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Many people on the left focus heavily on the ideas of systemic racism, structural racism, institutional racism … and “pernicious racism”? Former Attorney General Eric Holder recently said the United States is a “nation of cowards” for not ending this kind of racism. Larry Elder looks into some of the cited reasons for this, such as voter ID laws, disparities in school suspensions, disparities in the prison population, and treatment by police.

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30 jun 2020






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Maura_The_Rose Hace 8 horas
White flight.
Stublu2 Hace 22 horas
You need proof of ID or Driver's Lic To drive a car, get a job, get on a plane, buy beer, rent an apartment, and buy a house. If you have nothing to hide you will have an ID showing your a citizen and are allowed to vote. Every Senior I know has an ID. It is an excuse to allow a non citizen to vote. It is a privilege. My Father had a Green Card and a Dr. Lic. but couldn't vote but that was his choice and he lived here over 60 yrs.
HELLO" Dear: - Mr. Larry Elder" "I Feel Like "I Have A Little Something In Common With You "I Have A Diploma From "JORDAN HIGH SCHOOL" And Some "COLLEGE" Experience "This Is What "I Don't Understand The "REAL RACIST "PEOPLE They Always Have A Double Standard When It Comes To "RACIST" And They Always Use The "RACE-CARD" In "ORDER" To Get A Head In Life, "HOW" Come The Presidemt Of The United States Of America Have To Have "HIS" Every "WORD CHECK BY THE Police "THE," DEMOCRATS "THEY ARE "LIAR'S "How Come The Presidemt Of The U.S."Cannot Have A Private Conversation With Whom Ever?? What's Wrong With That "The Presidemt Career "JOB" "INVESTIGATION" We The People "ALL" AMERICANS Want To Hear And See Theses DEMOCRATS "G0ING" TO "JAIL" ARREST Somebody Already Sincerely "RZ"
Michael Oshborn
Michael Oshborn Hace 3 días
The nation of Israel and as Christians Members of Congress and out is to be indicted on adding a betting the nation of Israel on war crimes
Olivia Griffin
Olivia Griffin Hace 5 días
You act as though this is an unbiased news source, you are intentionally excluding countless studies that completely disprove your points to fit your agenda, which only helps the right. Do whatever you want but don't act like there is no ulterior motive.
T. T
T. T Hace 12 días
In countries where there was an INDIGENOUS population already there and then they are colonized then you get systemic racism. New Zealand is a clear example. So are Native Americans. So the colonizers need to put it into law to opress these people.
Nacho Mama
Nacho Mama Hace 12 días
Stuff you, pendejo.
Unpaid Shill
Unpaid Shill Hace 15 días
I guarantee you that the sentencing disparities have to do with possession of drugs WITH intent to distribute vs just simple possession for personal use. at least that has been my experience, as a former addict.
Unpaid Shill
Unpaid Shill Hace 15 días
Everyone has an ID, it’s basically mandatory these days. But the Democrat Elites (and The Baizuo), sitting in their Ivory Towers and Gated Cul de Sacs, don’t know anything about the Black Americans that they claim to be fighting for.
Rost Mandzak
Rost Mandzak Hace 16 días
Shaun King looks blacker then Eric
Julius Raben
Julius Raben Hace 16 días
Wow normally its "end...of...quote..." (Copyright L.Elder). This was so fast i couldnt blink my eyes
hazel johnson
hazel johnson Hace 16 días
This comment sections is a disappointment. Whites today aren't "blamed for slavery" since they weren't the literal ones who cracked the whip. You're "blamed" when you fail to recognize the fact that the actions of what your ancestors did, still has an effect on our society & people today. Stop bringing up that "other races had slaves" or "slavery's been around for thousands of years". Does the slavery in Egypt still affect equality and civil rights in America today? No. This is about equality today. Using the excuse that slavery has happened in other places doesn't change the fact that today, in a country who believes in "liberty and justice for all", minorities and other races seem to have been left out of that statement.
peter&mj123 l
peter&mj123 l Hace 11 días
Lol You know and everyone deep down knows that blacks have as much privilege as anyone else and actually one of the most popular people in this country. Despite that you nor most black people never experienced slavery nor segregation and still complain about despite being illegal now and abolished. You need to grow up and realize every single person is treated and will be unfairly in someway - not just by racism. No society is perfect but the only decent think you can do for everybody is simply treat people the way you want to be treated.
PorkFrog Hace 18 días
picking scabs from old wounds for fun and profit...sickening...and the people that do this are fully aware of manipulating demagogically a right-brained portion of society made of all hues. the only hope is a mass exodus from madness to critical thinking, and a measured study of actual fact, not feeling--which of course, means there's no hope. Dostoyevsky said, 'In all things, the passions rule', when speaking generally about mankind thru a character in 'Brothers' Trying is always noble, tho. I enjoy writing, but thru years of written debate, understand the efficacy of a reasoned argument toward those ruled by emotion. Yes, I enjoy writing, but I also enjoy jerking off. What certain people want is blood, they do not care whose...as soon as I saw the murder by protestors of an 8 year-old-girl not slow this 'movement', I understood that even child murder doesn't matter to these bizarre, scab-picking lunatics They have embraced a narrative like religious fanatics, and their faith in their cause cannot be shaken. They want blood and fires and human sacrifice---if you think this is hyperbole, remember that child, shot to death in front of her parents, This is a resurfacing of human tribalism and all that goes with it: expiation thru blood sacrifice, as in the impersonal execution of police and child sacrifice to the elder gods of our own making, ideologies hatched from human fancy. Once child sacrifice occurs, reason is useless. Which leaves force, which will end some of the bloodshed but reenforce these destructive delusions in the faithful. No different than the effect of US force overseas on foreign terrorism: stomping on dogshit just spreads it around.
Brandon Laughing Sr
Brandon Laughing Sr Hace 20 días
Let's fight imaginary racism with real racism !!
sadiq bolden
sadiq bolden Hace 21 un día
Denzel Eke,
Denzel Eke, Hace 21 un día
There are alot of racist people in these comments
KayKay Altima
KayKay Altima Hace 25 días
By me in Wisconsin u can get a new id for free if u tell the dmv its for voting... idk about other places but ik more white people who don't have id's then anyone else
Homer Young
Homer Young Hace 25 días
Keep up the bleaching bro
Paul Grant
Paul Grant Hace 27 días
The only way to truly fix any problem, is to firstly identify the problem accurately and then take the appropriate action, which will yield the most effective outcome. Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell, Brandon Tatum and the like, have accurately identified the problem, now it's time to address the issues effectively.
Jerome Lynch
Jerome Lynch Hace 28 días
Will Pulera
Will Pulera Hace 28 días
I found systemic racism!!! It is in the system of academia where Marxist trained professors are brainwashing our citizens into being stupid and to try to correct the sins of past racism with reverse racism moving forward.
David Bushek
David Bushek Hace 29 días
It’s because biden and Soros is pushing it
D K Hace 29 días
Once the left started saying being “color blind” is a form of racism, they basically admitted that they never want racism to end.
Ian O'Malley
Ian O'Malley Hace 29 días
Larry your argument on sentencing disparages is weak as hell
Anita Glasgow
Anita Glasgow Hace un mes
Amen brother!
yan889654 Hace un mes
5:22 also a woman would get a lighter sentence than man who commits the same crime. Perhaps that should be looked at.
Kara Hope
Kara Hope Hace un mes
I agree with much of what Larry says. My only confusion around his points are that he failed to address the real systems that actually did continue oppression such as redlining and the war on drugs. Because of these things, it makes sense to me why certain areas of many cities continue to be predominantly black and poor due to redlining and schools in those areas not thriving due to less taxpayer dollars and money to put into those schools. I'm by no means saying there is no such things as personal responsibility, I just wonder why these things aren't addressed and seen as factors of why some communities continue to be poor despite effort.
Donovan Berserk
Donovan Berserk Hace un mes
China is the best example of systemic racism, but is ignored since they're not white.
Paul Kenney
Paul Kenney Hace un mes
No we need a government to help those that evolution has left behind
Paul Kenney
Paul Kenney Hace un mes
The lie is that we need a government to survive
Paul Kenney
Paul Kenney Hace un mes
So what about the states that require a valid driver license to vote
USA Stars and Stripes
Larry Elder is a Superstar. God Bless you Larry! Call out the idiots and liars.
Adam Metz
Adam Metz Hace un mes
Learned a lot! Thank you.
YourFellow ARMY
YourFellow ARMY Hace un mes
5:38 someone please explain
YourFellow ARMY
YourFellow ARMY Hace un mes
What's next, are white toilet papers now gonna be an issue?
Phillip Jackson
Phillip Jackson Hace un mes
Apparently if you stick you head up your a%#e far enough you will see all the systematic racism you want.
ForThe RightThing
ForThe RightThing Hace un mes
ForThe RightThing
ForThe RightThing Hace un mes
Kaz Central
Kaz Central Hace un mes
”Race & Racism is a Fraud” & I can prove it. None of my over 100 family members from Jamaica experience any form of racism anywhere, anytime. Not Ever! Watch my video & see why. Racism is a tool used to control the minds of the vulnerable. Please share!
Debra Thomas
Debra Thomas Hace un mes
Systemic racism is made, upheld and continually propagates the Democratic Party!
Ted miles
Ted miles Hace un mes
I always show my ID when I vote and the clerk says they don't need it, that was until they accused me of already voting. My only save was the person running the poll knew me and said that I wasn't there earlier.
Dean Sapp
Dean Sapp Hace un mes
Larry is................The Man !!!
Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson Hace un mes
Sounds more like Holder has always been 'racist', even within his party, culture and ethnic group. Pretty much, he was brought up that way. No one I've ever known, would talk to a man about what another man might be thinking. Only one race on EARTH. The human race!!
Lucas Bustillo
Lucas Bustillo Hace un mes
There's systemic racism in this country and I have proof of it. It's called affirmative action.
Captiankirk games
Captiankirk games Hace un mes
Larry elder I am from Canada learning about so much about you coming from someone that experience not great household experience hate throw at him school by family too and had hate angry almost take over his body mind I use hate a weapon but got help 2019 found love again when I almost lost that 2018 by time I look as teacher to you
Dropping bombs like Candace. Facts on Facts
Wan Fu
Wan Fu Hace un mes
Why progressives prefer anecdotes over evidence.
Eric Locke
Eric Locke Hace un mes
I love this man. Larry, keep up the good fight. God bless.
Stan Hong
Stan Hong Hace un mes
TV and News Media are doing an excellent job bringing this to the forefront to the uninitiated. After the Nov election this will be crickets. Advocates of this are bad actors, others are just actors not willing to bite the hand that feeds them, who know?
The Zod & Drea Podcast
Hey look! Larry Elder: The Black guy racist White people can point and say "See! Black people agree with me!"
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Hace un mes
They call you uncle tom. Take it. Use it, like you did. They make something else up. Take it from them like a shield. When their words can no longer rule you, they will turn to violence. That is when they will show themselves as the cowards they are.
Don McIntyre
Don McIntyre Hace un mes
Good question where exactly is this systemic racism? This is a farce- remember what MLK said about judging people. Live by the golden rule!
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper Hace un mes
It resides in the leftist pockets
nyla Hace un mes
Here is the proof of systemic racism: Only in a nation rife with systemic racism can a black person make a career denying its very existence.
thomas russo
thomas russo Hace un mes
DOLO BROLIC Hace un mes
Racism exist........but who cares?.........go out get your and keep it pushing!!! 👍🏾
Victor Bergman
Victor Bergman Hace un mes
It is racist to assume voter ID laws are racist
Victor Bergman
Victor Bergman Hace un mes
Democrats are obsessed with it because they were and still are the racists
Steve Miller
Steve Miller Hace un mes
NOTE: That to enter the Obama White House. ID was required. And it had to be a specific ID, Nothing else would be accepted.: "Forms of Identification All guests 18 years of age or older will be required to present a valid, government-issued photo identification (detailed below). All foreign nationals must present their passport. All other forms of foreign identification will not be accepted. All information submitted (e.g. name, date of birth, city, etc.) must exactly match the government-issued photo ID you will present when arriving at the White House. The following forms of photo ID are acceptable for presentation to USSS upon entry to the White House complex: Valid government-issued United States identification card (e.g. drivers license, military ID, etc.) Valid United States or other official government-issued passports No other forms of identification will be accepted; photocopies, expired IDs, or other transmissions of these documents are NOT valid.
Lindsay C
Lindsay C Hace un mes
There was no systematic racism when Obama took office. This was a GREAT accomplishment.. but 12 years later it's all Trumps fault and there is NOW systematic racism and people from the black community have been oppressed for the past 400 years. Which is it? You can't have it both ways!
KingdomCitizens Hace un mes
By the way, I love the content of your show.
KingdomCitizens Hace un mes
Marie Hace un mes
Harry can you talk about the documentary 13th?
Wren Cerys
Wren Cerys Hace un mes
Classism seems to be the main problem here and I wonder if working class whites, blacks and hispanics are encouraged by the elites to turn on each other in order to stop them from climbing the social ladder. Where I'm from we always bonded over being from the same socioeconomic background and same schools and race wasn't seen as a big deal but now suddenly I'm supposed to believe a poor black person has more in common with a rich black person than with a fellow poor white person? Nah.
Mohammad was illiterate
Systematic racism is 100+ laws in South Africa against white minorities.
Lanny Howe
Lanny Howe Hace un mes
Eric Holder is a Racist POS. His message is total lie.
Al farouq Aminu For 3
Individual racism will always be around unfortunately. People are gonna be who they are, shitty. No law can change the behavior of individuals, it's up to the individuals to change. The best we can do, is make sure there is no racism in our justice system. Constitutionally making everyone equal with equal opportunity. The rest is up to US.
Gregory Fessia
Gregory Fessia Hace un mes
Democrats are the party of racism whether it is overt or covert. Eliminate the Democrats and you eliminate racism.
Glenn Thompson
Glenn Thompson Hace un mes
There isn't any.....but you do have to have rails to run your victim and pity train.....until it falls off the track.... There are just more than wheels off the track on this bamboozle.
mark torres
mark torres Hace un mes
Over and over again the facts prove it OBAMA WAS A BUM
Ian Clerget
Ian Clerget Hace un mes
I’m not sure that basing the argument for the existence of institutional racism on the idea of disproportionality is a sound practice.
joemobumtwizzler Hace un mes
why do so many black americans call themselves african american when they were born in america... i have lived in england all my life but i have scottish in me, does that mean i should be called scottish english?? simple answer is no, that is ridiculous, and it would be an insult to my country.
phily jr
phily jr Hace un mes
Oh no, watch out, here comes true facts. We all know how Democrats hate facts.
Ay Sal
Ay Sal Hace un mes
elder seems lonely. I wonder who he hangs out with at Christmas.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith Hace un mes
Run for office
DL Mullins
DL Mullins Hace un mes
I don't know about systemic, but there is surely racism and always will be. The tricky part is understanding who and what race. I believe racism is color blind. I know some great people who are racist and do not know it. Hopefully many decades down the road racism won't exist, but not counting on it. We are all a little bit racist whether we want to admit it or not.
joseph mengele04
joseph mengele04 Hace un mes
larry....youre the man
Christopher Cobb
Christopher Cobb Hace un mes
So, I'd absolutely *love* to watch Uncle Tom. I am all for people becoming empowered, but my biggest gripe about it is the cost: $20. I get that this is being made on a possible shoe string budget, but this is actually higher than most movies out there. I just want to watch it once. If I like it well enough, I'll watch it again. I may even buy the film, but I'd like to rent it first. So, please help those of us who'd like to watch your movie be able to watch it. Thanks!
Adeline Rose
Adeline Rose Hace un mes
I'm sure a few meals cost more than $20 so $20 for an amazing and powerful documentary is worth it.
Marius Hace un mes
SIR . You have my respect .
Queen B
Queen B Hace un mes
(CNN) - Former chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele is joining the Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans working to prevent President Donald Trump's re-election.
Fuzz Nuzzler
Fuzz Nuzzler Hace 2 meses
I’m here for the African names... I have a cousin named Tenacious. For realz
edith englund
edith englund Hace 2 meses
Larry in all of his interviews always cites disparaging remarks against black people...When Larry and others speak to black on black crime...there's white on white crime...and the culprit is poverty. Now even though a community is majority black and brown..the question is, can there be systemic racism. I'd say it's more like discrimination..middle class blacks, as middle class white people have forgotten that poverty still exists in America..and sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between racism and economic discrimination in some communities. Is there systemic racism in America? Being a woman...are women still barred from the board rooms in America? Sure they are...but as women ... we know these companies aren't going to overtly be racist or discrimatory...they know how to work the system...they aren't going to risk lawsuits...it's all subtle and underground; Larry would like us to believe otherwise...It's not a wonder white supremacists and white conservatives love this guy...he does their heavy lifting. There's a difference between being lower middle class and dirt poor...Somehow conservatives have convinced dirt poor white people that they can still make it...I expect that's why I keep seeing republican election signs in white mobile home courts...they've been brainwashed into thinking that the system isn't rigged against them...Larry wants you to believe that too...I'm amazed people buy into this bullshit
leshawn Shepherd
leshawn Shepherd Hace 2 meses
this dude is laughable... He just breezes through this examples by asking people their opinions and quoting quick statements by a few people... Hilarious!! Even my most conservative white people admit there is systemic racism in this country. Keep tap dancing and smiling Larry Elder.
Adeline Rose
Adeline Rose Hace un mes
You got it backwards. That sounds like the rest of the media trying to blame everything on the systemic racism myth without actual facts.
Flexible Strategist
Flexible Strategist Hace 2 meses
Notice how articulate, eloquent and intelligent black conservatives are? Listen to the likes of Al Sharpton. Like night and day.
JD Siga
JD Siga Hace 2 meses
Al Sharpton makes too much money pushing his agenda.
davidverde Hace 2 meses
Wish this Mr Elder would run for president.....
Larry, I wish you'd cite the studies and sources you're referencing in the description so we can look at it ourselves and use that data in our own arguments
Keshan Ranasinghe
Keshan Ranasinghe Hace un mes
Omg yes I'm here for the same
Brian G
Brian G Hace 2 meses
Ivy league schools. Systematically discriminating against whites and Asians.
Jordie Walters
Jordie Walters Hace 2 meses
I luv you man
Miguel Alfonso Santana
A lot of these so-called "Black Names" have absolutely no African origin. Tyrone is Gaelic, Antoine is French, and Jamal is Arabic.... Technically that's cultural appropriation..... And why are people making this about race when it's about language. Both the black and white applicants had ENGLISH surnames. Hernandez and Garcia are SPANISH surnames. Spanish is a LANGUAGE, it comes from Spain, Spain is in Europe, Spaniards are white. Black people and white people can have surnames like Hernandez and Garcia. Hispanic is NOT a race. And those stereotypical Hispanics are just Spanish-Speaking Native Americans.
James Berwick
James Berwick Hace 2 meses
Why is it the party that invented racism, the Civil War, Jim Crow laws, and the KKK, and have fought against equal rights and anything to change their narrative, now claim to be the leaders of this fight against racism...that they invented? Sounds like a comedy act to me. I'm for a national ID, with state added driver's licences, you could add social security numbers all in one ID, with electronic access with finger prints or iris Id check, to make sure the person carrying the ID is the person carrying it.
Dan Wu
Dan Wu Hace 2 meses
I love the example of need for voter id. One case of voter fraud and the system is question? The street interviews for support of voter's id. The interview ask a group of individual w/ids if there is a need. Why don't you find people without ids and ask them You have none, thus, your street interviews are garbage. What you have is FAKE NEWs.
Carlos Barron
Carlos Barron Hace 2 meses
Screaming racism is for the weak, for the failures of society.
Dean Konstantian
Dean Konstantian Hace 2 meses
Honestly Affirmative Action is the Only institutional legislation i can think of that is undeniably Discriminatory against non - black Americans
michael Hace 2 meses
Obama and Biden had a chance to fix this racism! They did not care, because they have the Black vote. Instead, the pushed opening the Broader for more undocumented people.
Randy Powell
Randy Powell Hace 2 meses
Many of the judges sentencing these black men, are black themselves.
Teresa Latiolais
Teresa Latiolais Hace 2 meses
I've always had to show my ID when I vote.. and I've been voting since 1984
taxation is theft memes news & more
Why are the letters on my keyboard white? Must be because white supremacy and racism against blacks
Water Melon Sugar High
Thankfully the US was NOT systematically racist during 2008-2016??? Obama, Oprah, Kevin Hart, Michael Jordan, Will Smith etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc!
Water Melon Sugar High
Republicans : We need to know that the person voting is who they say they are Democrats: We dont need to know anything about you....here is a ballot
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