Whoever Can Survive The Most Days On A Deserted Island In Minecraft Wins

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Whoever Survives The Most Days On A Deserted Island In Minecraft Wins
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Similar to my previous video " I Spent 100 Days on a Deserted Island in Minecraft and Here's What Happened " but this time, I'm competing against my man Unsorted Guy. Who can survive the most days on a Deserted Island?
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#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #ForgeLabs
I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft VR Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Guide
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
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25 feb 2021






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Forge Labs
Forge Labs Hace un mes
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BUDA559 Hace un mes
Dumisane Gumede
Dumisane Gumede Hace un mes
What is that?
Dougo Hace un mes
Last reply pog
Good Witch
Good Witch Hace un mes
To make mediocre Minecraft content look decent at least
Julii! Hace un mes
Creating videos! #createwithFilmora
Adtomskio Hace un hora
That alligator was no threat at all 😂 he could've just ran inland
Runelle Dela Cruz
Runelle Dela Cruz Hace 2 horas
I noticed he dosent sneak to use his shield
Diamond_Bolt2000 Hace 2 horas
Dominic Barradas
Dominic Barradas Hace 3 horas
I love flamingos they are colorful
Elliot Pyle
Elliot Pyle Hace 3 horas
just me or did that pillager sound like ron from parks and rec
dark eclipse
dark eclipse Hace 5 horas
when you died by the oger i was sad
Andrew Dart
Andrew Dart Hace 8 horas
decent bird
Andrew Dart
Andrew Dart Hace 8 horas
posion gets you to excalty to half a heart so if anything else damages you your dead, that's the point of posion in minecraft
Andrew Dart
Andrew Dart Hace 8 horas
flamingos=nonsense animals trying to impress somebody by standing on one foot!
Eliot Herrera
Eliot Herrera Hace 9 horas
poison always leaves you at .5 heart
Ossian Nordh
Ossian Nordh Hace 9 horas
Plss do more of this!!
Bob Steve
Bob Steve Hace 11 horas
Do you use different microphones when recording footage and the narration?
Kimmo Marjapuu
Kimmo Marjapuu Hace 11 horas
teh pink devel
Joch OMG
Joch OMG Hace 12 horas
How did you guys play online with mods?
Batzy Hace 13 horas
flamangos are fluffy and pink and i like pink cause its my favorite color and stuff and flamingos are really cool and my best friend :) - lisa grade 1
KuraPro Hace 16 horas
20:25 rip earphone/headphones users
A cat on his hind legs.
I have a flamingo lamp and shorts. Flamingos are fantastic.
The wandering Assassin LK
Based on the title alone that’s literally normal Minecraft
Xmascritter Hace 22 horas
This week: Forge labs invites his friend to his island and plays the most dangerous game.
Holly Downes
Holly Downes Hace 23 horas
I love flamingos bc it’s the name for my fav yter no offense...
Daniel Minnich
Daniel Minnich Hace 23 horas
i forgot lol
Ligia Aguilar
Ligia Aguilar Hace un día
100 days in the Sahara dessert
Marcus Ababio
Marcus Ababio Hace un día
Does your enemy have a master chefs skin on
StarFruitNinja Hace un día
Sees a giant mob destroying walls First thought: yea let's go in there
CherRioxx Hace un día
Wait! What happend on day 6?? I don’t remember😂😂
Chaos Gaming
Chaos Gaming Hace un día
This is amazing!
Cringe Toob
Cringe Toob Hace un día
To make things deadlier like flamingos
Metal Kibbles
Metal Kibbles Hace un día
minecraft tip: poison doesnt kill you, it always leaves you on half a heart.
Murf Mania
Murf Mania Hace un día
eee flamflim
SkippyCat 41
SkippyCat 41 Hace un día
Flamingo Opinion: Love Reasons/details: Because they're cool
DoodleStrudel c:
DoodleStrudel c: Hace un día
Idk i mean flamingos are chill, one let me pet it once
Vinpot Hace un día
Ben Gunn
Ben Gunn Hace un día
He says man way to many times and it's infuriating
Justin Bakalenko
Justin Bakalenko Hace un día
i love flamingos they are pink!!!
Daniel Sanda
Daniel Sanda Hace un día
flamingos are cute
I'm not surprised he won he has spent 100 days in different mods like the zombie apocalypse one
Zach Hocking
Zach Hocking Hace un día
Should of used flint and steel and burned that place to the ground
Monchi uwu
Monchi uwu Hace un día
and the hunt was on *played with turtles*
DX 20 GamERS
DX 20 GamERS Hace un día
I love my man💕
ramsay mahmood
ramsay mahmood Hace un día
btw posin cant kill you
ramsay mahmood
ramsay mahmood Hace un día
so many spining frogs
Hey you are pro I am noob in minecraft
Juan Crespo
Juan Crespo Hace un día
Can you make a tutorial on how to download world painter
Super Cool Stuff
Super Cool Stuff Hace un día
who can survive longest on a nuclear area
Thank you For Coming
Sam Morris
Sam Morris Hace un día
Flamingo smell atrocious
Brandon Anderson
Brandon Anderson Hace un día
The way he talks is like he knows everything but at the same time has zero idea about anything
jito Hace un día
Detailed thoughts on Flamingos: Have you seen the dinosaur comic with the two rexes and the flamingos?
King Ghidorah
King Ghidorah Hace un día
These names 🤣
Porygon18 Hace un día
what is the music playing at 10:33
Carl Ian B. Cariño
Carl Ian B. Cariño Hace un día
#turtle army
Eli Burke
Eli Burke Hace un día
Forge labs doesn’t know this but poison can’t kill you it only gets you to half a heart
Gamer Lover
Gamer Lover Hace un día
Do I love how you talk so much
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams Hace un día
I just subscribed to my mans right here
Vincenzo Hace un día
Jroxs12pone Hace un día
Find it funny that this dude is on a list of people to not subscribe to among a subreddit because of being non gender inclusive because he always refers to things as man. Lol
Thanatos Hace 2 días
I like flamingo because they are pink
Tuachi Xiong
Tuachi Xiong Hace 2 días
Flamingos are pink due to their diet of a certain microscopic organism. I don't remember the name of said microscopic organism, but that's why flamingos are pink. Also a male flamingo's mating dance is a marching line with other male flamingos.
chicken bullyer
chicken bullyer Hace 2 días
bruh there 6 million view
Felix Persson
Felix Persson Hace 2 días
You should do one of these but ur not killing eachother
Evelyn Cox
Evelyn Cox Hace 2 días
flamingos has weird beaks
Desean Hunter
Desean Hunter Hace 2 días
Forge did you know a flock of flamingos could eat a t-rex down to bone in 30 seconds
ShadowRex83 Hace 2 días
Flamingos are nature's Breast Cancer awareness animal plus they look like a big warrior
Retro Whitty
Retro Whitty Hace 2 días
flamingos are both bad and good they only attack when they feel threatened
Sharia Hace 2 días
Sir Swordfish
Sir Swordfish Hace 2 días
a flamingo is a very delicate animal, being a pinkish color, which only comes from what it eats. which means could you technically make a flamingo green or something lol flamingos are cool tho imo
Hecker 99
Hecker 99 Hace 2 días
I think flamingos are interesting birds I like the colour and it's a big bird with big legs that can fly . They look cool and the use of the legs is interesting because it allows them to stand in shallow water 7/10 good bird
HallowedHero Hace 2 días
Feitan Porter
Feitan Porter Hace 2 días
Do flamingo
Bey. Hace 2 días
9:53 The Seconds Before The Disaster
Arrow Chang
Arrow Chang Hace 2 días
Ur men in black flash actually worked for a little like I forgot what happened
Matteus_RBLX Hace 2 días
flamingo :) nice bird
Mistermiss Hace 2 días
i feel like I've forgotten something
British Lads
British Lads Hace 2 días
My mans poison doesn’t kill you
Jayrad CJ
Jayrad CJ Hace 2 días
Why with the dislikes? This dude makes pure good and enjoyable content. Lol. Yeeett
Denis Stocia
Denis Stocia Hace 2 días
dude kim is so funny
Pavlov 10
Pavlov 10 Hace 2 días
what weapon mod you are using?
Anime toons
Anime toons Hace 2 días
Anime toons
Anime toons Hace 2 días
xXtytyXx Hace 2 días
Pink flamingos are one of my favorite animals I love pink flamingos. They are so cute the way they walk looks cool asf
Trowel Knight
Trowel Knight Hace 2 días
I feel like something happened when you went into your mine looking for Kim, but I can't remember...
Bethan Phelps
Bethan Phelps Hace 2 días
esla bobawabo
Samuel Yu
Samuel Yu Hace 2 días
I'm impressed. 💯👍👌
Turtle Cakes
Turtle Cakes Hace 2 días
Not going to lie, I absolutely love flamingos. They're just so strange, but in a good way! Their beaks freak me out though.
Louis Hace 2 días
Forge needs to know that shifting will hide your name tag
Dumbass Inc
Dumbass Inc Hace 2 días
I have a giant stuffed flamingo named Carlos. I'm pretty big on the things
Luis Hilario
Luis Hilario Hace 2 días
Flamingos are so cool and cool birds they are my favorite animals
CallACart Hace 2 días
A man
CJWARRIOR Hace 2 días
bro idk what happened because I just saw Sean digging a hole to a monster then all of a sudden he was talking about how he was talking about flamingos.
NormalDude06 Hace 2 días
Kamilla Akmuradova
Kamilla Akmuradova Hace 3 días
Why not next time make a base in a tree,
Garion Hace 3 días
Cayden Vicha
Cayden Vicha Hace 3 días
Can we have a "man" counter ever since he made his first video?
Bio Medic
Bio Medic Hace 3 días
What shader's mod does Forge Labs use?
Cod_gamer431 Hace 3 días
Sean:the mans of the mans and the mans to my mans Me: smh
glitch fire mine
glitch fire mine Hace 3 días
And... Subscribed
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Hace 3 días
Deadly mods.... Flamingos
BigBroBrain Hace 3 días
in case you didn't know, poison doesn't kill you. it just gets you to half a heart, which is really dangerous.
Dante RX
Dante RX Hace 3 días
flamingos are yes
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