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Witness my escape from the daily life, a busy life. Traffic, chaos, commuters. Follow me on a journey through the streets of Austria where the city with all it's daily situations becomes my Playground.
Wibmer's Law.
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Directed and produced by Sick Cinema in Cooperation with Red Bull.
Thanks Jabra and Continental for supporting this video project.

Thanks to my whole team who made this video happen!
Elias Schwärzler, Hannes Berger, Marius Prell, Daniel Kriesl, Max Strametz & Philip Platzer.



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16 sep 2019






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Red Bull Bike
Red Bull Bike Hace 2 años
Once again, you nailed it dude!
Ulan Mambetov
Ulan Mambetov Hace un mes
@Finleyyy бзгөц ұәйіфя
aboody79 Hace 4 meses
Joshua Wilcox
Joshua Wilcox Hace 4 meses
Two years later and I'm still watching the video so much. My girlfriend doesn't even ride bikes but loves this video. I wish to be at least half as good as this guy!
Gyurika Papp
Gyurika Papp Hace 29 días
It's been two years and i still got goosebumps while watching this, and tha behind the scenes video too. You inspired me with your work but tis video is something on another level. Thank you❤️🔥
Ariful Islam
Ariful Islam Hace 29 días
Aurele Foix
Aurele Foix Hace 4 meses
This is insane!! I couldn't believe someone like you to proceed this unbelievable and dangerous bicycling. You are awesome but is crazy as well.
Diogo Gomes
Diogo Gomes Hace 4 meses
Parabéns mano vc é incrível cara,no começo pensei que vc nunca errava mais me surprendi o quanto vc se esforça para dar seu 100% Vc não é 10 cara, você é 1000 Deus abençoe vc cara.
Martin Reimann
Martin Reimann Hace 2 años
This is truly amazing, It made me feel so free suddenly.
PepeThe F_RoG
PepeThe F_RoG Hace 2 años
@我好廢。。。 Same...
Some Massive loser
Some Massive loser Hace 2 años
Oh shit this is deep
slinkiegirl2001 Hace 2 años
Actually Not an idiot
This makes me feel that I’m shit at biking lol
Tomi S
Tomi S Hace 2 años
@我好廢。。。 Same
Shuvro sikder
Shuvro sikder Hace 3 meses
This is truly amazing, It made me feel so free suddenly.
Dicas do Kombi
Dicas do Kombi Hace un mes
Esse vídeo mostra o quão longe podemos chegar se mantivermos o foco, a disciplina, a perseverança e a fé. Que vídeo incrível!
اؤاية وبوبوبو
Ag2ca Hace 4 meses
I like the final cines because shows how hard is to get done and also alert people to not try it alone, Fabio has a lot of people to assist him. good job dude.
Liliane Lopes
Liliane Lopes Hace 4 meses
Que top sensacional!!!🇧🇷
xVi5ion3D Hace 2 años
Eins der besten Videos auf ESvid 😄 Einfach nur verrückt was du mit dem Bike machst ... Bitte Pass auf dich auf und mach lange weiter ❤️
Banoffewaffles Hace un año
Hoffe ich auch! Aber wie man am Schluss gesehen hat war auf mal im Krankenhaus! 😬😂😂
leth argic
leth argic Hace 4 meses
Makes you feel more alive than ever , just by watching it! Crazy good vid.
Tony Ferrell
Tony Ferrell Hace 3 meses
absolutely pure genius in this clip... ur tricks were spot on, with a degree of danger that is unmatch for such a bike....well done sir!!!
Ahil Khan
Ahil Khan Hace un mes
Gold pro
Aabidah Malik
Aabidah Malik Hace 25 días
230 million views on this single video & 7.19 million total subscribers till date.....🥺❣️❣️❣️
kiran sandeep
kiran sandeep Hace 7 días
This is the video that made me to give it a rank of 1 among all the movies, videos, clips, songs i had till now seen... thanks alot and I think I am to blessed to see this.. thank you dude ..
quintopia Hace 2 años
Trials riders are really stepping up their game now that red bull is involved. That double back flip was sick.
vibratingstring Hace 2 años
Red Bull is really stepping up their game now that they signed Trials riders such as Wibmer, who can do a double back flip. FIFY:-)
LegoLuca 593
LegoLuca 593 Hace 3 meses
Wenn man das behind the scenes sich anguckt, dann sieht man wie viel Arbeit wirklich dahinter steckt👌
alesandra carcaño
alesandra carcaño Hace un mes
Es impresionante !! Este es un superhombre, todo terreno 🚴🤘 los videos son asombrosos y geniales! amo ese toque de humor jaja ❤️
Toxic CODM
Toxic CODM Hace 3 meses
Im honestly amazed how are u so brave. U make tricks that are extremely dangerous. Im speechless
Senth Vyra
Senth Vyra Hace un mes
This man inspired me a lot after seeing bloopers 🥺❤ Lots of love from Jaffna, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
j.g Hace 2 años
Das Video ist soo unfassbar gut geworden! Unbedingt das Making-Off anschauen ☝️
roman Hace 2 años
@Metzger3000 ahoj
RGC Pluijter
RGC Pluijter Hace 2 años
ッKόσμος Γαλαξίας ペヘ🚀.....🌒
Hast du aber Recht! ) Und noch Info über die Strafen wäre empfehlenswert.
Metzger3000 Hace 2 años
Ja vorhin rein gezogen. Echt heftig wie lange es gedauert hat bis manche Sachen im Kasten waren
Kut Out TV
Kut Out TV Hace un mes
Yoh, it's like the world was designed for this man. S/o for adding the bloopers, shows how real this is.
Waleed On Bike
Waleed On Bike Hace 2 meses
Holy molyyyyy!!! This is insane and so inspirational
NiKa J. Humar
NiKa J. Humar Hace 3 meses
Insane riding dude!! That skate board move though
Escape Hace 4 meses
It leads a lot of Hard work and u did it man 🔥...love from INDIA ♥️♥️
Adrian Guggemos
Adrian Guggemos Hace 2 años
The double back is so crazy!! Sick video Fabio!
Yasser Yasser
Yasser Yasser Hace 2 años
@Taibi Hattab ضططضض١ط شبكة ١١
Giulia Melia
Giulia Melia Hace 2 años
Sei italiano
Taibi Hattab
Taibi Hattab Hace 2 años
Fakou Main
5yaarhasayejordaar Hace 26 días
awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bro ... i got tears in my eyes after seen your dedication at the end. heads offf to youuuu.....
Pankaj Pateriya
Pankaj Pateriya Hace 3 meses
I love this brother lots of love to you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jarred Maxfield
Jarred Maxfield Hace 7 días
Estimado señor, vi su video y fue muy inspirador, yo también tengo algunas buenas ideas que me gustaría compartir y aprender de usted, por favor póngase en contacto conmigo para que podamos progresar juntos, en el nombre de la promesa de Dios
Ma Val
Ma Val Hace un mes
Brilliant skills, choreography and camera... this is German precision😉! 💥💥💥
Roof Culture Parkour
This man can parkour on a bike better than I can on my feet!
Ji mi
Ji mi Hace 2 años
Basically it’s also easier on a bike and also you can do bigger stuff because of leverage ect
Join talk
Join talk Hace 2 años
That's right
Morris Hace 4 meses
Absolutely amazing skills. Obviously not without a few knocks n bangs in the making of the vid
Márcio Costa cantor
Bom dia! Pra mim é uma honra viu prestigiar seu trabalho, vamos sempre juntos somar e fortalecer nossos objetivos, Conto com você, eu já estou por aqui,
Muhd Farhan
Muhd Farhan Hace un mes
This is the valuable output from his hard work🚲🔥
Pvt. Hace 20 días
That bike takes a beating. the cyclist's skills are amazing!
David Htbr
David Htbr Hace 2 años
Der Aufwand hinter dem Projekt ist extrem hoch und dafür respekt
Reyna Pisani
Reyna Pisani Hace 20 días
esto es un trabajo muy duro, tanto para el atleta como para todo el equipo que prepara y dispara
LIONARTO Hace 3 meses
only effort
David Htbr
David Htbr Hace 2 años
@Seitlich Rückwärts Einparken wow
David Htbr
David Htbr Hace 2 años
@clon mois Und bin stolz drauf😜
Darth tater
Darth tater Hace un mes
Video length is eight minutes, Real length is about 30 minutes for how much i replayed most of the stunts to see how they worked, truly astonishing what you can do with enough years of commitment with the reward of it being a lifetime hobby from the start
Exotic Andro
Exotic Andro Hace 22 días
How is even he riding? Insane skill... The tires be like- we're invincible!
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan Hace 26 días
Outstanding....put a BIG smile on my face.
Nibor122 Hace 2 meses
Just sickening how good he is.God damn
JC Hace 2 años
You send it on DH, ride big at park, and show mind boggling tricks here doing street trials. Your riding skills are truly off the charts Siiick !!
Jennifer Thoumine
Jennifer Thoumine Hace un mes
Jennifer Thoumine
Jennifer Thoumine Hace un mes
Ter trio fore
Yacine Mouh
Yacine Mouh Hace 2 años
Latif Ullah
Latif Ullah Hace 2 años
@Bhagaram Rana o0
Bhagaram Rana
Bhagaram Rana Hace 2 años
JC is concocting L Millman service Julius j my feck MS mezzanine all lockbox proclivities 9 opportunities Plover VPN in hon on
Gilzzy Hace 4 meses
And the trick when he rides down the stairs standing on the handle bars no hands that was sick and insane riding
dimag ki batti jali
dimag ki batti jali Hace 4 meses
I love stunts and your my inspiration my friend. You really King 👑 of stunts world 🌎 . I'm from India 🙏🏻
Micheal Radd
Micheal Radd Hace 3 meses
Best clip I have ever seen, this will be hard to beat. Love from Sydney.
Tayyab Sufi
Tayyab Sufi Hace 3 meses
Amazing bro you are rocked public are shocked amazing brother keep it up ❤🤟🤟
Jumpack - Get Air Anywhere
One of the best bike videos I've ever seen. That was genuinely amazing. Well done man.
pixel editz
pixel editz Hace 4 meses
For Me : The Best Scary And Satisfied 8 Minutes Of My Life.😱😑
Mustafa Kahveci
Mustafa Kahveci Hace 3 meses
Süper. Cesaret ve 🚴 çok binmekten ziyade yaratıcı akıl ve düşünce tebrikler. 💃
Trần Lộc
Trần Lộc Hace un mes
I was Enabled 1,6x speed when I watching this video ! So good and perfect ! Thanks . 👍
Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander Hace 3 meses
3:34 that is the metal detector for all the plates in the body.. You must be an alien man to do all this stuff. I tried parts of this on my bmx in youth and later on the mountainbike, but people who have the skill like you dont think too much, they do, no matter of broken bones,.. but result is you master the skill. It was not worth to me the broken bones, but did jumping stunting, but to a degree. Amazing trial skill, but I guess you never stopped and do this still as an adult.
Harry Rupertus
Harry Rupertus Hace 2 años
Man I thought I knew how to ride a bike 🤣 This guy really knows how to ride a bike 😂👍🏻🤘🏻
LIKAONEK Hace 2 años
He definetly knows how to fall from the bike. Riding it is a kind of side effect during "how to safely fall from the bike" learning process:-P
ROLIK Hace 3 meses
Бесподобно!!! 🏂
Salih Adanır
Salih Adanır Hace 3 meses
Insane riding düşen!! That skate board move though
Stupid Vlogs
Stupid Vlogs Hace 3 meses
God bless you Fabio ❤️❤️❤️
Vikzy 101
Vikzy 101 Hace un mes
This guy makes everything a mtb obstacle
Brook Productions
Brook Productions Hace 2 años
I never thought I’d see a double mini flip in 2019. That’s unbelievable. You are a trials LEGEND 🏆
PurpleVF Hace 4 meses
After all this time its still amazing to wacth this. Respect!
stormy Hace 3 meses
Insane Man U are incredible 🔥🔥👌🏻Dam
Avatar Junior
Avatar Junior Hace 4 meses
This is parkour biking… I’ve never seen something like this but I’d like to see more
Andrej Shamin
Andrej Shamin Hace 3 meses
Офигенная работа.🙏👍
dunk. Hace 2 años
When his parents told him: "it's as easy as riding a bike" This dude took it too serious. In a good way.
HenriCovic Hace 2 años
Emanuel Scarlatache
Emanuel Scarlatache Hace 2 meses
Probably the most intense minutes of my life...
datta chalwadi
datta chalwadi Hace 10 días
everything was scripted but still love to watch ❤ love from india
Joseph Mable zulu
Joseph Mable zulu Hace 20 días
Unbelievable video it is, amazing work sir
Toufiq-Ul- Alam
Toufiq-Ul- Alam Hace 4 meses
he is nailing it...i understand...but you have to give credit to the Bike maker as well...what a bike...those falls...and impact...
Gunne619 Hace 2 años
The production quality of this is absolutely mindblowing insane.
وىم Hace 2 años
@DjNix aaaaa
وىم Hace 2 años
@DjNix aaa
Nurul Haque
Nurul Haque Hace 2 años
WP DL cm CMI 😀
김김동수 Hace 2 años
@Vincent Lampitt !?
xNick Hace 11 días
Everyone: Wow! He is so good at this! Me: Where I can buy that bike?
Marv C
Marv C Hace 2 meses
This is amazing to me💪🏿🇭🇹
Archana Gupta
Archana Gupta Hace 2 meses
Wow!! What the talent.👏👏😱😱
Hsjans Gs
Hsjans Gs Hace 2 meses
Man this is sooooo fuckinggt siccccc i have been watching your videos since many years haven't seen this one that too released 2 years ago anyways this man is a legend!!!!
Sants Poudel
Sants Poudel Hace 2 años
I can never ever imagine my self doing stuffs like this...by far the best video I have seen in a long time
Joseph Workout
Joseph Workout Hace 3 meses
Wow, I love this video ❤🔥
Arpit Mishra
Arpit Mishra Hace 3 meses
Wow, he is living life actually.
En1gmatic1 Hace 2 meses
Damn i'm jealous. I need to take a trip to europe for that freedom. Their laws are lax as hell over there. Couldnt get away with most of that here in the U.S. ..
Violet Maloba
Violet Maloba Hace 4 meses
That's crazy dude but you nailed it
Ben David
Ben David Hace 2 años
Man someone has to mention the beautiful cinematography. Brilliant work and of course great riding🤘
Ban Rlan
Ban Rlan Hace un mes
@Lucas sa
Lucas Hace 2 años
Was brilliant 🙌
Jeevaan_YT Hace 3 meses
One of the best cycle stunt man in the world 👑👑
Gibu Hace un mes
I wonder how long it takes for one to master this skills
Angela Sharp
Angela Sharp Hace 3 meses
Now that’s what I call a venture venture
Lissie Perez
Lissie Perez Hace un mes
que barbaro que talento increíble
TheMamemo22 Hace 2 años
Fabio einfach nur Danke! Das sind nicht nur ein paar Tricks auf dem Fahrrad das ist Kunst! Deine Videos lassen einen träumen
Dustin Schwede
Dustin Schwede Hace 2 años
ilia a4 govno
ilia a4 govno Hace 3 meses
это я когда мама говорит срочно домой а ты на другом конце света :)
Soul Less
Soul Less Hace 25 días
Still amazed at how tough that bike is
wesnxs Hace un mes
what an absolute fookin legend
Mê Xe Hay
Mê Xe Hay Hace 3 meses
tuyệt vời, khó có người khác thay thế anh này 👍
Elemental Freeride
Elemental Freeride Hace 2 años
This is unreal! Amazing job Fabio! Such talent and creativity!
Samarasinghe Gunasekara
Epic! I don't even have that much control over my legs.
Ali Mohammad
Ali Mohammad Hace 4 meses
What a beauty of nature!
RAYYAN’S SQUAD!!! Hace 4 meses
5:03 amazingggggg!!!!!!!,! It was soooooo scary how did you do that!!!!
Sahil Tiwari
Sahil Tiwari Hace 2 meses
These what Happened When You Have 100% Control Of You're Life 😂🤣😂
Jack Heard
Jack Heard Hace 2 años
This is INSANE !!! so glad to see Fabio back sending it on the Trials bike!
Sajjad Jaffery
Sajjad Jaffery Hace un mes
OMG, this guy is sick!
Arush Vishwakarma
Arush Vishwakarma Hace 2 meses
Gats off for that cycle 👏👏👏
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar Hace 4 meses
Amazing stunt dude love you ❤❤💖💖💖
Intellectual Hace 24 días
This is how you're supposed to ride a bike.
Sufian Ali
Sufian Ali Hace 2 años
Not gonna lie, the stunt at 3:04 was really sick 🤯🤯
Patrifix Hace 2 años
it was one of my favourites too !
Véntűm Pr@évalébit
Du Génie à l état Pure 👁️
CZH Hace 4 meses
I miss these good old days, it a good time.
Leo Porto Dutra
Leo Porto Dutra Hace 4 meses
Foram os 8 minutos mais loucos que ja assisti.
SPOBW REANG SY Hace 3 meses
3:00 wowwwwww🔥🤦🏻‍♂️❤️❤️❤️ Insane broo really what a skills
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