Why Is This Woman Carrying So Many Bags of Cheetos?

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You’ve never seen contraband like this! This woman carried 20 bags of Cheetos with her in her airplane carry-on bag. TSA agents at Los Angeles International Airport wanted to know what that was all about as her bag was searched. Turns out, the traveler, Emily Mei, was bringing the snacks to friends in South Korea. Mei said she is not paid to endorse Cheetos.

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10 oct 2019






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Nariketsu Hace un día
I’m actually on a Inside Edition binge and I can’t stop.
Get Die or be Die
Get Die or be Die Hace un día
Plot twist: the have w e e d
Almotasimblah Mustafa
halo halo
halo halo Hace 3 días
Dont all families do this? 😂😭
kennaramie15 Hace 5 días
lmfao literally me. cuz i’m addicted to them brother
Julia Larios
Julia Larios Hace 6 días
lol *cheeto goddes*
DahyunTWICEloverKawaii Hello
To be honest I would do the same!!
David Aguilar
David Aguilar Hace 7 días
So this girl likes hot Cheetos
Natalie Insixiengmay
Haha 😂 I knew it was Emily
yoshis.left.nipple Hace 8 días
This lady : **gets a news report for bringing a lot of Cheetos on a bag** Oliver Tree: am I a joke to you?
Lankybox 2.0
Lankybox 2.0 Hace 9 días
If i was her mom and if I found out about what she did.........I would be proud
KaitoGaming Hace 9 días
Cheetos with lemon is lit
This is Philippines
This is Philippines Hace 10 días
So that’s the purpose of that expensive LV. LV for LOOT VAG! 😂😂😂✌🏻 very PUNny, 😂 yea im corny
Chantelle Waite
Chantelle Waite Hace 11 días
I surprised a TSA Agent coming back from Japan when he opened my carry-on and candy overflowed onto the counter. He looked at it and then me and back, then asked if it was all for me. Nope, sharing with family. Also, keep in mind to not have bath bombs in your carry-on or TSA will think it is a different type of bomb.
Dinar Puspasari
Dinar Puspasari Hace 11 días
Jalapeno flavor is much better
Breeze Hace 12 días
she looks like a female version of jimin in bts
only1 ale
only1 ale Hace 13 días
I would arrest her to they aren't with lime
Eh Hace 13 días
Me: *yum*
froobalation Hace 14 días
I did same thing for us to UK
I was born In area 51
I was born In area 51 Hace 15 días
Marianna Malpica
Marianna Malpica Hace 16 días
Me when i want food
Jon Quist
Jon Quist Hace 16 días
Meanwhile terrorist boards plane
Ashton Lagleva
Ashton Lagleva Hace 17 días
Dear internet, stop glorifying stupid "social media influencers." They're not God!!
Layla Requena
Layla Requena Hace 17 días
Like ! Like, like. Like ! Literally .. like
Coconut Music
Coconut Music Hace 17 días
Thanks now I’m craving flaming hot Cheetos now lol 😂
Iris Crystal
Iris Crystal Hace 17 días
She's my new bff XD GIVE ME THOSE CHEETOS!!!
Justice For all
Justice For all Hace 18 días
Time to stop selling drugs and start selling hot Cheetos! Who knew!😂😂😂
deola jeola
deola jeola Hace 18 días
We dont have flaming hot cheetos in london so when my dad goes to dubai i ask him to get 4 bags of it
Sasha Sushi
Sasha Sushi Hace 18 días
Why not?
Em Blenn
Em Blenn Hace 18 días
Michelle Puangco
Michelle Puangco Hace 19 días
Dude literally I’m obsessed with Hot Cheetos. Can I have some?
MELLO JELLO Hace 19 días
How is this contraband?
Ron Si
Ron Si Hace 20 días
Why is this shown to the rest us though. Anything to get money and advertise a frivilous product to make money. America is such a sick place.
phantxmzz Hace 20 días
She has good taste
Amni Aqilah
Amni Aqilah Hace 21 un día
UrbanizedGoof Hace 21 un día
I thought those Cheeto bags had drugs in em lol
Lyndsay T
Lyndsay T Hace 21 un día
This is me always ever day for snack
blurrxed Hace 21 un día
so your saying you wouldn’t?
Master Yobama
Master Yobama Hace 21 un día
No one: Teenagers at school:
Bella’s World
Bella’s World Hace 21 un día
Inside edition:why do she have a lot of chetos Me:because she likes it duh 😒
0of_man 1234
0of_man 1234 Hace 21 un día
tsa agent: whats in the bag her: alot of cheetos tsa agent:why her: idk
nadine Hace 22 días
Girl I thought that was Yves
Squid frick
Squid frick Hace 23 días
PeachyEats Hace 23 días
Thank you, ESvid algorithm my hope in humanity is restored
Multi Fandom
Multi Fandom Hace 24 días
Saw the thumbnail and was like wtf is emily doing on inside edition.
Reilly Hace 24 días
OH MY GOD!, I found my wife!
kirileyy .
kirileyy . Hace 24 días
me : *looks at thumbnail* me : wait i know her- also me : WAIT EMILY WYDDDD
ViperpipeHyper TV
ViperpipeHyper TV Hace 24 días
I had a thought that she was obsessed with Cheetos.
val Hace 24 días
Mexicans have been sending hot Cheetos to loved ones since the chips first came out.
Maggie Jones
Maggie Jones Hace 24 días
tHeY'rE iN a LoUiS vUiTtOn BaG *wHeEzE*
XxPink_ LoverxX
XxPink_ LoverxX Hace 24 días
Emily May, that's the same name as bald of the girls in my school.
sjosephr Hace 25 días
Oh look another person who doesn’t have a real job
Private Account
Private Account Hace 25 días
She, like, literally - for sure - sounds like a nice friend and all but, like, I mean, she also seems like, ya know, like.... ya know?
Dolan da meme
Dolan da meme Hace 25 días
Well sounds like a good business. I may start taking loads of Cheetos to Corea. 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
seraphic ava
seraphic ava Hace 25 días
That's not enough
Joshua Pate
Joshua Pate Hace 25 días
Cause she's a gamer
chakrafina casanova
chakrafina casanova Hace 25 días
I’ll send you all the Hot Cheetos you want because now America is addicted to takiies 😂 facts
Sammmuela Hace 25 días
I need a bag now.
Aris Hace 25 días
oop why is this me!😂💀
Peachy Peach
Peachy Peach Hace 25 días
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