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From Starbucks to the golf course to dollar stores, White people are unnecessarily calling the cops on Black people. Here’s a look back at our coverage. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DulceSloan
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29 jun 2020






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Zachary Lane
Zachary Lane Hace 3 minutos
Hmm, so the woman we are accusing of racism, which is fair, is also calling white ladies by their skin color. So you're telling me when all we do is talk about how important our immutable characteristics are, that people start openly and vocally classifying and judging people based on those same characteristics. Damn, no one predicted that did we? Oh wait, yea the right did, the left keeps insisting on doing it.
Voided NPC
Voided NPC Hace 3 minutos
Mystic Crimson
Mystic Crimson Hace 3 minutos
Who rather live in Europe more than America
Sha Hace 5 minutos
Parker Infante
Parker Infante Hace 6 minutos
lara spencer
lara spencer Hace 15 minutos
The thumbnail though? Y’all can’t tell me she doesn’t look like Amy Schumer lol
Chandler Gillespie
Chandler Gillespie Hace 19 minutos
Personally, I’m all for the BLM movement, but posting stuff like this isn’t helping at all...
Star Sami
Star Sami Hace 33 minutos
Now this is the best roasting show i like it......🤣🤣🤣
genesis martinez
genesis martinez Hace 34 minutos
6:33 The White lady part was hilarious!!🤣💀
Alyissa Rakay
Alyissa Rakay Hace 38 minutos
I understand the Karen situation, but when everyone gets on it its makes all white people like this look bad and I'm starting to feel like I dont matter because I'm white and that's not cool. I'm so sick of this race shit. It's all fucking disgusting!!! I'm the same as everyone else all that's different for some is the color of our skin. I'M WHITE SO WHAT. I HURT just LIKE YOU. HAVE A HEART LIKE YOU BLOOD RUNS THROUGH MY VEINS LIKE YOURS SO WHY IS ANYONE BEING TREATED DIFFERENTLY.
Kyler White
Kyler White Hace 39 minutos
Am I the only one who thinks Trevor Noah should not have this platform, Not entertaining whatsoever. Black people don’t like him, white people don’t like him.
Mathew Lipperd
Mathew Lipperd Hace 40 minutos
Ahh yes the token black guy of Comedy Central trying to race bait again
Infamous BC
Infamous BC Hace 46 minutos
Idk if he doesn’t play golf, or just trying to create a narrative that’s not there. You can’t have 5somes and I’m sure that they already told them to keep it moving. If you take longer than 8 mins a hole, you are ruining it for everyone behind you.
Kyle Pasqualetti
Kyle Pasqualetti Hace 49 minutos
This is just a dumb video. Another case of both parties are wrong. Shouldn't have to buy something to piss but if that's the rule move on.
nb2481 Hace un hora
As long as Trevor follows the agenda, hell always have a job. Did you not hear what happened about the Starbucks story? They asked to use the bathroom and then didn't leave.. Trevor then said they were there to meet someone. It's a store policy. It's called loitering. What a fool you are Trevor Noah. Keep feeding the fire. Let's just all duke it out and see if white man's brains can beat black man's braun. What do you think about that? I'm down.
Adam Norvell
Adam Norvell Hace un hora
You are the problem. All this does is divide us more
Rico Suave
Rico Suave Hace un hora
Never liked this guy, bring back John Stuart.
Dilan Redblood
Dilan Redblood Hace un hora
Scum scum scum propaganda you know any lefty protestor or antifa calls the police Immediately ANY CHANCE THEY GET. this is literally a few isolated incidents. Democrats and leftards call the police as soon as someone enters there safe space or hurts there little crybaby feelings
Jordan Joestar
Jordan Joestar Hace un hora
Hey look more race baiting. Typical of these guys. Let's only focus on issues and not a solution right?
kaos45 Hace un hora
I only watched the first video, but why is it crazy to call the cops on two men refusing to leave your place of business? If you aren’t going to order anything get the fuck out. It’s that simple.
Maxwell Unwin
Maxwell Unwin Hace un hora
Umm I had a black couple call the cops on me for putting my trash cans in front of my house on trash night.... soooo
Frank christ
Frank christ Hace un hora
well I know for a fact I have been suspended twice on Facebook for calling somebody white trash. Facebook deems it a racist term now, you can say the S word for hispanics the W word N word, the K word for Jews, the G word for Asians but you say white trash on Facebook that's an auto 3hr suspension.
Paul Higginbotham
Paul Higginbotham Hace un hora
Still getting this trash pushed on me.
Katrisa Larry
Katrisa Larry Hace un hora
😂🤣the people that dislike mist be the ones calling the police for Nothing
Christopher Van Kirk
I actually love the Tamika videos of crazy’s black women freaking out.
Isak Woldemichal
Isak Woldemichal Hace 2 horas
We are living in very intresting,foolish and confused time. There is no race called white that fabricated name was not existing until end of 1600 in Maryland today USA. The saddest is thier children going round and call themself white. Great confusion. Hope ppl are aware. All the misery that one has inflicted on someone else it comes back redouble.
Soflo Sports
Soflo Sports Hace 2 horas
This title is alarmingly racist and the fact that no one cares is scary
Alyissa Rakay
Alyissa Rakay Hace 35 minutos
I side with no cops, but the title is racist and I feel like its degrading for me as a white woman. I dont call the cops for shit and treat all as I would like to be treated...
Alyissa Rakay
Alyissa Rakay Hace 36 minutos
noah shields
noah shields Hace 41 un minuto
Bet you sided with every cop in this video lmao
Brent Borders
Brent Borders Hace 2 horas
Awwww he’s upset again. Someone give him his binky.
Gromm Crusher
Gromm Crusher Hace 2 horas
Also I guess that I'm allowed to talk about sassy back girls because it is no longer a steriotype. Thx Trevor
Gromm Crusher
Gromm Crusher Hace 2 horas
Stop treating grown men like children.
Gavin Mcfate
Gavin Mcfate Hace 2 horas
Both those women have darker skin than Trevor Noah 😂 I wonder how his white mom feels about him picking on white women
Fatty Cakes
Fatty Cakes Hace 2 horas
19:50 the cops had been trying to pull over that family for shoplifting from the dollar store to the apartment, and when they got beside the car, the man was reaching around for a firearm. This is according to the police report, thus, the people were in the wrong. That was said by the Phoenix police department, that the family was wrong for doing what they did.
Zach White
Zach White Hace 2 horas
These liberals are gonna push white people so far it's going make jim crow era look like Disneyland
Beth Pelley
Beth Pelley Hace 2 horas
You are such a racist, way to fuel the fire... smh
JACOB HIMSELF Hace 2 horas
The first part was funny tho
ben ben
ben ben Hace 2 horas
Trevor noah is a clown
Thrills in the Night
Whaaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaaaaaa
SSJ MissingNo
SSJ MissingNo Hace 2 horas
Dude the anti white racist narrative is real in this shit. Like crazy people are just that it doesnt matter what skin color they are its 2020 why is everything always abput skin color these days.
Rebel Chevy
Rebel Chevy Hace 2 horas
David Garcia
David Garcia Hace 2 horas
Cops and there horrible power trips. Why act like this it doesn't make sense feels like they have personal problems at home and just can't find the time and place to vent so they take it out on the first people who pass them off SMH.
Orcs_Blood17 Hace 3 horas
Trevor Noah doesn’t have a funny bone in his body.
Mathew Lipperd
Mathew Lipperd Hace 37 minutos
Cameron P if only it was considered racism, gee whiz Batman
Cameron P
Cameron P Hace 42 minutos
Mathew Lipperd Careful, your racism is showing.
Mathew Lipperd
Mathew Lipperd Hace 43 minutos
Orcs_Blood17 he is a token black guy for Comedy Central that’s all
Infamous BC
Infamous BC Hace 47 minutos
Idk if he doesn’t play golf, or just trying to create a narrative that’s not there. You can’t have 5somes and I’m sure that they already told them to keep it moving. If you take longer than 8 mins a hole, you are ruining it for everyone behind you.
-redacted Hace 3 horas
This is racist. Welcome to the left. The party of jim crowe and the kkk. You are all racists trying to tell us thar we are the racist ones. You people are ignorant.
-redacted Hace 3 horas
Is this supposed to be funny?
ty max
ty max Hace 3 horas
*people unnecessarily calling cops on people* love these race baiting titles. Stupid liberals.
I see 10k Karen's have disliked this video sad sad people
Loren Pope
Loren Pope Hace 3 horas
I love how you people think you posses the right to sit in a business without purchasing anything and then refuse when asked to either buy something or leave/
jesus cage
jesus cage Hace 3 horas
Shut up Trevor Noah
Todd Hitchens
Todd Hitchens Hace 3 horas
Don Lemon is way funnier on The Onion. The laugh track is too obvious on this show.
Based Core
Based Core Hace 3 horas
Lol this was hilarious! Good video. Next time do a “Black man physically assaults and beats white women in public” or “Black men running from cops” or “Black men assaulting cops!” There’s plenty of content for all of these things, in fact about 10000 times more videos than you’ll find of Karen’s! Just an idea.
Eden V
Eden V Hace 3 horas
Nkajlem Cha
Nkajlem Cha Hace 3 horas
So what happened 30 minutes before she call the cop... Is any one know?
Jonah Patton
Jonah Patton Hace 3 horas
Are you asking for context? Sounds racist
Brandon Cortez
Brandon Cortez Hace 3 horas
I though of him going off but boi I was wrong shit funny
Jacob Kievit
Jacob Kievit Hace 3 horas
10k dislikes I'm sure 7.5k out of the 10k are racist 🤔🤯🤯 all lives matter were all people we all have feelings 🇺🇸
Jonah Patton
Jonah Patton Hace 3 horas
Or maybe they disagree with the sentiment that all black people are perfect, all white people are racist, and all cops are murderers. Maybe people should stop focusing on race, and realize that there are good people and bad people of all colors.
Belagor e
Belagor e Hace 3 horas
One word Fake news which highlights a different part of fake news cops aren't out there to kill black people although not in the since of being wrong just trying to paint make the thing racially charged which is racist
West Side
West Side Hace 3 horas
Keep the division going good job
Scooter Blalock
Scooter Blalock Hace 3 horas
This is a big deal? I've had the cops called on me for loitering too. So what? Why does it matter what color the person is who called the cops. This is a bs channel.
Jonah Patton
Jonah Patton Hace 3 horas
People want to make everything about race, the sad thing is that these people think that they are fighting against racism but they are furthering the divide and creating more racism. Everyone thinks they’re doing the right thing, even hitler.
United States of America
You know, Noah, there are worse things done to white people these days in a time when people are incentivised to topple "white supremacy." You think white people are the only ones doing this shit? Please... You've obviously never had to deal with Hispanics. My mother (Hispanic) used to do that to win confrontations with virtually anyone she thought was a nuisance, including black people. They do it to have the last word, and sometimes there really isn't anyone on the other line. But this is not uniquely done to black people, so I don't appreciate you adding fuel to the flames of an already divided country. Having said that, how do we know this only happens to black people? We know it happens to Hispanics, and we know it happens within the same race. It's petty, but that's what happens when you live in a country that pampers you. Similar to police brutality. We know it happens to everyone, and we know not every officer is white, but white vs black gets more clicks because it begets outrage. It's good business. You're part of the problem, Noah.
Jonah Patton
Jonah Patton Hace 3 horas
You better be careful, common sense is racist.
ImShogun Hace 4 horas
Am I they only one who thinks the Starbucks guy is in the right even tho he’s a dick. Depends on how long they were there if it was like a 1 hour, it would be wrong, but if it was like a couples hours I don’t see what’s wrong.
CamelJockey91 Hace 4 horas
I’m a minority and quite frankly I’d love to be segregated. I want to be as far away as I possibly can be from whites and I want them to avoid me like a plague. I feel right at home living in a neighborhood of Africans, Indians, middle easterners, and Latinos. Glad we don’t have any whites where I live.
Jonah Patton
Jonah Patton Hace 3 horas
You don’t want people of a certain color anywhere near you.... you do realize that makes you a racist right? A pretty extreme one too.
Tara Harding
Tara Harding Hace 4 horas
What kind of coward ass baby shoots a ground hog 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
The Marvelous Mastermind Behind The Movies
The reason Permit Patty called the cops is because she was jealous the girl had a better job than her.
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