White soldier charged with assault for shoving, berating Black man in viral video l GMA

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Active-duty soldier Jonathan Pentland has been charged with third-degree assault and battery after he was seen berating and shoving a Black man in Columbia, South Carolina.
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15 abr 2021






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Sofa King Hung
Sofa King Hung Hace 5 minutos
I like how the media has completely avoided the part as to why there was a confrontation between this two men at all. Hmmm I wonder why? Then we have the individuals in the comments who can’t form their own opinion. Sad state of affairs this world is in.
Cody Mcgonagill
Cody Mcgonagill Hace un hora
Once again half the story they were protecting a young lady that frantically knocked on their door claiming the young man was trying to sexually assault her.
John Blunt
John Blunt Hace 7 horas
I need to start recording black people doing this to me while I'm in the hood doordashing.
L҈A҈N҈D҈I҈S҈ M҈E҈M҈E҈S҈4҈4҈5҈
Y'all should wait for context before reporting on this shit. Y'all literally said that you don't know what exactly happened before the cameras were turned on. So before calling it racist wait for the whole story, dumbasses
Adrian Garza
Adrian Garza Hace 8 horas
Truth be told black people are the most racist people in America
Duke Wellington
Duke Wellington Hace 10 horas
GMA Suits: Lets make sure we emphasize RACE so we can push our agenda and continue to instigate race-based violence throughout the country for that sweet click-bait money
სუკ ოვიჩ
My guy had 3 incidents in this neighborhood according to sheriff but the white man still gets charged without knowing what was the reason of the argument 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ and for what? Shoving him? Omg i hope his shoulder are okay 🤣🤣. If shit like this happened to white man they would call u snowflake for making big deal out of it. Lmfao this shit is hilarious
Dale Colson
Dale Colson Hace 14 horas
The black kid had assaulted a woman and she told the soldier about it. He then tried to take care of it. The only reason he got arrested was for the sake of liability of the police department and the negative media coverage. I'll bet anything that the black kid has since been in trouble again. At least once.
Nik A
Nik A Hace 15 horas
Get out... can't you understand English....oh you have no education...
DanVe King
DanVe King Hace 15 horas
This race bating, viral videos are destroying every society in this Country. People should start minding their own business. Yes, there’s assholes but ain’t no body watching what goes down in the hood. Far worst than this. Latino dude here… ain’t no body racist here. We just got a bunch of assholes thanks to all of y’all!
Berserksouls Hace 17 horas
No information no backstory no news piece. This is inflammatory news meant only to mind Duck you and make you angry about race and mess up your day. The media wants you sick scared and dying.
Berserksouls Hace 17 horas
Keeping that racial hate broadcasted for millions by the satanist media telecasters every second of your life so you go commit a hate crime yourself. Operation mockingbird in full effect. Fuck the media
jose c
jose c Hace 19 horas
Caucasians fear Blacks...
jose c
jose c Hace 19 horas
There's "some" people watching this saying the black dude was aggressive......
kaspa killa
kaspa killa Hace 19 horas
That’s why I stay strapped at all times ... Rrrrrrraaaaa taaa taaa🤫
Flavor Pharaoh
Flavor Pharaoh Hace 19 horas
the dude na
the dude na Hace un día
Is this anymore racist then the knockout game? Watch "Colin Flaherty: Knockout Game Returns "Random Attack" Fella Runs Away Laughing" on ESvid esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Ht2o1FmDC_0.html
Blabla Blabla
Blabla Blabla Hace un día
Yea put more colors in this bs we are so dumb that we dont know that the guy is white and the other black
A Z Hace un día
Why won’t he just walk away?
Axel Rod
Axel Rod Hace un día
That army officer deserves it.
Buck Weet
Buck Weet Hace un día
I'm noticing a pattern here... So race is mentioned when white person is supposedly at fault but not the other way around. Why is that? 🤔
Danny Richards
Danny Richards Hace un día
wheelzwheela Hace un día
He sexually assaulted a woman 15 minutes earlier. The girl ran to the street yelling for help and guy came to help.
The Forrester
The Forrester Hace 19 horas
The Forrester
The Forrester Hace un día
@KILLER_BRO_EMPIRE ITS ME Watch the video on Mark Dice. Just watch it. Remember I asked for proof too. I got it. You can have it too. If you really want it.
@The Forrester video or didn't happen... I call b******* and none of that happened no video can't confirm any of it
The Forrester
The Forrester Hace un día
So woman comes out screaming “help help”. Neighbor helps and gets demonized, arrested and house vandalized. Lesson: don’t get involved
THE ONE Hace un día
@The Forrester go check out “Mark Dice” he has a video of a guy explaining what happened.
John Kim
John Kim Hace un día
He probably ask to date if he sees a nice looking black woman walking on the sideway
Thrill House
Thrill House Hace un día
Southern stereotype
tanan yny
tanan yny Hace un día
Scripted. Media causing racial divisions
MS. ILBB Hace un día
Something is seriously wrong with these people and best believe Black folks, they are coming up with all sorts of fabrications in these comments. I can 100% guarantee Becky was the problem. Nothing more than WWB.
Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes Hace un día
Based on what I read the dude had all the right to push him. My man was not just walking around the neighborhood minding his own business. He picked up a neighbors kid multiple times earlier in the day as if he was trying to leave with baby. Touched a woman without her permission. Dude was protecting his fellow neighbors.
jjsrt8 Hace un día
When I go to an all black neighborhood in Chicago I get treated same way Where's the news outrage and pot stirring? Oh yeah doesn't fit the race war agenda
Kai Tae Tamasi’i
Kai Tae Tamasi’i Hace 18 horas
@jjsrt8 That autistic kid getting tortured in Chicago was trending nation wide, if you send footage then they’ll see another sped kid getting harassed which will lead to outrage.
jjsrt8 Hace 19 horas
@Kai Tae Tamasi’i they'll never show it
Kai Tae Tamasi’i
Kai Tae Tamasi’i Hace un día
Maybe you should record it and send it to a news outlet.
YemSoGroovy Hace un día
You bringing shame to American heroes. You don’t deserve to be a soldier
Michal Augustniak
Michal Augustniak Hace un día
don't ship people across the ocean for free labor... use robots
Latago Parks
Latago Parks Hace 2 días
The white man do not have any shoes on that means he came out of his house to bully this man lock his ass up
daft wod
daft wod Hace 11 horas
@The Forrester They never look backwards. This just gets forgotten and there is a new story. Sucks.
The Forrester
The Forrester Hace 19 horas
You are just wrong Latago. Look at the article posted by daft wod. The guy was harassing the neighborhood. A woman was running down the street screaming for help. This is just the media being scum
daft wod
daft wod Hace 20 horas
@The Forrester www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9480657/Black-man-confronted-Army-drill-sergeant-mentally-ill.html
daft wod
daft wod Hace 21 un hora
@The Forrester Seek it out. The daily mail ran the article.
The Forrester
The Forrester Hace un día
@daft wod do you have proof? I don’t believe the soldier who lives in a diverse neighborhood just started yelling at somebody. But I need proof
B Real
B Real Hace 2 días
What is the real story here?? Why did these people start arguing in the first place? We need context
87 2stroke
87 2stroke Hace 2 días
Walk away when told
Nikos V
Nikos V Hace 2 días
dude it happened to me once...I was on a busy road in front of an store front and waiting for about 10 minutes on the footpath for the rain to stop. A guy comes out of the building and asks me what am I doing there... I just sad I'm waiting...I felt like asking him, do you own the footpath? this was in Sydney and I was unshaven and a wearing an old shirt, I am sort of white, the dude was a youngish guy, looked southern european/arab. Maybe people like this just like to bully others they think are homeless and in the video it looks like something similar. Also Shadae McCallum is beautiful!
Shamer Zaihan
Shamer Zaihan Hace 2 días
Seems about white
Sam Ann
Sam Ann Hace 2 días
Just a $500 fine & 30 days in jail?
Derek Hunter
Derek Hunter Hace 2 días
Lol, now that the news told us what happened, what really happened here?
spanky mcnugget
spanky mcnugget Hace 2 días
ok now lets flip the script now send a white kid in the hood and turn you cameras on, quite with all this racism bullshit your suppose to be a new station
Gouki JT
Gouki JT Hace 2 días
Fomerly active soldier u mean
Wolf Dakine
Wolf Dakine Hace 2 días
Whoa.....K.K.K....I have a comment I’m glad he was finally changed. Lay off the roids jarhead you’re acting like a piece of shit and a shouldn’t be in uniform if that is your mindset....bet you regret those few too many beers “none shall pass” a breathalyzer 😂
MrHali1988 Hace 2 días
Give a gold medal to that woman recording! Now!
Terrelle Howell
Terrelle Howell Hace 20 horas
She is fine too
J Thomas
J Thomas Hace 20 horas
@MrHali1988 "Justice" is only acquired by "Full context". Or should we "believe every woman"? Without full context it's not "Justice" it's just emotional response captured in a moment.
MrHali1988 Hace 20 horas
@J Thomas the "fool" is the one that believes justice comes after full context is acquired.
J Thomas
J Thomas Hace 21 un hora
The "tool" is the one making judgement from a video without knowing the full story. 😒
jlive222 Hace 2 días
They know what happened leading up to it. the black guy was harrassing women in the neighborhood and that guy was protecting his neighbors.
Behind The Scenes Carolina's
Welcome To AMERICA
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
Exactly. Where a hero can become hated for being white and an insane person can be a hero for not being white.
Cynthia Colon
Cynthia Colon Hace 2 días
This man is disgusting he is a disgrace to our country what are you fighting for
FlojoJoint Zozo
FlojoJoint Zozo Hace 2 días
He tried to walk on his lawn. He was disrespectful first I guarantee you
Kim Keys
Kim Keys Hace 2 días
This soldier's behaviour is disgusting, including the wife yapping in the background.
Betty Pickle
Betty Pickle Hace 2 días
This is not racial we don't have context...
Tourettes Guy
Tourettes Guy Hace 2 días
I love this video...but BLM can vandalized steal rob and kill and still play the victims!
Bennie Stephens
Bennie Stephens Hace 2 días
Well I'm 6'2 185 lb and I wish that I would run into somebody like that I got a few skills myself I would have defended myself to the fullest and he would have got what's coming to him
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
@Bennie Stephens Which guy? The black guy attacked two women, including snatching a baby from one. He is in mental care facility now. So you would have beaten up the hero based on a whim.
Bennie Stephens
Bennie Stephens Hace 2 días
Dr. Truth
Dr. Truth Hace 2 días
youre a skinny dweeb. 6 2 185 LMAO!
Donald Allen
Donald Allen Hace 3 días
All you that gave a 👎🏽 is racist and blind not to see that man was wrong period
kingryan69 Hace 3 días
nice job mainstream media, you ignored that the guy was there in the neighborhood harassing the people who lied there, and made it " white man mean to black man"
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
@Ano Look into it. The "victim" is now in a mental hospital. Sooooo...... You are a detective who believes the first thing he is told.
Ano Hace 3 días
And where did you get this information detective? lol
C Roach
C Roach Hace 3 días
Why even comment on other incidents that were not criminal? That is pretty racist.
anonymous Hace 3 días
Would’ve been a better lawsuit if he called his wife an ugly bitch I bet he really would’ve attacked him then
anonymous Hace 3 días
S J Hace 3 días
Why was he standing infront of there house for 15mins before the asked him what he was doing? Anyone know why he was just standing there?
Matthew M. Stevick, CFP
Karma you hot piece of garage, ‘soldier’. You knew better at age 5 when you understood the Golden Rule. 🇺🇸 citizens can not experience anything like this from an individual paid for with Public taxes $ (our sacrifice and trust in the system funds the system). Be gone. The young man showed levels higher intelligence, maturity, awareness. Levels. Great role model.
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
@Matthew M. Stevick, CFP Hi. The young man was commited to a mental hospital after this incident and is still there. He attacked two women that day including snatching a baby from one. His family are happy that he is getting the help he needs. Do you feel silly at all?
Matthew M. Stevick, CFP
Never resort to violence please
IHateFN Hace 3 días
Not disrespecting women but I hate when they can say anything they want and us men can do anything about it
prodigiii712 Hace 3 días
Yeah he was stalking people in someone else’s neighborhood.
Roc H
Roc H Hace 3 días
Just mind your business..I wouldve made an example out of the pussycat.....#fukbullys
Ulises Sanchez
Ulises Sanchez Hace 3 días
Tough guy needs police escort only white ppl do this stunt
Keine Götter Keine Herren
the black guy harassed a woman and tried to kidnap a baby. Now he's the innocent young black victim of racism. US are fucked up beyond everything black mobs can loot your cities and you still be silent
Willie Gutierrez
Willie Gutierrez Hace 3 días
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
You have no idea
beatonthedonis47 Hace 3 días
White racist assaults black man.
THE ONE Hace un día
@beatonthedonis47 do your own research and stop believing what the lying mainstream media says. They’re the ones who make it seemed like it was about race when it clearly wasn’t.
beatonthedonis47 Hace un día
@daft wod White racist lies on ESvid comments.
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
Black man who attacked two women and is now in a mental hospital
Mike D
Mike D Hace 4 días
Girl is so beautiful 😍
Dope Life
Dope Life Hace 4 días
Racism 2b
j d
j d Hace 4 días
This is hilarious 😂
j d
j d Hace un día
@Pamala Dalrymple nah I just trust in satan
Pamala Dalrymple
Pamala Dalrymple Hace un día
You must live a sheltered life & don't keep up with the news. N
Luis Avila
Luis Avila Hace 4 días
big lips matter
calm 104
calm 104 Hace 4 días
Tim Scott is the senator for the state and he thinks black people complain to much about racism and America is not a racist country.
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
Well in thiss case the "victim" attacked two women and was placed into a mental health facility after this. Sooooo......
Filly Black media
Filly Black media Hace 4 días
He had 2 instances in that development
CrappyCarlos Hace 4 días
Where's the bootlickers trying to defend this?
Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes Hace 4 días
Show me the whole video. Don’t make assumptions without seeing the whole video
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
@Cesar Reyes What is true still matters. I appreciate anyone that still has a brain.
Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes Hace un día
@daft wod just read it now thanx man. Appreciate the time to explain.
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
@Cesar Reyes www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9480657/Black-man-confronted-Army-drill-sergeant-mentally-ill.html
Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes Hace un día
@daft wod based on what I read the dude had all the right to push him. My man was not just walking around the neighborhood minding his own business. He picked a neighbors kid multiple times as if he was trying to leave with baby.
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
@Cesar Reyes No. Another unrelated incident earlier in the day. As far as i know the soldier just came to tell him to leave as we saw in the video.
Lunye Scott
Lunye Scott Hace 4 días
Really I know evil sin wickedness exist in this world right so I'm at the point of serving God myself and knowing deep down inside that no one is exempt from God's word so I won't set back and judge folks or wish them bad things I just Know whatever is done in secret will come to light and all will be held accountable and karma is what the universe always returns to it's visitors, I Know because I've reaped what I've sowed on many occasions and had to repent learn and move forward but god bless u guys....
kwame steward
kwame steward Hace 4 días
Steve wilkos out here wildin!!
Brice Chartrand
Brice Chartrand Hace 4 días
Well served
Bader Hace 4 días
Typical jarhead
daft wod
daft wod Hace un día
English&Acting Teacher
Imagine if the neighborhood were slaves built or black people had to live due to redlining etc. that are now being gentrified. But for the video this could've been like George Zimmerman.
MinecraftJer07 Hace 4 días
And this country is called the “United” States.
George Costanza
George Costanza Hace 2 días
No this is stupid media race baiting not America
Anthony Rosas
Anthony Rosas Hace 4 días
Its my turn to make a fuckin racist report of a black cop assaulting me lets see how many racist i gets MEXICAN HISPANIC LIFES MATTER
C J Hace 4 días
30 days in jail, $500 fine. That's not for a black defendant. On reverse the black man gets 10 years for touching a white Soldier.
ABC DEF Hace 4 días
Its NOT RACIAL at all. We don't know what happened beforehand. This Leftist News station is Villain-izing the soldier for no justifiable reason. Perhaps the little guy was selling drugs and the bigger one didn't want that happening in his neighborhood. No one here knows the facts. Racism is a thing of the past. We don't live in a racist nation anymore. Grow up children! *If anyone was being racist, it was the black reporter presenting the story in the beginning and the end. And the sheriff gave his biased view of what happened. No one was bullied. What the soldier did was not abuse. He was urging the younger guy to move on. As you can see, he probably came out in defense of his wife, since he barefooted. Not many people walk out in their neighborhood barefooted...unless its for something urgent.
beastgaming Hace 4 días
The excuses are the army Sgt was drunk or "mildly intoxicated". According to recovering alcoholics, " a drunk person's actions are a sober persons thoughts!"
jasiah sanchez
jasiah sanchez Hace 4 días
actually the excuses are that the black guy was doing something which provoked the white man
judy dunn
judy dunn Hace 4 días
No matter what color only count if is good heart ,evil heart belongs to hell. This is a good teaching of what comes around and it will goes around! Stop Asian hatred! Or you will see more teaching like this! People who been hatred will love to see this.
Stephen Tee
Stephen Tee Hace 4 días
Blokes like that make me sick Big hard soldier. What a fucking joke must be a dick thing.
judy dunn
judy dunn Hace 4 días
Now is teaching black how Asian hatred feels the same way!
judy dunn
judy dunn Hace 4 días
This is teaching the world’s blk hatred is not right to Asian! Cause it will goes around !
judy dunn
judy dunn Hace 4 días
I like the soldiers who is teaching black to put them self to Asian shoes!
judy dunn
judy dunn Hace 4 días
Now is blk man’s turn how did it feel? So stop doing it to Asian too!
the truth
the truth Hace 5 días
Yeah I looked up the story pretty good we're pretty much on the wrong side here he was breaking in two cars around the neighborhood so I kind of feel like hey the guy in the wrong I wouldn't want you in front of my house
Mad World
Mad World Hace 5 días
Ahh, the race baiting media at it again. Gotta make sure to highlight certain people's race to fit their agenda. They do this to sow division amongst blacks and whites. And sadly, the ignorant fall for the propaganda. The race hustlers also love this. I made an example the other day about how nobody would care about Ma'Khia Bryant trying to stab another black girl if no officers showed up. It would just be another day in the balck community were somebody died from senseless violence. But, when a white person is involved, that's when people "care." Would they highlight the race if this altercation was between 2 white people? No. Would they highlight the race if this altercation was between to black people? No. Go read the NewsWeek article "The Media Is Creating a False Perception of Rising Racism" by Eric Kaufmann. It will blow your mind. REMEMBER: Always use Archive when you want to read any mainstream news article. Just tap those 3 dots on the corner right when you want to read a certain news article, then copy the link text. And you're good to go. Don't give the legacy media the clicks.
THOMAS SCAR Hace 5 días
He was coming to the rescue of a Black woman calling for help. Yet the media edited it for their narrative at the expense of a soldier.
Official Metroplexman
He's a marine your lucky he didnt let his ptsd go simple walk away if someone's being an idiot
CrappyCarlos Hace 4 días
Vegan Ferrion
Vegan Ferrion Hace 5 días
Carlos Gross
Carlos Gross Hace 5 días
Get a fuck out if u don't live there
Mike Kon
Mike Kon Hace 5 días
This reminds me of the time I drove through a neighborhood to get to a fishing pond. Me: Driving 10mph down the street Guy who lives there: *SLOW DOWN, YOU'RE GOING TO FAST, WE HAVE KIDS THAT PLAY HERE!!*
ZakMan Hace 3 días
10mph?! Too fast?! What do they want? Checkout counter speed? Then they try to accuse you of scoping the homes out or worse. Some people just live to complain.
Pick A Struggle
Pick A Struggle Hace 4 días
It bothers me when kids play in the street. They shouldn't play where cars belong
I Rod
I Rod Hace 5 días
Bald Headed 👩‍🦲 Klown is one day gonna mess with the wrong person, just saying
Verrückt Hund
Verrückt Hund Hace 5 días
How comes this tool isn't getting charged with harassment too as well as assault?
Dale Colson
Dale Colson Hace 5 días
"racial confrontation"? Really, GMA? Are you really that desperate for viewers to resort to sensationalism? Your show hasn't been great in years and I hope now that your show tanks because of this irresponsible "reporting".
Isaiah Bih
Isaiah Bih Hace 5 días
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