Why Is This Woman Carrying So Many Bags of Cheetos?

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You’ve never seen contraband like this! This woman carried 20 bags of Cheetos with her in her airplane carry-on bag. TSA agents at Los Angeles International Airport wanted to know what that was all about as her bag was searched. Turns out, the traveler, Emily Mei, was bringing the snacks to friends in South Korea. Mei said she is not paid to endorse Cheetos.

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10 oct 2019






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Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 2 horas
I bet Chester Cheetos was happy.
natalie m
natalie m Hace 18 horas
Who eats so many cheetoes
Brittney Torres
Brittney Torres Hace un día
It is common to take so much and I love their to ❤️
singing4hope Hace 6 días
I would have done the same. Cheetos so expensive overseas.
Guli TG
Guli TG Hace 11 días
Should've saved the Cheetos for quarantine
Meme Frog
Meme Frog Hace 11 días
She is probably going back to her home and brought 20 bags because it is quarantine time.
Ntxoo Thoj
Ntxoo Thoj Hace 12 días
She is probaby obsessed with flamin hot cheetos
B3 Tan
B3 Tan Hace 12 días
climbing mount everest to see who tf asked
•K-pop • Girl•
•K-pop • Girl• Hace 12 días
Her: I was actually traveling to Korea. Me as a kpop Stan: SiStEr yOu SlAy ThOse HoT ChEeToS GuRl
The iBaldi
The iBaldi Hace 12 días
Ok but that’s what my mum normally gets from the shops.
ab_byxD Hace 13 días
Who pats down a bag of Cheetos?
Zaheer Hace 15 días
Here in England, It's really hard for us to find a big pack of cheetos
niyaaswrldd Hace 16 días
This happens to me with 15 hot Cheetos and 20 twinkes
Saniah Williams
Saniah Williams Hace 16 días
Saniah Williams
Saniah Williams Hace 16 días
She could give me one
Michelle Harris
Michelle Harris Hace 17 días
i love those hot cheetos yummm
Harrish Loganathan
Harrish Loganathan Hace 17 días
Ukranian 🇺🇦
Mousewith2es Hace 18 días
Connor Schofield
Connor Schofield Hace 19 días
I swear this channel only does real news once a blue moon
Toast Ghost
Toast Ghost Hace 20 días
Simple,she likes Cheetos
Olivia Cruz
Olivia Cruz Hace 20 días
I love cheetos so mush
Dayami Rivas
Dayami Rivas Hace 20 días
I have 74 bags of hot cheetos, how is this news-
kaykay squad
kaykay squad Hace 21 un día
vickyksf Hace 22 días
ultimate cheeto girl
Bay Bam
Bay Bam Hace 23 días
Imagine a thief saw the Louis Vuitton bag and stole it from to find hot Cheetos
Yully Dully
Yully Dully Hace 23 días
*Plot Twist She Hid Drugs Inside The Bags*
Elizabeth Vazquez
Elizabeth Vazquez Hace 23 días
She’s right, I spend a whole year in Korea and I craved Hot Cheetos and Takis while I lived there. Honestly even Oreos don’t taste the same in Korea. ( SK has their own great snacks but sometimes you want a familiar taste)
TheGodOfSpeed Hace 24 días
Me:how much bags of Cheetos do you want Her:yes
Toddy G
Toddy G Hace 25 días
Behind the scenes of the flamin hot Cheeto girl
Taladro 50000
Taladro 50000 Hace 25 días
20 Yes 20 bag of Cheetos 0:03 .Stan lee be like “ what you haven’t seen a space ship before “
RiceLeaf Hace 26 días
LankyBestFan345 PinkPink
Omg she love cheetos
anthony wan
anthony wan Hace 27 días
florda man oliver tree had more
MemesWork Hace 29 días
People dying in this world from hunger and the coronavirus ESvid: hey you wanna see a women on news for having so many bags of cheetos in her bag
Asisdas Hace 29 días
I whould bring this just to eat,not to model lol
Kamila’s World
Kamila’s World Hace 29 días
I feel like I am the only one at 0:02 and take a bag of cheetos...
It’s Ryan Tv Fortnite
hot cheeto girl loving cheetos
The Aviation Channel
2019: stockpiling cheeto's 2020: *stockpiling toilet rolls*
elmo's anger issues
I mean, why wouldn't you? 😂
Chris Almanza
Chris Almanza Hace un mes
Because she loves Cheetos and everyone loves Cheetos
Dawar Munawar
Dawar Munawar Hace un mes
*W H Y*
Gabriella Melara
Gabriella Melara Hace un mes
Hey guys she is not the only one that she loves flaming hot Cheetos I love I mean I really love flaming hot Cheetos I will even do the same thing when I grow up I loved them until I was 4 now I am 9 years old and I still love them if u guys like flaming hot Cheetos plz like this comment. 👇🏼
Aplocryptite Hace un mes
She's hungry.
Rich boy The goat
Rich boy The goat Hace un mes
Hot Cheeto girl
Doc Hudson
Doc Hudson Hace un mes
Inside edition: now this is quality news
Lleexxii’s Gaming channel
Is anyone watching this while eating flaming hot Cheetos?
I Love Asian Kpop You Love Hate
Emily Ghoul [which is her ESvid name and ig name] loves hot Cheetos
aleksandra belov
aleksandra belov Hace un mes
the fact that that this has 4 mil views...
•Cafe• Boo•
•Cafe• Boo• Hace un mes
Don’t worry guys, she’s just getting ready for first period.
Hamudi Hace un mes
:( I've never ate Takis or hot Cheetos
Kensley And Ella
Kensley And Ella Hace un mes
That’s just amazing!🤩🤪
Veda Aditya Ramsaroop
Ummm.....I carry a lot of chocolates around. Can I be on Inside Edition now? NO HATE!!! JUST WANTED TO HOP ON THE TREND.
Pineapple HD
Pineapple HD Hace un mes
Well ngl you could had just shipped it to her
Megan Armstrong
Megan Armstrong Hace un mes
Is she diabetic
Emiliano Lopez Rodriguez
I love Cheetos that’s so good 😊
Monira Ali Kona
Monira Ali Kona Hace un mes
Title: *Why this woman carrying so many bag of cheetos* Me: *Cause she is addicted* 😕😂
That Melanin
That Melanin Hace un mes
Y’all could have just said flamin hot Cheetos 🤦🏿‍♀️
Game Trooper
Game Trooper Hace un mes
There was cocaine in the bags
• strxwbxrriez •
My dad when we went to see my cousin
Darwin Hace un mes
“Because she is Mexican? No” omg how racist
Jamesfloatyhead YT
Jamesfloatyhead YT Hace un mes
Graciela Cazenave
Graciela Cazenave Hace un mes
of course emily
Griffin Guidance
Griffin Guidance Hace un mes
How does this qualify as news to you?
Queenxzwaterz Hace un mes
The ghetto girls backpack:
Angelina Tran
Angelina Tran Hace un mes
Ummmm yes girl
LemonSqueeze XD
LemonSqueeze XD Hace un mes
Plot twist the machine didn’t catch the guns hidden in it
Jonneisha Gardner
Jonneisha Gardner Hace un mes
Im not the only one who thought she looked like sulli in the thumbnail
jeniel cross
jeniel cross Hace un mes
This it Emily ghoul
Danna Hace un mes
Okay but I know her from amber
Allyson Fuerte
Allyson Fuerte Hace un mes
Hot Cheeto girl showed her true colors
Ashley Hansen
Ashley Hansen Hace un mes
That was a good thing she did 😁
XxJhonnyxX Hace un mes
Moood rn😭😭
Tnx Nn
Tnx Nn Hace un mes
Let her get the cheetos
kivom Hace un mes
It’s expansive to get flaming hot cheetos in Korea but. They’re sweet 😳
Julian Maldonado
Julian Maldonado Hace un mes
News:Why is this women carrying so many bags of hot Cheetos Me:um because she likes them 🙄
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
They running out of ideas.
kb jhon
kb jhon Hace un mes
The true cheeto girl in the class
Cus she from Dr ghetto
Tat Lat
Tat Lat Hace un mes
Why is this news cuz that’s me
Dim San
Dim San Hace un mes
Who else a fan of Hot Cheetos
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