an awesome blast doin it back then. , Thats zero to whatever 15 seconds or less .... the stuff in this video, wheee bit too ricky for my liking. I saw no accidents in the video ..,, But when it does happen, it will surely be fatal more than likely.
Will Sapp
Will Sapp Hace 5 días
Can you imagine 40 pounds of boost? Idk how the chassis didnt bend.
dash captures of Vermont
People bitch about people racing but don't acknowledge how idiots texting and idiots who have no experience in tough spots driving overreact or freakout when their car so much as squeals a tire. Pussy ass spineless drivers and old people a d inattentive drivers have nearly dome me more harm than anyone accelerating for a short distance on the road.
Lucky Apple
Lucky Apple Hace 6 días
Run... Run... Faster You f idiots...
Shadow GamingYT
Shadow GamingYT Hace 6 días
Thomas Pinter
Thomas Pinter Hace 6 días
8:19 who's got a link for the original clip with that gtr
Pistolas 42
Pistolas 42 Hace 6 días
5:00 Ferrari VS Honda. Its in Portugal. That fucker Honda is allways making noise in my street!
Lø3t. ßpirits
Lø3t. ßpirits Hace 6 días
elvis presley
elvis presley Hace 6 días
Your shifting skills is of a rookie.
radane 99
radane 99 Hace 6 días
4:23 thats not a supra😂😂
Sonic Hace 6 días
yeah but why dont you guys test with you supra against a lamborghini underground racer with 2500 ps then let see what happens one is standard and one is modified is than even fair ro compare no matter brand. fair or not fair. see I can drive away from a guy on a bike yes great you are superman
Vatsev xD
Vatsev xD Hace 6 días
Delete your channel. No hate but these videos are so dumb And giving a People a sight OF a "fun" And "legal" activitet. You should add "dont TRY this at home" or a "these are dangerous And you can kill yourself or someone else doing this". Think that your chilling And coming from like nyc with your 2 6-10 years old Kids And one baby To home. And you see A car coming opposite you like 200miles at hour And In 1.42 sec your gonna be dead.
A.Fernández Hace 6 días
A lot of fakes. I can brake with my car an the other car seems faster
A.Fernández Hace 6 días
Is not the Tesla P100D
Izz Farrel Dhini
Izz Farrel Dhini Hace 6 días
8:19 when I get results and parents check them
The Infinity Corner Radio Channel / MONQ Television
1:34 OMG was that a truck smoking the Fuck out of a Lambo? LMAO
y vm
y vm Hace 6 días
Speed rating: rocket >> air plane >> high speed train > race car. Therefore, it no sense to drive a FAST car and say fast!
Synchronize efx
Synchronize efx Hace 7 días
Most of the underdog cars are hotted up, MOST..but still very impressive.
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Hace 7 días
Man please remove the rubber ducky sound on each race and the constant reminder for subs and notifications. You ll get more likes and subs this way...
Michael Franco
Michael Franco Hace 7 días
Kind of phony. It really comes down to the driver.
bill stock
bill stock Hace 7 días
The downside of The Fast and Furious movie franchise.
Jessica Messica
Jessica Messica Hace 7 días
@ 4:52 Did GM lend Ferrari knobs for the climate control? That’s some mighty cheap looking fisher price plastic to have in a Ferrari. Oh btw, when the Wrx zipped past the corvette and GTR, my mind was blown.
sangha force
sangha force Hace 7 días
just love it when tuners and muscles beat good looking pastas
Chris Hace 7 días
If you don’t own a Tesla, you are a douchebag. If you don’t own a Tesla and invested a shitload of money in an ICE car to make your tiny pecker feel bigger, you are a HUGE douchebag.
Fluffy Goatbutt
Fluffy Goatbutt Hace 7 días
Didn't expect comment section full of squares 🤔
Joley Sanchez
Joley Sanchez Hace 7 días
FirstPerson Thirdhand
So "fair" as in: light, gentle, or not too much of? Or "fair" as in: the carnival ride and raw chicken wings from the microwace, outdoor pedestrian interactive circus? I am just putting it out there... Please let me know how ridiculous it is! Thank you
MalixKiller 01
MalixKiller 01 Hace 7 días
How do you think those super car owners feel when getting out dragged by a civic? $150,000 car gets out raced.
DenzBi Hace 7 días
song at the end
DenzBi Hace 7 días
who the fuck races in a battery car ?
Line junior Pierre
Line junior Pierre Hace 7 días
tr1p1ea Hace 7 días
1) Half of these are 'for the video'. 2) Even if your supra is faster than a lambo - you still aren't going to get the chicks.
SteveD Hace 7 días
OMG 06:33
Fingal Hace 7 días
Those Teslas must have a massive v12 to pull away from that mustang like that.
nuts 4 knives
nuts 4 knives Hace 7 días
I want a supra soooo bad.
Kenneth Wood
Kenneth Wood Hace 7 días
2:10 they probably have N3o/Nitris Oxide
PaddleDogC5 Hace 7 días
All fun till you kill someone and never see the light of day again. When your overtaking someone at high speed they are not even aware you're coming up and can change lanes. Find a totally empty road at the minimum. Best thing is go to a track and really see how you handle a car or bike in a corner at Pocono or Lime Rock.
Aerial Hace 7 días
Supra Supreme with extra olives please.
monkeymanstones1 Hace 7 días
What bikes are you showing here? With my 2006 Suzuki GSX-R750 there wasn't a car which could catch me. If I was coasting and a car passed at 30+MPH or more faster than my level, stable, not positively accelerating bike couldn't catch it depending on what it was (but with a top speed of 229 Miles Per Hour nearly none could catch me on my top end). 158HP, 199 Foot Pounds of torque in 228 pounds of bike couldn't be compared to by most cars. 580 HP in 3,100 pounds of car means 5.3448 pounds per HP, but my 1.443 pounds per Horsepower meant an exceptionally clear advantage to my motorcycle. Most cars cannot compete with most motorcycles except in turns (4 wheels are more stable than 2).
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