Why I'm Coming Out As Gay

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Behind the scenes of Eugene Lee Yang's coming out video, "I'm Gay:" a never-before-seen look inside the mind of a young artist and his complex, dark struggles with his identity, his work, his public persona, and his private life.
A documentary video by Kane Diep @kanediep
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17 jun 2019

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Lucas Odell-Ryan
Lucas Odell-Ryan Hace 46 minutos
The red pen metaphor is so true, that hit me so hard I recently came out to and am still learning it’s okay to be me
nbatman1 Hace 47 minutos
Eugene love u..! ❤️
Syahir Rashid
Syahir Rashid Hace 47 minutos
I think he came out not just a gay men but as a drag queen.
Cem Keser
Cem Keser Hace 48 minutos
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Elyse Lewis
Elyse Lewis Hace 48 minutos
Eugene!! I'm so happy to learn that more cinematographic videos are truly your thing!! Seeing you on Buzzfeed and the Try Guys is only one aspect of who you are, and while we all appreciate it, it's lovely to see you thriving in something else you are passionate about. I'm very happy for you for coming out. I really hope it brings you a relief and an ease to your life, although being out isn't necessarily easy. But your community and allies and friends will always be there to support you, as your video shows! I'm glad you decided to share with us these other sides of you, and as a fellow LGBTQIA+ person I stand with you.
Jason Ochoa
Jason Ochoa Hace 49 minutos
Wait u are gay then
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana Hace 49 minutos
Why im coming out as gay... because dan howell just did the same
Triveni Shalla
Triveni Shalla Hace 50 minutos
I am so proud of you and the work that you are putting out there and the person you are becoming and everything else. Being a fellow Asian I do understand the part of your struggle and I can relate to your personality so much. I have been emotional all my life and during the past couple of years I had started pushing away my emotions too because you know, Asian parents don't get the idea of mental health. But now I have started to acknowledge my issues because I know how different of a person they are turning me into and I don't want that for myself. I also don't know about happiness but I don't want to achieve a sense of peace with myself. The world might never change but that doesn't mean I have to slowly kill myself because of that. You are phenomenal and I love you . ❤ tearing up.!
perijaz Hace 50 minutos
This video: **extremely inspiring and amazing** My brain after watching this video: he’s gaysian
This video is so gay
beckm1t Hace 50 minutos
Seriously!?! I never thought he was straight. Beautiful video.
Science Gabe
Science Gabe Hace 50 minutos
Is there anyone who didn’t think he was gay before these videos
Rae Rae
Rae Rae Hace 50 minutos
I want so badly to watch this but I have to sleep-
Kaheri stevens
Kaheri stevens Hace 50 minutos
Did this really need to be a video? Why did you come out as gay? Cause your gay. Good job team.
kyoko Hace 50 minutos
I want Eugene Ariel and Beth now to rate celebrities boys together and Eugene saying I’m right you’re wrong shut up
Killing Stalking
Killing Stalking Hace 51 un minuto
I wish I could make something as beautiful as he has and put this much thought into it
Ajay Up And Down Rider
Ajay Up And Down Rider Hace 53 minutos
Sub me i sub u back
Meggy Hace 53 minutos
So brave and beautiful, you should be proud
Jillian Howell
Jillian Howell Hace 53 minutos
Happiness is a phase. It comes and goes quickly and can never really be grasped or sustained.
antoine cote
antoine cote Hace 53 minutos
So he’s gay gay? Because I remembered hearing stories of Eugene getting back home with girls (maybe I imagined them) so he’s bi or only gay? It’s not hating or whatever, just want to know so I don’t say inaccurate things about him in the futur
Silver Exo
Silver Exo Hace 53 minutos
Sorry but bye eugene
Adrian Nasser
Adrian Nasser Hace 53 minutos
Manar Najjar
Manar Najjar Hace 54 minutos
We love you Eugene you’ll always be a superstar and I’m happy you feel more confident in who you are 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈❤️❤️❤️
Lauren MacDougall
Lauren MacDougall Hace 54 minutos
I'm I the only one who thought that he's been out?? Wonderful and beautiful project though.
Patrick Hace 54 minutos
I'm so confused... I swear he's mentioned that he's gay many times in the try guys videos...
THYP Smoke
THYP Smoke Hace 54 minutos
ESvid needs to stop with this
Frances Lake
Frances Lake Hace 54 minutos
Eugene is amazing
durva doshi
durva doshi Hace 55 minutos
i live in one of the country in asia, and i think i am bi or lesbian. i am still figuring it out cause i am still in high school. so it will be very difficult for me to reveal this but you helped me. thank you soo much for here people think its a disease or make fun of it. they think that "gay" and "lesbian" is a bad word. so thank you :)
Frank Franklin
Frank Franklin Hace 55 minutos
Why im coming out as gay and putting it on ESvid!! Lol. Slow down guy!! Lol. No one cares anymore!
Blaze Hace 55 minutos
I'm confused I thought everyone knew he was gay.
Miranda Collier
Miranda Collier Hace 56 minutos
Eugene! Wow. That was such a powerful video and I'm 100% sure it will move many to come out to their families and embrace their true identity. You're an amazing human being♡♡
Neala Ortega
Neala Ortega Hace 56 minutos
Thank you for being so brave and sharing yourself with a world that hasn't always been kind and accepting of you. I hope you find happiness❤❤❤
Some Edgy Dud
Some Edgy Dud Hace 56 minutos
Gay ass kid
Silly Soup
Silly Soup Hace 56 minutos
Now tell the rest of them to come out
Silly Soup
Silly Soup Hace 57 minutos
We already knew it
Black Unicorn254
Black Unicorn254 Hace 57 minutos
Why is he guy he was the hottest 💀 but I support but the LGBTQ’s are taking over 💀
EmKimKW Hace 57 minutos
How supportive the other three try guys are of Eugene is beautiful. Three cis-gender, white, straight males are true allies. We need more of this in our world ❤️
johny Zh-kh
johny Zh-kh Hace 57 minutos
Bullied because I was Asian in school, the main public thinks I’m gay because I’m Asian. I really don’t know what to say. Just because I’m Asian, doesn’t mean I’m gay
Jacob Pak
Jacob Pak Hace 57 minutos
Mae_ chan
Mae_ chan Hace 58 minutos
Wait is Eugene really gay??! Im so confuse after he release his video
Zaqy Kurnia
Zaqy Kurnia Hace 58 minutos
lgbt = virus for people
Merzetude Joseph
Merzetude Joseph Hace 58 minutos
I never thought that people would be using being gay for commercial purposes ! I have always being gay, and quite obvious to the point where no one needed to ask , and I went to he'll for been honest about who I was, and I am! I have forth so hard just to get a seat at the table, and now every one is using all of our hard efforts to promote their own lives ! It seems so easy to come out now, days ! However, it you really want to know more about being gay, then contact some of us who are here , and still gay when being gay was not popular ? I am Available please reply, OK ?
Strike Hace 59 minutos
So that's why he kissed ned like that in the korean drama video
Destin Ruiz
Destin Ruiz Hace 59 minutos
I knew he was gay
hpdeskjet 0824
hpdeskjet 0824 Hace un hora
We love you
Tyson sabbe
Tyson sabbe Hace un hora
He just wanted to TRY it that’s why he’s gay
James Atkins
James Atkins Hace un hora
No surprise there
Butter 1532
Butter 1532 Hace un hora
Hi I'm straight
Tyrannosaurus Ty
Tyrannosaurus Ty Hace un hora
Good for you You are hilarious and bring a lot of people joy and now people might connect with you more because you’re telling the truth and being very confident and more people can trust you
Tyrannosaurus Ty
Tyrannosaurus Ty Hace un hora
Kristy Noel
Kristy Noel Hace un hora
Thank you for giving such an in depth look at all the elements involved in this video. I sincerely hope it helps make people appreciate the message that much more.
Unknown Username
Unknown Username Hace un hora
I called it ngl.
Gianna Camacho-Whitworth
Eugene you're not going through this alone I have a godmother who is getting married and she is a lesbian and people have already killed her and friend friended me even since I was little 4 showing affection and love to another woman and I have an uncle who is gay and he has also been ridiculed in front of us so I know it how you feel and everything is going to be okay we will always be here for you we love you Eugene #LGBTQpride 🌈⚡✨🌟🌈 🌈
Smoken Skull
Smoken Skull Hace un hora
Make this blue if you love Eugene 👇(I'm gifting my subs)💘❣️
Amy Powell
Amy Powell Hace un hora
azooz_rero 1
azooz_rero 1 Hace un hora
ur gay lol kys
Gaming boiboi
Gaming boiboi Hace un hora
Because you need to get on the trending page! Wow what a grrwt scam for money
Spooky Filmz Ent.
Spooky Filmz Ent. Hace 52 minutos
Hey Can Yall Dislike This Video & Say Your Thoughts You Feel On It 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏽 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-I--rRfdoWEI.html
Smellzke 209
Smellzke 209 Hace un hora
Trending trash 🗑
allgoode Hace un hora
Aren’t all of y’all?
M M Hace un hora
“Why literally nobody didn’t see this coming”
Mr. Mkaaaye
Mr. Mkaaaye Hace un hora
sunrais91 Hace un hora
Miqueas Shakur
Miqueas Shakur Hace un hora
EWWW! Gay ass nigggaa
karenngalvan123 Hace un hora
“Maybe the answer is that no one ever finally happy” it’s dark but....I feel that it’s true. The world isn’t a perfect fairytale land.
nour tarek
nour tarek Hace un hora
But really that shit was dark I have never seen a kid write that.
Akshay Sangat
Akshay Sangat Hace un hora
Thanks a lot Eugene for trying to Speak you heart , its tough but you did your best .!! And as a Community we thank you , we are Proud of you , We are with you and We will always learn from you :)
Xavier St.charles
Xavier St.charles Hace un hora
Just because you gay does not mean that your special
Hugo Deacon
Hugo Deacon Hace un hora
seems very self indulgent
كنترول [Fm]
كنترول [Fm] Hace un hora
Please subscribe to my channel🤩❤️
Weird Maika
Weird Maika Hace un hora
I love how the guys were so sweet and proud of Eugene....it just melts my heart 😭😭😭😭.....
孟凡松 Hace un hora
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alanjrkaminski Hace un hora
I never used to care this shit is getting old every time you turn around it's being crammed in your face do what you want to do in your personal life but shut the fuck up and keep me out of it
captain cool
captain cool Hace un hora
LMFAO be careful, the moment you turn arround these faggots will cram it in your asshole.
Moonwalker For life
Moonwalker For life Hace un hora
I'm proud of you Eugene love you ❤️😘
a a
a a Hace un hora
I'm glad you think you are so special 😂
Noragami Gami
Noragami Gami Hace un hora
He tells a hidden story through dance. Brilliant
Spooky Filmz Ent.
Spooky Filmz Ent. Hace 47 minutos
Hey Can Yall Dislike This Video & Say Your Thoughts You Feel On It 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏽 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-I--rRfdoWEI.html
emma butcher
emma butcher Hace un hora
He is super attractive. :). I am super happy for him and, like many others, was not aware that he is gay. But I am so happy for Eugene. :). It is such a bold thing to come out as who you are. I may not relate, but I know it’s an incredibly bold thing to do and I respect it. :)
EseChava 22
EseChava 22 Hace un hora
Nigga u been gay 😂
Orange Man Bad
Orange Man Bad Hace un hora
Thought we all knew that already but good for you
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist Hace un hora
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown Hace un hora
Thank you for being so open about yourself, you are a beautiful human, this video definitely helped me understand the other video so much better, I got the gist of it but I didn't quite grasp how complex it is. As a member of the LBTQ +community it really helped to see someone else experiencing similar reactions from other people and how you showed growth through your video, which I really connect with in this point of my life. I just wanted to say a quote that may help you when thinking about happiness. Happiness is not a destination it is a journey. I don't think it is possible to achieve pure joy all of the time which you may or may not be trying to reach, you need the low times to show you just how much you appreciate the good times. Love ya Eugene xo.
Willamina Basto
Willamina Basto Hace un hora
Honestly so happy for Eugene ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
redr 006
redr 006 Hace un hora
I want to die Because My Birthday Is On *June 21*
Spooky Filmz Ent.
Spooky Filmz Ent. Hace 52 minutos
Hey Can Yall Dislike This Video & Say Your Thoughts You Feel On It 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏽 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-I--rRfdoWEI.html
captain cool
captain cool Hace un hora
Eugene's asshole is so loose he can get 2 cranes to drive side by side in there.
N VG Hace un hora
They were so right to produce this video! Damn best video ever from Try Guys
NIck C
NIck C Hace un hora
Bruh, trying to make the most money you can off this
Alan Jay
Alan Jay Hace un hora
Maybe he can marry Elton John who I think had a divorce. Just get that boy out of Elton's house and save him from abuse.
Kaio Hayashi
Kaio Hayashi Hace un hora
Thumbnail reminds me of Kenshi Yonezu.
Spooky Filmz Ent.
Spooky Filmz Ent. Hace 53 minutos
Hey Can Yall Dislike This Video & Say Your Thoughts You Feel On It 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏽 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-I--rRfdoWEI.html
Tyler Burney
Tyler Burney Hace un hora
Congratulations Eugene, we’re all super proud of you for deciding to make this.
cleffa3000 Hace un hora
Ned : Do we have to have a crane ? Eugene: And Dad, that involves a crane. 8.2M views and counting. Who is re-watching the video again ?
Spooky Filmz Ent.
Spooky Filmz Ent. Hace 55 minutos
Hey Can Yall Dislike This Video & Say Your Thoughts You Feel On It 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏽 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-I--rRfdoWEI.html
Melissa Garcia
Melissa Garcia Hace un hora
‪So I’m going to rant because Honestly it’s pride month and I thought putting my experience out there will bring a bit of awareness to my peers. The other day I was walking out of Walmart by myself with my headphones on, bumping to @JColeNC (like always) and a older lady stopped me. I couldn’t hear anything at first but when I took off my headphones she starts saying that I need Jesus and in the beginning I thought it was to tell me about her church that I should go check it out. Well no that wasn’t the case, if you know me you know I dress more masculine then feminine. I am just comfortable that way and I will not ever go back to worrying about what others would think about me. Basically it’s easy to spot that I am gay . I then caught on that this older lady was telling me That I need Jesus because of being gay and looking as such. She continued to tell me that Jesus is coming and I need Jesus. That I will always be welcome if I repent. She repeatedly said I need to repent and she touched my shoulder, looked at me like she felt sorry for me or that I was in some type of pain and gave me a brochure that had some bible verses with the church that she goes to. She told me that I can go to the church and repent my sins. Without me saying a damn word to her because I have always liked to respect and know that people can’t grasp the idea about LGBT I just quietly stopped what she was saying took to her hand off my shoulder took her brochure and threw it right in the garbage so she can see it. Moral of the story is please please spread awareness with your peers about this. I can not change the person I am or who I am in love with. This lady goes back home carefree and I left with always having that experience in my head disgusted and hurt by how that person can be so disrespectful and arrogant. It is not your life so mind your god damn business if you do not like it. I get stares everyday because of the way I look and they break their necks. Some people have gone through enough with just coming out, just like I am still dealing with it with my father when I came out 7 years ago. Stop putting us (LGBT ) through these horrible situations. Love is Love you can not force us to love who you want. I love my girlfriend more then words can explain and none of you homophobic bitches can take that away.‬
Nasya Carter
Nasya Carter Hace un hora
I wish I had an ounce of his creativity
Olga Km
Olga Km Hace un hora
Daniel and Eugene made incredible coming out videos. I’m so proud of them.
rjwer3lui Fjegri
rjwer3lui Fjegri Hace un hora
This video was really great, the fact that he finally got the courage to finally own up to it a 100%. Like he said it probably was on his mind a lot recently and wasn't as focused on hiding it, if you listen to the podcast with Kelsey Darragh, he basically admitted he really didn't like girls at all so...
Aleix Browne
Aleix Browne Hace un hora
Eugiene krabs comes out
Guess Who This Is
Guess Who This Is Hace un hora
He protecc He attacc But most importantly: he takes it in the bacc
jubs1982 Hace un hora
Is this a joke? Everyone knew he was gay, pretty sure he even said it in the some videos.
Dirty Loli
Dirty Loli Hace un hora
I don’t get why stuff like this needs to trend
Trevor Franklin
Trevor Franklin Hace un hora
Lgbt are so fucking extra.
Disgusting!!. Found my son watching this instead of Lucas the spider videos in his tablet. Our kids shouldn't have to worry about being gay or not. I thought the entire point was to be accepted for who you are by society. How can we accept somebody who doesn't want to be equal? Meaning You want the attention of being "different" you love it. You don't see straight people posting why they came out as straight. Nobody gives a shit who you like. ESvid Trending get it together and quit stirring the pot.
Jonas Montas
Jonas Montas Hace un hora
It’s normal to be gay now. Unless you’re in some backwoods place. No one cares. Live your life.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Hace un hora
Your artistry, courage, and work ethic are truly admirable, Eugene. You truly made a work of art, and I hope you are as proud of it as you should be. Much love!
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