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This is a super fun, super specific tarot reading about who's secretly crushing on you! I've added my own little "oracle" cards at the end of each group like my last few readings since you guys seemed to really like them 😆 Use your intuition to choose a group and find out who's secretly crushing on you💖
🦖Make sure you check out Charmed Intuition Tarot's video as well & let us know in the comments if they lined up!: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-R6L_0KVVUfs.html
Tap into your intuition to choose which group of cards has a special message for you 💜✨This video is timeless & valid for whenever you come across it 😌
🎩Dionne/Group 1: 2:44
🛍Cher/Group 2: 16:54
🎾Amber/Group 3: 30:59
🎵 8 Year Anniversary - ESvid Music Library
🔮 Tarot deck used: Wheel of the Year
This is a general reading & it may not resonate with you. Remember, these readings are for entertainment purposes, have fun with them! Please seek professional mental/medical help if needed & don't make major decisions based on this reading💜HAVE FUN WITH IT🤪🥳💖
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Brook Waldorf Tarot
📸 Follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/brook_waldorf/ 🕓Timestamps🕓 🎩Dionne/Group 1: 2:44 🛍Cher/Group 2: 16:54 🎾Amber/Group 3: 30:59
Kylee Johnson
Kylee Johnson Hace 18 días
Ok what if I already Dreamed of this person and I’m only 13 and I chose tourist card reading number three and the guy that I saw had blonde hair and green eyes
Silver Starling
Silver Starling Hace 26 días
Group number 3.... It fit me perfectly. I have my first class with this guy, and I'm pretty much the proper yet badace of my class, and he really gives me this cool/quiet vibe and seems to be manly. I just noticed him last Monday, he sits in front of me! Also I have had a bad experience with a guy and... Kinda am closed off to guys. But I've been crushing on him big time, maybe even in love and I've always been cautious about people. Yay!... Now to just let Jesus take the wheel and steer my life, maybe confess to him 😉
quirky cunt
quirky cunt Hace un mes
Is it okay to watch after Valentine’s Day 😳
Hannah Wilson
Hannah Wilson Hace un mes
Brook Waldorf Tarot I picked pile 3 and you said it’s a good omen if you’ve died in a dream recently and I had a dream last night where I had a panic attack and couldn’t breathe which is strange cuz I’ve never had one before would that count?
Arwa Millwala
Arwa Millwala Hace un mes
Brook Waldorf Tarot Army
Princess Hamsali
Princess Hamsali Hace 2 días
Group 2
Harshita Mini
Harshita Mini Hace 3 días
#3 thanks 🙏🙇🙏💕🙏💕
kitty fairy
kitty fairy Hace 6 días
#3 omg about the dreams, i've literally had dreams about a guy with brown hair and brown eyes but it's hard to see his face and i 100% don't know him. the weird thing is i've had those dreams for over 4 years
Hannah banana
Hannah banana Hace 6 días
vinnie rana
vinnie rana Hace 7 días
#1 Extroverted: NO I have a crush on me 😂😂
oh yeah mr. krabs
oh yeah mr. krabs Hace 7 días
Group 2 just described me, soooo self love time I guess.
찐찐 Hace 8 días
Sara N
Sara N Hace 9 días
Okay I'm freaking out because IT ALL FITS SO WELL I knew who it is almost instantly and totally went into denial because I can't believe he could like me But this is the second reading that fits that person and OMG (group 2 btw)
brenn franklin
brenn franklin Hace 9 días
Ok that was a... scary accurate reading that describes my crush.. like on the dot.. group 2 squad
theflamingboss 55
theflamingboss 55 Hace 11 días
Rebecca McNeil
Rebecca McNeil Hace 11 días
Wait a minute........ why are you describing him correctly.... I'M SCARED OMG YOU'RE DESCRIBING MY CRUSH HE'S A LEO AND HE HAS DARK HAIR AND PRETTY GREENISH EYES OMG. Oof wait.... you're right about the personality bc he's loud af and so I don't know ....
Rebecca McNeil
Rebecca McNeil Hace 11 días
Pile #2 "I feel a Scorpio energy" Me being a Scorpio 😳😳. My crush is a Leo and he acts like you described 😭
Montse Rdzg
Montse Rdzg Hace 11 días
You literally described him 🥰
Ana Maria
Ana Maria Hace 11 días
okay so i hope this is timeless because i found this JUST NOW:)) lol. okay so i chose the third pile and i am shocked because i just had a weird dream where i was huging a boy(really tall and with curly hair) that had no face... like i dont remember his face at all, and i dont think i know this person yet :))) but i was soooo shocked when you said something about dreams like omg. hopefully i will meet him soon
GhostSparkles Hace 12 días
3 \\ I’ve been dreaming a lot about Jimin, does that count? 🥴 lmao, but this was cute! I hope I have a relationship like that ☺️
Sylvia Sellmer
Sylvia Sellmer Hace 12 días
with the first 3 handwritten ones i was literally holding my breath because this whole reading for pile #2 almost resonated with my crush... with the first one i was like okay, brown hair/dark hair, normal... the second time i had just realized my crush's eyes were hazel/green... which were the two colors chosen and for the zodiac i was like istg if it's a fire sign i'ma scream and iT WaS a fiRe sIGn again, tarot is scary sometimes.
Katie K
Katie K Hace 12 días
I pick the 2nd one
Firedarth Help
Firedarth Help Hace 12 días
Absolute Shit
Absolute Shit Hace 12 días
I am not playing with you I watched this a week ago and since then I’ve met someone who fits that description and sign but the thing is 2 of my friends are crushing on her (card 3 was that you haven’t met them yet, Gemini or air sign, blonde, blue eyes)
Maori RuVa
Maori RuVa Hace 13 días
Lᥙᥒᥲ Hace 13 días
34:38 "of course is also cancer but it's not here" me:my ex(and first girlfriend) was cancer and now im traumatized, thank you, i really love you
Nouf Alenizi
Nouf Alenizi Hace 13 días
Omg I chose cher and the reading was on point every detail you mentioned were true
starry night
starry night Hace 13 días
I'm pile 2 and like big mood because I'm scorpio too
Jimin •-•
Jimin •-• Hace 14 días
Dude I picked group 1: he has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, earth sign (Taurus), shy, smart, in school........she basically just said my crush...iM sCaReD!!!
Savita Singh
Savita Singh Hace 14 días
OMG!! U just tell my dream guy i am freaking out 🤯😳 Btw i am Juhi 🥰
XERO Hace 14 días
I’m screaming, I picked the first time stamp and she literally described my crush, how he looks like and his personality and his sign 😱 Theres the age gap too!!
왕기별 Hace 15 días
how do all of you saying that the one for is from my past life and is blond and has green then I come up with a conclusion that he might be wearing contact lenses and it was said . I wonder how👀👀
scary love
scary love Hace 15 días
ive been watching live seven of your videos and i alWAYS get fire sings or even sagittarius, i get it
Ya Man
Ya Man Hace 15 días
okay i just need to say that when she was reading my tarot cards she said something like "these readings are good forever so like if you're watching this in march, you're fine." it's march 12th and that scared me that she like knew i was watching this now. in march.
SiCraft26 〈3
SiCraft26 〈3 Hace 15 días
Livia Norling
Livia Norling Hace 15 días
I dont know, last spring i related to these card things reallyyy hard. But now i just cant feel it?? If you know what i mean lol
Gemma Wang
Gemma Wang Hace 15 días
#1 Ah!! After I watched this reading... I've subscribed to your channel immediately 😆😆 100000000% Resonated with earth sign (Both Sun & Moon so, he's super logical and slow 😆) Black hair, kind of brown eyes (Hazel could be 😂😂) He's an INFJ while Im an ENFJ 😂😂 Shy/Quiet, nerdy and I love Sailor moon 💗 Mamoru since I was young 😆😆 Aww!! He's my BFF until I've found out later that's he's my twin flames, age gap it is 😆😆 Oh my gosh!! I freaked out 😱😱 Thank you so much!! 😊💖
kevin,Cats,no spoons,Vashappening, irish
Omgggggggggg fvcking screaming rn i sees my crush name its Amber so i pick amber group omomomogogdbdidndjsbsbsjsjsd 😭😭😩😂😂
Lakshmi Chao
Lakshmi Chao Hace 15 días
chose pile 3.. and i got this card communication is the key in your most recent video about what type i will end up with ,,, also again saying it will be a water sign which is the type i never dated before, but now i am keeping an open mind and just go with the flow about my future relationship. Thank you for the reading~~~
Ha Hee Lee
Ha Hee Lee Hace 16 días
Pile 1
blqck Hace 16 días
i just noticed your serendipity tattoo!! are you an army 🥺💜 edit: haha nevermind😂
Isa A.
Isa A. Hace 16 días
(I got 2) I don't want to like the guy I like. He is from my classroom and he is like super popular and he has a lot of close girl friends and I could not deal with it. Also I don't think he is funny, I don't think he is cool, he is doing the same grade for 2 years. I really don't want to like him. URGH
Kathy Anne
Kathy Anne Hace 16 días
Pile 3 - "you haven't met this person yet, this could be your forever person" Me - *been dating the same guy for almost 3 years, freaking out* ope lol
thyra shinobi
thyra shinobi Hace 16 días
levi just chilling in the back
xsak_ Hace 16 días
why is she describing the guy of my dreams tho.. :(
xsak_ Hace 16 días
Her: MARRIAGE!! Me: *laughs in underaged*
angel subliminal
angel subliminal Hace 16 días
Omg so i have a crush on a ESvidr ( he has 2 Mill subs) and well idk we dont know each other ( i choosed amber) and i HOPEEE i meet him 😳😳😳omg gemini? HES GEMINI AHHHHAJIIA
Nccdlez Hace 16 días
I see Jotaro in my dreams,could this be a sign
Oliver Losee
Oliver Losee Hace 16 días
Group 1. My crush is an Earth sign, and is pretty nerdy. He's been trying to get me to read a book series for about a week now. "Feel like you're adventurous" *nervous laughs in Sagittarius* We're friends yes, and he's been burned so bad in the past he doesn't believe in love anymore 🙃 Also with school/work....I work with him bruh
Daniela PG
Daniela PG Hace 17 días
Group 2. I came for a reading from Charmed Intuition and it's pretty similar, in the part that you said that they are sarcastic
Armanda Ramanauskaite (elev)
pile 2. YOOOOO YOU LITERALLY DESCRIBED MY CRUSH?? (With the personality and looks even!) and also we already have that kind of relationship going on AAHH THATS CRAZZYYY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
I like strawberries
I like strawberries Hace 17 días
When I picked the 3 and you said that maybe I was or the person is gonna be a water sign, me as a water sign got a little taken back and the fact that you pulled, light brown, platinum blond or dirty blond I really don’t know why but it’s the type of guy/girl I always gravitate for, I just really don’t know why, I realized that all the boys I dated ( not much and also when I was 14 y/o lol ) were blonde ?
Hina Ali
Hina Ali Hace 17 días
I like your energy and you are fun
yeet yah
yeet yah Hace 17 días
You literally got the ethnicity of the person I like on number 3 and their looks😭 And for the star signs u got mine instead of his
av angi
av angi Hace 17 días
wtf you literally describe my crush, I’m so shocked haha
av angi
av angi Hace 17 días
23:51 I- omg im always hearing subliminals to get my crush hahah and now u are saying i don’t need to do that hahahah
av angi
av angi Hace 17 días
can I still listend to subliminals?😂
Taegi line
Taegi line Hace 17 días
i picked no 2, i think it's my ex😭 i broke up with him a while ago bc he acts so cold and shit jsjsjs and now i feel sorry ;(
Sabrina Yong
Sabrina Yong Hace 17 días
I chose group 1, but then after finish group 1 reading my intuition tells me to checkout group 2 as well, I’m too surprised how they resonates so well with my current situation 😱 well done! I’m dumbfounded by it too..this is too good. Thank you again.
Aiko Kim
Aiko Kim Hace 17 días
Pile #3 Spooky~
bobba Rivera
bobba Rivera Hace 17 días
Omg I got card 1 bish i forze thats my type that's my type qhhhhhh hejdndn can't wait :)
Breanna Davis
Breanna Davis Hace 18 días
When she said past life I was like 😳
jasmine Hace 18 días
so i picked pile 2. this guy that i’ve thought has had a crush on me since valentine’s day is thought of as a totally narcissistic and egotistical person but he’s not really mean he’s like you said very witty. also he’s a scorpio. you also said that your intuition will be telling you that he’s into you but you don’t have any evidence of it and that’s literally how my life had been going until valentine’s day when he gave me a note that said i looked really great today. i first thought omg ewww no way he can’t like me... and now i think i’m catching feelings! then you brought up separation and i literally just so shocked bc he’s a senior and i’m a junior so he’ll be graduating and going to college in 2 months
jasmine Hace 18 días
i wrote this before you brought up being an artist andddddd were in choir together and have been for 3 years now
Hey It’s Jesss
Hey It’s Jesss Hace 18 días
i think mine just described my physical appearance, zodiac sign, and personality sooo idk what that meanssss
Narancia Ghirga
Narancia Ghirga Hace 18 días
The guy I like calls me Knuckles just for my red gym bag
JUNGKOOKIE Hace 18 días
Every single one of the readings I’ve watched I’ve always had a card with a sword at least one or more
Mariana Pérez Martinez
Bruh I chose number two and he really is a Scorpio lmao
Jojo Penc
Jojo Penc Hace 18 días
Group 3 is love at first sight 😆🌼
doctoravatar Hace 18 días
oh wow i have to say......this was MIND-BLOWING
Cari Irene
Cari Irene Hace 18 días
#2 resonated to the degree that it made me roll my eyes. Dude has black hair and is a raging nerd gamer. I had a crush on him, but felt like I never really knew if he liked me or not. He didn’t reach out for a few days, so I got in contact. He told me he felt we ‘weren’t connecting’ and didn’t get the vibe that we could be together. I definitely think he’s an asshole now, even though he treated me very sweetly in person. I deleted him from everything and he followed suit. So idk. IDGI. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Amy McLaren
Amy McLaren Hace 18 días
Brook: *describes the person who supposedly has a crush on me* Me: Ok but that's me you're talking about, right here.
Me ep
Me ep Hace 18 días
bts, anime AND tarot?? New sub right here
Hey it's Chloe
Hey it's Chloe Hace 19 días
Omg getting goosebumps. I choose AMBER. Me having no bf for a very very very long time. And no one is giving hints also. Me being gemini and always wishing to have someone. And having constant dreams of a man. I sure hope I'll find him soon. Now I'm gonna get me some art 😝
Kdksbbd Jejsfbfd
Kdksbbd Jejsfbfd Hace 19 días
You described one of my best friend. Everyone tells me that he likes me so I kinda knew it but still
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson Hace 19 días
Pile one. 😁
abboy Hace 19 días
h-how did you literally describe the exact person i wanted and was thinking,,,, i’m genuinely shocked. absolutely subscribing
Caro-Nekora Hace 19 días
Group 1. Woah :o
Nadja Hace 19 días
WAIT NO SHE CAN'T LIKE ME- just for some info i thought this girl i liked hated me
Sharleen Plumb
Sharleen Plumb Hace 19 días
I know this is totally not related, but I just wanted to say that I really like that Korean tattoo which says 'Serendipity'. Just reminds me of Jimin's song. 💜💜💜
Brook Waldorf Tarot
Brook Waldorf Tarot Hace 19 días
That’s why I got it 🥰😏💜
Karina Dutta
Karina Dutta Hace 19 días
I felt super drawn to Dionne/Group 1 and I WAS SH00K YOU LITERALLY DESCRIBED MY CRUSH! She's an introverted bookworm who gives off nerdy vibes and I'm the more outgoing person (ur local troublemaker) who DOES make her step out of her comfort zone. However she's a scorpio (she doesn't act like oneee) and she looks completely different from the description 😂 Patience is the key, so I'll wait till she's ready
White Gem
White Gem Hace 19 días
Omg I did the first two piles and they’re so accurate. I met him and immediately knew I wanted him in my life. He has black hair too and there’s a bit of an age gap. He’s even a Scorpio. We definitely have a cheeky friendship and joke with eachother. The only thing is he’s married so I need answers🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂
sewoonature Hace 19 días
Group #1
Emma Paddfjes
Emma Paddfjes Hace 19 días
I did pile 2 and was like hmm, kinda seems right, but then you encouraged us to go back and watch one if that one had also attracted us.. Yup, there he is.
BatiYah B
BatiYah B Hace 19 días
🎉🎉🎉😲😲 So many confirmations. Pile 2. Accurate af. Lol Im still waiting for him to just ask for my number or something...he hasn't told me he likes me but we both know. His hours changed so I don't see him as often, but I did see him last week and he walked right up to me (he was at work) we chatted for about 5 minutes...he has lots of tats too. I would love to know if he's an artist. I am. I love art and music. He seems to be very kind and gentle but tough exterior at times. This reading was on point for me. 💖😙 Thanks.
funtastico lol
funtastico lol Hace 20 días
wowwwwww!!! I was born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius and group 3 just suits me perfectly!!!
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