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Lot of behind the scenes stuff going on.. We want to let you guys in on it all.. Coming soon! If you see this comment what house you liked the best!
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11 may 2020






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RAIDER NATION Hace 16 días
I think number three
Marija Tallat-Kelpšaitė
defintely hause 3 yessss
Jenna Dlugopolski
Jenna Dlugopolski Hace un mes
3 3 3
Jenna Dlugopolski
Jenna Dlugopolski Hace un mes
dog sitters
dog sitters Hace un mes
house number three
Nichole Gomez
Nichole Gomez Hace un mes
House 3 with the basketball court and pool
Lily-Ann De Villiers
Who is here when they bought a new amazing house in Arizona love them ❤️
Khalea Hace 2 meses
House 3 ALL THE WAYYYY!!! 💙
Tyler Khaleb Reyes
Tyler Khaleb Reyes Hace 2 meses
I cant choose I like 1,2,3 but I like 2 and 3 the most
Marnee Bene
Marnee Bene Hace 2 meses
Any one with a pool bit b ball court is good.
Shannon De wet
Shannon De wet Hace 2 meses
House 3
Nika-lee Snyman
Nika-lee Snyman Hace 2 meses
The new Clubbers
The new Clubbers Hace 2 meses
Can you please subscribe to me it is klo klo slime I subscribed to you y’all are my favorite youtubers
The new Clubbers
The new Clubbers Hace 2 meses
Riya Mehra
Riya Mehra Hace 2 meses
3 because it will be hype for your future kids to grow up in. Didnt see much of inside but outside the pool and the like hot tub / jacuzzi looks sick. Also josh could teach joshy b jrn to play the best sport in the world (in my opinion) b-ball!! Or Katie jrn! Also love you guys been subed since 100K and will never stop watching your vids. Just wish I could afford the exculsive patron packages!! Love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!
Isabela Garcia
Isabela Garcia Hace 2 meses
The third house because has a beautiful backyard and it perfect for you...
Lily Scott
Lily Scott Hace 2 meses
House number three because the Back yard it’s like massive and you’ve got like a really cute pool and as well when you have a kid it’s like a good place for them to run around
Madi's World
Madi's World Hace 2 meses
#5 for sure
Kelly Poston
Kelly Poston Hace 2 meses
House 3 because the backyard is amazing and the kitchen looks awesome and i think it’s great for Katie Vlogs
irelynd1738 Hace 2 meses
House 3!!!!! All the way
Ally Rise
Ally Rise Hace 2 meses
House 3!! It looks perfect and great for u guys 🥰
Shirley Sassoni
Shirley Sassoni Hace 2 meses
House 3
Dakota Pierson
Dakota Pierson Hace 2 meses
definrtly 3
Kira Napier
Kira Napier Hace 2 meses
The third one is the best cuz has a pool a big one and you can work out on the basketball court
Chris Nortje
Chris Nortje Hace 2 meses
House namber 3
Athena Chalpoutis
Athena Chalpoutis Hace 2 meses
I loved house 3
Betsy Casas
Betsy Casas Hace 2 meses
House 3
Isabelle Seelbach
Isabelle Seelbach Hace 2 meses
Definitely three!
just kates
just kates Hace 2 meses
House 3
Kacey Jones
Kacey Jones Hace 3 meses
Number 3 is the best one xx
Caitlyn D
Caitlyn D Hace 3 meses
House 3 for suuuuure!🏡
Faith Harris
Faith Harris Hace 3 meses
house 3 all the way
GreenEyedAlpha 22
GreenEyedAlpha 22 Hace 3 meses
House 3
Emma Parrish
Emma Parrish Hace 3 meses
I absolutely love house 3 the pool and backyard and have great lighting
Sarah Dunwoody
Sarah Dunwoody Hace 3 meses
House 3 why because it’s big has a nice backyard and I can see a nice future there
kk Finley
kk Finley Hace 3 meses
House three for sure
Javi Aracena
Javi Aracena Hace 3 meses
House #3!!!!!!
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine Garcia Hace 3 meses
House 3, it was the best one, because the backyard is so big and a lot of space.
Paige Henderson
Paige Henderson Hace 3 meses
3 it’s awesome
Eve Alston
Eve Alston Hace 3 meses
3 because of the pool and the kitchen
John Bartz
John Bartz Hace 3 meses
House 3 definitely.
Photographer 4765
Photographer 4765 Hace 3 meses
House 3
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker Hace 3 meses
Home 3 it's so cool
Bye Bye
Bye Bye Hace 4 meses
3 because as soon as you walked in I could see in your faces that it felt like home x
Austin Stewart
Austin Stewart Hace 4 meses
House number 3 is dope
Lewis Waterbury
Lewis Waterbury Hace 4 meses
EmmaLee Cropper
EmmaLee Cropper Hace 4 meses
3 it was awsome
BellaElla Hace 4 meses
House 3 It had the best garden 😍
Taytum Lewis
Taytum Lewis Hace 4 meses
House number 3 fs
Rylee Hollinshead
Rylee Hollinshead Hace 4 meses
Mikella Vlogs
Mikella Vlogs Hace 4 meses
Same one is Bella’s house
Sien Mertens
Sien Mertens Hace 4 meses
house 3 and 2 are the best or the best❤❤❤
Jessica Keyla
Jessica Keyla Hace 4 meses
Number 3 for sure bacause the backyard sick and so cool
אביב דגן
אביב דגן Hace 4 meses
House # 3 most beautiful
Jewels Owens
Jewels Owens Hace 4 meses
I say #3
Saiqa Farhat
Saiqa Farhat Hace 4 meses
Pick 3
Alexandria Estes
Alexandria Estes Hace 4 meses
3 most definitely
Andrea Otero
Andrea Otero Hace 4 meses
My favorite house definitely #3 because it has a big pool,really spacious, it will be less likely for them to get bored and also since it has spacious backyard they can workout their
Lanie Hulette
Lanie Hulette Hace 4 meses
I love you guys
Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno Hace 4 meses
House 555555555555!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hyla Bocca
Hyla Bocca Hace 4 meses
House number three because I feel like there could be good video out in the back yard and it’s nice ......
Kayla Hoy
Kayla Hoy Hace 4 meses
house #3 was my favorite
Emily Ecklund
Emily Ecklund Hace 4 meses
3 or 5 would be really cool
Ali's Goodies!
Ali's Goodies! Hace 4 meses
House 3: Why, because it has a big pool, and has a basketball court to play when bored. Has really nice kitchen, big living room. Would be a great J80 base for y'all
Morgan Igler
Morgan Igler Hace 4 meses
I like house 3 because its nice and it has a big backyard
Laura Rodriguez Martinez
#3 the backyard is a thing
Sarah Ehle
Sarah Ehle Hace 4 meses
House 3 or 5
Josefina Delaveau
Josefina Delaveau Hace 4 meses
Kaylah's gaming Channel
House 3 for sure
King King
King King Hace 4 meses
Number 1 is the best
debra zirkle
debra zirkle Hace 4 meses
House 3:why cause its beautiful inside and out
Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth Evans Hace 4 meses
I like house 3
Tori Collie
Tori Collie Hace 4 meses
House number 3!!
Dummy B
Dummy B Hace 4 meses
I wonder if Katie knows her ex is living in az
Lilly Powers
Lilly Powers Hace 4 meses
The last one get it get it
Kendra Hace 4 meses
wait so why r y'all really moving..................
Charlie Ann Daykin
Charlie Ann Daykin Hace 4 meses
House 3
Efrain Jimenez
Efrain Jimenez Hace 4 meses
House 3 for sure
Isabel HERRERA Hace 4 meses
Number 3!!! The garden is awesome
Graceface Webb
Graceface Webb Hace 4 meses
Izabell Guinn
Izabell Guinn Hace 4 meses
I like number 3 the one With the basketball court
David Clark Adamson Jr.
I like #1; & the one with that dope pool & hot tub...
KYLIE WEBB Hace 4 meses
House 3
Arina Hace 4 meses
I LOVE number 1
Addie Frazier
Addie Frazier Hace 4 meses
Wait no I said the wrong number I’m in three
Addie Frazier
Addie Frazier Hace 4 meses
Number 2
Mia Mia
Mia Mia Hace 4 meses
Definitely number 3!!! I love the big huge awesome pool and basketball court also it just has a lot of great potential for Jatie Vlogs also i could see Katie lounging on the chairs on the side and josh playing basketball or in the pool with your future kids❤. Love you guys!! You are awesome!! ❤💖💓
Carley Robertson
Carley Robertson Hace 4 meses
i like 3 because the yard area!! i love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sage Rose
Sage Rose Hace 4 meses
I get they want a new house and im posting this commet before watching this video but they just bought a brand new house that was made for them.
vana hulko
vana hulko Hace 4 meses
House 3 definitely fit your vibe and seems to hit the most of your criteria. It has a great bak yard and i could imagine ya'll having a famy and playing basketball and such back there together.
Olivia Adkins
Olivia Adkins Hace 4 meses
Ashlyn Bolin
Ashlyn Bolin Hace 4 meses
I like 3 for the backyard
Esme Howard
Esme Howard Hace 4 meses
House numero 3. 100%
Delia-Rianne Barela
Delia-Rianne Barela Hace 4 meses
Another youtuber livin' by me 8) I went to them after jack and gab broke up.
Asha Markovs
Asha Markovs Hace 4 meses
House 2
Nayeishka Borrero
Nayeishka Borrero Hace 4 meses
House 3 is AMAZING it'll be great for workouts and family gatherings house 5 is big an open great for vlogs and more
Nayeishka Borrero
Nayeishka Borrero Hace 4 meses
House 3 is AMAZING it'll be great for workouts and family gatherings house 5 is big an open great for vlogs and more
Ashlyn Hayes
Ashlyn Hayes Hace 4 meses
3 or 6 on the houses
thelbizzle15 Hace 4 meses
Where is your sports bra from!? You didn’t finish saying!!!! I love it
Lucy butler
Lucy butler Hace 4 meses
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