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It's another celebrity showdown. This time, we're finding out who has the best wings recipe. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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14 mar 2019






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Comentarios 7 633
Sage Dreamz
Sage Dreamz Hace 27 minutos
That shit had no flavor cause u barely put salt on those bitches
yermit Hace 34 minutos
i swear gordon can turn any fast food chain into a michelin star restaurant
sarcastic bitch
sarcastic bitch Hace un hora
These aren't even wings wtf
musse Hace un hora
1:46 is that a boy or a girl?
raein cee
raein cee Hace un hora
rie, alex and alvin should be the judges. these people’s judgement over the food are not reliable.
FlashFronk Prepping
FlashFronk Prepping Hace un hora
Golden Joe Montana! I mean come on, it’s Joe Montana...
Helena Brennan
Helena Brennan Hace un hora
Now these wings better be spicy
ak40kevin SEKC
ak40kevin SEKC Hace un hora
That asian bitch omg....imagine being in a relationship with her....🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ WHAT THE FUCK🤦🏽‍♂️
its tentaculum
its tentaculum Hace 2 horas
That asian weman is salty afffff
Shade IN
Shade IN Hace 2 horas
Nenna Hace 2 horas
I feel like In everyone of these videos there's always someone everyone hates
Sunshine Natasha
Sunshine Natasha Hace 2 horas
i would also pick john legends one
Montage Man
Montage Man Hace 2 horas
Why is there a guy with painted nails? Like you have a fucking goatee, you’re not fooling anyone.
Ahmed Aizi
Ahmed Aizi Hace 2 horas
Bruh get the asian girl tf outta there
DontSigh Hace 3 horas
Y'all are so mean that girl is great
Crusty Clown
Crusty Clown Hace 3 horas
Its a super basic white person in an asian body
Jeferson Agustin
Jeferson Agustin Hace 3 horas
That kid plz change dont be a girl 👎
Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce Hace 3 horas
"Hmm, tastes like a kinda of a no taste, but it also tastes kinda of a taste"
Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce Hace 3 horas
Gordon Ramsey, where you at? You're missing the tea.
NXAV Hace 3 horas
Buzzfeed interns/employees do not make for a good “test group” in terms of things that require specification i.e. flavor. I’m no connoisseur of food myself but I will note that those wing recipes were personal to each chef first and then made public so it’s not like they were meant to appease everyone haha! Wings are a moderately childish food just like people who are 18-50 years old that order chicken tenders and fries as a meal at a full blown restaurant nowadays which is hilarious to me
Mr1shF Hace 3 horas
Are we gonna ignore the super hip dude with huge ass earloops and gay ass red nails?
Shaun Tyson
Shaun Tyson Hace 3 horas
How about you get some food critics to criticise the food and not hippy young people that overload here taste buds with plastic food. It’s a shame.
Monkeyman the one and only
gordon is over rated
Jack Bergan
Jack Bergan Hace 3 horas
I hope that the Asian women hits her pinky toe on the corner of a piece of furniture
The Rageaholic
The Rageaholic Hace 4 horas
lol the fat asian bitch calling the wings pretentious and not seeing the irony in it
Oscar Nguyen
Oscar Nguyen Hace 4 horas
95% Asian girl comments. 5% Comments about videos.
Anas Nazeer
Anas Nazeer Hace 4 horas
What the fuck is that thing in white shirt and beard
YinYangYoYuck Hace 4 horas
GR won this by a landslide, I know, cuz I've made his chicken wings for myself before. The asian girl doesn't have any taste whatsoever for awesome foods and this entire video is waaay too PC with the fagg, the black chick and the asian... no straight white ppl? Enough is enough with LGBTQ and anti-white racism bullshit.
Zero Six
Zero Six Hace 4 horas
R.I.P. *Gordon Ramsey AKA SOSIG BOI*
Team Black Ninja
Team Black Ninja Hace 4 horas
Look at The Male Judgr finger
mighty_fist Hace 4 horas
I think my eyes are deceiving me 😂🤯
Sahaar Salim Kazi
Sahaar Salim Kazi Hace 4 horas
Everyone going after the asian girl, I'm just lost of words for the guy,girl,transgender,transphobic,he,she thing with beer belly, red nailpolish and ear rings...like wtf.
Nootella Man
Nootella Man Hace 5 horas
Did they really ate one piece of chicken after another?! Gurl my fat ass will ask for the whole plate after another😂💀
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hace 5 horas
Cancel Asian girl. She took this way to serious and she had like an attitude lol keep her behind camera
zuyyina Rasheed
zuyyina Rasheed Hace 5 horas
This Asian girl NEEDS TO GO !!
meep neep
meep neep Hace 5 horas
I swear to god the first person id murder is the pretentious idiot if there ever was a purge
Jeremy Minter
Jeremy Minter Hace 5 horas
When i get wings i only want drumsticks. Why? Well pretentious
mkozzie Hace 5 horas
Freak show
Kronoscape Hace 6 horas
1:47 WTF
CrunchyEars Hace 6 horas
Lol i thought i was the only one who hate the asain girl
James Hace 6 horas
I did NOT like that asian girl. No offence to anyone. But Naa
CrunchyEars Hace 6 horas
Fakeeeeeeeeeee that asain gurl is secretly a robot design to hate
fila the potatooo
fila the potatooo Hace 6 horas
*can't anyone talk about jesse's last name?*
Brianna Vannavong
Brianna Vannavong Hace 6 horas
I don’t like the girl with the short hair and Idk why
Lachie miller
Lachie miller Hace 6 horas
I can’t that guy is trying to be a girl on not
Jordon Larsen
Jordon Larsen Hace 6 horas
The Asian girl annoyed the fuck out of me within the first two words she spoke.
Sloww Brooo
Sloww Brooo Hace 6 horas
I don't know why the asian girl really pissing me off in this video did anyone feeling the same??
Drake Nova
Drake Nova Hace 6 horas
Kinda wild how the asian chick doesn't get sesame on chicken wings. There's a bunch of asian cuisines that sprinkle sesame seeds on them, esp Korean
Edwin Rupp
Edwin Rupp Hace 7 horas
This asian chic is mad dumb
xd mariuslandbo
xd mariuslandbo Hace 7 horas
Anyone else notice the gay guy is fat?
Airell Evan
Airell Evan Hace 7 horas
Can't imagine how many quotable moments from the asian girl lmao
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen Hace 7 horas
That Asian girl is so annoying and nitpicking everything... Like sis, bye.
MrDubWub Hace 7 horas
Shes one dumb bitch if you ask me.
MindBending Comedy
MindBending Comedy Hace 7 horas
Thumbs down for that fucking asian
Matthew Penalosa
Matthew Penalosa Hace 7 horas
Asian girl complains too much
Yassin Salman
Yassin Salman Hace 7 horas
The asian girl is Stupid Idiot
Tyler Vandiver
Tyler Vandiver Hace 7 horas
Is is one of your friends transgender
OGx SWAGGERBABY Hace 7 horas
My wings are way better.
I am Bleach
I am Bleach Hace 7 horas
Nice nails dude
Kelvs Hace 7 horas
That stupid Asian girl, holy fuck
George Bush
George Bush Hace 7 horas
Can not stand that Asian girl. Don’t even know why.
Aerish G
Aerish G Hace 7 horas
That Asian girl.. bruh she ruined the video, wth.
Aaron Morrell
Aaron Morrell Hace 7 horas
What is that thing with a beard?
George Bush
George Bush Hace 7 horas
Who are these people? Lol
SYG GhosTz
SYG GhosTz Hace 8 horas
I hate that Asian girl! She’s so annoying! Wanna be food critic
JustLaurie Hace 8 horas
Rie. The answer is always Rie.
Itsjustniah 101
Itsjustniah 101 Hace 8 horas
That boy is making me lose my appetite sorry
SPLASHGOD778 Hace 8 horas
his Gay ass
That girl has no taste buds
Fuaxmexico 15
Fuaxmexico 15 Hace 8 horas
That Asian bitch is so annoying
Pommy Chatrath
Pommy Chatrath Hace 8 horas
Do which celebrity has the best ..... ..,um ...um Indian food recipe Edited:I will like my own comment because no one will 😢☹️
Falkuria Hace 8 horas
"This looks like a pizza hut wing and that's good. I mean, that's a good thing." Yep. You're a fucking pleb.
SynthGabe Hace 8 horas
Never bring back Asian girl!!!
FBI Hace 8 horas
This comment section is very very Pretentious.
The Corny Channel
The Corny Channel Hace 8 horas
This guy with the glasses, I don’t want to make eye contact. Such an eye sore.
Francisclyde Villo
Francisclyde Villo Hace 9 horas
Asian bitch
Sara Hace 9 horas
Did she really just compare Emeril's wings to pizza hut??? Also its HOT WINGS. There's only so much you can say about hot wings. Never knew people could be so pretentious about hot wings 🙄
Ahmed Sherif
Ahmed Sherif Hace 9 horas
That boy is actually gay
Mendes Army
Mendes Army Hace 9 horas
They always have a bitchy person in these 😂😂
That asian girl dont like the wings chs she only eat cats and dogs
Master ChurRoshi
Master ChurRoshi Hace 9 horas
How is food cute?
Iam BOSS Hace 9 horas
Why is everyone gay
Ice Bear
Ice Bear Hace 9 horas
Asian girl talks : Everyone disliked that
Pinche Beamer
Pinche Beamer Hace 9 horas
The Asian girl ruined the video. Hands down.
Arman Chamanfar
Arman Chamanfar Hace 9 horas
Asian ‘there didn’t need to be sesame on that, it’s a little pretentious’ Bitch
KaL Tourino
KaL Tourino Hace 9 horas
Get that Asian girl outta here! Lol!
Gabers Games
Gabers Games Hace 9 horas
I can hear Maangchi's voice in my head telling me to double fry my wings!!! Lol. Always double fry
Bodikhan Bayarsaikhan
is it just me or does that asian chick piss you off ?
Waed Alhayek
Waed Alhayek Hace 10 horas
I just wanna know what happened to the sauce on John’s wings?? Like we all saw him toss it in the sauce- why is it when he gave it to them it was dry as hell???
Flame Boy
Flame Boy Hace 10 horas
The Asian girl acts like she could cook better like bitch please
Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks Hace 10 horas
this Asian women needs to see a doctor, because her head is shoved so far up Her own ass.
Gundam713 Hace 10 horas
WTF?!!! is that a female with a beard
Gsdm Comedyplus
Gsdm Comedyplus Hace 10 horas
John legend knows what’s up
Tony Adventures
Tony Adventures Hace 10 horas
Love hot wings 😍😍💕😃
Trisha Escototo
Trisha Escototo Hace 10 horas
I'm Asian but I HATE that Asian girl😂😂😂
TheJscheer Scheer
TheJscheer Scheer Hace 10 horas
Who let the tranny out of the cage 😭
JNSquad Hace 10 horas
Where’s an actual guy?
Mitchell Newcome
Mitchell Newcome Hace 10 horas
Why were the judges bad.
Jr Juniors
Jr Juniors Hace 10 horas
That Asian girl needs to get off her high horse.
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