When your roommate is a misguided super hero.

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28 feb 2021






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Aviral Mishra
Aviral Mishra Hace 33 minutos
Very relatable title! Glad it isn't just me!
paper plates are fake
"So ThAn I tHoUgHT WOw tHeRE PreTTY DaNgeRoUs Aren'T THeY"
Tristan Letuli
Tristan Letuli Hace 2 horas
Bruh wtf🤣 did the most best thing in life.
James Bacon
James Bacon Hace 3 horas
That's a really cool super speed design.
Neet Boi
Neet Boi Hace 4 horas
This is probably gonna effect the trout population I think
Kareem Elhag
Kareem Elhag Hace 5 horas
Caleb doesn't even need to make a thumbnail to get views, I literally sense the video notification coming and just wait
dreaded sage
dreaded sage Hace 5 horas
"Yeah, uh-Henry...." lmao this guys a good actor ngl
FoxsterPriest UwUmwonster
I'm pretty sure this guy is just a reincarnated god of death
Snow Ball
Snow Ball Hace 6 horas
Zenderman Hace 8 horas
Then I found out spiders are scary so I few them all into space. And I found out spiders can survive in space for some reason
The Beans
The Beans Hace 9 horas
luffy in a nutshell:
V World Gaming
V World Gaming Hace 10 horas
🔥🔥almost at 4 Million bro 😎
Devnail Hace 13 horas
This title
Jordan DiMercurio
Jordan DiMercurio Hace 13 horas
“You Killed So Many Pe-*Voice Cracks* -ple
Chomper Snap
Chomper Snap Hace 14 horas
I looked it up.
Fahd Essam
Fahd Essam Hace 15 horas
Anyone else thought he was wearing a night watch cloak?
Rxvert XD
Rxvert XD Hace 15 horas
When Timmy turner makes a bad wish
Sludge By Toad
Sludge By Toad Hace 15 horas
Clouty Hace 19 horas
Me as an overpowered superhero 🦸‍♂️
Sigma Gaming
Sigma Gaming Hace 23 horas
Killed me when he just calmly said “henry”. Dead
Naruto Goku
Naruto Goku Hace un día
"Go out like a G"
Veronica Day
Veronica Day Hace un día
Jedi Genius
Jedi Genius Hace un día
Jarvis talking to ultron
Katoria Gilbert
Katoria Gilbert Hace un día
How he said you did what
Star Boy
Star Boy Hace un día
Homie said "I Beg Your Pardon?"
Keozx Hace un día
2:26 That "YOU WHAT" reminded me of that one SpongeBob episode
Nightfox1090 Hace un día
Anyways so I started blasting...
Cross Hace un día
“So anyways, I started blasting-“
Gregory Bogosian
Gregory Bogosian Hace un día
Most prisons are not privately owned. But private contractors still reap lots of benefit from providing services to government owned prisons. So it doesn't really matter that much to how private companies benefit from mass incarceration.
Daikon Hace un día
2:56 D roommate is so concerned lol
CitrusMcOrange Hace un día
Kinda like Inuyashiki if shishigami was less of a psychopath.
Chris Hace un día
All he needs is a little more time
Bloodbain88 Hace un día
This is why we can't have superpowers.
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez Hace un día
Flag Smashers?
Carl Alexis Santiago
Commenting on all the videos I watch #57
T_wolvesFan76 Hace 2 días
Curtis LeBlanc
Curtis LeBlanc Hace 2 días
*you did what* XD OMG
Gary Sanchez
Gary Sanchez Hace 2 días
This what a lot of people sound like when they say what they would do if they had super powers 😂, like “I’d kill anyone that wants to kill anyone” like what bro that does not solve the problem 😂
Kobe Kola
Kobe Kola Hace 2 días
This is the worst day of these villains lives
TheStickManGamer Hace 2 días
"So anyway I started blastin"
Lyn Charles
Lyn Charles Hace 2 días
I'm on my 5th displate 8 more planned
Lyn Charles
Lyn Charles Hace 2 días
Vultramites be like
Who Dat
Who Dat Hace 2 días
Ironically we are more dangerous to sharks
Greg Glez
Greg Glez Hace 2 días
I support his actions.
Awestrike Hace 2 días
Now replace "roommate" with "AI".
thatone blackguy
thatone blackguy Hace 3 días
"So anyways I started blasting"
Aur cus
Aur cus Hace 2 días
​@Anbush0 "I atomized them... no criminal no problem"
Anbush0 Hace 2 días
Jesus Is lord
Jesus Is lord Hace 3 días
✝️🙏God loves everyone turn to him while there’s time repent from your sins and put your faith in Jesus🙏✝️
Comrade Luke
Comrade Luke Hace 3 días
Literally Death Note
Noman Haider
Noman Haider Hace 3 días
Probably my dumbass
Lmaooooooo 😂😂😂
muizmuiz Hace 4 días
Yo where did u get that guess shirt?
Roniel Robinson
Roniel Robinson Hace 4 días
If Caleb was an anime character he'd be the most OP
skys! Hace 4 días
Caleb: Having a breakdown Also caleb: I hit the corporation's where it hurt you feel me
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor Hace 4 días
Imagine going to jail for jaywalking and this happens.
Neo DC
Neo DC Hace 5 días
"When in doubt, throw them into space."
Titanium Waters
Titanium Waters Hace 5 días
Eren from attack on titan
KING Ghost
KING Ghost Hace 5 días
One of the ESvidrs that make me interested in hearing about the sponsors
Detektiv Plays
Detektiv Plays Hace 5 días
so anyways i started blasting
ÃÇÊ CrOw Hace 5 días
“So anyway, I started Blasting!” JeromeASF and Vale: That’s my boy
jose fernandez
jose fernandez Hace 5 días
The only language they understand is financial 😂💯
Past Lyrics
Past Lyrics Hace 5 días
Sharks in space reminded me of Sharknado3
Elven At Heart
Elven At Heart Hace 5 días
Is there a part two? Please tell me yes
goatofanime Hace 5 días
Scryer Hace 5 días
Ah yes, sharks. Those creatures that attack mostly because they're curious and tend to flee from rapist dolphins or Orcas/whale killers/wolves of the sea. Those creatures that inspired a book written by Peter Benchley, who said if he knew what he knew about Great Whites back then what he knows today, the novel would never have existed. Pretty good point on said characters taking such things into their own hands though. Makes one wonder if they're mentally damaged or stunted.
Harlan Springsteen
Harlan Springsteen Hace 6 días
Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.
Jace Beleren
Jace Beleren Hace 6 días
I wonder how this will affect the trout population
Val Mid
Val Mid Hace 6 días
We should take our problems *and push them to outer space!*
Renji Takuu
Renji Takuu Hace 6 días
“so anyways I started blasting” had me thinking of frank 😂
Axel Dobbins
Axel Dobbins Hace 6 días
When i was a kid i thought i was actually the real Spiderman
Martinez’s Martinez
Turn to Jesus and be saved
Trentan Simpson
Trentan Simpson Hace 7 días
*they ppooped liked balloons it was crazy*
pizza time
pizza time Hace 7 días
I atomized them said the misguided superhero
Andres Matamoros
Andres Matamoros Hace 7 días
I thought he was gonna break them out at first. His first solution was so much worse.
Youniverse Hace 7 días
he basically light yagami
Marcus Jackson
Marcus Jackson Hace 8 días
"So anyway I started blastin" freaking destroyed me.
Hello Hace 8 días
this is the entire Shishigami side plot of Inuyashiki
Octavius Rex
Octavius Rex Hace 9 días
I came back for the displate sponsor
Ramon Miranda
Ramon Miranda Hace 9 días
Anyone know the discount code for the displate at the end ?
Storstr Right
Storstr Right Hace 9 días
oh noooo
Annie Ross
Annie Ross Hace 9 días
shorturl.ca/womanxxxuhfks Ma molti personaggi famosi stanno guadagnando popolarita tra alcuni segmenti della popolazione, il che significa che devono essere resi pubblici. All'interno delle specifiche degli standard moderni, viene esposta un'approfondita ricerca sulla concorrenza.🔥 Da mesma forma, diluido com uma boa dose de empatia, o pensamento racional desempenha um papel decisivo na retirada do ativo circulante. Em nossa busca por melhorar a experiencia do usuario, sentimos falta de que prototipos interativos realcem caracteristicas extremamente interessantes de todo o quadro, mas conclusoes concretas sao, naturalmente, transformadas em motivo de chacota, embora sua propria existencia traga beneficios indiscutiveis para a sociedade.Conclusoes banais, mas irrefutaveis, bem como paises em desenvolvimento ativo do Terceiro Mundo, estao unidos em grupos inteiros de sua propria especie. Levando em consideracao os principais cenarios de comportamento, um prototipo de alta qualidade de um projeto futuro exige que analisemos a distribuicao de reservas e recursos internos.
dumb kid who draws stuff
POV: if superman was retarded
Fawn Hace 10 días
Superman in injustice be like
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Hace 10 días
Every people who think there covid is conspiracy to stop people from going outside:
Abr Fx
Abr Fx Hace 10 días
"So anyway, I started blasting." ~And a legendary meme was born thus day~
Dominique Jones
Dominique Jones Hace 10 días
This needs a sequel like a when you are a misguided hero
ElizaRae Hace 10 días
Caleb, please make more ads/commericals lol
Rifoz Hace 10 días
P2 pls
Jarno Datema
Jarno Datema Hace 10 días
Imagine being falsely accused and get sent to jail and then this happened
Helmy Zainuddin
Helmy Zainuddin Hace 11 días
his power is broken.
ReachSkyla Hace 11 días
KeepitReeeal Artz
KeepitReeeal Artz Hace 11 días
On the inside im dying on the outside im barely keeping in my laughter
Pokezette Hace 11 días
I was not expecting people popping, I was ready for a mass prison break, not a mass prison murder.
Plazmatic Hace 11 días
This would make a good series
The PineApple Artist
The PineApple Artist Hace 11 días
0:51 "You Did What?"
Alex Corcoran
Alex Corcoran Hace 11 días
Did anybody notice how when he hit that “YOUUU WHAAAT” it looked like the fish from sponge Bob.
AlphaCrucis Hace 11 días
Tbh, if I had to go to jail, I'd be glad if I was ended in that way. It probably took a nanosecond. Wouldn't even see it coming!
Karma Akabane
Karma Akabane Hace 11 días
"You did what?” His voice on that won my laugh
Nozipho Radebe
Nozipho Radebe Hace 11 días
🤣🤣🤣the part when he said stop killing ppl🤣
Ian White
Ian White Hace 12 días
Damn looks like he saw Light
Tofuu Gang Master
Tofuu Gang Master Hace 12 días
The video had me dying 🤣🤣😃😃
In a Zombie apocalypse...
Super human interview
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If your shoes talked.
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