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Why Don't We - 8 Letters (Official Audio)

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Why Don't We - "8 Letters" - Out Now: Atlantic.lnk.to/8LettersAY
From the upcoming Why Don't We album, available everywhere August 31, 2018.
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9 ago 2018

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Christina Rodriguez
Christina Rodriguez Hace 3 horas
Wow! I barely just heard the song and it’s really good!!!! Love the song guys!!!❤️🙌🏻😃👏🏻
ej jimenez
ej jimenez Hace 3 horas
I love this song so much its like a lullaby corbyn tho
cindy tavares
cindy tavares Hace 3 horas
2 MILLONE!! 😄💞
Angelica Baptista
Angelica Baptista Hace 3 horas
I love this song so much but it makes me cry a lot because dog died today
Jai Kaine
Jai Kaine Hace 4 horas
Why don't we more like Why Do You Make Me Cry.
Sarah Marshall
Sarah Marshall Hace 5 horas
I'm actually crying right now it brings back my past memories of when I lived in France..I miss my friends..my crush xD..and my teachers! Hopefully some day I can go back.. :D this song touched me..!
Jessé Middleton
Jessé Middleton Hace 4 horas
*We can't bring back the past but we can certainly make new memories to live with in the future.* 💞
eu a estranha
eu a estranha Hace 5 horas
Ai meu Deus eu estou chorando :')❤🇧🇷
Ravneet Chandi
Ravneet Chandi Hace 6 horas
i love you... i just figured it out
danielle oneil
danielle oneil Hace 6 horas
I just keep on coming back.
Zainul Zain
Zainul Zain Hace 6 horas
Who wear headphones while watching this? This is awesome!!😍😍😍❤️❤️
wdwlover335_Avery Hace 7 horas
God doesn't even need to bless America, because Why don't we did!
zewdie beyene
zewdie beyene Hace 7 horas
delina jndo
delina jndo Hace 7 horas
Am i the only Oke who must always crying dir no reason
zewdie beyene
zewdie beyene Hace 7 horas
Savanna Saydyk
Savanna Saydyk Hace 8 horas
What dose 8 letters stand for .Got some guesses
zewdie beyene
zewdie beyene Hace 5 horas
Savanna Saydyk i get it, slow shishtors
Savanna Saydyk
Savanna Saydyk Hace 6 horas
Just making sure
zewdie beyene
zewdie beyene Hace 7 horas
I love you, DUH😂
Fanfic Limelight
Fanfic Limelight Hace 8 horas
Damn Daniel
zewdie beyene
zewdie beyene Hace 7 horas
Daaaamn daniel
Imperfect Grace
Imperfect Grace Hace 9 horas
♥️ 💗 💓 💕 💖 💞 💘 💛 💙 💜 💚 💝 😘 😍 😻 I LOVE YOU ♥️ 💗 💓 💕 💖 💞 💘 💛 💙 💜 💚 💝 😘 😍 😻
Why don’t we For life
Rakel Sól Pétursdóttir
OMG. So good! Love them
M. Hace 9 horas
Our babies are not babies anymore. I'm not crying, you are 😭❤️
Yuri _martinez
Yuri _martinez Hace 10 horas
My peeps are QUAKING
Ananya Ramanathan
Ananya Ramanathan Hace 10 horas
Weave snatched 😭😭😂😂♥️👏🏻👏🏻
Leen Kayyali
Leen Kayyali Hace 10 horas
Very good tune , voices and music 👍💓
real. andzia
real. andzia Hace 11 horas
Poland needs Why Don’t We❤️👅
Brooklyn Schroth
Brooklyn Schroth Hace 11 horas
This sog is amazing im crying it fits me perfectly I can relate to it
Darko Huljina
Darko Huljina Hace 12 horas
Guys I love you all❤️ And I really want to go to a concert from you but my parents don't let me because it's to expensive for us
Roman Smolyar
Roman Smolyar Hace 12 horas
kieran collins
kieran collins Hace 12 horas
Is it bad that i cry everytime i listen to this?
Weronika Piełot
Weronika Piełot Hace 13 horas
Who knows when the video will be?
Cassandra Lentz
Cassandra Lentz Hace 13 horas
Danielle Hace 13 horas
a god dang BOP
Natalia's Doll world
Natalia's Doll world Hace 13 horas
Why don't we is my favorite music band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pinky ace
pinky ace Hace 13 horas
i love you is that it
Meghalee Kakoty
Meghalee Kakoty Hace 13 horas
"I miss you" will be my eight letters instead of "I love you". 💔😞
Chloe Seavey
Chloe Seavey Hace 14 horas
Elva, fangirled shawn mendes until death
I'm so *hooked* on this song that I can't even *talk* the lyrics,i have to sing them. I always love *something different* from them. *nobody gotta know* how much i love them. If i knew them and i had a party,each of them would DEFINITELY get an *invitation.* these WDW puns are *only the beginning.* I'm *on my way* to making even more >:3,by the way: *Why don't we just* take a moment to appreciate them? And can we just *talk* about how their singing is so good that it's like they're *made for* singing? They're incredible,you don't even have to *tell me* about it. You *never know* how much better they could get,even though they're already *perfect.* Now a message for the whole of WDW,I'd do anything *just to see you smile.* *I depend on you* ,you're lucky you have *all my love,* cause it takes a while for me to like someone,but this time you got me to like you within a few seconds 😂 if I go on a holiday,I'm *taking you* guys for entertainment 😂 and if it was a *silent night* and there was a lamp near me,I'd *turn it off* just for you even though I'm scared of the dark(i actually am) By the way,to anyone reading this,feel *free* to say I have a strange sense of pun humour,'cause I already know. I want a *Why Don't We christmas* party when it becomes christmas 😂
Elva, fangirled shawn mendes until death
Sofia's Art omfg I just counted how many I made 😂😂 I made 21 WDW puns what am I doing with my life fr 😂
Elva, fangirled shawn mendes until death
Sofia's Art I added even more 😂😂😂 what am I doing with my life
Elva, fangirled shawn mendes until death
Sofia's Art 😂 tbh I'll probably add more once I think about more songs
Sofia's Art
Sofia's Art Hace 12 horas
Elva, fangirled shawn mendes until death god. Its amazing 😂💖
Elva, fangirled shawn mendes until death
Sofia's Art oh I added even more now >:)
Angeline Loves WhyDon'tWe
let's get them to top 100 on the Billboards. ❤
SupremeZack-RBLX TV
SupremeZack-RBLX TV Hace 14 horas
I like Zach’s voice
Ingrid Da bird ;D
Ingrid Da bird ;D Hace 15 horas
8 days later... still trending.
Sofia's Art
Sofia's Art Hace 13 horas
Rlly? Dam it phone
Creekland TalkShow
Creekland TalkShow Hace 15 horas
I just found out why it’s called 8 letters “ I love you “ is 8 letters . You love you to boys!!!
Emylee Mundy
Emylee Mundy Hace 16 horas
I'm not crying, my eyes are sweating! This song literally melts my heart! I love these boys soooooo much. They make me so happy! ❤😘😄
Dreamy Hace 16 horas
If all it is is 6 letters, why no american can say it? ;)
Lolmar3 Sanchez
Lolmar3 Sanchez Hace 16 horas
April Lewon
April Lewon Hace 17 horas
WHY DON'T WE 💗💗#corbyn and jack
Rizqa Rihanna
Rizqa Rihanna Hace 18 horas
Oh my God this song made me cry because of Jonah and Zach form the start and the music as well this made me cry you guys made me think of my cat
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover Hace 18 horas
Iman Ahmed
Iman Ahmed Hace 18 horas
by far their best song in love
ArroxzOfficial Vevo
ArroxzOfficial Vevo Hace 19 horas
Is 8 letters is... I L O V E Y O U
sheli rabani
sheli rabani Hace 19 horas
panorea m
panorea m Hace 19 horas
Omg 1.2m viewssss
arvin pepito
arvin pepito Hace 20 horas
zach's voice is iwhsjdhidd😍😍😍
Baby Jesse
Baby Jesse Hace 20 horas
I love this so much I was crying
SuchareQ XD
SuchareQ XD Hace 20 horas
Jack shoked me... He's voice on this song is so amazing and Corbyn too. That is my favourite song for now ♥
Distantsmil3 YT
Distantsmil3 YT Hace 21 un hora
Sophie's Corner
Sophie's Corner Hace 21 un hora
Sophie's Corner
Sophie's Corner Hace 21 un hora
Whos still confused what the 8 letters are I just knew it btw
Distantsmil3 YT
Distantsmil3 YT Hace 21 un hora
Why wasn't this posted on Why Don't We's actual youtube channel? I am confused!
Emma Lambright
Emma Lambright Hace 22 horas
I literally broke the keys of my computer replaying the song
Emma Lambright
Emma Lambright Hace 22 horas
1:05 (beat dropped)
MarilynnB Hace 22 horas
I. Can’t. Stop. Listening to it. And honestly I’m not even complaining
Hannah Augustine
Hannah Augustine Hace 22 horas
i’m hooked lmao only the real ones will get it ;)
Mrs. Seavey
Mrs. Seavey Hace 22 horas
is the 8 letters i love you?
Noor A
Noor A Hace 20 horas
Mrs. Seavey yep
Mrs. Seavey
Mrs. Seavey Hace 22 horas
their voice😍
Mrs. Seavey
Mrs. Seavey Hace 22 horas
I cried while listening to this. ITS SO GOOD IM SHOOKETH
ThisIsBalty Hace un día
January 70
January 70 Hace un día
Everyone give this video a thumbs up!! 😃
Lim Yee Sean
Lim Yee Sean Hace un día
Omg (fan acc on ig @wdw_limelighttttttttt) love this song
Noor A
Noor A Hace 20 horas
Shameless self promo
Reni Marais
Reni Marais Hace un día
Yaassssssssssss 😍😍😍😍😘😍😍
Kyrie Frz
Kyrie Frz Hace un día
i love you - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Emily Muehlbauer
Emily Muehlbauer Hace un día
this song made me cry.. they are so amazing
Alyssa M Life
Alyssa M Life Hace un día
I almost cried because of this song.
Sandra Lisset
Sandra Lisset Hace un día
8 letters =I love you❤🥀💀😗😍
PandaKitty AJ
PandaKitty AJ Hace un día
so, so proud of them.
Wolfy Alpha
Wolfy Alpha Hace un día
I wonder what the 8 letters are..? 🤔😐
GIRL POWER Hace un día
I just realized something they released it on the 8th lol
xToxic_ Rose
xToxic_ Rose Hace un día
I love Jack’s part ❤️ I’m still shook
Kate Hulley
Kate Hulley Hace un día
You and Jack texting J:"hey good looken." Y:we need to "talk." J:what was I "M.I.A" or something. y:Its just... J:the "words I didn't say." Y:yeah its "hard." J: but "I depend on you." Y: why didnt you just "tell me" that. J:bc "nobody gotta know." Y: but "these girls," they dont have a "trust fund baby." J: but baby "all my love" goes to you. Y: ok. J:baby we r like a "boomerang." Y: What?? J: we always come back. Y: Go on. J: u r the "air of the night", one of my best "friends","prefect" girlfriend, a amazing "runner" and we r "made for" eachother. Y:awww I'm "free" tonight baby. J:do I need a "invitation." Y:nope "just to see your smile." J:"on my way." Y:"turn it off" untill ur here. Y:"tell me," is it going to be a "silent night" bc I'm "hooked". J:speeking of that "we the party" want's to know if I can "kiss you this christmas." Y: "you and me at Christmas." J:"taking you." Somewhere nice. Y:"why dont we just" wait bc u "never know." But I know we would have a "merry little Christmas."
Rae357 Lol
Rae357 Lol Hace un día
This is the one that will launch them
April Francisco
April Francisco Hace un día
Vicky Hu
Vicky Hu Hace un día
Vicky Hu
Vicky Hu Hace un día
some people be like "8 letters =fortnite"
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover Hace un día
Aubri Lujan
Aubri Lujan Hace un día
I love your song Why Don’t We
gemma miller
gemma miller Hace un día
y'all that shift thingy at 0:34 gives me goosebumps every time
whydontwe limelights
I love 😍😍😍it so much . can't wait for them to drop their new album . I LOVE THEM SO MUCH 😍😍😍
EmilyGaming G
EmilyGaming G Hace un día
This song on my school iPad is restricted 😭
Laci Baker
Laci Baker Hace un día
Can I just saaaay, that pic of Corbyn is amazing!! 😍😇😘😏
Faith Helbling
Faith Helbling Hace un día
I love this song I am so addicted to all of why don't we music
Cuddley Corbyn
Cuddley Corbyn Hace un día
Who are dislike!Its so awesome, we want to”Talk” to our parents about going to the If concerts.Sorry.
Kiara Piri
Kiara Piri Hace un día
Wait 8 letter is ( I LOVE YOU ) correct
Aditi Mehra
Aditi Mehra Hace un día
Kiara Piri I think so, if not it's I hate you or I want you
Avneet Brar
Avneet Brar Hace un día
zach I love you
Denelly Barron
Denelly Barron Hace un día
If all it is, is 8 letters why is it hard to say
adam ifan
adam ifan Hace un día
*I L O V E Y O U*
Hafsah Nalla
Hafsah Nalla Hace un día
I'm swear to god the first time I listened to this my full body froze and my heart was touched There was tears in my eyes I'm crying right now
Carolina Va
Carolina Va Hace un día
Jackie Fernandez
Jackie Fernandez Hace un día
Those 800+ people disliked cause they are jealous they can’t sound like them
Jessica Hace un día
Zach and Jacks parts are sooo good
Elvin Pablo
Elvin Pablo Hace un día
Best song ever and i want to sing just like jack!!
ok Hace un día
I'm glad Corbyn has some lyrics
Lady Artemis518
Lady Artemis518 Hace un día
0:43 when jack’s part fades into Jonah’s I died
whitney sharrah
whitney sharrah Hace un día
Omg I just cried my eyes out I can relate to this so much I love the sooooo muccchhhh❤️❤️😭
Kaylie Vazquez
Kaylie Vazquez Hace un día
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