Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Complete Cinematic Failure

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Disney made me delete the ending of this video because I used the Star Wars theme. Here's the ending with new music: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-HyIvGmSsF8M.html
Star Wars: The Last Jedi, what a truly incredible trainwreck. Rian Johnson's complete inability to craft anything even resembling meaningful (or coherent) plotline is truly remarkable to behold. Six months out from this farce, let's take a closer look at everything that went wrong.
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22 may 2018






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Vito Hace un mes
Disney made me delete the original ending of this video. Watch the new ending here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-HyIvGmSsF8M.html
Paolo H
Paolo H Hace 22 horas
+Bob Marine - That's a great song!...with Alex.
Dan Hace un día
+Tyramizou stfu and die like the retarded worthless shit you are, my little edge lord who jerks of by thinking of Kylo Ren. Discusting how retarded some people on this Earth can be.
Gotsta Bag Jo' Momma
I like to spooge on Disney
Integrity In Christ Ministry
Your video is so epic you killed is so hard that the ending had to be a separate video ahhahahaha Cheers
James Carter
James Carter Hace 3 días
Good! You’re a fucking idiot who is the leader of some of the dumbest people dragging down our country today: the whiny privileged douchebag contingent! Just pieces of trash, every one of you, and I love that Disney is rubbing your face in it. I’m looking forward to the Unicorn Jedi movies and gay men on tandem bicycles fighting the Empire of Failed Macho Douchebags.
JIM MORGAN Hace 9 minutos
I kind of enjoyed it but was disappointed at the same time.
Michael Jamieson
Michael Jamieson Hace un hora
God this is fucking tedious, if you frame it like this you can pick any movie to pieces.
Christopher Morgan
Christopher Morgan Hace 2 horas
I truly hated this movie
Joho1208 Hace 3 horas
Saw it last week. Heard it was bad, so my expectations were low, but I still managed to get disappointed. I'm getting a bit tired of all these ''Gonna make fast and beautiful money, with a shitty screenplay-movie'' Does Disney even have any original ideers or experience with it? I mean, all Disney nr.2 films are shit. All their ''hits'' are old fairetalys, stolen, taken or bought from others. Shakespeare, Grimm, H.C. Andersen, Kiplings, etc etc. Disney has become too big to fail financial that they have stopped trying making good movies and just pumped out shit and see if it sticks on the wall.
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson Hace 3 horas
Rose Their only one business in the galaxy that will get you this rich. Finn as he looks at her jedi mind control? Or bounty hunters killing alot of peaple. Jaba the hut being a bad guy and inslaving real humans? How about solo and lando calrisen being space smuggling pirates.
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson Hace 4 horas
36k didn't like your video! Ha-ha thanks for letting us no how many ppl liked the new star wars.
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson Hace 4 horas
A lesbian book store owner..?classic
Gregory Cotter
Gregory Cotter Hace 4 horas
Dude, you hit the nail on the head with this video, I love it !!
Jim Laker
Jim Laker Hace 4 horas
Ass hole. 11th highest grossing movie of all time. 2nd highest grossing Star Wars movie. 2nd highest critics rated movie (rotten tomatoes score). You piece of shit are in a very small small minority.
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson Hace 4 horas
Ha-ha fuck the ppl who like star wars
Deividas Kavoliunas
Deividas Kavoliunas Hace 4 horas
the idea of "all white males should step a side" eithery by simply dying, vanishing or becoming obsolete is a kind of a social justice. It's not enough for them to despise men in real life. White men should be annihiated on movie screen too.
DJokSIM100 Hace 4 horas
Great video mate 😁
v0dka p0ps1c1e
v0dka p0ps1c1e Hace 5 horas
What a bunch of pathetic villains. They are a disgrace to the forces of cinematic evil. If kylo ren walks in our neighborhood, 10 year old kids would beat him up and leave him on the sidewalk crying, puppies would bite his ass and kittens would poop on his face out of disgust. lol
Bang Daddy
Bang Daddy Hace 5 horas
Ti-Fighter destroys spaceship Leia dies* Leia: /Gamemode 1
Chris Scoggins
Chris Scoggins Hace 5 horas
Couldnt agree more with this
Mighty Tighty Whitey And I'm Smuggling Plums
im thubverting extpectatonzzz LOLOL
SHäge Hace 6 horas
I actually kinda liked the fight scene
Heiner Schnicksler
Heiner Schnicksler Hace 6 horas
Something unexpected would be a star wars movie without any scene in space. Just three guys in a room. Yoda, Luke and Rey, teaching her the ways and mystics of the force, but somehow luke fucks it up and it ends in a psycho horrorthriller
Obi Hace 6 horas
The Last Jedi is a great movie.
Prophet Ascending
Prophet Ascending Hace 6 horas
In a galaxy far, far away... Fem Intersection, a morbidly obese deaf lesbian with a deformed left hand, travels the galaxy at the head of vast army of transsexual paraplegics riding motorised wheelchairs, who are stationed on a giant space station shaped like a machete chopping a penis in half, which proudly flies the rainbow flag from it's towering command centre. She is inherently good, and seeks an alliance with the rebels on the ice planet of Di Why Tee. The rebellion, lead by the ancient tribal chief known as Di Versity, whose tribe of multi racial midgets form a great army, teams up with the wise Jedi master, Reppa Ray Shuns, to take a final stand against the evil empire of disgraced former Jedi, Pay Tri Arcee, and his great war machine of Kor Kayshon warlords. Just as the rebels seem on the brink of defeat, after a massive battle on the dusty rock planet of Mensuck, the old Jedi, Hay Tal Men, who is the first openly gay Muslim Jedi and is married to an 8 feet tall green Spassoital native with 3 heads and 6 tongues, arrives with her army of empowered hijab wearing lesbian warriors and saves the day. The battle is over , the evil Pay Tri Arcee is destroyed, all creeds and colours rejoice the final destruction of the Kor Kayshon tribe, and the rebels finally unite under the rainbow flag with the crescent moon as the marriage of the mute, short sighted, bi sexual Hindu son of the Deegen empire and the quadreplegic daughter of Reppa Ray Shuns secures the future. All is well...or so it seems. Coming this summer; Culture Wars VIII: The Last Kor Kayshon
Dark Neal
Dark Neal Hace 7 horas
Brilliant video, but all these things were SO obvious to me it shocks me that SO many people didn't or refuse notice...or thought that this was a good movie at all. IT DOESN"T MAKE SENSE! My plan, like Rocky V, is to never own the movie or admit it exists.
Tommy Marsiglia
Tommy Marsiglia Hace 8 horas
After Disney Star Wars became a sort of Chronicles of Narnia with strange animals, teen age characters and little useless cutie monsters that make all the kids say "Mom I want that for chrstmas!"
Star Wars Girl
Star Wars Girl Hace 8 horas
I prefer attack of the clones/the prequels in general
Videogamelover58 Hace 9 horas
There youtube, you happy? I finally saw this video
Nathaniel Lionheart
Nathaniel Lionheart Hace 9 horas
The star wars movies ended at episode 6. They were George Lucas films and brilliant. The Disney stuff is garbage meant to appease certain stupid demographics rather than to tell stories.
Vic Canada
Vic Canada Hace 12 horas
This commentaries are hilarious xD I wonder if the author write a script.. or it was a Freestyle )))
MisterPro Hace 13 horas
Can anyone tell me who Marie Sue is?
Erik Andersson
Erik Andersson Hace 13 horas
You'd think with all the money Disney has, they could afford to include a story with their expensive movie.
Joey whodafkareu
Joey whodafkareu Hace 14 horas
stop smiling. stop hugging. youre f***ed.
Ajb111482 Hace 14 horas
FBI Hace 15 horas
I went to a shooting range... but gotcha! It was a school!
Eccentric Frenchman
Eccentric Frenchman Hace 7 horas
Ironic for the FBI...
Garegh62 Hace 15 horas
Your video is annoying, your voice is annoying and I'm glad someone made you edit it before they put it back up. It's Star Wars, ok? Nobody expected 2001: A Space Oddysey. Get a life, get laid. Quit trying to be relative by armchair criticism.
SwissMarksman Hace 7 horas
Wes Kennington
Wes Kennington Hace 15 horas
Totally agree... this movie was one of THE worst movies I have EVER seen. This will be a remake in the future
Alex Fitzgerald
Alex Fitzgerald Hace 15 horas
I can only sympathise for how boring life must be for you if you live so cynically. The movie's fine, so much of what of you point out as a criticism is completely misguided, and at the end of the day you can really enjoy the film if you just allow yourself to.
Wither Ninja
Wither Ninja Hace 15 horas
No joke, I actually thought the Last Jedi was a decent movie. I will at least say it is nothing compared to say Revenge of The Sith
Dale Sexton
Dale Sexton Hace 15 horas
I agree with you 100 percent. This movie was horrible. It's sad that the best SW movie since the Empire is Rogue One. I don't expect much better with the 9th chapter either.
Varic Hace 15 horas
curse you disney
Maxwell Luong
Maxwell Luong Hace 16 horas
Fuck that asian chick
Yutube SuspendedMyAccount
TLJ made Human Centipede looks like oscar worthy ~
Finn Smith
Finn Smith Hace 17 horas
You fucking nailed this I died at the part with the x-men not being able to get over the wall lmao I hadn’t seen that before. Good job. Like, comment, and subscribed!
dragonhold4 Hace 17 horas
We'll probably have to wait another half a century to get the genuine Luke back on the big screen.
Pal Tomori
Pal Tomori Hace 17 horas
Star Wars definitely needs a fat black muslim woman main character. It is still not PC enough.
dragonhold4 Hace 17 horas
We're going to need a whole new trilogy of Rogue One's to fix the plot holes of The Last Jedi alone.
Jomark Rivera
Jomark Rivera Hace 18 horas
This movie is fucking trash please dont fucking watch the next one coming out will be trash to
OES 25
OES 25 Hace 18 horas
Double gotcha! 😆
Voiden Hace 18 horas
Hyperspace is indeed going really fast. You don’t enter some kind of dimension/wormhole. The reason why you don’t smash into planets is because they use hyperspace routes to navigate around planets. So yes the ramming of the flag ship is indeed possible. She probably didn’t set any coordinates cus she wants to ram the flagship. And that means no specific hyperspace lane is set.
John Budd
John Budd Hace 19 horas
Dude your a fucking idiot. Your obviously just an oblivious audience member and you don’t know shit.
synthsolutionmusic Hace 19 horas
The Last Jedi is a cinematic failure because of whiny fanboys bitching because it didn't go the way you thought it would go.
Jorrit Janssen
Jorrit Janssen Hace 19 horas
Little does he know snoke is actually the highest guy in the empire that healed the emporer so he can fight against rey
FP Hace 20 horas
All these new Star Wars are shit and unimaginative
HC45701 Hace 20 horas
Wow - Amen. Brilliant review.
dragonhold4 Hace 20 horas
7:05 Surprised this movie wasn't called Star Wars Episode Seinfeld.
ryan nunez
ryan nunez Hace 20 horas
bro you really just hating the movie was fine
Edwin Ombac
Edwin Ombac Hace 20 horas
They turned Luke into a hermit to go full circle Star Wars, now Luke is Obiwan, fucking dumb, Obiwan became a hermit because the Jedi’s of his time were being wiped out, at the end of Return of the Jedi they, the Rebels, won!!!, why the fuck would Luke become a hermit, shit, he just helped save the fucking galaxy, he should be a hero like William Wallace, don’t give me this hermit crap, how could you do that to our child hood hero, shame on you Rian Johnson, you were part of my generation to so you should have known better than to desecrate such a hero. Just couldn’t come up with anything original so you made Luke into Obiwan.
Will Power
Will Power Hace 21 un hora
If you got rid of these four things, the last jedi would be an instant improvement :The Purple Haired Woman 2 Rose 3 Kylo Ren 4 Oscar Isaac
Finn Maclaurin
Finn Maclaurin Hace 21 un hora
These films were created by Disney to replace the struggle against an imperialistic governing body, to fighting a terrorist movement. It’s literally propaganda,
Paolo H
Paolo H Hace 21 un hora
85% of the people in the comments section shouldn't breed...fortunately your personalities will take care of that, safeguarding the planet's gene-pool! Unless the girls here meet up with the guys....FUCK!
tazzmaniandevilboy42 Hace 21 un hora
This is a minor nitpick, but Daisy Ridley really needs to close her mouth more. The amount of times her mouth was hanging open in the whole movie was baffling. Every shot or scene she's in, her mouth is always hanging open
Zodie Hace 22 horas
Sooo true
Abraham Mathew
Abraham Mathew Hace 23 horas
Rianjohnson is a dumb retard
Blake Gordon
Blake Gordon Hace 23 horas
Careful. Disney and their liberal media hacks will cover you being a sexist and a nazi
Arnaud Mahieu
Arnaud Mahieu Hace 23 horas
jacob Pihel
jacob Pihel Hace 23 horas
Hyperspace aint some wormhole, you travel on hyperspacelanes that has been build buy beings in the hole star wars story, mostly legends
David McConville
David McConville Hace 23 horas
Editor: "Okay Rian, which part of the saga you wanted to reinvent? The lore, space battle physics, the traditional characters or the intriguing questions set up in the last film?" Rian Johnson: "Yes.'
BigfootKatie Hace 23 horas
Vito, Vito, Vito, Vito,..........You are fucking AWESOME, You should have written the new star wars movies
Matei Tudor
Matei Tudor Hace 23 horas
Lmao face reveal at 9:04
BicycleRider09 Hace un día
Vito, you utilize the second person here a lot: "TLJ has so many plot twists, that you stop being surprised by them and just start getting annoyed". Then you're saying beyond unnecessarily rude things like, "some idiots are saying it's actually good!". This level of projection and elitism is what makes me dislike a huge portion of the Star Wars fan base. Even if this movie is utter shit from a completely objective and unbiased perspective (which doesn't exist) that's some fucking garbage to cast out statements like that. You don't get to tell me what the movie made me feel. You don't need to call people idiots if they liked something you didn't. It's a goddamn Star Wars movie dude, not Citizen Kane 2. And even if it was, IT'S JUST A MOVIE. Pick it apart and call it trash for any reasons you see fit. But don't make a video and use second person statements to assign your feelings about the movie onto me. And please, for your own sake and for the sake of your viewers, curb your elitist bullshit. There's literally no screenwriter or director who can make a Star Wars movie that'll be beloved by all. There are things about TLJ that I really dislike. There are things about it that I really enjoy. Some people disagree with me on my particular points, and that's fine. But I don't call them idiots for thinking differently than me and I certainly don't claim objective statements about the film. There are fare more important things to be mad about and genuinely terrible people who should be labeled far worse things than an idiot.
ricardo ebbers
ricardo ebbers Hace un día
i hope the new one wil be better
Andy Blake
Andy Blake Hace un día
God this movie is so so so so bad...i cant get over it lol
Shy Kaiman
Shy Kaiman Hace un día
U can't argue against Disney, they can fuck u out for good or just fake numbers and shill advertisements/reviews do the rest. Lots of kids in this world, millenials and other shit teenagers (way more than a decade ago) and most of them are stupid, numb to old stuff/culture. Wich means this shit will always happen in the future in every section, not only in movies. A piece of shit without talent today is a god of talent cause lots of these examples above give them credit due their lack of knowledge in lots of segments in their lives. That's sad and reflects in the way u see things today, no talents, no more solid stuff, no more optimistic culture, only trash and more trash like we produce everyday by living in this doomed planet.
Carefree Jimbob
Carefree Jimbob Hace un día
Rian Johnson... We have paid the price for his lack of vision.
Shawn Prieto
Shawn Prieto Hace un día
Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy! Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova, and that'd end your trip real quick, wouldn't it? Hyperspace is canonically just going really fast. Dont need to read the books to understand that you can hit things while in hyperspace.
arcwall14 Hace 21 un hora
I never took Han's line to mean that you'd physically hit those objects. I took it that he's describing celestial bodies that have so much gravitational mass or energy that they would have adverse effects on ships even though they were in some sort of hyperspace dimension. But because their locations are known, they can be accounted for with navigation calculations...as long as they were done correctly. If hyperspace is "just going really fast" then couldn't your ship destroy itself hitting some random piece of space trash dumped overboard, or any other number of items, which couldn't be accounted for?
Stopped your video after 24 seconds. So much negativity and insults to directors.. Sounds to me like you should go and make your own movie, instead of making negative videos like this.. prove yourself as a film maker, and go and create something productive and inspiring instead of this.. The payoff is much greater :-)
Geenimetsuri Hace un día
Why is that 'Cinematic' there in the title?
Venom Gaming 97
Venom Gaming 97 Hace un día
I liked it ngl
Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme Hace un día
To call it a cinematic failure is so hyperbolic. Jesus Christ. You need to go watch some cinematic failures.
Adri Hans
Adri Hans Hace un día
completely agree. won't be paying to see one again.
Barry B. Benson
Barry B. Benson Hace un día
I just remembered TLJ actually happened so I went to see if Netflix had it, and they did. My goodness, I wanted to stop watching when I was only at the part where that woman dropped those bombs, but I didn’t because I was bored af. Man, what a shitty movie, especially space Leia and Mary Sue Rey.
Ollgabopi Hace un día
Finns Death could have saved this movie soooo much... Instead Rian turns it into a completely pointless Hollywood "twist" that gives NOTHING to the movie or the audience... So sad...
FCOL D Hace un día
It makes me sad when I hear all the good ideas, that should have been. Your Finn idea would have been great.
Hickbot Gameplays
Hickbot Gameplays Hace un día
I still can’t get over Leia turning into Kal-El after getting blown up.
Marlo Manger
Marlo Manger Hace un día
36.000 people who have DREADFUL opinions haha (imo of course)
Dave Rei
Dave Rei Hace un día
I love the Last Jedi
Peco Hace un día
finn was the worst character of all the star wars . Rose was pretty shitty also, kylo ren also.
Mr. Imarealsuperhero
Those movies to me personally were a total bore.. I sat through them hoping things would eventually get better, sadly the opposite was true (it was horrible)!
Eoin Harrison
Eoin Harrison Hace un día
They literally explain in the earlier movies that the calculation aspect of hyperspace is necessary so that you DONT crash into a star. I'm not saying it complicates any further space battles, but still. The hyperspace thing didn't fuck up the previous lore. Also your entire critique for a minutes long fight scene was one choreographic fuckup.
Eoin Harrison
Eoin Harrison Hace un día
ALSO, The chick stopping fin's suicide run made sense because he wasn't going to stop the fucking cannon anyway.
DonMagnifico Hace un día
There's a few points I disagree with in this. 1. Whilst Rian was given a large amount of control in the ways he laid out the plot, the key plot points were decided between Lucasfilm, JJ and Rian. 2. I think there's strengths to TLJ subverting expectations, but that isn't the only reason for the movie being good and I do not believe that was the intention. 3. I don't think it is obvious that the intended moral of the Holdo-Poe storyline was 'Poe is mansplaining, trust in women'. I think it's something closer to Poe should consider other people's strategies, rather than just his own, particularly if they are fighting on the same side. I don't think this was communicated particularly well though. 4. Leia flying, Luke being a hermit, Luke force projecting and dying AREN'T subjectively bad examples of storytelling. They're just events which are established in universe which you objectively dislike. Nothing wrong with that. But in no way can these be used as evidence for the movie being 'A Complete Cinematic Failure'. I appreciate the work you've put into the video but you're getting a dislike for that. 5. Also, I'm sure this was intended for comedic effect, but referring to one of the characters as 'dumb Asian lady' seriously drags down the credibility of this video as a solid critique. Points I do kinda agree with you on: 1. I can see where they wanted to go with the DJ and Holdo storylines. They were meant to provide the major challenge for Poe and Finn respectively, but I agree that the way they were handled was pretty disjointed. 2. I agree with your whole Phasma rewrite. Honestly not too sure what happened there. I feel that some people higher up just didn't want to give screentime to her characterisation. 3. I appreciate the idealism of Rose in the face of personal adversity and I like the use of commentary on the military-industrial complex, but the way these storylines were handled was pretty heavy handed.
Stewy Corn
Stewy Corn Hace un día
jeffrey lebron
jeffrey lebron Hace un día
My wife came running in the room cuz I was laughing so hard during the Gotcha part!! Thought I was dying.
Filip laskovski
Filip laskovski Hace un día
Thanks Disney u just ruined my favourite series
martin mcdowell
martin mcdowell Hace un día
so.... what i'm getting from this is a bunch of manchildren can't take when a movie wasn't the way they wanted it to be? And then calls anyone who likes it stupid? fucking grow up. you're all grown adults, please go experience the real world instead of being unhealthily invested in a fantasy.
Houdini Weenie
Houdini Weenie Hace un día
Yikes, this is a shitty comment.
Mason Crandell
Mason Crandell Hace un día
Now I'm really wanting to see a "Jar-Jar grave jerking" movie ending. Disney, please deliver. Bring the J-Man back
MrOreo76 Hace un día
That was a great review! Please do the new Blade Runner!
Krazee ThugNutz
Krazee ThugNutz Hace un día
Tom Pollack
Tom Pollack Hace un día
Han solo’s a brick 😳😁😂🤣😂🤣 Dude if your ever in Phoenix I owe you a beer that’s fuckin hilarious!!
archonoid Hace un día
I haave a theory, this new director guy, actually avenging Lucas against Disney.
jakobud Hace un día
Perfect summary. One little thing you got wrong though was regarding Hyperspace. It is actually just moving fast according to the original trilogy. In Star Wars Episode IV Han says "Traveling through hyperspace isn't like dusting crops, boy! Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova and that'd end your trip real quick..." Other than that, great video!
Kyle Forbes
Kyle Forbes Hace un día
Hey Vito, you're welcome for the 5.6 million schmucks who clearly have a rage boner for this movie so hard to the point that they'll immediately watch and agree with any video that panders to them, including yours.
SkankHunt 69
SkankHunt 69 Hace un día
Completely agree! Well said.
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