Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)

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I will never be able to say Thank You enough... Thank you for being my family.
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14 may 2018

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Amanda Rae
Amanda Rae Hace 5 horas
I love you bunnyyyyyyyy!!!!
KawaiiAFKelsey Hace 5 horas
My heart breaks to think of you suffering alone with this burden while we are all here and love you so much.
Samantha Mullins
Samantha Mullins Hace 5 horas
Bunny! You're the most wonderful human being in the whole world! I've been swamp family since the beginning and I'm so happy to see you being you💕🤟🏼 we all love you no matter what but finally seeing you open up is a blessing. I'm so happy for you and I think I speak for all of us when I say we are all so proud of you.💕 Don't dare put yourself down or criticize yourself so much, your beautiful, absolutely wonderful and I'm thankful to have you in my life! This has always been my safe space to come and forget about everything else, to just share a laugh or sciency moment with the Swamp Family!!💕🐊 You keep your head up Bunny! & Don't ever forget the Swamp Family is always here to support you! 🤟🏼
Sarah Holden
Sarah Holden Hace 5 horas
I love LOVE love love you!
ForTheLoveOfGEEK Hace 5 horas
It took me a days and days to actually finally watch this video. I was so scared that you where going to say that you weren’t going to do videos anymore. Because I have noticed in some of your previous videos that you were struggling with something internally. Thank you for sharing your life. It is in no means a small feat. It’s hard to let people get to know the real you. I have to say that over the past few years or so that I’ve been watching... the pieces of you I have seen, I loved. I just want you to know that I’m another sap over here and I love what you do and I love you! Take care and I’m excited for the future Bunny.
Lauren Sorg
Lauren Sorg Hace 5 horas
BUNNY I LOVE YOU GIRL !!!!!!! XOXXOXOXOX....YOU ARE THE BEST ESvidR YOU ARE TRULY FAMILY ...XOXO I WISH I WAS LIKE YOU..i have NO like real friends.... maybe one day we could be pen pals....
Catsprivatebedroom Hace 6 horas
We love you bunny!
Kylie Snyder
Kylie Snyder Hace 6 horas
I may not always watch every video or anything but I have been a die hard swamp family member sense 2012 I have always come to your videos in all the dark times in my life and there has been alot I have always been able to relate to you. You have gotten me through so much. I have lost alot of my life my friends, my family, myself and your channel has been my warm cozy place. I'm excited to see what the future holds for the swamp family. I'll always be a swap family member for life I love you bunny your the best don't let any one dull your sparkle
Gancanagh394 Hace 6 horas
This video just breaks my heart. I don't often comment and I don't watch ALL of your content. But that doesn't mean that I don't like your videos and I cannot stress this enough but my preferences shouldn't have an affect on what you do or what you love to do. I am always happy to see a new video from you, because it means you're still up and going, whatever the content. You just do you Bunny, swamp fam will always be here. Subscriptions are just a number.
Cody Dennis
Cody Dennis Hace 7 horas
I never left. Always and forever a swamp fam. You are an inspiration to us bunny. Don’t ever change be yourself. We all love you for you being unique. You gave me the confidence to become myself. Honestly your amazing. ❤️
Brook Hellemons
Brook Hellemons Hace 7 horas
We’re back and we love you more 💖💖
K Hace 8 horas
MsKateish Hace 8 horas
I think that those sides of you that you might have felt like you needed to hide, those are the things the viewers would love seeing more of!
wasowski Hace 8 horas
I joined you for your fashion videos and especially for your shoe collection! Im happy to see that you are "growing up" and make videos that works for not only children :D
Miamio Hace 8 horas
Shane needs to do this fixing stuff with Wengie.
Jade Moss
Jade Moss Hace 9 horas
I visited your channel last year and I didn’t subscribe. I now love you! I love seeing the real you. We all have gone though things is our life and you made me feel that it is all okay. We can feel sad and we can feel happy and hyper and it is all okay. And I do think you look amazing without makeup!
Adrian Albarran
Adrian Albarran Hace 9 horas
For those slowed down videos, do a mukbang!! Jump on the bandwagon.! 😊
Charlotte Palmer
Charlotte Palmer Hace 9 horas
I love you so much x
NONYA B1ZN3SS Hace 9 horas
Have u thought about goin live? I think thats a good idea...speakin to the swamp family...I think many people would love to chat with you...I think u would c that U R LOVED ❤
Emi__14_ Hace 9 horas
This series made me cry i love it so much and i know the struggle love you lots
My Selected Movies
My Selected Movies Hace 9 horas
We are behind you
horrorest Hace 9 horas
Ahw sweety. No 'second chance' here. Just feel like re-involved. You have always been a kind and inspiring girl to me and i hate it for you that you have been struggling so much. Much love from the Netherlands!
MB bennett
MB bennett Hace 10 horas
I'm back! ❤🐇
R W Hace 10 horas
Never left babe you had my heart from day one
Jordan Milazo
Jordan Milazo Hace 10 horas
Bunny, when you started talking about how a lot of us left and are now coming back...I started crying too. For us you're more than just a youtuber, you're the friend we've never had. We love you !!!
BigWater59 Hace 10 horas
Drama queens
Haley Mofield
Haley Mofield Hace 10 horas
bunny, just because u have people hate and your loosing some views all u need to focus on you and other peoples smiles and making sure there getting the happyniss that u have u are amazing inspiering very pretty bunny and u should not put your self down the drain we love u and thats all that matters and sorry for my bad spelling i am really tierd and ur never gonna loose us bunny
Diana Fronsdahl
Diana Fronsdahl Hace 10 horas
25:08 - 25:30 YES! It makes so much sense.... you are not alone here! Thanks for helping me realize I'm making a lot of the same personal mistakes... it can creep up on you, and before you realize it, it's gone way too far.
Diana Fronsdahl
Diana Fronsdahl Hace 11 horas
Everybody has that other persona... and it's usually a "work persona", which makes sense as to why you would have that inclination here... youtube can be a brutal popularity contest. You want everyone to like you, and to "Like" your videos. You can easily lose sight of your more "normal" self. That is all natural. But balance is important too...
Diana Fronsdahl
Diana Fronsdahl Hace 11 horas
I can't even imagine handling all that you have to do and be with this as your life, the balance, the haters, the schedule....especially with depression and anxiety.... It's inspiring for the rest of us to see you so empowered and hopeful... thanks for the simple reminders....
Katie A
Katie A Hace 11 horas
We love you Bunny x
Anna Dahlstrom
Anna Dahlstrom Hace 11 horas
I see your thinking patterns in my own. I constantly think everyone's waiting for me to fail and enjoying it when I do. I always feel like I'm letting people down by showing what's really going on besides my happy, confident side. I too use humor as a barrier between my inner turmoil and the outside world. I'm always telling myself that I'm stupid, a failure, and shitty. And you do too. But we as viewers are in no way obligated to come on here and tell you we love you and your content. We as individuals tell you that we do on our own because it's the truth. So we love you and we have loved you. I need to apply that into my own life, this video really opened my eyes and put my heart at ease. Thank you, I love you 💗
STICKY FINGAZ Hace 11 horas
hey bunny who's that guy.. looks famuiler from some where..
Diana Fronsdahl
Diana Fronsdahl Hace 11 horas
I've always loved Shane.. I'm so glad you 2 got together, and you got to see the real Shane too! I'm happy you are on a good path now. We're here for you!
Katey Pepper
Katey Pepper Hace 11 horas
Never left and never will 😘
Sheila Santiago
Sheila Santiago Hace 11 horas
Yay lets go to Disney again!! Take us to Disney and do a drink around the world edition lol jk not jk?
TheWordified Hace 11 horas
This is literally the most relatable thing I've ever seen on youtube (how you are doing, Shane's series etc). I love that this was about helping build you up further and getting this community back. You got this 💕 One step at a time.
Kendra Voracek
Kendra Voracek Hace 11 horas
AMworm Hace 11 horas
It's wonderful to have you back, Bunny! 😊
Lucien Dante
Lucien Dante Hace 11 horas
That was extreme And amazing. Yass gurl.
Allison Russell
Allison Russell Hace 12 horas
STICKY FINGAZ Hace 11 horas
yeah I lurke her too..
bloodsugarcrazy3 La
bloodsugarcrazy3 La Hace 12 horas
Just be yourself, unapologetically. Every single one of us got a dark, secretive side. Your mood is not constant and it's indeed hard to keep it together sometimes but you have so much reach Bunny! You can help people feel normal by sharing your struggles, crazy thoughts, happiness... Our own perception affects us deeply but there is something even worse and is called metaperception: ASSUMING WHAT OTHERS ARE OR WILL THINK ABOUT YOU IN A NEGATIVE WAY. This can become an obssesive pattern which triggers anxiety attacks and neurotic like behavior (checking for notifications every 5 min or even thinking that people will antagonize you). To me, you are a pioneer and I can see why you were creating the same kind of content.IT IS HARD TO KEEP PEOPLE ENGAGED OVER THE COURSE OF YEARS! REMEMBER YOU'VE INSPIRED MANY ESvidRS so please DON'T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF, it is OK to take time to rest and be at ease with yourself. I understand you cause this last two years have been chaotic and destructive but at the same time the end of an era. Many people are having a rebirth this year. TAKE ADVANTE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY TO START AFRESH. You got a friend in me
Bella Goldwin's Funhouse
I used to ghost hunt when I was younger too, I'm pretty awkward in conversation but I people like it cuz it's funny which makes me laugh about it too. Perspective changes everything :) By the way I think you are a spiritual creative person, don't hold it all back.
Chloe Richard
Chloe Richard Hace 12 horas
Hey please see this: always do your videos for the people who thumbs up. Don’t make videos or change the content you make due to the people that thumbs down. They are irrelevant. :)
Josh Smalk
Josh Smalk Hace 12 horas
U deserve everything u are a great person that has made me want to wake up do I can bing ur channel I love u
Josh Smalk
Josh Smalk Hace 12 horas
Love her
Floyd Maxwell
Floyd Maxwell Hace 12 horas
A channel for emotional midgets?
Sarah S
Sarah S Hace 12 horas
BUNNY!! We love you over here in San Antonio and we are rooting for you in all that you do. We're PROUD of you and so happy that you have a creative outlet that you work so hard to make great, and look forward to everything you do in the coming year. Thank you for all of your encouragement that you give people, and the fellowship you've given your Swamp family! You Rock, you're Texan and you're beautiful - God Bless you! ;)
dino rainbow09
dino rainbow09 Hace 12 horas
I watched you from like age 8-12 but now I am back as a 14 year old and I am so happy to be back I watched you all the time but it is so refreshing to see all the new styles that you are trying to take on with the new thumb nails and stuff 💕💕 and we want to see your real life we want you to show off your hard work I was so shocked seeing that because I always pictured you just being a small girl with her tiny family and it was really inspiring to see you have such success please keep it up we want to see the real you.
Mackenzie Martin
Mackenzie Martin Hace 12 horas
I love you with all my heart and all I want you to know is that I will never leave you again
Rachael Murphy
Rachael Murphy Hace 12 horas
I never left but I did see the change in you and could see the sadness in your eyes as time went on.. We love you Bunny and I feel as though this is the first time in a long time I can see you’re truly happy just being yourself. Please continue to be YOU. you’re the best 💗
Bere Tamez
Bere Tamez Hace 13 horas
You pierced your ear!!!!!
Landon Eden
Landon Eden Hace 13 horas
Reading comments is probably not healthy... for anybody... ever.... (just my opinion) It's inspiring that you are able to be so open and honest with yourself and your audience. I can't imagine how terrifying it must have been to open up to millions of people, especially without having any idea on how people were going to take it. You are much braver than me. I personally did get an impression from some of your older vids, that I was watching a character that you created. Which is fine sometimes... But, what I saw in Shane's series, was that the person that was behind the character, was so much more interesting and real. Your unique perspective, style, personality, have enough merit on their own for me to watch without you having to be overly "happy" or "excited" or "energetic" It's also refreshing that you are genuinely such a good person. You are 100% deserving of your success, and I know that there will be much more in your future. 🐊
The Ingram Show
The Ingram Show Hace 13 horas
Bunny, just be you and realise that is what we love about you. If you do what makes you happy and enjoy then that will come through in your videos and make them good. You have worked really hard for everything you have, so your success is well deserved and anyone genuine knows that and will love to see you share your beautiful home and things you have!!! There will always be nasty, spiteful trolls who are consumed by jealousy and have nothing better to do than hide behind their keyboards trying to make you feel bad about yourself. Jus block and delete them sweety. One of my favourite videos was seeing you and your lovely man all dressed up in costumes you had put together with some of the items you had got from a thrift store, I think it was a Renaissance Day ? lots of love Vicky in UK xXx
Jorey Brown
Jorey Brown Hace 13 horas
i liked your blue nail 💅😍👍
Parzival3 Hace 13 horas
I never would un sub from u. I did leave for just a little while but I came back. and I will always come back. when I saw you collab with Shane I was so so happy because I love you so much.
Bere Tamez
Bere Tamez Hace 13 horas
I love to see you back Bunny!!!!
Lacy Aguillon
Lacy Aguillon Hace 13 horas
Bunny... ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Bunny Hace 13 horas
I'm glad I came back. I would be really interested in seeing more of your life/personal life and projects and your rooms because I love the weird antique adventure/hauls.
dragonflyone100 Hace 13 horas
Bunny, I can't say this enough, LOVE YA! It is nice to see you being honest, tears and all. Seeing you like this makes you so much more relatable. You are just so awesome and I have seen so many other ESvidrs showing you love and it warms my heart. Our greatest judge is within ourselves, and it's so easy to say 'just lighten up on yourself' but so hard to do. Be proud of what you have accomplished, embrace to positivity coming your way, enjoy yourself, and be true to yourself! Much love, Bunny girl!
Lazy Vegan Mom
Lazy Vegan Mom Hace 13 horas
Welcome back Bunny!
Juju Hace 13 horas
i stopped watching bunny on accident, because i switched youtube accounts and forgot about her, but im really glad im back
mmanda515 Hace 13 horas
Remember tho, that people have watched from day one until now.............. for YOU. For who you are, how you are, what you decide to do in the videos, what you want to do... Like it or not, praise or trolling......... please don't do anything 'others' want. Apparently, you are the one w/ the reason for success here, not them! I mean, sure we have absoluckingflutely been a huge part of the payoff, but.............. the core of this & it's success............... is you & only you! Please use your own judgement about what, when, why or how & continue running w/ that. Small tweaks, sure, but............ the ideas, personality, subject, etc. HAS to be all you, my dear.... ALL you.... for it to continue working! ;) ((hugs)) No self-doubt necessary, I mean, hell.... look at all you've accomplished thus far! The only hurdle is to get rid of that self-doubt & sabotage. You've got this!!! Day by day, moment by moment. Those who truly matter will still be there regardless, know that!
Flower Knoxville
Flower Knoxville Hace 13 horas
The first few videos I saw from you were the Thrift shopping (THE BEST), shoe collecting with the hopping, videos of you and Leighann Says, your Halloween Christmas tree etc....I was maybe like 13...I also live in Texas(Laredo) and I’ve always admired you no matter what❤️
Dannielle Obenchain
Dannielle Obenchain Hace 13 horas
It brought me back!! 😍
Valerie Foster
Valerie Foster Hace 14 horas
But when I hear Adalia Rose say “sippie sippie” I melt knowing that she aspires to be like Bunny. I’m so happy to see this side of you!
Sandy Gutierrez
Sandy Gutierrez Hace 14 horas
I absolutely love the fact that you want to take your audience’s preference of what they want to watch into account, but at the end of the day you need to film what makes you happy and that in turn will portray itself to your audience. Love you! I left and am now back!
Evonne Bair
Evonne Bair Hace 14 horas
I'm so proud of you Bunny. I'm ready to see more of the new you and watch you grow even more as a ESvidr.
Corina Streahorn Loves Life
Hunny Bunny... It's fantastic that you have found yourself again. I thought I can't watch it all because when I see tears I cry too. But... I watched you chat and want you to know you are not alone in being trapped by the overwhelming feeling of depression. Love, learn, n give back. You have taken the path in the right direction. xoxoxo
Jay hidy
Jay hidy Hace 14 horas
This has made me so so so happy thank you.
eugenia m m
eugenia m m Hace 14 horas
I am happy to see you again just like yourself!!! Thank you for being so honest, it is so fresh to see you talking like this!!!
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