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It's another celebrity showdown. This time, we're finding out who has the best wings recipe. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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14 mar 2019






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Knight To Legend
Knight To Legend Hace 5 horas
Howtobasic casually sliding in
ANIME PRIME Hace 7 horas
Asian Girl: I don't like my fruit salad with fruits.
Joelx27 Hace 11 horas
We gonna just ignored the fact that who is that dude with the nails polish what does he he identify himself
Arel Christian Laguisma
the other girls has alot of excuses not cool
YC Vax
YC Vax Hace 15 horas
99% of the comments: ThE AsiAn GIrL Is jUst PreTEnTiouS That other 1 percent: imagining how these would actually taste Also I don’t mean any hate to people because I agree that Asian girl is straight up the meaning of a headache
Fantasy roblox
Fantasy roblox Hace 17 horas
“When I get wings I only get drumsticks”. When I get a dog I only get a cat
utopia subliminals
utopia subliminals Hace 20 horas
i don't hate the asian girl 😶
Adeo Movies
Adeo Movies Hace 21 un hora
Petition to remove asian girl from buzzfeed anyone?
Willow • 54 years ago
And of course, there will be that one judge 🤦🏻‍♀️
jason roy
jason roy Hace un día
2 out of 3 of the judges are weirdos
Sidi SC
Sidi SC Hace un día
It’s sweet..why is there a lemon Like wtf maybe to balance it out ? I’m just sayin
V1pE Hace un día
2:08 Gordon ramsay mad gurl
Nicolette Orr
Nicolette Orr Hace un día
Please, dont ever bring back the Asian girl.
MemeProducer Hace un día
She try’s Gordon Ramsey chicken she said there no flavor to it what??? And she picky she wants a drumstick instead of a wing and she said it sweet but she tryed John legend chicken and it was sweet so idk why this Asian girl is a idiot
Aakanksha Patro
Aakanksha Patro Hace un día
John legend? Isn't he a singer??
Dimitrosaurus The Tempestous
Everyone: hating on asian girl me: 1:57 SERIOUSLY, IS THAT DUDE A MAN, WOMAN, OR IS HE GAY?!
Afzal Md
Afzal Md Hace un día
The Asian Girl tried to act like a *5- star Hotel Chef* but failed 😏
Johnsterr123 Hace un día
That girl was annoying, and you who im talking about
Rachel Gail Cadiogan
The pretentious Asian girl talking like she’s a Goddess of chicken wings
Rachel Gail Cadiogan
Asian girl: When i get wings, i only get the drumsticks Also Asian girl: Participated in judging chicken wings, how pretentious
Cold Hands
Cold Hands Hace un día
i want to slap her and you know who im talking about
Suga 009
Suga 009 Hace un día
I just notice his last name, My tongue got twisted trying to say it•-•
Pokeperson Hace un día
People:breaths air Asian girl: breathing is just pretentious it’s not needed
Dimitry Mordeo
Dimitry Mordeo Hace un día
As an asian i can tell the fact that the asian girl were not suppose to be there 😒🖕
MiMi xox
MiMi xox Hace 2 días
Anytime the Asian girls in the videos or really ruins it for me
Ransley Tshowa
Ransley Tshowa Hace 2 días
Asian girl if you dont like anything dont be there
Nour eideen Al juneid
4:03 did I just notice this guy is gay
roemer vonk
roemer vonk Hace 2 días
6:51 he kinda have a belly tho 😢😂😂
shrijana grg
shrijana grg Hace 2 días
When the asian girl couldn't tell apart sour cream to yogurt. I knew her opinion didnt matter. Lol
John Samuel Ih
John Samuel Ih Hace 2 días
I watched this video a few months back and saw this comment regarding on how the guy cross dressed post Malone and another celebrity, I can't even find it anymore because of the new comments for the Asian girl.
Belal Abu Sultan
Belal Abu Sultan Hace 2 días
if you want to use a Chef's recipe, atleast bet him against other Chefs, instead of home cooks.
elizabeth eli
elizabeth eli Hace 2 días
such a cranky eaters
loper coper
loper coper Hace 2 días
Wait I know this Asian girl did not just insult Gordon Ramsey the WORLD class chef
DaTstiK 09
DaTstiK 09 Hace 2 días
90% of the comments: The Asian girl is annoying My comment: what’s your dream car?
hi im cool ツ
hi im cool ツ Hace 2 días
Next thing you know... Asian girl when she orders a salad: You didn't need to put the lettuce on it. That's just being pretentious Waiter: It's a sala- Asian girl: You didn't need to put the lemon on it.
Mia Keller
Mia Keller Hace 3 días
Everyone needs to stop leaving hate comments about the Asian girl My thumb gets tired from liking them all
Sam_C0us1ns145 Hace 3 días
4 to 24 hours. That’s not that exact😂😂😂
Eme Yt
Eme Yt Hace 3 días
6:05 but can we talk about the crunch in that celery. Woah
Gabriel Montoya
Gabriel Montoya Hace 3 días
This is fake because gordan is the best cooker
Lewis Khee
Lewis Khee Hace 3 días
Asian girl dad: jhany jhany Her: yes papa Dad: eating sugar Her: no papa it don’t have enough sodium
Lewis Khee
Lewis Khee Hace 3 días
Asian girl: eating dick Her: the cum in my mouth wasn’t necessary
Lewis Khee
Lewis Khee Hace 3 días
Rip Asian gril
E Mnzno
E Mnzno Hace 3 días
By the time she said "regular schmegular h-" I asked myself why did I watch this again??
superhoangabc Roblox
Gordon Ramsey
Arshiya Shaikh
Arshiya Shaikh Hace 3 días
that asian girl is none but "Inga" one of the producer of this channel
jack elliott
jack elliott Hace 3 días
Honestly you’d think she’s a world chef or something with the number of complaints
Khizqi Alyasa
Khizqi Alyasa Hace 3 días
The dislikes were because the Asian girl
Masifa Khurram
Masifa Khurram Hace 3 días
Plot twist: the producer brings the Asian girl into his video so the comments toast her and not him lol.
Sophia Bossolani
Sophia Bossolani Hace 3 días
Everyone saying that the Asian girl is annoying.... PEOPLE CAN HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS🙄
Khizqi Alyasa
Khizqi Alyasa Hace 3 días
Splish splash her opinions are trash
If that Asian girl wouldn't be in this video I would have given a like .she is so annoying😈
Minty YT
Minty YT Hace 4 días
I feel like using my sister in the recipe :/ I’m getting hungry here
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce Hace 4 días
My ex girlfriend was exactly like this Asain chick and after a while when I started to notice it all she left me, pinning the whole thing as if it was my fault. All these hate comments just make me feel so happy. I guess it wasn't my fault after all.
Vicente Vazquez
Vicente Vazquez Hace 4 días
why so much talk about the asian..did no one notice the chubby guy adorned as a female??..
Oscar Zwinge
Oscar Zwinge Hace 4 días
No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Not even god: Asian girl: *I like sodium* Girl u need to get your ass back to chemistry class.
jv Hace 4 días
Wow ppl don’t like seasoning on their food smh
Patrick Wendels
Patrick Wendels Hace 4 días
I need all the recipes please someone read thur and do it thank you 🙏 Probably John Legend and Gordon Ramsey
Storm Sisters
Storm Sisters Hace 4 días
That Asian girl REALLY reminds me of my English teacher she so annoying
Itstrvppp Hace 4 días
I was just eating wings.. my FBI agent is about to get compromised..
IvvY meaty
IvvY meaty Hace 4 días
It’s it me or does ever one hate the Asian well I do to so haha haha
LOL with me Bryson G
1:46 🤭😡😬🤮
Idahohaz Potatoez
Idahohaz Potatoez Hace 5 días
The only good thing about the Asian is that she was judging.
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar Hace 5 días
The Asian chick.....sucks
TheUglyNoodle Hace 5 días
Didn't need sesame seeds. Did i ask
XFurrz *
XFurrz * Hace 5 días
Asian girl: notices phone There don’t need to be any circuits in there that’s just pretentious
Skull dude _YT
Skull dude _YT Hace 5 días
You should do spaghetti and meatballs
Ducky - Roblox
Ducky - Roblox Hace 5 días
Boia Hmar
Boia Hmar Hace 5 días
Since when did chicken legs become chicken wings??
Lena Kim
Lena Kim Hace 5 días
The Girl With The Bow: “That sauce was the delicious” Me: I am pretty sure they said it was prepared sauce 😂 (Btw I love the girl with the bow 🥰)
Bob Jr
Bob Jr Hace 5 días
I love how every single comment is about “the Asian girl”.
What is this guys saying sometimes
Benjamin CKJ
Benjamin CKJ Hace 6 días
Everybody's talking about the Asian girl but I'm here thinking all these recopies are so much work 😂
BozzyYT Hace 6 días
All the people who were tasting the food were trying to be professional af 😂
EESA Hace 6 días
Me: *starts watching video and immediately goes to comments* Everyone in the comments: tHe AsIaN gIrL
Danierl Ray
Danierl Ray Hace 6 días
Asian girl:do you know who is Gordon Ramsey ?
Maahirah Sidhiqah
Maahirah Sidhiqah Hace 6 días
that asian girl was being a judge she was basically trying to guess the ingredients used. i’m hating her a bit. is that bad?
ClutchOut Hace 6 días
Asian girl: 6:40 : “We’re trying to be fancy” Also her: Sesame seeds are unnecessary/pretentious
ClutchOut Hace 6 días
You know she’s COOKED when she dissed Gordon Ramsay’s wings and called it “pretentious”
Mert Shabani
Mert Shabani Hace 6 días
what the fuckin that man has long nails and red nails bruhhhhhh he sstuid
Master _Vlogs
Master _Vlogs Hace 6 días
This Asian girl is annoying asf. She probably complains to the manager just like Karen
Sendy Faustin
Sendy Faustin Hace 6 días
The guy with the fingernails is weird
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