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It's another celebrity showdown. This time, we're finding out who has the best wings recipe. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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kaka sumi
kaka sumi Hace 11 minutos
Next time feature the Asian women’s recipe in a taste test
OGamer 2005
OGamer 2005 Hace 11 minutos
The Asian society has officially got rid of the Asian girl in the video
fried chicken
fried chicken Hace 2 horas
I’m an asian and tbh i’m really ashamed of the asian girl 🤦‍♀️
avishay erenberg
avishay erenberg Hace 3 horas
When will they finally bring a judge who is not annoying or have an knowledge in cooking and food.
Jurica Shrestha
Jurica Shrestha Hace 5 horas
" there's kind of no taste, but also there's a kind of taste " - the Asian girl
Sadia Alam
Sadia Alam Hace 5 horas
Glasses guy is a gay😂😂
Virgil Hardjo
Virgil Hardjo Hace 8 horas
People are really crazy mad the woman has an opinion 😂
Theis Thvilum
Theis Thvilum Hace 11 horas
Is the guy with glasses gay
Theis Thvilum
Theis Thvilum Hace 11 horas
Theres no taste but there is kind of a taste
Divtesh Singh
Divtesh Singh Hace 12 horas
Asian girl: There's nothing special about it but nothing wrong with it . Me: I wish I could say the same about you .
Divtesh Singh
Divtesh Singh Hace 12 horas
That Asian girl doesn't deserve to work at BuzzFeed and eat Gordon Ramsay's food . PS (I'm Asian too and we disown her(
Kasey Simpkins
Kasey Simpkins Hace 12 horas
Pizza Hut wing 🤦🏻‍♂️
irockpplsworld Hace 13 horas
is it just me or...the asian girl looks like Arya from Game of Thrones.
Michael Roxas
Michael Roxas Hace 14 horas
You sesame seed girl are now excommunicated for the Asian community.. 🖕
Endangered YT
Endangered YT Hace 19 horas
The guys stomach fat showing really disturbed me
eVeRybOdY DiEs In ThEiR nIgHtMaReS
Welp that lady was rude
vesii moon
vesii moon Hace 21 un hora
The asian girl is annoying
Kyla Wyla
Kyla Wyla Hace 22 horas
John legend wings looks so good!!
DaddyD1cker 69
DaddyD1cker 69 Hace 23 horas
Ok so we're not gonna talk about how Martha Stewart seasons her wings with a pinch of salt
Jacky Oaht
Jacky Oaht Hace un día
The Asian bitch don’t deserve to be in this. Get her out
A P Hace un día
Lol it's funny how people in the comments think they can criticize people for their opinion on food which is almost completely subjective.
Salty Editsq
Salty Editsq Hace un día
On behalf of all Asians IM SORRY
Mr.Butler Hace un día
The Asian girl doesn’t have a good pellet
Saiful. Hardwick
Saiful. Hardwick Hace un día
Idiot asian sandwich
Koustuba Raghu
Koustuba Raghu Hace un día
Why u torture mr,😥😥😥
pppgd Hace un día
Idk why something really bothering me and i wanna punch tha asian girl! Im evil
Blurp Bibablobop
Blurp Bibablobop Hace un día
NO! You gotta try the Jamie's. Much much healthier (no dipping sauce though).
Whatster87 Hace un día
I see liberal cucks.
Essentially_ Nerdy
Essentially_ Nerdy Hace un día
She totally reminds me of an Asian Arya!
Cocoa Vick
Cocoa Vick Hace un día
Does anyone else love Drums?
Tychus Major
Tychus Major Hace un día
Grace Dellimore
Grace Dellimore Hace un día
No one no one at all : Gordon Ramsey : let's be extra
R. H.
R. H. Hace un día
I don't like sesame seeds, I prefer drums, I eat the celery and carrots, I don't care for the lemon, but holy crap that woman is annoying.
Crazycatlipsy101 Hace un día
As soon as that Asian girl breathed all I had to do was come down here and see everyone destroy her😂
Akif Ali
Akif Ali Hace un día
The Asian girl needs to shut the freeaaaak up before I come though the camra and slap her up.
K J Hace 2 días
The curly haired girl knows her stuff. Just by ingredients of the Martha Stewart one you could tell lack seasoning. Gordon Ramsay would say bland and lacking seasoning.
Victor H
Victor H Hace 2 días
This is the most Californian video I've seen
h i
h i Hace 2 días
the blaak bich is geting in my nerves
Sassy Guyfromyt
Sassy Guyfromyt Hace 2 días
" it dosent have taste but it kinda has a taste " jesus christ woman
Hustlin_Joe Hace 2 días
Kill that asian girl. I just hate her so much. You know why.
bimbimlopez Hace 2 días
Im Asian and a foodie. But that Asian Girl makes me wanna throw a mortar and pestle on her face.
andrewthezeppo Hace 2 días
Does Gordon Ramsay sponsor this channel? He wins every time and his food never looks/sounds the best.
Kingzoozoo graal
Kingzoozoo graal Hace 2 días
I hate how this dude has a strong ass lisp
Liliana Cali
Liliana Cali Hace 2 días
“I love sodium”
Meaaah Meaaah
Meaaah Meaaah Hace 2 días
I like the Asian lady🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Why do I do this
Why do I do this Hace 2 días
Why does everyone address the person as “Asian girl” lol
Fluffyhamster Hace 2 días
shheeeeesh, *tasty and their judges*
Đức Nguyên
Đức Nguyên Hace 2 días
Jesus, imagine what you need to eat growing up to be able to call Gordon Ramsay’s chickens “no taste” pretentious ignorant bitch
Zylo Verge
Zylo Verge Hace 2 días
Flats are better
RhettTV Hace 2 días
That transgender person scares me. What even is that thing
That Asian girl is annoying af bruh...
Rimsha Tariq
Rimsha Tariq Hace 2 días
So wait... She says Gordan's wings have no flavor as if she knows what good food tastes like.. But thinks a yogourt dip is sour cream and onion... Interesting
Aliup 98
Aliup 98 Hace 2 días
I make my wings like Martha Stewart but I feel like Gordon Ramsay while I am making it
Storm Shotz
Storm Shotz Hace 3 días
I think every one here doesn't like the Asian chick😂
Jo Q
Jo Q Hace 3 días
Y’all slaughtered the Asian girl in the comments so bad my feelings were hurt 😂 but yeah.. she was super off putting 😷
Whats poppin
Whats poppin Hace 3 días
Wich celebrity has the best waffel recipe?!
Sharky Fernandez
Sharky Fernandez Hace 3 días
That Asian girl really ruined this. Please piss off and don't ever be in any video. Pretentious as hell. Her face began to piss me off after Gordon Ramsay and it just went downhill from there. She eats Pizza Hut wings for God's sake but acts like she's some kind of 3 Michelin Star chef. I'm embarrassed that she's Asian like me.
jess abenion
jess abenion Hace 3 días
Frank Jaeger
Frank Jaeger Hace 3 días
I like the Asian one the most just because of all the people she made cry in the comments. Also sesame seeds are pretentious.
Candee Bee
Candee Bee Hace 3 días
Sesame seeds makes all the difference!
jahid ali
jahid ali Hace 3 días
They should have got people who actually know about food to judge because these people obviously don’t know nothing about food. The Asian was the worst out of all them
Jay Antione
Jay Antione Hace 3 días
I don't want any Sesame seeds on my wing either. So fuck y'all. I'm with the asain girl 💯
Kim Vu
Kim Vu Hace 3 días
don’t like the asian one even tho i’m asian
Josh Hace 3 días
A pizza hut wing is a good thing for y’all? Damn that girl needs to go to good restaurants lmao
Why does that grown ass man have hoop earrings in
KrAzY PoYnEr leon gay
KrAzY PoYnEr leon
KrAzY PoYnEr leon Hace 3 días
5’2 and Attitude
5’2 and Attitude Hace 3 días
the Asian girl thinks •sesame seeds are pretentious •drumsticks are the best wings •a lemon with wings is useless (while she complains that the wing is TOO SWEET) but eats the celery •considers Pizza Hut wings the best- Don’t bring her back.
Bigmama April
Bigmama April Hace 3 días
what the fuck is that asian bitch ... i fucking hate her
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin Hace 3 días
The Asian girl is painfully stupid.
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen Hace 3 días
Food is food just eat it
1TankTripsUSA Hace 3 días
Asian judge: Looks like a Pizza Hut wing, and that's a good thing! Daenerys Stormborn: Dracarys!
Aiden Tak
Aiden Tak Hace 4 días
and john ledgend's new album is GORDON
Jared Lipsky
Jared Lipsky Hace 4 días
The most annoying video I’ve ever fucking watched on ESvid, ever
MrJustusGames Hace 4 días
Asian girl seriously needs to stop being so pretentious. Honestly she ruined this video for me and I was really looking forward to watching it.
Food Luxuries
Food Luxuries Hace 4 días
So Nice ...Recipe
Ley Lah
Ley Lah Hace 4 días
That Asian girl..
D. K.
D. K. Hace 4 días
its only the recipe thats being replicated its not like thats how the originals taste,,,,,,
SinisterMinister Hace 4 días
so a piece of lemon is fancy for that asian chick, huh? what a fucking piece...
Isaiah Depp
Isaiah Depp Hace 4 días
Fucking liberals having the Asian girl say all that crap just to distract people from that freak sitting there pretending to be a woman.
KrAzY PoYnEr leon
KrAzY PoYnEr leon Hace 3 días
Lemme guess you don't like gays or transgenders?
DerpA derP
DerpA derP Hace 4 días
Gordon Ramsay:Id like to see you make hours and hours of hard work and get criticized
Dark Spyro
Dark Spyro Hace 4 días
Gordon says its bland to the others 😂
Rick&Finn Hace 4 días
Lucas Green
Lucas Green Hace 4 días
She’s so arrogant. You know who I’m on about
Kyla Aolani
Kyla Aolani Hace 4 días
Martha and Joe’s recipes were disappointing
aaron tan
aaron tan Hace 4 días
Please get rid of the Asian girl please. She’s boring to watch. She’s probably one of those foodies who’re like “I discovered Mexican food. Sure the Mexicans cook it but they don’t get it.”
Bobby Joe Jr.
Bobby Joe Jr. Hace 4 días
Did nobody notice the nail polish on the guy. Lol
Jonah Loeb
Jonah Loeb Hace 3 días
you'll be fine, just breathe
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat Hace 4 días
Why is everyone trashing on the Asian girls opinion? Let her be
encanta411 Hace 4 días
Again...this series would be really good if there were better judges! It was close this time, but still not great, like, we immediately saw who wasn't the good judge...
marche 434
marche 434 Hace 4 días
99% of the comments be like: i hate the asian girl 0.5% of the comments be like: nice video 0.5% of the comments : where is the lamb sauce in gordons chicken
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Hace 4 días
Stupid Asian needs msg
Kirmit The gucci gang frog
4:00 here that people its a "regular smegular" hot sauce
SeNioRaLPHa playgames
Wth lady you aint asian you dont like spice?
BungleBonce Hace 4 días
The Asian girl should of been killed at birth. So annoying!
Saint JP
Saint JP Hace 4 días
As a human being, I disown the Asian girl from the human race.
Xavier Jackson
Xavier Jackson Hace 4 días
Gordon Ramsay grabs 2 slices of bread Gordon Ramsay: what are you ? Judge: an idiot sand which Gordon Ramsay: SAY IT LOUDER !!! Judge crying Judge: IM AN IDIOT SANDWICH 😭 Gordon Ramsay: Damn right now gtfo my kitchen.
Angel Bautista
Angel Bautista Hace 4 días
The only thing I heard from the chinese person was ching chon Chong
Alicia Kelly
Alicia Kelly Hace 4 días
I loved the Asian girl. I about died when she said “I love sodium” hahahhaa
Casual Snook
Casual Snook Hace 4 días
before i even scrolled to the comments i knew who they all would be about
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Hace 4 días
The Asian girl is just mad because it’s not a cat or dog leg.
Cori Trottman
Cori Trottman Hace 4 días
Why's there a man dressed like a woman
Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez Hace 3 días
Cuz it's 2019 man
Katelyn Lapid
Katelyn Lapid Hace 4 días
Video: about wings Asian girl: likes the one that tastes like rotisserie chicken ???
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