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6 ene 2019

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Joy May Panilagan
Joy May Panilagan Hace 11 minutos
Filipina women shave armpits and down there but they don't shave legs. Shaving legs is like too much for them. If you shave your legs, when they grow again, the hair will be thicker. Why not accept our natural hair? Accepting natural beauty is better than making too much effort to beautify yourself.
Nevaeh Pelkey
Nevaeh Pelkey Hace 11 horas
I am French so we don't shave and yes my first language is French but I can speak English fine.
Nellysowavvy Hace 19 horas
Her legs aren’t even hairy tho 🤔
nuclearvlogs Hace 22 horas
I do my armpits to stop them from smelling like I hadn’t showered, I stg every time i take a shower and like 10 minutes later, the smell comes right back I’m like this is a problem as a upcoming freshman who will be walking to and from school everyday
Honey Bee 13
Honey Bee 13 Hace 23 horas
I have a question!! In the video you talked about your mom telling you “you can never go back” but then you did. Do you feel like it is worse (thicker, more prickly or uncomfy) because you had shaved in the past? Im trying to decide if I should shave because I love the smooth feeling but also know I might decide later in life to stop. I know this is an old video but thoughts?
Anya Perry
Anya Perry Hace un día
I love her shark socks
Zoya L
Zoya L Hace 2 días
The hair on my legs r nearly 1 cm long
eva ingels
eva ingels Hace 2 días
I just shave my armpits because otherwise i smell a LOTT but if it wasn't like that i wouldn't shave at all
Megan Carney
Megan Carney Hace 2 días
I love Chantel’s socks😂😂
Jazmine Elliott
Jazmine Elliott Hace 2 días
No one cares just do you
Emily Unicorn
Emily Unicorn Hace 3 días
yeah I don't see any hair on your leg until you went up really close but I'm not going to judge you because of that it's like saying I'm going to judge you have hair on your head 😂😘😍
Jamie 387
Jamie 387 Hace 3 días
This made me feel better xD
The Princess
The Princess Hace 3 días
So one year for Halloween I dressed up as Cinderella for school and a boy that was in my class but transferred to a different class because of this reason I cannot remember but what I do remember was that on Halloween I overheard him telling his friend why is that boy dressing up as Cinderella and I got really sad about that and I started shaving but now I'm like I don't care anymore just leave me alone like be who you want to be don't care if some boys or girls are making fun of you because you have leg hair and arm hair it does not matter you grow it you could have it, it's a part of your body not theirs and it only "bothers" them because they're staring and they're sharing because you are you no one else
Kevin W
Kevin W Hace 4 días
The hair on a woman legs is even sexier!
Derrick McAdoo
Derrick McAdoo Hace 4 días
I wouldn't mind a woman with hair, as long as her personality was 100% cool. Confidence and Kindness - great for both sexes.
Derrick McAdoo
Derrick McAdoo Hace 4 días
Gillette now markets to feminists, saying, ' Be FREE from the patriarchy! Use our MAN-Made Razors!! '. What a bunch of clowns. Anyone remember when feminists were opposed to shaving? Everything is backwards now, because people are easily-manipulated. Great video.
angelica peoples
angelica peoples Hace 5 días
legandary knight
legandary knight Hace 5 días
The real reason you quit shaving your legs is because it grows thicker every week or some other time
talisara Hace 5 días
2:40 same but then I'm like screw idc anymore! LOL
Jesus Lover33
Jesus Lover33 Hace 6 días
Your only doing this because your trying to break down traditional femininity, but then you save other places which is the same thing
-Carbonated Blood
-Carbonated Blood Hace 7 días
I never shaved my legs hair!!!
Elizabeth Hayden
Elizabeth Hayden Hace 7 días
At least shave your armpits lol
Livie Dat fangirl
Livie Dat fangirl Hace 7 días
it takes me 2 hours most the time ti shave my legs cuz im a perfectionist sometimes and i wait to long between doing it and just wear tights all the time lmaoo
Rhia Myers
Rhia Myers Hace 7 días
Did you see her shark socks
Megan Rose
Megan Rose Hace 8 días
Jm Catedral
Jm Catedral Hace 8 días
In my country there's nothing wrong with not shaving😂
Mary Basco
Mary Basco Hace 8 días
That last line sounded like a boss. If it we and mcu movie iron man would have said it
I wanna not exist
I wanna not exist Hace 8 días
I'm too lazy and I like to not shave my legs. But my leg hair is THICK.
KL Lilac
KL Lilac Hace 9 días
I’ve shave my legs a lot when it “mattered” back when I was in middle school, now I shave my legs whenever I’m going somewhere fancy or I just feel in the non lazy mood to shave. My boyfriend really doesn’t care if my legs are hairy cause he loves me enough because he loves me for being me. (He is such a sweetheart about this) besides that I normally where t-shirts and jeans like all the time and wear shorts (and shirts) at home do just my family and my boyfriends really knows about the leg hair situation.
Annie Moore
Annie Moore Hace 9 días
I like having smooth legs lmao
REDBLADE RED Hace 9 días
Well their legs
REDBLADE RED Hace 9 días
Guys shave too
Abby Hernandez
Abby Hernandez Hace 9 días
I cant even see the hair on her legs
Eliza Z
Eliza Z Hace 10 días
Off topic, but she is so beautiful! She reminds me of Shakira and german actress Chryssanthi Kavazi
Abby Stephens
Abby Stephens Hace 10 días
I shave my legs because my hair grows in thick
Makayla Takang
Makayla Takang Hace 10 días
i shave my legs so very little that when they’re smooth it’s weird
Halle Ball
Halle Ball Hace 10 días
I can’t stop looking at her long beautiful hair, is it her natural curl
Ardo Con
Ardo Con Hace 10 días
I haven't shaved my legs or arm pits for over a decade. The hairs are quite smooth when they are fully grown out.
Amelia Nascimento
Amelia Nascimento Hace 11 días
do you have any idea how much plastic gets used for razers it's kind of crazy and pointless
Laura Emilia
Laura Emilia Hace 11 días
I shave my legs because I like how smooth legs feel. That’s it nowadays :D I used to be insecure about body hair, but then I realized that it’s my business if I want to do it or not.
paigenotcasey Hace 12 días
The longest I've gone without shaving is two months....im very pale with dark hair. Extremely noticeable even from far away
Rebeca Morales
Rebeca Morales Hace 12 días
I like to shave because I like how silky and shiny they look and feel
Peggy Koko
Peggy Koko Hace 12 días
I am a swimmer, so I spend a lot of my days in nothing but a pair of brief swimmers. I let ALL my body hair grow out because i have learned that my body hair is beautiful. People have been like, "but don't you feel embarrassed around boys... or like people in general?" and I answer is no. I will never be ashamed of body hair ever.
Averybun_ 19
Averybun_ 19 Hace 12 días
*darwin has left the chat*
Raven Plays
Raven Plays Hace 12 días
The only person that has ever told me to shave my armpits.. Was my brother. He was 16. I was 12. He said women aren’t supposed to have body hair. It apparently bothered him.
Hey There Rose
Hey There Rose Hace 12 días
Once my friend was basically laughing at me because I have what she calls "boy legs", and one time I shaved cause I WANTED TO and she was TELLING ALL THE BOYS I did it, and one of them was like "Yeah, so?", She said "She never does it" I must clarify I did it way too often so I don't know why she said that, anyways his response was "why do you even care if she does it or not" you guys have no idea how glad I was to hear that, the sad thing is that I'm just 14 years old
Janielle Cuala
Janielle Cuala Hace 12 días
Love those socks tho 😍
Jennifer L._.
Jennifer L._. Hace 12 días
Yes girlllll qweeeen
Mady Anderson
Mady Anderson Hace 12 días
Omg I felt the same way about shaving
lucky jinx
lucky jinx Hace 13 días
In my opinion shaving arms and legs isn't necessary, but you should regularly shave(or trim) your private area and underarm for hygiene
Jess Melgar
Jess Melgar Hace 11 días
It’s actually less hygienic to do that, and you have a higher risk of contracting STIs. So shaving private areas is still realistically a you do you situation.
t a e ;-;
t a e ;-; Hace 13 días
My hair is too dark.....
Olivia Worth
Olivia Worth Hace 13 días
it’s pronounced ‘renAE sonce’
Kylie Coolidge
Kylie Coolidge Hace 14 días
Girl your so gorgeous ! Be yourself hair or not your still amazing 💜
Anchal Kumari
Anchal Kumari Hace 14 días
Thank you for opening my eyes, THANK YOU.
Alexa Marie
Alexa Marie Hace 14 días
I’m still gonna shave my legs but thanks for the story😬
Lexi The Fox
Lexi The Fox Hace 14 días
I love her socks ❤️
Saraa Renaud
Saraa Renaud Hace 14 días
In all complete honesty, I just don't like the feeling of hair on my legs. I get itchy 😂 so I just shave
V Hace 15 días
Well said.
alice hatterz
alice hatterz Hace 15 días
No, this had to do with fashion and feeding off of womens insecurities, insecurities they created. Shorter dressed, open sleeves etc. Were said to have required shaving and removing the hair. Just another ploy. Don’t shave especially if you don’t want to or it is tedious for you , most people either won’t care or will get used to it.
Ciara Devane
Ciara Devane Hace 15 días
I love this
Bean cake
Bean cake Hace 15 días
I hate body hair I gotta shave it off
jheta chandler
jheta chandler Hace 16 días
i try to tell my friend all the time like if you were never told to shave, you wouldn’t know to shave ! and it is so irritating to me because she says “well it’s my opinion” but it isn’t her original opinion ! it’s what she’s been told her whole life !! and she judges me when i don’t shave... like huh ?!
göccigäng Hace 16 días
i stopped shaving my legs because i started WAXING lmao
ommaren mennaren
ommaren mennaren Hace 16 días
göccigäng same I started waxing my armpits because people were picking on me because of it. Even though they had bullied me so long time for other reasons
Maya Goinga
Maya Goinga Hace 16 días
I actually like shaving and having nice silky smooth legs and i personally dont like looking at my hairy legs, i shave for me not for anyone else.
Catermellon Hace 17 días
*_This is why I never started shaving my legs_*
Te Tee
Te Tee Hace 17 días
My friend is 19 and her armpit hair never grew in so it’s been baby smooth her whole life
Li Rodj7
Li Rodj7 Hace 17 días
My mom didn’t let me shave till 15 I’ve been 15 for 5 months and I really don’t care, I only shave when I go to a party or I have a meet for swim but I rarely shave, my teammates just don’t care, we just go on like normal
Brember - EmberLavender
Personally, I just shave my legs because it makes me physically uncomfortable to have hair on my legs. But whatever makes you happy :)
Anita Balla
Anita Balla Hace 17 días
What about shaving down there or your bikini line? Try wearing shorts and bathing suits with all that hair. No thanks.
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Hace 17 días
I don’t care about leg hair but arm pit hair is a neef
redsapphire 123
redsapphire 123 Hace 18 días
bru... I try to shave sometimes, ill shave for so long. and I'm like doing different places. so I'm probably gonna shave one more time then like let it grow even.
Gum Princess
Gum Princess Hace 18 días
I thank my mom, thanks to her I've been confident to not shave my legs and arms since that pressure during middle school was about to start
Ra'Neisha Carter
Ra'Neisha Carter Hace 18 días
I only shave my legs for special occasions or vacations where I was going to show my legs alot but other than that I dont care. Plus my hair dont grow that long so no one notice unless they really staring at them and idc what others think about it either. I shave everywhere else though such as my underarms because of appearance and I dont like the feeling of it and that my preference not anyone else's.
Lannahllama 1
Lannahllama 1 Hace 19 días
I am going into middle school and I still haven’t shaved and I don’t care what others think bc that’s who I am and my grade and some teachers understand that and respect it.BTW I have very hairy legs and I am not ashamed or embarrassed of it.😎
applejack Hace 20 días
I honestly only care about my armpit hair
bumblekittyTV Hace 20 días
My leg hair grows back really slowly so I can go like 2 and a half weeks before the hair on my legs are really that visible and like a month before it’s fully grown back but the thing is once it’s fully grown back it’s REALLY hairy like when I was in middle school I always wondered if other girls legs were as hairy as mine like guys never shaved their legs but there was like no hair on them but girls shaved there legs so I didn’t get why girls legs were hairier but anyway now I know it’s because girls are growing during middle school and guys grow during high school well usually
Moon walker142
Moon walker142 Hace 20 días
And still males dont wear make up Then why r u wearing make up huh? Ofc shaving our not shavibg is our decision girls but dont say wortheless reasons
Sarah A
Sarah A Hace 21 un día
When you already are in an ltr and work in an environment where you have to cover your legs for safety 👌
I didn't shave my legs until I was in 6th grade and I did it because girls kept saying I should shave. Yeah the first time I shaved was nice and soft and it stayed shaved for a while, but now I have to keep up with it and it grows back after a day and it's more of a chore. I miss having smooth legs but it sucks that if I don't do it people are gonna make fun of me.
Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter Hace 21 un día
My mom Is Taiwanese and her arms and legs are literally hairless and she doesnt even have armpit hair but my legs and arms are soooo hairy and the hair is so dark and long I want to die sometimes
* josie *
* josie * Hace 21 un día
Personally I don’t like if people or even myself are hairy, but I mean they can do what ever they want but I just think it’s pretty strange.
Abbie k
Abbie k Hace 22 días
Is it just me that finds that deodorant works better when I have shaved my armpits
prk chaeyeonn
prk chaeyeonn Hace 22 días
I absolutely hate shaving, but my legs look better without hair. I dont shave in Winter though. I turn into a werewolf.
Lily Schiffman
Lily Schiffman Hace 23 días
Yea I haven’t shaved my pits or legs for 2 weeks bc of the same reason she is talking about.
Takeo Hace 22 días
Lily Schiffman I hope your die of breast cancer
lilly bee
lilly bee Hace 23 días
Hair just ain’t cute, the same way obesity isn’t. Like its not tht hard, we are turned on by some things and turned off by others.
fxlia x
fxlia x Hace 23 días
I’m in junior high and I see girls with smooth legs in gym class and I really wanna shave but I can’t because my mom and I know that if I shave, the hair will grow faster
NOLWAZI Hace 23 días
I don't like this dawon guy😑.
isabel roldan
isabel roldan Hace 23 días
if you don’t want to shave don’t but if you enjoy doing it do it don’t feel ashamed because apparently shaving your legs means your trying to impress people
rosangel183 Hace 24 días
Fuck you Darwin
it’s me
it’s me Hace 24 días
i take 45 minutes....
prk chaeyeonn
prk chaeyeonn Hace 22 días
I feel ur pain...
YouTube Account
YouTube Account Hace 24 días
Lol it was dangerous before, but now it’s not. so what’s the problem?
Anna Peterson
Anna Peterson Hace 24 días
Like why would someone spend that much money just on shaving products when you can just deal with having a little hair on your legs like for me it doesn’t bother me as much because you can hardly see it because it’s the same color as my skin but I don’t know it just seems kind of useless that someone spending that much money just to shave the hair off your legs like it wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t supposed to be there.
Mycala Hughes
Mycala Hughes Hace 24 días
I shave because I like to feel smooth, and if I don't shave my armpits the sweat gets stuck in the hairs which makes it stink. I like to shave because it personally makes me feel happy and cleaner
Candy fox
Candy fox Hace 24 días
I just shaved my armpits today. But I don't like shaving anything else because I get ingrown hair and it gets itchy :/
Jazzy Time
Jazzy Time Hace 24 días
I have really hairy legs and idc but mostly because I’m not allowed to shaved cuz I’m only 11
Nina Hace 24 días
yessss queen
Very Emotionally Attached To Stranger Things
As a competitive swimmer I have to shave to help me drop time and go faster
Very Emotionally Attached To Stranger Things
Miki Rt well shaving your legs helps you go like .4 seconds faster when you swim because it creates less drag just like swim caps make your head smooth to stop your hair from creating drag
Miki Rt
Miki Rt Hace 22 días
Really ? So how hairy your hair determine your speed ? is it a prove or study about that because I just think it's for aesthetic reasons
You are my senpaiii
You are my senpaiii Hace 25 días
Shaving is for hygiene especially for your vagina. I find it really unclean Xd that’s my opinion
Angelique Turk
Angelique Turk Hace 25 días
I got a razor ad before this video played
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