Why Dubai's Man-Made Islands Are Still Empty

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In 2003, the construction of the multi-billion dollar investment project “The World” was announced. The man-made archipelago shaped like a map of the earth was planned to feature luxurious houses and tourist-resorts located all within just a short boat ride from Dubai. But today, more than 10 years after the completion of these islands, there is hardly anything built on them. What happened here?

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25 may 2020






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x x
x x Hace 9 minutos
Dey finna move us dere
Rusdayati Yus
Rusdayati Yus Hace 16 minutos
Why Dubai men made are still empty?the answer is so soooo simple😁because they want to be like that to protect their country....so simple right😊i read so many comment about Dubai...i think you should see that country not only with your eyes but also with your heart😇even maybe the their leaders made some mistakes but no wonder so many leaders in many countries doing some mistakes too right?i think they will learn something from the past so keep be positive guys💙peaceeee
Sabrinathecat_fan Hace 18 minutos
Dubai: Let's build properties on man-made islands in the ocean Tsunami: Let me introduce myself
stoner 96
stoner 96 Hace 34 minutos
An Austrian Investor? Is this René Benko?🤔
Derrekt 1000
Derrekt 1000 Hace 49 minutos
I always wondered that.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Hace 53 minutos
they've smoked too much Camel poop. thats what went wrong.
Teryy Lotus
Teryy Lotus Hace un hora
Babylon rising
NAVEEN suvarna
NAVEEN suvarna Hace un hora
2:06 it looks like world map
Naveen Gupta
Naveen Gupta Hace un hora
You should try improving your video quality..(graphic, images) You are as good as vox. Keep it up.
H Hh
H Hh Hace un hora
I wonder how their projects passed the environmental reviews.
Spirit Ninja
Spirit Ninja Hace 2 horas
Notice how in north Africa, Libya doesnt exist....
Admin Hace 2 horas
Maybe no one wants to live in the desert?
Imran md
Imran md Hace 2 horas
They should just plant mangroves forest around those islands its will a tourist spot to roam around in boats to see birds and greenery
Zeinab Ali
Zeinab Ali Hace 2 horas
People should not have this much money
Sanzip poudel
Sanzip poudel Hace 2 horas
Za warudooo
Khairul anuar Kamarolzaman
Man made not lasting
Mas Entertainment
Mas Entertainment Hace 2 horas
Coolllll nice @alisaggaf
mostafa mandi
mostafa mandi Hace 4 horas
Well, I heard a lot of rumors, fallacies, stereotypes and superficial ideas in the comments, it seems that the media plays with people's minds easily, you can Read more about Arab and Islamic culture before talking .
khalifmathiskm Hace 4 horas
So they thought putting sand on top of water was gonna work?? Do they not know how islands are really made? You can’t make everything artifical 🤣🤣
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy Hace 4 horas
Why Dubai would think building artificial islands in a time of rising sea levels and more severe and frequent storms is a good idea is beyond me
patrick oriola
patrick oriola Hace 4 horas
One earthquake and a tsunami and this will be back to normal.
Der Arzt
Der Arzt Hace 4 horas
All Love to UAE 🇦🇪 From Egypt 🇪🇬 🖤💚❤️🤍
SuperStandard Hace 5 horas
It would be so much cooler if they terraformed the desert into a lush green area.
Wisdom Training
Wisdom Training Hace 6 horas
This is the antithesis of nature. A vile heap of squandered wealth. Built by modern day slaves.
Terry Santacruz
Terry Santacruz Hace 6 horas
Was that priyanka chopra on 4:49?
Kent Robison
Kent Robison Hace 6 horas
Not for me. I read too many horror stories about human rights there.
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose Hace 6 horas
Dubai is so overrated
Booger Eater
Booger Eater Hace 8 horas
imagine trying to deliver mail there
Fathima Zahra
Fathima Zahra Hace 9 horas
On the top even tho it looks like parasites , irl it looks beautiful , I live in Dubai and I have gone to the side of it and it looks fabulous,
Lily Knox
Lily Knox Hace 9 horas
this is quite eerie
Abigail Bradshaw
Abigail Bradshaw Hace 10 horas
Why go there when you can just go to the real places? Not everything has to be duplicated
fuller lamin gayang
fuller lamin gayang Hace 10 horas
Is that priyanka chopra with “ behold atlantis rising” dialogue
Dave Illah
Dave Illah Hace 10 horas
Kings tide Cleaned the surface like pinesol
Lyrical Dream
Lyrical Dream Hace 10 horas
real estae
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson Hace 10 horas
Why not a gyroscopic float the size of a city on the ocean? Maybe connected by power lines that could deliver supplies that'll float to them. Had this idea for a bit
Timmy Beduria
Timmy Beduria Hace 11 horas
This is what happens when you're playing God
Louis Garces
Louis Garces Hace 11 horas
They should have only focused on one project and not building it simultaneously
Martin Hwang
Martin Hwang Hace 11 horas
Phallic shape. It should’ve been in phallic shape. Then we could’ve called it a fallacy of men.
Jack Tate
Jack Tate Hace 11 horas
NYC, taken over by Liberal agitators spending money of writing giant yellow letters on main streets, Rats on the streets attacking diners, people in fear of their lives....US now top centre for Covid racial hatred and tensions. What went wrong with the US.... Concentrate on your own dump before you criticise others cities. Dubai is a clean diamond in comparison to your rock.
Boo Radely
Boo Radely Hace 11 horas
2008 happened.
Salam Waddah
Salam Waddah Hace 12 horas
Dubai is like playing sim city with cheats
Karthik mishra
Karthik mishra Hace 12 horas
This is what happens when u try to be God by urself
Daniel Padilla
Daniel Padilla Hace 12 horas
Drill oil/gas > use oil/gas for powering 3 million A/C's in a desert and transporting millions in a desert > rinse/repeat
Naomi Reid
Naomi Reid Hace 12 horas
Humans simple amazes me to develop another way to pollute our planet. Humans have the potential to accumulate waste and where do you think it will be discarded.
Josie Zoeller
Josie Zoeller Hace 13 horas
found this on snap map once , thanks for telling me what the islands named after different countries were lol
CUNTRELLA Hace 14 horas
Dubai is literally a Muslim desperation to be like western culture and have western style type of attractions, but without the real freedom and democracy that we have. The fact that gay and trans people have bad experiences goes to show me how limited and medieval they still are. Pretty much Dubai to me comes across as that person in a group of popular and cool friends who is TRYING TOO HARD yet no one cares as much.
yazan family
yazan family Hace 15 horas
Just the front area of sea is made up but what abt the backward area of sea that has no value.Only front page is available & other book is empty🧐
Hank Fang
Hank Fang Hace 15 horas
The most stupid project the human race has ever had. Bad government.
That's what happens when a city is built like a themed park! Dubai is like Disnelyland! Full of people under some circumstances, you keep them off and Dubai closes its doors!
Cuenta Alterna
Cuenta Alterna Hace 16 horas
"Anakin skywalker has entered the chat" "Anakin skywalker has used hate for sand" "Sea level rises" "It's supper effective"
PML PML Hace 16 horas
It failed bc the islands are too close to one another. Paying so much money to basically have neighbors & water taxis with tourists looking right in your bedroom.
PML PML Hace 16 horas
Butch Khalifa sounds like a rapper I'd stan
Yochanan Yisrael David
You can tell the people who live in dubai are mostly Muslim because its in the bible Jewish one and Christian one all types of Christianty 25 different types of Bible's do not build you home's and city on sand or see?? But this is not in the quran and this is why new babylon is the United Arab Emirates and its location is near where the old one was 😉👍👌
Destiny Barringer
Destiny Barringer Hace 16 horas
Wanna flip $50 into $400! All you have to do is send $50 for a spot on the game board . Once your name hit pink on the board you get 8 people to add to the game board and you cash out $400.
Paulibug Hace 16 horas
Thats where the illuminati live.
Efek Sampi
Efek Sampi Hace 16 horas
For what?
Ann-Zian Sma
Ann-Zian Sma Hace 16 horas
Long story short, global financial crisis
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown Hace 16 horas
Does anything work in Dubai except the casinos and the brothels?
Advay Iyer
Advay Iyer Hace 17 horas
Za warudo
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith Hace 17 horas
UFC should own one here too :)
specsNsarcasm Hace 18 horas
I saw the coverage will it was in the process and I always told people about the world map island but they say they never heard of it. I can die in pieces 🤷‍♀
Draken Kartikay Kaul
Draken Kartikay Kaul Hace 18 horas
Is that Priyanka Chopra @4:49?
davetileguy Hace 19 horas
ever build a sand castle ? is it still there ? lol
davetileguy Hace 19 horas
Give dummies too much money and bingo sand islands that melt in the water.
Meditation Station - Discover Your Higher Self
Looks like a bad tattoo...
NATT117 Hace 20 horas
You gave the money to stupid people's so this is you comes up.
Scientific Infographics
Scientific Infographics Hace 21 un hora
It never felt good ....even when people were going nuts about it, in 2005-2006
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Hace 21 un hora
I feel like I’m watching a video in history class lol
Mack Hace 22 horas
It honestly just triggers my trypophobia
Felix Eleda
Felix Eleda Hace 23 horas
who’s here after the tiktok video of the girl showing the world on snapchat map 🤘🏾
Raja Vishnuvardhana
Raja Vishnuvardhana Hace un día
When beggar wins the lottery!! Dubai things happen.
C D Hace un día
Whats the song at 3:40 ???
Zakiya Khasdar
Zakiya Khasdar Hace un día
Why they don't take any project to feed hungry people inspite of wasting money
sonia jayanthi
sonia jayanthi Hace un día
Should have asked Final Fantasy city designer to design the world island instead.
Mouna Kss
Mouna Kss Hace un día
Unnecessary luxuries, unnecessary waste of money that could've been used on better projects, on helping neighbouring countries, on improving worker's work conditions...
Jacky Wong
Jacky Wong Hace un día
Who from TikTok
Haripriya Sreeramoju
How could they not question being hit by tsunami in the first place to start with such projects ?
lengsu yurio
lengsu yurio Hace un día
Godus gone wrong..
Habib Ahmad
Habib Ahmad Hace un día
Well bless them concrete carry on keep finding ways I know they can do it
Niomi Brown
Niomi Brown Hace un día
Omggggg I can’t even finish the video your voice is soo annoying 🙄🙄
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