Why Can't We Farm These Foods Yet?

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There are some foods that are so popular that they are at risk of going extinct. What are they and why is it so difficult to harvest them?
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16 sep 2019






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SciShow Hace 8 meses
Go to Brilliant.org/SciShow to try out Brilliant’s Daily Challenges. The first 200 subscribers get 20% off an annual Premium subscription.
Steve Chance
Steve Chance Hace 17 días
That tuna price is not representative on the actual price of tuna. The first tuna fish of the season is a status symbol in Japan and is always bid up as it is prestigious to acquire it. This is also true for fruit in Japan.
Justin Sander
Justin Sander Hace 3 meses
There is a man who passed away named Doc Thompson. You likely wont agree with his political point of view however that's not why I mention him. Doc was the absolute master of the in broadcast advert Segway. He would have you leaning into the radio waiting to see what he was talking about like he was describing an important news announcement or vital piece of information only for it to lead to a sponsorship advert. This kind of clean transition is very rare to hear now days and if you wanted to master it your self his old shows are a good way to do that.
ender_slayer3 Hace 3 meses
climate change is not the fault of humanity, I call it "climate normalizing" considering that we are exiting an ice age, and the fact that it was warmer in the time of the early Roman empire than it is today confirms this
Horacio Toad
Horacio Toad Hace 3 meses
@99smite yes, you are right-there are truffle farms in N Carolina and Oregon. The huckleberry needs are way more complex, mysterious, yet understood here in Montana.
Horacio Toad
Horacio Toad Hace 3 meses
Terrible, inexact, inaccurate explanations, especially the huckleberry.
Iain Simpson
Iain Simpson Hace 3 días
“Fun Guy” 🤦🏻‍♂️ not “Fun Juy”
Alexa JC The Unikat
Alexa JC The Unikat Hace 3 días
I had huckleberries growing in my berry patch- We had just moved there and thought they were blueberries... until we ate them
Sun Kumar
Sun Kumar Hace 4 días
Wait until muscle hank says that his pet dinosaur have been farming it in his bathroom
Monkey Rock619
Monkey Rock619 Hace 4 días
I hate my wife
etatwell1229 Hace 4 días
I thought this was cash course for a solid 30 seconds. What a throwback to when school was a thing
Mark Finley
Mark Finley Hace 4 días
just put ilmango on the task
TVkyleD Hace 4 días
His hand movements are very distracting
kalfin dimitris
kalfin dimitris Hace 5 días
Please, i beg you, stop pronouncing fungi as funji especially when you're pronouncing fungus correctly
ChalkBoard Hace 6 días
The SciCraft team needs to get on these
steve b
steve b Hace 8 días
They're growing black truffles in Tennessee and there's no "j" in "fungi", you're out of your element
Pibi-Tudu-Kaga Hace 5 días
steve b They're trying to. And for the pronunciation: imgur.com/a/JntguAa. You're out of your element.
[annabelle] Hace 8 días
Truffles are largely farmed in the SW of Australia. Almost every farm is a truffle farm here....
Pibi-Tudu-Kaga Hace 5 días
[annabelle] He's talking about a species of black truffle.
Alfie Alexander
Alfie Alexander Hace 10 días
Marvsarchangel Amparo
Marvsarchangel Amparo Hace 11 días
Did he just say funji?
Marco Puchetti
Marco Puchetti Hace 11 días
Why, why would he say funji
lagg field
lagg field Hace 11 días
Van Hovey
Van Hovey Hace 12 días
Leftist nonsense. Climate is NOT warming.
Pibi-Tudu-Kaga Hace 5 días
Van Hovey Inbred.
Brad B.
Brad B. Hace 12 días
You can eat almost anything.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore Hace 12 días
Talking to turd factories to exchange unlimited read access for removing write edit privileges is not my department. You all seem to not understand how this works.
Divaagar Pavalakumar
Divaagar Pavalakumar Hace 12 días
I thought the sponsor is curiosity stream when you said the word curiosity :)
Sirellyn Y
Sirellyn Y Hace 13 días
People argue that humans are horrible to the environment. But we are also BY FAR the best custodians of the planet ever. We are bringing back extinct species and preserving species that would have died out naturally (Panda bears, I'm looking at you.) There are amazing stories that people seem to gloss over when talking about the "horrors". The tree line in Africa for example. We aren't all good or bad, but there is a hell of a lot of good people seem to just ignore.
Mr . frog
Mr . frog Hace 13 días
I remember the first time I heard the word berries I thought it was the most tasty thing in the world then I tried them and was not impressed they taste like a weak grape
jordan w
jordan w Hace 4 días
Wild ones are way better
Simple Father
Simple Father Hace 14 días
Please stop saying climate change and science in the same sentence
Pibi-Tudu-Kaga Hace 5 días
Simple Father Found the dipshit.
domo mitsune
domo mitsune Hace 14 días
I wonder if genetically modifying these Foods would help the issue at hand. The only solution for the Truffle would be to plant more trees honestly. As for the tuna, unless you could set a few Acres of water strictly for them to breed, he doesn't look great for them. There is a solution for the Huckleberry though, cross breeding.
Ryan Christensen
Ryan Christensen Hace 14 días
If you ever find yourself in West Yellowstone MT: Running Bear Pancake House Buckwheat Pancakes Both Maple and Huckleberry Syrup mixed together on top. I know people who crave it a decade later after trying that only once. And no, I don't own the place. I don't even live there anymore.
Dan Hace 14 días
Fish larvae? Never heard of that before
Runewolf 77
Runewolf 77 Hace 14 días
If they find a way to farm these it would save these things from extinction.
Toothy Hace 14 días
so GMOs can be more environmentally friendly than we initially thought! thats great news!
Canowicakte kangee
Canowicakte kangee Hace 15 días
??. What how so iv grown huckleberries perfectly fine
none given
none given Hace 15 días
I wouldn't worry about chasing the premium product.. 99% of the time it's. Nothing more than very good marketing. Ie iPhone isn't premium x5 over Android.. They hired influencers gave them free phones. Meanwhile users sometimes discover their library &data is not really theirs.. Websites even chanrge more $ to Apple customers because they will pay higher. Apple products are like Disney people & Android people are like Lego people.
Cpt Otis
Cpt Otis Hace 15 días
Wasabi is notoriously fickle to grow.
Rsamom Rsamom
Rsamom Rsamom Hace 15 días
I know it is not a food per se, but it used in food and meds etc. It is also hard to cultivate. Saffron.
PhiendishPhlox Hace 15 días
Europeans: You cultivated huckleberries?? Native Americans: What, like it's hard?
Eva that bitch
Eva that bitch Hace 16 días
i mean som emushrooms go for 100's an ounce my dealer wont go under $250
MetaShock Hace 16 días
This isn’t true man there’s like 7 huckleberry bushes behind my house
WestWindReborn Hace 17 días
They're growing the muscle cells of cows for meat, why not bluefin tuna?
Dr. Wompus
Dr. Wompus Hace 17 días
Where are the morel mushrooms???
Alisha Nagy
Alisha Nagy Hace 18 días
shows a picture of a jackfruit doesn't mention jackfruits
Gary Vee
Gary Vee Hace 19 días
Truffle farms in Tasmania and Western Australia..., grown under oak trees.
MaskHero Zo
MaskHero Zo Hace 20 días
Most delicious food grow or raise slow. We are stuck to cow,pig, and chickens depending on where we from.
Sambojin Bojin-Sam
Sambojin Bojin-Sam Hace 20 días
4:35 Somewhere in Australia there is a climate like anywhere else in the world, but possibly more-so, or "better", for farming. We have a company called "The Truffle Farm". Where I work (a high-rise), there is a woman who's business is named "The Truffle Lady", who's job it is to deliver truffles from a farm/ market, to chefs in nice cafes/ restaurants/ some pubs (Steampunk on the Gold Coast has truffle shavings on their chicken potato croquettes for instance. It's just a topping here). I think you might be wrong about truffles. They certainly *can be farmed* , in Australia.
Sambojin Bojin-Sam
Sambojin Bojin-Sam Hace 20 días
And yes, the beaches are open, even in Surfers Paradise. Jelly? www.coastalwatch.com/surf-cams-surf-reports/qld/surfers-paradise And the more picturesque Burleigh: www.coastalwatch.com/surf-cams-surf-reports/qld/burleigh-heads
Sambojin Bojin-Sam
Sambojin Bojin-Sam Hace 20 días
Remember, it's Australian dollar prices, so it's a bit cheaper than it looks. Croquettes, near the bottom of the page, with truffle bites / shavings. Nom nom nom. lirp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/d25929f1/dms3rep/multi/opt/BAR+SPECIALS+2019-640w.jpg And the bar itself: www.steampunksurfersparadise.com.au/gallery (yep, Australia beat Covid-19, and with bookings, and certain amounts of enforced distancing, pubs/ restaurants are doing business again! We won! Sweet :) Try the potato croquettes and the chicken nibble tray. They're both delicious x)
Dal Niente
Dal Niente Hace 20 días
I feel like maybe these are signs that we shouldn’t be eating these foods. Especially to extinction...
The Ranting Hick
The Ranting Hick Hace 21 un día
I wonder if we have a different kind of Huckleberry or some thing here. Im way below mountain altitude and they grow in almost every ditch in a lot of areas.
mateus oliveira
mateus oliveira Hace 24 días
bobaddaski Hace 24 días
You forgot wasabi
Payton Lott
Payton Lott Hace 25 días
they can farm psychedelic truffles
David Hughes
David Hughes Hace 25 días
Even common everyday plants like cherry trees, grapes, garlic, coffee take a long time to develop before anything can be harvested.
DrMossydog Hace 25 días
We're going to literally eat - and pollute - ourselves out of house and home. But it's ok, because only humans have a soul...
Penelope Hace 10 días
Nah we just tell deforestation business executives they won't have any more truffles for their lunch
Marko Apatovic
Marko Apatovic Hace 26 días
04:08 Spawn more Overlords
ChilledDropstep Hace 28 días
This Guy really saying “funjai”
MangaIsMyLife Hace 28 días
My aunts and grandma all have truffles in their backyard
Habit Hace 28 días
0:17 THERE IS A HAIR on that food
chad Jones
chad Jones Hace un mes
GTFO this guy is from Montana
Nomannice Hace un mes
God truffles are so good. Sooooooo good
Commander Waluigi
Commander Waluigi Hace un mes
The update haven't come out yet, that's why.
Frank Chen
Frank Chen Hace un mes
simple they're in the "undiscovered" egg group
Overton Hallford
Overton Hallford Hace un mes
Huckleberries grow in my yard, and i live on the coast.
Jim Wahl
Jim Wahl Hace un mes
Confused. The Japanese raise Bluefin from egg to maturity esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-xSDTjREQ2do.html
Arachnicution Hace un mes
Humans take and take until there's nothing left. Enjoy these things while you can.
kao the numberblocks fan 2019
Truffles are easy to grow. You just need the right climate because they can grow them by the boatload in China. Before you ask, the answer is NO...you will NOT be able to tell the difference between China and European Truffles. The European imports and use the China Truffles as their own but resells it to suckers at European prices.
Linze Li
Linze Li Hace un mes
Both north and south bluefin tuna are actually farmable.
The Banana Republic
Tell this to a minecrafter, they farm *everything*
zistorbar Hace un mes
au pifomètre avant de voir a vidéo, parcequ'on est trop plein de détergent
Jess Piedra
Jess Piedra Hace un mes
tsimahei Hace un mes
Huckleberries? Bkueberries? Two separate species not closely related. If you mean blueberries, you can get varieties that will grow anywhere but Zone 1 or the desert. There are varieties which can grow in Florida on sandy calcium soil. Small bushes like a lot of snow, high bushes don't. both do best with a heavy woody mulch. my sisters raise some. Bought two-year-old plants and got berries the next year. Truffles are commercially grown in the US Northwest. Spore is in symbiosis with that type of tree it was found growing under.
tsimahei Hace 5 días
@Pibi-Tudu-Kaga Huckleberries are related to tomatoes www.rareseeds.com/store/vegetables/garden-berries/garden-huckleberry You mean black blueberries joshfecteau.com/foraging-wild-fruit-black-highbush-blueberry/ We raised all three for a garden market.
Pibi-Tudu-Kaga Hace 5 días
tsimahei He's talking about huckleberries, which are in fact closely related to blueberries
Gayleen Froese
Gayleen Froese Hace un mes
People say huckleberries are the same as Saskatoons, but people grow Saskatoons on farms without much trouble. There are even U Pick farms for them.
EightSeven6 Hace un mes
to think that a species existence could literally benefit from that species' ability of being slaughtered
Dark Vulcan
Dark Vulcan Hace un mes
Because we don't have enough drop rate, and we don't one shot the monsters in most of those areas
Caarcrinolaas Hace un mes
3:16 it sounds almost like you're talking about cetaceans like whales and dolphin, but humans have no problems keeping them in tanks that are millions of times smaller than their natural habitat which harm their normal life cycle
Toothy Hace 14 días
i'm not arguing for whales in captivity, i personally think its torture to the animals, but i think he meant in the context of farming their young to raise and consume, not for display like in the case of whales. since we don't put whales on tanks to cultivate and consume them en masse either way, if an animal cannot live happily in a tank, do not put them in there
himalayanknight Hace un mes
Australian and Chinese truffle farmers laughing. XD
Benny Gundlach
Benny Gundlach Hace un mes
I believe the correct term for baby fish is "fry." Larva implies a sort of fundamental transformation (shedding an exoskeleton, growing legs, sprouting wings, etc) that fish don't do. Yes, the proportions of the fry are different from the adult, but for the most part, they simply grow.
HeyGuy4321 Hace un mes
Truffles are being farmed now and successfully
Desert Dog
Desert Dog Hace un mes
Mmm, truffle butter
Louie Horwood
Louie Horwood Hace un mes
With the berries why try to cover them? We could just keep the warm by farming them indoors.
Toothy Hace 14 días
he also mentioned that the soil conditions need to be just right, and as someone who volunteers on a farm, i gotta tell you that no matter how much you try to nourish soil, either in a plot or in the ground, it is EXTREMELY difficult to get it right. so difficult that for a picky plant like a huckleberry it probably isnt worth it when you could just grow blueberries instead. which is why they're trying to hybridize it.
evl kenevl
evl kenevl Hace un mes
Good to know we'll all have more truffles once the ice caps have melted. :)
Rsamom Rsamom
Rsamom Rsamom Hace 15 días
Who need icecaps?
Rob Babcock
Rob Babcock Hace un mes
Huckleberries are okay but probably one of the most overrated foods around. If they weren't so hard to grow/find no one would care. About the only time I'll eat them is off the bush while I'm hiking or camping. I'm a chef living in Montana and you gotta have 'em on everything or people freak out. Chokecherries have more flavor and blueberries are a good substitute. Buffalo Berries are much better but far less well known.
penn707 Hace un mes
Tuna need a lot of room to grow. Veal cow- “Hold my beer”
penn707 Hace un mes
Charlie the Tuna
penn707 Hace un mes
Huckleberry Hound
rishi khandelwal
rishi khandelwal Hace un mes
U should ask illmango
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